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@STX21 @BADASSfnGAMING Awww!!! @KenKillings @GhostDaBoogie @STX21 @Doomhammer76 😂😂😂Juan Soto...21 years old. If he stays healthy for the next 20 years.... #MLB @_ThatDudeWill @bluke123 Me too, that would've been epic to witness!
#LFGMBoth these pitchers are going to get pulled by the 4th inning. #Mets vs. #NationalsLobo. Diablo 3. Haunted concert halls. This week’s #MetalCrushMonday is fraggin' sick 🤘 Turn it up for…
Retweeted by Chett ⊗ @HayMaker__Z Oh shush... @bigmetsfan1 Don't think the shops are there anymore. It could have taken a life though. @skinsknicknova @WashingtonNFL I'm all for the guy, and yeah others are quite sickening. @skinsknicknova @WashingtonNFL What? Why? You don't like him??"If you don't have respect, no one's going to listen to you or really follow you, so that's all I've been trying to…
Retweeted by Chett ⊗ @dcfoodsafety @HilareeBanks Big city with a country for a last name.... @HilareeBanks @dcfoodsafety I've never heard it ever before until now. Y'all some country bumpkins! @KenKillings 😂😂😂 @GhostDaBoogie @KenKillings @STX21 @Doomhammer76 He aight.... @gibs626 I don't mind that, this season sucks altogether. Kinda like you! 😁 @gibs626 Won't be me, it only works one account at a time. @loveg30 Matz yes, Noah not nearly as much. @HilareeBanks Something you and I have known for a long time on here!! @loveg30 He's never been as advertised. That's far from the best hitter on the team, really far @juliedonaldson_ Listening to you and Santana Moss on depth chart. Great stuff! @mutantmanchild @XMenSaga No. Y'all need a time out! @_ThatDudeWill Well, reality shows they aren't exactly sticking to the rules of prevention. @RyallTopdog630 EA Sports.... it's in the game. (That's the crowd noise for baseball games.) @_ThatDudeWill Especially... @RyallTopdog630 They will implement crowd noise, i believe. It's a good thing they do with baseball, a library quiet stadium doesn't fit. @XMenSaga @mutantmanchild I need you two to behave yourselves. @Domo_DMV Yeah like 4 in the upper deck, 4 in the mezz, 2 lower level, etc...No fans in the stadium means Direct TV is about to rake it in with Sunday Ticket sales. @MWharam7 Goes without saying. @RyzingL That's a W! @loveg30 Conforto continues to do nothing, McNeil is struggling, Gimenez is a player, all we have is deGrom. @CPark_1985 I see what you did there. @loveg30 Same to you and lil guy, hermano. I'd rather talk good baseball but our team doesn't give us a reason to.Day off to do some stuff. Gotta dive in to those back issues. My unread list is starting to resemble 'War and Peace'.The #Redskins drafted Plastic Man.... Who's reading what and how backed up is your list? @guynameAshley Kissing grits? @guynameAshley True story! @boozeandmascara These days??
My fellow comic nerds, #NYCC2020 will be avenged!! @HilareeBanks @dugless1ders @dcfoodsafety 😂😂 I've always only used dinner. Supper never sounded right to me.Another day another mission with my wing man! #Wolverine #Spiderman Catch ya later Twitter! #KeepSmiling!…
Retweeted by Chett ⊗ @badeaux_mark Man, Mark, I'm so over 2020. Next year needs to be far better than this. @dautry88 Kurt Warner said the game looked too fast for him after the first few games where he did well. We shall see. @ItzSoapy @BurnerPatricks I could see Dwayne Haskins becoming a top 5 QB next year no BS
Retweeted by Chett ⊗I could see Dwayne Haskins becoming a top 5 QB next year no BS
Retweeted by Chett ⊗#NYCC2020 Is officially not happening.... the one thing I look forward to yearly since forever is canceled this year! 😡 @dautry88 I don't think Jones will pan out like Eli. I think that's a giant hope more than reality.#NFL Network guys think Dwayne Haskins will keep progressing, meanwhile, those same guys don't see in Daniel Jones… 80’s explosion continues and it’s more than meets the eye! My metal cover of the G1 Transformers theme. Full ve…
Retweeted by Chett ⊗Today feels like an extension of Monday....That sound was magnificent 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Chett ⊗Spider-Man, art by Mike McKone
Retweeted by Chett ⊗ @KrsJams Might be same as X-MEN vs Brood... no? @JasonFattorusso Yeah, same. Too interesting not to imagine! @roman_11882 That'd be so clutch!! @sensational_gus 😂😂 @Lucas_2545 Yeah, all that stuff would work for me. Especially with how bad I thought the recent Predator flix have…'d be nice to get an animated #Predator series, or movie. Or even a #Batman vs. Predator flik. @BansofAstoria Insane. But we saw why. @suzjdean Got back the extra points... @BansofAstoria Says a lot about the rotation the Mets can't field this weird season. @suzjdean Thinking a FG is on the way now. @fg_2 @EvanRobertsWFAN You forgot the other million.... @michael27652330 @EvanRobertsWFAN Word!Soto needs a triple for the cycle. #LFGMYou miss the extra points? @suzjdeanIf i was managing I'd have left Matz in for shitz n giggles... #LFGM @BansofAstoria No.... he's taking the lumps for the team at this point bc Matz sucks. #LFGM @BansofAstoria This one's over. Was over once I saw it was Matz getting the start. @ChettEyeKnight The ass whipping has begun.
Retweeted by Chett ⊗Same as it ever was. @JuanSelles1 Mas basura... @BansofAstoria There's all sorts of bad happening here. Bad OF play by Nimmo. @BansofAstoria 2 strikes he's tossing change ups, Matz?? He's a joke. @BansofAstoria I prefer watching him already over Matz... @HayMaker__Z @_mattschoen_ 21 years old. Matz ain't helping his own cause with that monster shot still going.. @ChadWst He's done nothing but suck since forever... @iamjesejes No prob, J.
@iSynesthete @suzjdean @ChadWst Likely. LolStephen Matz, Nationals haven't been hitting, he looks like a big cure all for slumping hitters. #Mets need a rel… @suzjdean @ChadWst More craziness... @HilareeBanks The 'hits' keep coming! @iamjesejes Figures...😁! Hope your day rocked! @HilareeBanks It's wild, but they did the correct thing and literally closed the issue with his release. His open d… @JasonFattorusso Feel like I'm swimming thru wet concrete uphill after lunch.. @Lucas_2545 Should be like that all the time. @pheltzcomics
Retweeted by Chett ⊗There is a name to my pain and it is Monday! @JasonFattorusso @BitikoferAustin @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ Yeah, same here. I… @Justinl458 @BitikoferAustin @JasonFattorusso @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ Yeah,… @JasonFattorusso @BitikoferAustin @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ True story! @JasonFattorusso @ChettEyeKnight @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ Love this scene too…
Retweeted by Chett ⊗𝕊𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕞 𝔼𝕧𝕠𝕝𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟.
Retweeted by Chett ⊗ @BitikoferAustin @JasonFattorusso @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ The surround sound… @BitikoferAustin @JasonFattorusso @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ His power was inte… @ChettEyeKnight @JasonFattorusso @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ Good ol Vladimir Ma…
Retweeted by Chett ⊗ @JasonFattorusso @BitikoferAustin @RyzingL @chart6363 @Lucas_2545 @MikeSchmidt09 @TheXanderZone_ I honestly haven't…