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Montréal/LA. Rep by The Gotham Group. Amphibia, Big City Greens, SVTFOE at Disney TVA. Previously at Nickelodeon and CN. She/Her

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@ashlynanstee Do you think Mercury could join too?! Or is their Union only in Vancouver?On October 8, animation workers at @TitmouseInc #Vancouver made history by becoming THE FIRST #ANIMATION STUDIO IN…
Retweeted by Cheyenne Curtis @ashlynanstee So exciting!! @cardurr @emilythebravee Haha I had the same reaction 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 @emilythebravee @cardurr So many hotties and cuties!
@jayhasrajani @lynnvwang Nobody else deserves them except her!! @jessiejuwono @jayhasrajani @lynnvwang VERY QUICKLY AND SWIFTLY!! Her reactions are ADORABLE @jayhasrajani Uhhh strategy? I’ve just been giving all my gifts to Dusa (lol @lynnvwang ) but yes let’s discuss. @jayhasrajani Who are you giving gifts to tho ? @ashlynanstee Looks great! Very easy to navigate! @Jedimom13 @AnastasiaW @Weird_Dana Yes can confirm as a teen I did this. Some kids brought them to school and we at… @AdamColas “hi room!” Is my one of my fav parts @Jilly_Bean1981 Ooh good to know, thanks for the tips!Ok I love the art style and the comedy! Still wrapping my head around the story/gameplay/items stuff (there’s so mu… @beckyandfrank @randeepk It feels both really fast paced and slow burn?! @jimmortensen Excited!!Ok I’m downloading Hades. Will report back.
@jameshamilton @aalong64 That’s great about the coaching! If you uncover any gems of wisdom or insights that you ev… @jameshamilton @aalong64 Oh for sure! Doing a group zoom session def lacks the same energy you get compared to bein… @aalong64 @jameshamilton Literally having the same feelings. I’ve never had “what’s the point” be something so prom… @bignosebug Lmao that sad caged moon
@Giancarlo_Volpe I like to call that style “Amerime” and “Cananime” (for Canadian shows) @Tankman1319 They love to French💋💋💋💋💋 @shanhorandraws Tbh it also didn’t feel like the best use of Chocolate Week!? Like I expected more...chocolate. @aalong64 There’s also the issue of amazing original shows being left to die because of constant “corporate restructuring” @TheDragoEffect And camp movie! @PIX3LP3T Lol same. Everything’s too pretty for me to ruin with scribbles, so I just gaze longingly and daydream.
@lynnvwang Tippy toes!! @lynnvwang Hehe thanks! Her paws are fun to draw 🐾 @pepperfernandez She love you and Buffy too!! This is where she chose to sleep last night 😭🥰😭🥰😭 @astonishing_jo TRUTH!! 🖤🦇 @kevinbparry Thanks for being so honest about that! Was it hard (emotionally and practically) to start from scratch? @LaserSinger She issssssss
Some drawings of my dog Luna, who might also be part bat 🐾🌙 @beckyandfrank There’s something unsettling about the cat completing his own connect the dots @boodlebrain How big tho @astonishing_jo @heyvalpetrone 👀👀👀👀👀
@TwittyEmily 🥰🥰🥰 @Matt_The_Ferg Thanks! @Spinadoodles I was definitely more experimental back then!Some Robin Hood drawings from 2015 i found on my comp that i don't hate! @Heather_Kipp @ChickenTenderz @Radrappy CUUTTEEEE!!! @Radrappy I just time traveled back to early 2000s looking at this pic
@ColeRoxann Yayyyyy congrats!!!
@Camperjon The reddest Apple he could find! 🍎Mama Chicken didn’t approve of Gator one bit, but her baby chicks always loved when he visited. @GreenFrieda @katiejrice @PIX3LP3T I...would also like to join in on this. Just finished season 2!
@feduckie Same energy @Shnikkles One of my all time favorite shows!! Cool to see the uncolored animation! @nicosprinkles Me everyday @Adsinjapan @jetha YUP @Heyoefrain SighWhat 8 months of quarantining feels like @JennerallyJenn I want to buy everything with your doggos on it @A_robots_sun “Rough sketch that looked like a child drew it” is my specialty
@JennerallyJenn Onmggggggxcdsdfs love these! @em_doapsi Thanks for the link! I will!It’s been so touching and inspiring to read everyone’s stories, comics, poems and more on #WorldMentalHealthDay it… @amandarynda Ahhh I totally forgot! It’s been such a whirlwind 😂 @NashRiskin Cuuuuuute!! @TheFantasticIan Yes please!! @TheFantasticIan Lol
@jessiejuwono Of COURSE @hobbitgay Woowww I want to read a whole graphic novel of the books like this with your art!! So lovely! @jessiejuwono Ommgggggg!! @NashRiskin I gotta try Matzoh with dulce!! I’ve never heard of that! Back home I used to love having a fried egg… @NextOneIs3000 @danimichaeli1 Good luck @danimichaeli1 I for one, welcome our new twelve foot skeleton overlords. @pepperfernandez 😭😭😭 this looks so good @TwittyEmily YUM!!Jewish/Canadian and Potato Knish with a side of Mrs. Whyte’s kosher dill pickles 💖
my felt picrew is done! ❤️🟡🧩🟪 i’ve somehow lost all of the felt pieces i used to make this...but hope you have fun…
Retweeted by Cheyenne Curtis @jayhasrajani Banana Splits?
@Camperjon Teething puppies!! I got to babysit a puppy pug when I was younger and her razor sharp teeth adorably to… @Camperjon Haha these drawings are great! And congrats on new bff!
@cisforfrenchfry @pepperfernandez Ohhhhh art school @pepperfernandez “It’s 9am” is the epitome of my fine arts school experience @magiti2 Maybe!Also if anyone wants to Draw This In Your Style please feel free!! 🥰🎃 #dtiyschallenge #dtiysoctoberflirtsOctober flirts 🎃🍁🖤🧡💛🤍 @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan I’ll prolly end up naming it something dumb and not smart and adorable like you two di… @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan Thank you for this October gift, I need to order a blue/yellow only mix now. @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan Wtfffffff is thisssssss and are they good @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan PURPLE AND WHITE SPK?!?! @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan Very good points made here. I’d try it, but I feel like my sour gummy cravings wouldn’… @TheFantasticIan @NashRiskin What’s the sour level at tho? @NashRiskin @TheFantasticIan Wait I think there is a gummy element tho? There’s the colored chips but it also looks… @TheFantasticIan @NashRiskin thoughts??? @srcpcsoha @lynnvwang Ya they were fine! I just wanted them to be BFF immediately 😂😭 @lynnvwang She’s so round!! Luna so sharp! @lynnvwang @ashlynanstee Haha “boof boof biittchhhh u ugly lol” @RichUncleSkull Hah right! It’s other topics, interests, hobbies, storylines..ONLY KARATE AND DOJOS!!
@Tankman1319 @lynnvwang That’s the plan!! @ashlynanstee @lynnvwang I think we’ll try a few more times! Cause Luna and Buffy are fine w each other but Buffy also is so mega beta 🤣 @ashlynanstee @lynnvwang Luna!!! She was BAD!!My dog met @lynnvwang ‘s dog Kiwi yesterday... @mollfrylock It’s got strong Degrassi vibes 💖 @RichUncleSkull SO MUCH KARATE!!! It’s like everyone in SoCal’s lives revolve around it!?