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It's hard for a young black executive.🤵🏽 UMESAlumn FSU Alumn Accountant📈

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Some jobs be so stressful you need a henny shot on ya lunch break , fuck waiting to get off😂
Retweeted by Josh @SOLELINKS After hearing this rumor for 8 years it’s weird to see it actually happen
Retweeted by Joshyea they lost it. the shoe game is DONE
Retweeted by JoshY’all will believe skinny ppl when they tell you it’s hard for them to gain weight, but when a fat person says the…
Retweeted by JoshThis would be me after iced coffee tasting LMAOOO
Retweeted by Joshthis would have me on the toilet fighting for my life
Retweeted by Joshmy coworker isn't in the mood for work today. again.
Retweeted by Joshmy uncle has officially lost all sense
Retweeted by JoshBro say he don’t look like the nigga that picked penny up off the proud family 💀
Retweeted by JoshPlease get yall mayor 😂😂
Retweeted by JoshHer saying double homicide is funny but shordy reacting and saying “bitch...” really takes me tf out
Retweeted by JoshY’all only like this on the internet
Retweeted by JoshDouble homicide... dawg that is my type of dark humor.
Retweeted by JoshIt’s a strange debate on not tagging people work. Nobody is entitled to anything but to save all the commotion you just tag yourself.
Retweeted by JoshY’all laughing but this man just found a solution for gentrification 😂😂
Retweeted by JoshThey way I don’t see or hear a damn thing about Trump anymore>>>>
Retweeted by JoshLETS GOOOO #UMES Alumni #NoShoreBluffin
Retweeted by Josh
By attacking the argument and not the actual person 🥱 grow up
Retweeted by JoshThe cop who killed this man gets over $30,000 every year for the rest of his life because he has PTSD from murderin…
Retweeted by JoshIm very close to cutting these glizzy chops and jus rockin a goateeAnybody who think like this Can stay tf away from me
Retweeted by JoshWeather giving blunts and movies the rest of the day
Retweeted by JoshLmaoooo if you ain't ready to die over the issue, it really ain't that deep, talk it out, but once you choose viole…
Retweeted by JoshMe when I guess my own gmail password
Retweeted by JoshStreets telling me this who made the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Retweeted by Josh @TizzleYourFancy DoneProbably lil Wayne if we’re not being bias
Retweeted by JoshThe length y’all go to show that yall not broke is the reason y’all not rich yet ✍️
Retweeted by Josh @Ah_Jay_94 Any and everything. That shit will make u lazy. Have ya conventional oven collecting dust. Especially if… a gym partner is 10x better than going to the gym alone... the motivation is unmatched
Retweeted by JoshI always think about movies like 13 Going on 30, Devil Wears Prada, Legally Blonde, Wedding Crashers— you know, mov…
Retweeted by JoshY’all love your guns until a black man has one and try to use that to justify him being murdered
Retweeted by Josh @TizzleYourFancy I know someone who would be interested. Please dm more info“damn, double homicide.” she said: bitch
Retweeted by JoshY’all have some fun ass friends😂
Retweeted by Josh @Xannyphantxm Gotta ask my mova @Xannyphantxm Fuck dat, im tryn come 🤧Like I be reading some of y’all tweets and it be like “social work”, “teacher”, “therapist”, etc. in the bio and so…
Retweeted by JoshNothing wrong with taking a step back so you can get ready for a come up
Retweeted by JoshPlenty of people will accept the bare minimum, I am not one of them.
Retweeted by JoshBoy what in the fuck is this 😭
Retweeted by JoshDaunte Wright’s killing was not a random, disconnected “accident” - it was the repeated outcome of an indefensible…
Retweeted by JoshNiggas wearing shirts with words from the pledge of allegiance
Retweeted by Joshik people may be tired, exhausted, or even desensitized but folks really need to listen to Daunte’s aunt. hear her…
Retweeted by Josh @KDTrey5 Own Him🔥‼️
Retweeted by Joshjohnson & johnson watching moderna and pfizer keep their FDA approval
Retweeted by JoshI ate all my food and he said “don’t worry we gon get you in shape” lmfaoo bastard
Retweeted by JoshIf a celeb was paying me $72K a year to buy groceries man look...
Retweeted by JoshCops can’t go to jail or something likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????????
Retweeted by Joshhow tf its only Tuesday bruh let’s wrap this shit up
Retweeted by JoshWhat level of scammer is this? I am in TEARS 😭😭😂😂
Retweeted by JoshEvery person I see get vaccinated I just think to myself... damn another person I gotta shoot during the apocalypse 😢
Retweeted by JoshI think I found a perfect place for Spongebob.
Retweeted by Josh🗣
Retweeted by Joshshe reworded friendship and banged 47k I hate this app bmt
Retweeted by JoshThis my favorite one
Retweeted by JoshThis by far is the nastiest tweet lmao
Retweeted by Joshyall blame rappers, i blame parents. be easy though.
Retweeted by JoshI’m sorry it is SO funny to me whenever a non-Black says something and y’all say “did you just call me a n*gg*r” like....I scream every time
Retweeted by JoshHow u expect them to teach you things they didn’t experience? Are you serious?
Retweeted by Josh"Purple Urkel" as a strain name is absolutely genius.
Retweeted by JoshWe went out to eat and she ate her steak like a taco. she folded it with her hands and ate it. No knife, no fork ju…
Retweeted by Josh“Wtf I look like giving up when tomorrow might be the day I win”
Retweeted by JoshTwitter is a savage place.
Retweeted by Joshviolence
Retweeted by JoshIt’ll be brighter when those student loans are cancelled fam
Retweeted by Josh
I’m really trying to understand this. So you people w crusty ass teeth are getting cosmetic braces that ain’t ready…
Retweeted by Josh25 years on the force? President of the police union? Didn't know her taser from her gun?
Retweeted by JoshKD has made Kendrick Perkins cry on TV, make Michael Rapaport call his lawyer, made Stephen A Smith apologize to hi…
Retweeted by Joshi’m too old to be going to anything that STARTS at 11pm. i will be at home lol
Retweeted by JoshHarriet Tubman watching Usher get on money before she did:
Retweeted by JoshDon’t forget to get y’all vaccine cards laminated. Staples is doing it free until July.
Retweeted by JoshWhat a man does for you has nothing to do with his ability to do it, it’s whether he wants to or not.
Retweeted by JoshAsk for the link to that smoke/cloud machine was crying over the cake that’s the type of bitch u buy a car for , she deserve it !
Retweeted by Joshmy job hiring!! you can make anywhere from $14.26-$42 an hour !
Retweeted by JoshThe way she came running in?!!SKJDKDKSKS
Retweeted by Joshi am losing my shit
Retweeted by JoshEver had Nigas show love & you know it’s Fake ‼️💯💯💯
Retweeted by JoshBro know he in that bitch for life😂😂
Retweeted by JoshHome deepthroat
Retweeted by Josh @UMESNews More UMES Pre-Covid Nostalgia. I miss it 😭 show us them Talons block parties.
Retweeted by Joshthey enforced a curfew to keep people inside, and then poisoned them in their own homes.
Retweeted by JoshThe weight of a police issued taser is around 8 ounces. The weight of the .40 S&W Glock carried by most law enforce…
Retweeted by JoshNow days you can’t even tell people when shit go good for you‼️ they start counting ya pockets for they benefit 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Josh100% a lie but incredible that their chosen line of defense is, "we cannot competently operate firearms."
Retweeted by JoshCongrats to Baltimore’s @RoddyRackzz for getting signed to @defjam ! 🔥🔥 Yall hipp yet? 🤔
Retweeted by JoshMe at home VS Me when I go outside
Retweeted by JoshMan what the fuck happened to paw patrol and Spider-Man??
Retweeted by Joshif i’m not invited.. i’m not coming
Retweeted by Joshnobody's relationship is my relationship goal
Retweeted by JoshKeeping my good news to myself all year.. just know I’m doing great.
Retweeted by JoshYou partner should never be your only source of happiness.
Retweeted by JoshWrong. Cuz Jason Pitts ain’t wasting money on making fake money to just throw away.
Retweeted by JoshBe a ghost. Fuck the attention. Get the $
Retweeted by JoshThe “ooooowhahhh” kid gon take them out the hood
Retweeted by Josh