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What's it like to be me? Imagine a thousand people throwing a party inside your head, and you're stuck outside without a ticket. Switch FC: 3388-7114-2904

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@WorldofIsaac ❤️❤️❤️ @Guliel_Jabrien I guess you could tell time with it @Guliel_Jabrien Wear it I guess. @Guliel_Jabrien Figured this was easier than typing it all out @Guliel_Jabrien @ZodiacEclipse Oh yeah, 100%
@GeekyFish Yeah. I'll never shit on people who do it. I did it for 5 years. Everything from an agent, trainer, mana… when I was doing customer service at a call center we were working on a special project. Each call lasted 30 s… then look at this clown. at this good pup. @BrendanKruse @sweta2311 Nope! Not any more. I've been doing it for the past few years with no satellite or cable s… @BrendanKruse @sweta2311 I have Sunday Ticket without cable. They have an option for that now. It's great. @ShowtimeTate Don't make a lick of sense.That Beavis and Butthead reboot came out quick!
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®A new 3rd party licensed @WayForward game??? I'm 100% here for this. They have amazing animators so whatever it is I know it'll be solid. @CeissaDesiste Jeeeeeeez!My avatars face says it all... #NintendoSwitch @ChuckXL Yep. I was too afraid to buy a 3rd party dock (didn't want to brick my Switch). @ChuckXL I have three so I can switch from TV to TV depending on where I am in the house. @archambeaum3 a new watch today. #pacman40th you ever wondered what Tim & Gregg would look like if they were styled like Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford th…
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™® @OnCinemaHead I didn't think they could get any cooler. I was wrong.Worn. Out. @Valdezology Yeah, we have ours in a doggy daycare during the day so we can work but at night it's basically puppy duty until midnight-ish. @Valdezology The HARDEST part is the house breaking, once we get past that it'll be easy street. @Valdezology I mean @Valdezology It's good! Differs from the show a bit but I recommend it.
@Valdezology Watching it made me track down the graphic novel. @Valdezology Season one was SOOOOOOOOO fucking good. @doof_ebooks It's pretty ridiculous. @doof_ebooks There you go: @doof_ebooks Turns out that's not all of it... I might have a problem. I can only view two years. @doof_ebooks I buy a lot of games. @doof_ebooks This will have to do for now... @doof_ebooks Crap. I forgot, when I bought the AC Switch I formatted my old one. =( I haven't downloaded all my o… @doof_ebooks Oh shit... should I?! @ScholarlyGamer @Acidmphino I haven't been keeping up with the discourse, I just happened to see a tweet with some… @ScholarlyGamer It sure does. @Darckcloud723 Same. I'm just sick of listening to them complain.If you're worried you might be "cancelled", you could try to not be a garbage person. That usually does the trick. @NumskullDesigns Mostly docked. I'd say 90% docked. @foxenIsland More like FOXY. Right? right?FREE WEEKLY GIVEAWAY -- mini arcade cabinet -- How to win: Just follow this account and retweet this post. Winn…
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®Falcom should release the Falcom Mini with all their greatest RPG's from the 80's and 90's. I'd buy it.MARIO 2020
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™® @AlexBarbatsis Me toooooooo! @ZodiacEclipse SHIT!!!I mean... raccoon took food right from my hand tonight. Kinda scary that he's so brave at this young age. Will have t…
He played with puppies ALL day... you can't drive! your penance and get Blasphemous at a sinful 45% off in the #SteamSummerSale right now!​ ​ Your journey of…
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@doof_ebooks That thing is gonna look sweet in your hands for the 3 hours of battery life it has. Nice. @playazball Congrats on thE new pets; Phil! They look like they're going tokeep you very busy! @LawofTD Congrats Matt, I know it's been a tough time for you and these words are probably meaningless in the grand… hate when elderly people get a pass for being racist or just flat out mean because "they're old" "times were diff… @NonTrotski Not to be confused with Ubisemi.Look at all these cool mofo's @trashfiresmores @GeekyFish Haha no. Surprisingly!This cool cat just moved in. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @GeekyFish Hahahahahaha. I'm not shocked. @GeekyFish I know, I know... Why am I still friends with this person... @GeekyFish You can't make this shit up favorite type of Facebook post is the one from my conservative friend that goes "All Lives Matter!" Immediately…
Still not sure how he pulled this off 🤯 (via @BBCSport)
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®Hanging with my homies tonight
Hey little buddy Fourth of July don't forget to put an M80 in your mailbox so the Freedom Fairy can bless you with 365 days of 'merica.Happy 4th of July Flavors #TasteTheIndependence Like Thieves @Darckcloud723 Not that I know of. People just seem to hate Isabelle.One thing I've learned over the years listening to my wife talk to colleagues.. Male professors LOVE to mansplain…
@Daxelman Damn @timheidecker @YouTube I did not see that coming. @craigengler When I was a teenager (14-15ish) my dad was remodeling a strip mall in Cocoa Beach. One of the stores… @swordandscield - what you got cooking tonight? @amylopan Holy crap, that's only like, 30 minutes away from us! @amylopan There's a house not far from us that has all these in their yard. Love it.Hey @Tee_Ball_Bat - I found your shed is the right move. Anyone who hates Isabelle is a cop. love this This is such a good idea. Love it. Update on Death Trash: "Technically ready, but needs a tiny bit more time".
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®Сustom characters are playable now! Yay!😜 #madewithunity #unity3d #indiegame #indiedev #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®A new commission sheet with new logo examples! - Custom logos (can be anything): $30 - Themed logos (based on offi…
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®😷15% off everything in my etsy shop starts at midnight tonight and runs all weekend. It's a holiday weekend, Americ…
Retweeted by ChillyBilly©™®This is how I described Florida to a buddy last night and the more I think about it the more right I feel it is. @doof_ebooks Thanks. I love it.My little babies are getting so big!
@gennhaver My mom lives in Florida and every day I see they break a new record and I'm over here like... "!!!!!!!!" @WickedBowserJr Yeah that's why I was asking. We have a milk company here called Oberweis and they were running a s… @Jetjaguar67 @crpWritescom Oh yeah, that's a solid one @crpWritescom What's Eating Gilbert Grape @passthemstickss 10/10 - would eat.Anyone here still get their milk delivered to them? We just started and so far so good but curious if anyone here stuck with it long term? @ajlangridge Thanks! I've died a lot more than I care to admit but I just finished the mines and I'm feeling pretty darn good about it. 😁Smoooooth #WestofDead #XboxShare @TheSilkiest They sport peppers on top... *Chefkiss @TheSilkiest Hot damn.