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Bill Doran @chinbeard Seattle, WA

Intergalactic Arms Dealer. I make props and costumes. Let me show you how: New videos every month!

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@JacobAParks2 Nicely done! @scottjohnson Oh man. Like winning the lottery. @MigMonkey77 Yeah I don’t have mine anymore either.
Really neat video from @iliketomakestuf showing how to make a katana with wood floor slats! @KesterGI Ooh so shiny!Free stuf!'d better believe I ordered a @colin_furze official Safety Tie! to printing a Tank Trooper helmet on a cheap 3D printer! to build out the ultimate workshop? We've bundled together all of our shop-related project plans into one plac…
Retweeted by Bill Doran @AethonS Woah killer work! @WetaWorkshop Haha! Brilliant. =) @NumbZombieMom @packratt1 I’ll see if I can talk to anyone I know at ReedPop and see if they can clarify the rules on their website. @iliketomakestuf @josh_makesstuff That sounds crazy fun! @ajaxjones @nchan I dig it! @AndrewSetters Accurate.
@packratt1 @NumbZombieMom Good to know. I’ll be sure to look over the rules posted on their website when we’re closer to the event. @ImageFlexProd That is simply fabulous! @TimRunFast Yeah those look fantastic! @dirk_sabbe Looks like a great start though. @Alisdairgilbert @testedcom Excellent! @lafp That sounds like a fun challenge. @BobbyF1scher You’re going to enjoy using that tool for decades.Great tutorial from one of my favorite YouTubers! Check out Steady Craftin's image transfer video:… you can't find what you need, make it! Here's a premium tutorial that teaches you to make patterns and blueprin… @nchan Oh man I love them so much! We should make some. @CryogenicMarine Yay hand cannons! @jeffzugale Ooooooh!! @JacobAParks2 Excellent! @ZacharyRD @donttrythis Sorry I don’t recall the brand. @MrAfk I have the Form 2. Looks like they don’t have their tech specs on their website anymore, but you can find them with some searching. @THEchesterscout It sure is! @blizatrex That’s a great project idea! @L_E_R_D_C_ Fabulous! @krogh_delaire Ha! You got me good. That looks fantastic. @MagnaProps Off to a great start! @DaveChaos Damn! Making me feel like a slacker. =) @TheLegendOfMart Ooh those are some solid projects. @BrewerWil Pew pew! @LutaviaCosplay That is SO AWESOME! =) @theR41NB0W The pattern files should have come with a guide on scaling them. If your head is too big for the scale… @nicolespag @lunaspektre @LadyLongshanks Awe! <3 This page has a bunch of great info to get you started: @TheTrekNerd @donttrythis Whomp whomp! @JeffMacMichael @donttrythis Woooah! @iliketomakestuf Hahaa!#WIPwednesday time! I've got primer on all the Samaritan pieces - what are you up to this week? @level2three I haven’t been able to find any, it I bet I can make some. =) @iliketomakestuf It’s probably staying together so well because of all the pocket holes you used, yeah? =) @level2three Fair winds, sailor! =) @Lord_Vercetti @donttrythis I used a bandsaw, but it turns out the plastic dome was threaded. Could have just unscrewed it. @nlj @veritasium Ooh Cara Dune is gonna be a fun build!
@VJCoon All great things to work towards! @donttrythis @americangiant @testedcom @KayteSabicer @willsmith @nchan @arielwaldman @jerware @CworthDynamics followed @donttrythis’ advice and cracked open an old LED flame bulb and sure enough, can run it off a battery!… the new year comes new costuming resolutions! @veritasium has some great suggestions for how to make sure yo… you're like me you have MANY projects in mind for the year already. Get ahead with the Cosplay Companion 3-pack… @Merrill13412637 Great work! I hope they all sell. =)Ever wondered what a 40k sq/ft Makerspace looks like? @artisansasylum can show you! @amtrekker My nephews have those magnet toys and they love them! @alkali_layke Nice work so far!#LightsaberNoises @chinbeard @sophywong
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What an amazing project from the @donttrythis and @testedcom crew! (Image from TESTED) 1: Get a Punished Props Shirt Step 2: Cover it with foam and sanding dust Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit… @joeltelling Glad to hear you’re OK buddy! @joeltelling Immediately. @donttrythis Sorry to hear it Adam. Many hugs from our family to yours. =( @WinstonMakes Hahaa! =) @DerSurfinBird Some day. @limeybuilds This video by my pal @drunkenwood is helpful: @Alaviel That is SUPER cool! @tkdz3497 *gasp*Me when someone says I have enough tools
@EdgyWhiteSauce I’ve never done any molding with water based clay sculpts, so I’m not entirely sure. @JaromirDenes @sophywong Those would certainly be fun builds. @OdcaProps I like it! @joeltelling Yeahhhhh… =) @Devilish_Design @joeltelling Ha! I spent a lot more time on mine. =) @limeybuilds @LadyLongshanks That’s awesome. =) @Zack_m_K @donttrythis Hey that’s pretty great! @ChrisGedrim Proooobably?
Check out what @TNTCosplaySup and @TockCustom are up to some awesome stuff! know what's good? Hot chocolate. Y'know what's better? Hot chocolate in your own awesome PPA logo mug!… secret ingredient is heat! @Cheskamouse @SmugglerRoom Sounds fun to me! @LaraldoNerd @Thingergy You got it! =) @MADCOWofGENESIS Oooh nice!This Q&A with @JimmyDiResta and @Nick_Offerman is simply delightful. =)
Did you know we release content twice a week for our Extra Credit Club members? They also get early access to mon… @Shifter_Anima @fatalplush Ohhh! Sorry I misunderstood your question. Here’s a video on how I assembled my head: He… @Toney_Mo You’re most welcome! @KesterGI That’s really splendid! @donttrythis @MarkRober That is so cool! @Shifter_Anima @fatalplush We’ve been building it over the past 8 years. Is there anything specific you wanted to know?YEAHH! What a whirlwind week of prop and costume fabrication. =D @zenamerican That’s absolutely fantastic! @SmugglerRoom ONE OF US. ONE OF US. @Phillbee Excellent!#TBT to some awesome Q&A with the amazing @Egg_Sisters ! They're always up to incredible projects. Check it out:… @FF1527 I have the Ultimaker 2+ Extended. @ajaxjones Fun!
@sophywong @bantamtools Ooh that looks really nice!