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Bill Doran @chinbeard Seattle, WA

Intergalactic Arms Dealer. I make props and costumes. Let me show you how: New videos every month!

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@JustinRYoung Bravo buddy!What's the best glue for EVA Foam? Bill's got a few of his favorites in the shop and shows you how they work, some… @e_stavs Awwwwe thanks! =)Great job! @mrlaymanSS That’s so fantastic!
@AndrewCookDFT @Halo @PlayApex @Unyshek @Respawn Dude SO EPIC! @invisiblewife Good job Team Shwood! =)Halloween season in my shop looks a lot like this. Big thanks to everyone who has ordered a mask! Check my store to…
Retweeted by Bill DoranWho else has been obsessing over Animal Crossing during quarantine? Bill & Britt decided it would be fun to make so… @BunnycoHI Ooh exciting!
@LanieceM Fantastic work! =)I made a SUPER EASY Mandalorian helmet out of cardboard and duct tape! Full tutorial:
Retweeted by Bill Doran @didicee That’s really fantastic! Keep up the excellent work. @level2three That’s one fabulous little guitar!
@SlamATac0 Not currently. @jackmerritt60 @donttrythis Excellent work!Come Lurk ‘n Work.
Retweeted by Bill Doran @amtrekker You’re welcome! =)This is a super clever and awesome idea from my buddy @amtrekker! Definitely worth checking out if you live in Oakl… @Fairaday @punishedprops Woah very nice! @Robs_Dunbar It looks super clean! Well done.
Friday productivity has come grinding to a halt. @level2three Thanks for sharing, friend. <3 @willsmith @RebelGalaxy Oh snap I love the rebel galaxy games! The soundtrack fromRG1 is amazing. @drunkenwood I dig it. @Kazulcosplay Congrats! @OJessicaNigri @MartinWongPhoto @FakeNerdBoy HAA! This is fabulous. =) @thehacksmith You’re most welcome! =)Great work! @ryannagata That’s looking really amazing Ryan! @chris_dimoff @goonguy @punishedprops @YayaHan Wow well done! @ShadacusBlkhrt Fantastic!Wow @thehacksmith team is absolutely killing it with their projects and videos lately! Top notch all around: @shwood Oh man. Here’s to a speedy recovery, old buddy.Giant Classic Space Computers back in stock!
Retweeted by Bill Doran
@Gerritzen Ooh I like it! =)Eternally in awe watching @SKSProps paint anything nice! @ShadacusBlkhrt Lights make everything cooler! @cmaddalena Ooh very cool.Looks like @datbuddhacat is a big fan of @e_stavs new book! @OddManOutProp Oh wow it looks great. @ChrisViolaNerd Ooh I dig it! @GDkitty99 It looks phenomenal! @makingtolearn Oh my that looks substantial. @TheOneReclaimer Oh that is SO COOL. @vulcan22255 Excellent! @MADCOWofGENESIS That’s fantastic. @zenamerican Very nice! @MichaelMuir12 Woah it looks great!
@jakface_mcgee That is spectacular. @ajaxjones That’s really fantastic! @WardcoProps Ooh fancy! @CoreNotCorgieek Hot! =) @dkpancake Wooooah!What're you working on this #WIPwednesday? We'll have a new video for you on Monday! wonderful message from our friends at @SmugglerRoom @volpinprops That game looks fabulous! @willsmith Count me in. @SplatCosplay @SeaOfThieves @kayPOWXD That’s so great! @e_stavs That is a really amazing service! @42Striker Great job! @joeltelling @JennsLenz Everybody poops! @jeflaagan It looks pretty cool!
Watch @KdinJenzen & I sculpt an alien creature head from the new show @RaisedWolvesMAX on a new episode of "Master…
Retweeted by Bill DoranSuper fun 3D printing series I did a while back - The Boolean Gemini from the Destiny games!… spent my lunch break watching our friend @DownenCreative have a lovely chat with @donttrythis and @nchan.… do a Maker's Workshop with .@donttrythis?! We've got the perfect opportunity for you! Learn more on our FB…
Retweeted by Bill DoranFantastic! @shwood Holy crap that’s amazing. @JustinRYoung Oh maaaaaan! @EvilSpyBoy That’s a great idea! @Viking_Lass Instant follow.Here are two great, level-headed videos covering the upcoming changes to Fusion 360's free tier from @toms3dp and… @JacobAParks2 Some very careful work with a sanding drum in a rotary tool. @bower2245 I’ve never done that kind of work, so I’m not sure.
@Knowonesdesigns Awwwe. =)Conquer LEDs and nail that sweet lighting effect! I break down the basics in this tutorial video:… this can only result in something really cool! @BroncoSyer Woooooah! @MarkRober Bravo Mark! What a super epic video! @HollyConrad We watched it live and it was SUPER fun! =) @Daniora Hurrayyy!When you unpack your new cat delivery from the box. @invisiblewife Oh dear! =) @booksandcorsets @smidgemcduff @hmwsgx Us too! Welcome to the thin cornea club!
@shwood Oh m’goodness!
Wow! Nice work! @Viking_Lass Oh snap! @e_stavs That’s gotta feel great!Sometimes @datbuddhacat needs a hand when he’s cleaning the end of his tail. @nchan We’ve been using ours in the shop for years and it’s a champ. I have not been careful with it. @GavinFree So sick! Can’t wait to see the final product. =) @BobbyDukeArts Is it mostly sanding? Most of my footage is sanding. So many hours. @BobbyF1scher Haha! Worth it. Fantastic build. =) @Laelaps87 Thank you so much!This is so fabulous! @kryptogoblin83 Ooh I love it!
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