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Bill Doran @chinbeard Seattle, WA

Intergalactic Arms Dealer. I make props and costumes. Let me show you how: New videos every month!

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Pew Pew! Here's how I made a simple Fortnite SMG from insulation foam: @greenchylde You’re a Foamsmith now! =) @chinbeard took me a bit longer than the others but this is the first time i have done any foam armor, used a dreme…
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Handy tips & tricks for contact cement basics from Black Sheep Props! @Mobile_Dom Yup! @Mobile_Dom It’s a big tube and it will last you years. I think I’ve had mine for 5 years and it’s still more than half full. @NERDSAPIEN @testedcom The template includes a scale for printing at various sizes.We have really awesome enamel pins and we think they would look great on your bag: you catch our 500k subscriber build compilation on YouTube? You guys made such killer helmets… @BinkyDragonlord Sure is! Check out my pal @AndrewCookDFT: @C9Djaxes Gotcha here: Airbrush Basics: Picking an Airbrush, Compressors, & Cleaning - Prop: Shop @garywhitta Holy crap I love Crank.Today is the last day we have more subscribers than these two. I’m so proud of you guys! =D weekend my droid and my sons two costumes had their first Con outings @Capitalscificon great charity work for…
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Make your own Foam Clay with the help of @beneadie! @SoloRoboto has a handy book in our shop to help teach you techniques to work with Bondo! @teenyonline Great job!Thinking back to gold leafing this beast! @GDkitty99 @donttrythis Great job!
Here's a cool chance to see what a screen used super hero costume looks like up close, thanks to @CosplayChris real, I have an extreme desire for that drill press. @CandyManCrimnl That is SUPER cool! @RodneyM92505954 Sounds like a good approach.These look fantastic! a duplicate of your noggin out of foam! Head to the Punished Props shop to purchase templates:… @scottjohnson 6000 years young. Too soon.Thinking back to one of the best Q&A moments with @volpinprops! Or should we call it a fireside chat?… @rabbibob @sophywong Fantastic work!
Well this is just the greatest thing I've ever seen From @donttrythis're hard at work on Foamsmith 3! Make sure you're ready and read up on Foamsmith 2! @MarcusGrayDoor Thanks buddy! @Durk88000353 @day9tv I can’t disagree. @pink_magpie Fantastic work!Been working on a Sabine Wren helmet using the free pattern from Punished Props. Got to start scratching it up, get…
Retweeted by Bill DoranBritt made a giant boot for @day9tv one time, and it was glorious. @visdog Awe. =) @GuyCaveOfficial Oh m’goodness.
@volpinprops @midnightsmith That looks fantastic!Fantastic work! The flame LED bulb is so much simpler than the neopixels/arduino solution I used for my SoT lantern. @RocketManProps I’m glad you like the design! =)Bailed on work a little early today so that I could spend a couple hours petting this fuzzy face. I think I made th… out this amazing Iron Man concept helmet build by @impactprops @JohnathonWarki1 Fantastic work! @chinbeard took your mandalorian tutorial and made 2 helmets out of it. My wifes mando cosplay and my gundam san…
Retweeted by Bill Doran @atlantadjeric Woah that’s crazy cool! @toku3000 Nice work! I am not currently planning to make that particular blaster.Our Extra Credit Club members are the reason we can afford to do what we do! To thank them for their contributions… @Bobahfett Ha! Awesome. =) @atlantadjeric That is SO COOL!! @TXJBingham That’s not a bad idea, but I do use different types of paints in the same airbrush, but I do make sure… @just1happyguy Nice work! @chinbeard thanks for the inspiration and the pattern!!
Retweeted by Bill DoranYes. Thanks for visiting @sciencequiche! was such a fun collab with @JosiahBrooks! Full video at:
Look at this adorable Baby Yoda by @ZonbisWorkshop! @echundotcom *thanks @echundotcom That’s for participating! @LeeleetheBunny I mean, don’t let me tell you what you should wear on your head. =) @Nightwingprime1 That is fantastic! @TakaHebiTwitch That is super cool! @EzrealOfficial The pattern is designed for letter sized printers.Basic dome shield available in PDF format at the Punished Props Shop! guys made some fantastic Mandalorian helmets for our 500k Community Challenge! Take a look at them all and ch… @EvilTed40 Dude that’s so exciting!
Oldie but a goodie from @SKSProps @Super_La_Mario @smashbrosmele @EvilTed40 This should help you get started: @folkenstal 👍 @folkenstal has a great molding & casting eBook in our shop - take a look! @JamesSaiyanman3 I finally got it all cut together yesterday. Loom for it in the next couple of days. @SubNation22 The files for the Apex Legends dagger were made by @3dworkbench. I bought the files from his Etsy store. @level2three Me too! =D @NicSamiotis Awe! <3 @JerTheMaker That’s so exciting!#ThrowbackTuesday? Britt did such a fantastic job on this Hearthstone box
@coolfrood1 @TheNerdforge That’s fantastic!Look at this awesome Grimoire handmade by @TheNerdforge @justicar I haven’t had a chance to check out the newest crop of resin printers.How I made my 3D Printed fabric LEGO dress I wore on episode 1 on #LEGOMastersFOX 🦄🌈🤖🧬 Full video on @YouTube
Retweeted by Bill DoranLearn how to make foam armor like a champ, but fast! @makelearngrow @Knowonesdesigns For this one we used gel superglue. @grafitomi @Bugman_140 @JAYTEEAU @3DPrinTek @fns720 @Greg191134 @ferjerez3d @MenacesMum @irblinx @ThierryDeux That’s so cool!This is still probably one of my favorite things I've made! Thanks to @Knowonesdesigns for helping!… @sciencequiche We have some decent spots near the shop if you have time to swing by. =D @makelearngrow @testedcom That looks legit! @Eric_Dearth Nicely done!
@amiedoubleD Exciting! @BkkRikkie Very cool!The first episode was fantastic! Can’t wait to see more ridiculous builds.
@shwood I agree. @shwood That’s a brilliant observation. =) @Dan0nator Great tip!Caturdays, amirite?
Retweeted by Bill Doran @joeltelling That’s awesome! @Vacherieboy @modernrogueshow @EvilTed40 We miss you Ted!.@sophywong's Wearable Tech Projects!
Retweeted by Bill DoranI mean, you could add the phrase “pretty much” most of the @modernrogueshow titles, yeah? =) Yes, of course I’m wat… was such a fun build!