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Ferguson organizers were found lynched and burned alive in cars after videos had their faces on them. DO NOT spread…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Who will match for some of these other orgs? Eg. @BlackVisionsMN night, peeps in MN made history. During the highest peaks of the riots of the late 1960s, or the LA riots of 9…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @noanunoparty @objectblue_ was thinking about this today... Some of them still creepin but they left my messages on read. UghMatched. There’s still more to give Thread of Places to Donate:
Retweeted by CCL 🥀if y’all want to learn more about black history and activism, here is a massive google drive folder created by a bl…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Shaun King is not in communication with our members. DO NOT give money to him to support on the ground organizing.…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀virtually all of the music in my column is Black music, ultimately. so i invite you to make a donation to…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀This is very important: do not take or re(share) photos or videos showing protestors's faces. You could be saving l…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Can we stop calling it “police brutality” it’s murder, M-U-R-D-E-R
Retweeted by CCL 🥀burn absolutely everything to.the.ground. i support property damage && redistribution of resources (u call “loot…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀spreading this info but just a reminder: never RSVP for a protest ✨
Retweeted by CCL 🥀minnesota freedom fund recommends donating additionally to @reclaimtheblock, a coalition to demand divestment from…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀The Mayor of Seattle is calling for a more exacting degree of police scrutiny in Minneapolis than she wants for off…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @livwutang 💜 make sure to diversify some of your donated funds. bail funds like minnesota freedom fund is necessary to ke…
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Policing is inherently racist. Incarceration is inherently racist. Those of us, non black and brown citizens have a…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @aerielist its so good :") @BAKEGLA @Sorayea @parris_dj @rccardovillella 💯 you mustthe cop that killed george floyd was the same cop that killed my cousin (a native american man) about 10 years ago.…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @lykerogers @nowadaysnyc 💜
Complicity and Accountability: Our Agency in Counterculture @dfnbrown1, @frankiefatgold, Laura Diaz and…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @ageless_adab @Joey2lanes Honestly look inspiration tbh
@unrulypatchouly Omg @RadioDEBONAIR Well also miss just seeing Debs DJ irl 😭 @RadioDEBONAIR Honestly what a wild thing that we got to do. I miss Debs djing 😢 @MutualismUk @BFTTyco Hbd angel bast 😍 @choltenc So glad! I like it too, never really played out beforeThis wavey synth pop album is pretty rad but I have no idea what they’re saying @BasicRhythmUK @chanelkadir @parris_dj @RedeyeRecordsUK 😱 @_jakemuir @luz_R4R @johnxela So cute 🥰 @sippinlmnfanta deffoSince #Covid_19 began, #BerlinCollectiveAction has distributed €40k for basic necessities such as food & rent to pe…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @DavisGalvin @DaisychainPdcst So lush @BAKEGLA Not sure honestly haha @mladyfuck Here’s to hopingLove this album it feels perfect to listen to right now @cedarshims 💚
@djhavingsex @mladyfuck Yes whenPlayed this one on my @nowadaysnyc stream been carting this around forever and never found an occasion to play it in front of people but it’s honestly o… slowly (v v slowly) ripping some records, and have put some favorites that may not be on YouTube on... my heck… also love that it’s a freaky refuge so maybe let’s keep it this way.Scott Z , too fucking epic for me to deal. If only this music could be in the main room. Where it should be ... @livwutang @opheliaxz Just putting it out there I think everyone who is running a mix platform will understand if y… to share my latest mix for the Juanitas series! It’s an exploration of bewitching and humid percussion with…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀i know twitter has convinced us we need to post our personal takes on everything but consider this, maybe we dont
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Oops got days wrong in quarantine, would have been tonight? @TortugaMinor 😭Returning to @thelotradio for another 2 hour genre exploration Saturday 6-8pm EST. Today we r exploring techstep, n…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Have a mix dropping today for @nickkfromwpb Pain Liberation programme on Rinse France. 00:00 EU / 18:00 EST
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@d_hansen Actually doing that ;) @frankiefatgold Love you ❤️Thinking about the hot sweaty mess that is Detroit’s Club Toilet (which would have been tonight) and how long it wi… @frankiefatgold today —such a gift we get to live in the same lifetime as someone this inspiring #Covid_19 began, #BerlinCollectiveAction has distributed €40k for basic necessities such as food & rent to pe… @tony_poland @NTSlive Honestly would love that more than anything 🥺❤️Plans: 2020:
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just uploaded my mix from Room To Live on @newtownradio last week! really happy with this one, lots of contemporary…
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It’s hard to feel hopeful in these days at the best of times but I do know at least my nemeses still hate stalk meCovid spring otherwise known as the 10th ego death this seasonnew mix published today for @violetakaviolet 's naivetapes series. this was so fun and i hope you enjoy it, thanks…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀wrote a depressing blurb for @Dazed also haven’t posted a quarantine selfie on twitter yet so lots of treats hello…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @baharkhadem omg whaaat @RussellELButler @FACTmag 🐳 🔷💙today’s as good a day as any to listen to @RussellELButler guide you thru some aquatic vibes & spirit 🐳
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Me 😳 @RonLikeHell was also listening to this latelyplz throw me in a loud room with @slikback playing thanks
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @RussellELButler @kiernanlaveaux @ageless_adab @glorbis @aliberger_DR5 lol D:
@aquarian The real truth @joemakemusic @TheTrilogyTapes was a perfect sunny sunday listen 🌻 @glorbis @aliberger_DR5 We are Gl(orb)s, our heat escape. We give our warm awayI have made a monster! @glorbis @aliberger_DR5 I think I must be a reptile, need it to be at least 77 degrees or I'll find a way to shiver @asdfs_sfdsa me! If I could make tunes as good as Photek or Dillinja I would b happee @asdfs_sfdsa probably unsurprising but Dillinja-esque dnb for me
@Hodgebristol @RinseFM @clubfitnessfm she rules it's truee @kiernanlaveaux @aliberger_DR5 @Baronhawk Afronaughhht @AshLauryn313 🥺💔 gah yeah. Mine the weekend after next. Was looking forward to seeing you there 😩 @fysicaltherapy @MARTYN3024 techteppasss nu mix out for friends at Deep South Atlanta - some funky psychedelic flotation music for…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Tel Aviv via Berlin – it's @_morelian bringing the peaktime to your living room lockdown.
Retweeted by CCL 🥀Sis' @JoseyRebelle curated a stunning compilation for @BISradio . it is out now ! delighted to be included in this…
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@faso woweee @abgsforbernie yeah mine is randomly in sf and it has been for over a month now...yike @abgsforbernie eek i tried to have a packed from home sent to me w a bunch of my stuff and it's also disappeared :(turns out I needed this magical recording from @kiernanlaveaux today more than I even knew to the pandemic, our beloved @_aequa_'s community center is sadly in danger. If you can, please help save this…
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@Apartment_rec @________simon @Laura_BTTF @JackBluffy You’re welcome 😌🤠 @wonja @danletson @mgeddesgengras @DavisGalvin @aliberger_DR5 @ilanabryne @mladyfuck @aryu_jassika @dfnbrown1 @wonja @danletson @mgeddesgengras @DavisGalvin @aliberger_DR5 @ilanabryne @mladyfuck @aryu_jassika @dfnbrown1 with another do/while from me & @danletson! this week we have lots of great new/newly discovered music from…
Retweeted by CCL 🥀 @AcidAunt That is Up To Youthis makes me think about.... @aya_ycoNot sure who needs this but um here's 134 remixes/versions of "Call Me Maybe.