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CCL @chinchillaah Seattle, WA

Cecu. Softest rodent in the land. (they/them) 🌐: 💌:

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@kristinmalossi @nyquilsunset Epic tourPart of going away was I needed to have time away to actually process so much of what’s happened. I got into the tr… @drmcrshr show at @unsound was easily one of my highlights of the festival (which is saying something). Went ba…
Retweeted by CCL @alextheomusic Iridescent Technicolor Cowgirl Funk @alextheomusic Obviously 🥳 @alextheomusic cowgirl funk @iamsherelle @lucyproducti0n <3 @nazira_in_zvuk @unsound You were so good 💥 @borderlandstate @FACTmag @Lena_Willikens @lucyproducti0n @LSDXOXO_ @unsound <3 @aquarian @buymusicclub @dkmntl Great mix! Always love that Jommtones track, one I had to cut myself off from rinsing 😍 @96Back1 Me @lucyproducti0n Same w yours 🥰💥Ope here's the article. 🥺 @nyquilsunset One of the best designed, DJs, event producers... it goes on!Want to put “for men by men” on a shirt and that will be the next years unsound merch @Taylor_Hugs @RussellELButler Illegal for them to put so many good tracks in one comp I tell yaThank youuu @FACTmag for the sweet words bout my unsound mix, love this squad pic tbh looks like an unsound hang ou… @mladyfuck Facts!!! @wrnwslwsk Thank you for everything. So glad to have met you ❤️ @RonLikeHell Excellent ❤️ @Taylor_Hugs Ya 🙀I DID A CRACK MIX!!!! so glad to contribute to a series I love so much 💗
Retweeted by CCLThis mx by mx silkman is bonkers, she’s literally the most overlooked dj in the country rn and those who are sleepi…
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@8ULENTINA @unsound Saaame @Sorayea Tru thomost memorable sets, for posterity: @octo_octa & @ErisDrew, @chinchillaah, @aya_yco, goat, @GiantGiantSwan, holly h…
Retweeted by CCL @tjr_ Same 😌cc @RussellELButler @chinchillaah 😭🤪
Retweeted by CCL @Yayyab @frankiefatgold @unsound Love you both, spending time with you this weekend rly made it
Every night, every day! *** @sparkletone It meOverwhelmed with emotions this @unsound week, cant believe I got to do this whole thing—it felt so special in kitch… @daschristabelle @unsound ❤️Me, after New Forms, Japan, moving out of Seattle, Unsound, Sheffield and London in two weeks. 🥺 @aerielist 😭❤️ @frankiefatgold 😭❤️
Already having unsound fomo 🥵🥵🥵 back on Sunday, high on this extremely strong boots cough syrup thing um @aya_yco Ugh fomo why am I gone for this smhhhh @chinchillaah killing it at @unsound 🐸 masterclass in 80-110 dancehall informed pressure 🐸
Retweeted by CCL @AcidAunt @iamsherelle DownWhaddup my themsbians?
Retweeted by CCLbarrage starter, starting tonight
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@request_healing 😍good morning, i’ve been way too excited about this mix to wait any longer to share!!! thank you ⁦@LifeCrushed⁩, def…
Retweeted by CCL @purejoydj 😂 @objectblue_ Nooo poor thing :( I’m also ill @nyquilsunset @UMFANG I had to sit in a car for an hour and then an entire plane ride so had to choose my moment wisely lol @cascadianrhythm @UMFANG Yeah she was at unsound! @zulimusic you were so good ❤️💥 @ooooooooooolga @UMFANG It was unreal. Lol. We even got on the same plane to london @UMFANG When the car pulled up to take me to the airport from unsound, none other than Anna K was in that car, Lol!… Eastern artists from all over are absolutely shining at @unsound this year and hope this really teaches peop…
Retweeted by CCLso so grateful for everything @frankiefatgold, laura diaz (teto preto), @matdryhurst + @dfnbrown1 shared yesterday…
Retweeted by CCL @sippinlmnfanta @__Ku__ku__ Think that was probably Italian post-punk :) 🤠😈 @purejoydj <3 extra bonus to see you and @maya_kal_ .Love to see people come and bring their best to @unsound and @chinchillaah absolutely did that tonight.
Retweeted by CCL @PhilipSherburne @unsound really appreciate this! Thanks for being there :)I tell you what, tho, @chinchillaah can craft a set!! Wooooo. 🥵📀💣 [Extra appreciation for the slow jam when I’ve ac…
Retweeted by CCL @HesskaCITS 💜💜💜 so nice to see u this week
@nina_posner @unsound ilu neenalso extreme shout out to @objectblue_ for making me lose myself dancing, relax while I was feeling tense, and… Chai, already knew I was in love with ya'll but really ...@_FOOZOOL & @8ULENTINA 🧡💛🧡💛 thank you for that @unsoundDrank about 10 cups of tea today & reflecting on the amazing talks, music and friends I’ve seen so far at @unsound.… @sincerelysofi I Love UBoth @jasminhkr & I r v proud of this compilation & v thankful to all the artiste who contributed their work to rai…
Retweeted by CCL @tjr_ Lolllll @aya_yco Phew same hoping I figure it out in a few hours lol eek @annakhachiyan You sound insufferable @iblametomas @drmathys_ Lolol @aryu_jassika Wow yes I’d like to do this @drmathys_ for real!!I'm going b2b with @rccardovillella for the first time at @Corsica_Studios on Friday, sharing the bill with lots of…
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@believeyoumepdx I’m asking European people to call me they, In English! Please everyone stop explaining gendered language @glorbis I have stopped now :( and it makes me feel so weird like I’m copping out but I just ... gah @kiernanlaveaux Facts @ageless_adab @TitontonD Sheeple still stay sleeping in there I swear @lycheefrut There should be tickets on the door? @iambutterhorn Found it to be extra bad in Berlin! Even from people that know me already :( @aerielist @kamalnaeem @TitontonD Tbqh the fact the both of you haven’t played there is completely ridiculous lolHyped to play for the Make Me gang on Friday! Lots of spesh names there so should be ❄️ cooolllldddd
Retweeted by CCL @Carlybag I’m well aware of this, as an Italian speaker. But people need to try harder in 2019. @TitontonD It’s absurd you haven’t played there yetIs it wrong to start a campaign to have me do my debut DJ set at Panorama Bar in 2020? Wishful thinking or okay to push for it?
Retweeted by CCLHappy international lesbian day !
Retweeted by CCL @kimoakley @unsound :((( @RussellELButler @unsound U are the bestThis was a special day. We rollin deeper and deeper 💪🏽
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Y’all...I’m actually crying in this hotel room... 😭😭
Retweeted by CCLThis week's #MidnightInAPerfectWorld guest is @livwutang! A member of @TUFsea, the local talent has captivated Seat…
Retweeted by CCL @UMFANG @LSDXOXO_ Omg 😻
Ok I'm going to need everyone to stop what they're doing and listen to @reverenddollars's @DISCWOMANNYC mix. It rly… @_neonlichter @HNYSNDSYSTM SO ahead of its time. <3 @glorbis Hi. You're really cool. I remember yes and it made my day. LOVE Uan ode to the records lost by the german post 💔 @BokehVersions @GiantGiantSwan 🤤Yes it's true ---- all records £6 // all tees £10 Bandcamp customers already had their fil…
Retweeted by CCLDiscussing Black representation across the music industry + a general history of American Black music as counter-cu…
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@netfuel <3 a lil honcho memory hehe :)