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Nat’l Murrow Award Writing • KGOradio • Filmmaker• Musician• “Franklin brings irony to a medium that rarely trusts its audience to get the joke”-WashPost #BLM

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RT if you wish every dad a happy Father's day... EXCEPT Trump."Trump true believers are threatening to LEAVE the United States if Trump is not reinstated to the presidency."…
Build a wall? Build it around Texas and protect us from you!👇🏽 guarantee that when you call it the Affordable Care Act, Trump supporters think, “OK!”
I don't know which Republicans need to hear this, but democracy isn't just for old white men.Why do Republicans love Putin?Exactly! do Republicans hate science? (Smart answers only)This is obscene. My father was a DC cop as were his brothers. The next time any Republican says he is law and order…
Raise your hand if you think Trump still needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. ✋CA is opening up with a caveat; Unvaccinated have to wear masks. And we're using the honor system. Honor system fo…’re a pathetic hypocrite who would pledges allegiance to a sociopath over defending your wife. Your daughters? Y…, Ron Johnson is killing people with his lies and obfuscation and you suspend him for a week? What does G…
I had a caller 5 minutes ago whose wife has MS, but felt an obligation to get vaccinated. She wanted to protect oth… we go again @BeckyBunzy Uhh, pride? there a right to be rich? At who's expense? Rocha, the daughter of immigrants and the first in her family to attend college, shared this powerful grad…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comTWEEPS: We have a ton of content planned to hold MAGA traitors accountable & expand our Senate Majority. Please do…
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Only 38% of GOP believe in evolution. And from the look of them, they might be right. is an exceptional woman who needs our help battling cancer. One of those Republicans who told Trump to “fuck o… Gaetz backs Trump so the GOP backs Gaetz. The GOP attacked the Capitol, assaulted police, and now backs sex w… think wealth is for whites, and if you dare challenge them, you're a socialist, communist, or Antifa, b…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comRepublicans think wealth is for whites, and if you dare challenge them, you're a socialist, communist, or Antifa, b… is Critical race theory? Hmm, you mean, the truth?
Why does Marjorie Taylor Greene still have a job?"I am now proud when our president represents us to the world. Are you?" @CalltoActivism Yes I am. Who else is with me?Is there a vaccine for the insincere? @RexChapman I pitched a no-hitter in high school with a 101 temperature and homered, but my father, who lived with… miss our country I miss sanity I miss Obama your hand if Jill’s UK “LOVE” jacket beats Melania’s!
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comDarwin's natural selection apparently doesn't include the virus we know as "GOP." Vaccinate yourself with knowle… this tweet should you ever find yourself feeling complacent about this evil. The GOP ignored AIDS when it…
We’re cruising around Rubios house and neighborhood today. 👍
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comAnti-Vax? Darwin would be proud as you've proven him right. Again. #StopJunkScience
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comIs it just me, or are Republicans stonewalling until they get their next chance to destroy our democracy?Anti-Vax? Darwin would be proud as you've proven him right. Again. #StopJunkScience are the party of terror. Pass it on. your hand if you got vaccinated as soon as you possibly could ✋Describe Lauren Boebert in a wordDON’T MISS anything @ReallyAmerican1 has to offer. Make sure you foller the whole dang team! @chipfranklin…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comRetweet and follow @valdemings if you want to see her defeat Marco Rubio for U.S. SenateFRIENDS: We've got a ton of content planned to hold MAGA traitors accountable & build progressive power. Please do…
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@Jim_Jordan Raise your hand if you think Gym Jordan is scary ✋Holy shit. A Republican wants to know if the National Forest Service can alter the orbit of the moon or earth. Th… kind of shithole country doesn't support equal pay for women?Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was the only Senator to miss voting on Paycheck Fairness Act, which was defeated 50-49.… if you support equal pay for women. Please restore my faith in humanity.
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comToday, every single Senate Republican voted against equal pay for women & for a status quo that robs their daughter…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comRetweet if you want Dems to end the filibusterNow that @valdemings is running against Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate, can we please get her to 1 million followers b… Mitch McConnell in a wordWho else thinks billionaires need to pay more in taxes? ✋
Tennessee lawmakers want to take CHOICE out of a woman's hands and give men the right to VETO an abortion. That's B…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comRaise your hand if you agree it's time to end the filibusterThe true tax rate of Jeff Bezos is 0.98% according to @BernieSanders. Retweet if you agree it's time to make the b…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comWhy should the vaccine be free, but not insulin or cancer treatment? Health care should be a human right. Period.
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comCan we please make this a bigger story to hold Sen Joe Manchin accountable? Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré on the Jan. 6 report: "What the hell is going on in Washington? What are they doing bet…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comRaise your hand if you think the Republican base doesn't understand what a FACT isThank you Brian Williams for sharing our ad that Fox “News” doesn’t want their viewers to see
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” -Voltaire It's time people.He @TomsElliott, Apparently .@MaraGay can't make it simple enough for the xenophobic right. Trump flags, confedera…'s some facts; We don't make enough babies. Our future is immigration. The future is bright, it just ain't so… that? That’s the sound of Democracy dying. Jan 6th was the opening salvo, but the real work is quietly being… this👇🏽 @SonOfODell @RexChapman @tseanshannon @prince We also saw rehearsal. That’s where he played those songs. But go ahead and be a dickMy friend @TSeanShannon was a writer at SNL and for my birthday got my wife and I front row tix when Steve Martin w… it on if you will NOT let Mitch McConnell stone wall progress in America. @THEAndyHarris You are really good!Hey @KidRock, it's so obvious that you are tormented because of your closeted attraction to men. You direct that an…
How does Rudy Giuliani sleep at night?Retweet if you think the GOP cannot win in 2022 without voter suppressionWhat is wrong with Gov. Ron DeSantis?Fashion Alert! What pedofiles will be wearing this summer. didn’t get vaccinated and it cost him at least $1.2 million. And possibly infected others. So good, dumbass. who screamed “Dems are pedofiles” is a pedofile. Seriously, you can’t write this shit... @SenatorSinema / @kyrstensinema I made a NEW video all about YOU. It's called #TheRealKyrstenSinema PS:…
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Retweet if you will not forget the attack on our democracy on January 6, 2021June 6, 1944 we defeated the fascists. January 6, 2021, they returned. can't some people see Republicans are a threat to American democracy?
FUN FACT: You can't murder 50 people from long range in one minute with a Swiss Army Knife. Judge Benitez is an id…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.com100% agree. @kennyg is quality people. And a helluva golfer.
It's not about China, it's about science. Fauci's emails prove that China's head of infectious diseases was writing… if you think Trump still needs to be held accountable
This girl stood up to Texas. She stood up for women. She stood up for us all. Let's stand up for her!
This is how you bring it. @ChristopherHahn delivers the mail to this racist butt monkey. BOOM! says he'll be reinstated by August? Motherfucker can't even get a Twitter account.
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Trump and Flynn are calling for a coup that would put Trump in power in August. How does that go unpunished?
My favorite Bible story is the one where Republican Jesus has one loaf and two fish and he eats them himself becaus…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comToday we honor the men and women who gave their lives so we might live. And to those politicians who failed them by… @richardmarx @TheBJThomas 1984 I think? I opened for him doing stand up at an outdoor theatre in Bmore. There were… GOP are about two things; finding something wrong and finding someone to blame. That’s who they are.
@4lisaguerrero You mean 37, right?
Covid wasn't created in an evil Chinese lab. That's undisputed science. If you were looking to engineer a bio-weapo…
Retweeted by Chip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comCovid wasn't created in an evil Chinese lab. That's undisputed science. If you were looking to engineer a bio-weapo…
Senate Republicans vote against everything that matters to ordinary Americans because they are out of touch. It's t…
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