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How I Scammed A Scammer Part 1: Ok so boom. This guy (we’ll call him Henry) reached out to me saying he was sell…
Retweeted by НикитаDevs watching QA test the product
Retweeted by НикитаLet me rephrase; don't add me to group chats where you post a dude fucking a dead animal. If you wanna talk that's fine
Retweeted by Никитаpeople will really put bernie anywhere but the white house
Retweeted by НикитаBro now I want good grapes design is dead. long live hole.
Retweeted by НикитаYou know technically Paul Bettany has had the longest running MCU career so far bc he was in the first Iron Man as…
Retweeted by Никитаi have two brain cells left & it’s these mfs
Retweeted by Никитаi’m dropping out and moving here
Retweeted by НикитаThis cartoon is supposed to be anti-Bernie but it’s actually extremely good.
Retweeted by НикитаKurapika's Nen instructor is so fine 💜🖤
Retweeted by Никита understand the need to maintain parking lot upkeep and pay off the price of garages and lots, but these are not g…
Retweeted by Никитаhaving been told that it's rude to call dinner "gross," our 4yo is finding increasingly creative ways to express hi…
Retweeted by Никита @self_tytled @socc3rgur1ie @Angelcake404 @punzotwt @craftyfranta @childishderpino OF COURSEPresident Biden has removed the Diet Coke button. When @ShippersUnbound and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we…
Retweeted by НикитаThems shit's are invincible The roasted garlic and parmesan pringles aren't very good“if youre neurotypical... youre in the wrong chat”
Retweeted by НикитаVT making me change my password yearly is so unbelievably annoying let me suffer the consequences of my own actions please
Retweeted by Никитаwhen a professor emails you about an assignment that you didn’t do
Retweeted by НикитаLol niggas ain’t seen Polio in 60 years and really got the nerve to ask if vaccines really work
Retweeted by НикитаBro I need a vacuumits a routine I WANT BACK
Retweeted by Никита @marcuslewis23 New year is my guess. It's the reason I'm going lol @marcuslewis23 Ty for the reminder to start registering for next week though @marcuslewis23 You gotta register days in advance it sucksBro why does McComas not have any open slots until Saturday🙃
Retweeted by Никита
Update I desperately want a cricut Phoenix should make a brand of Quinoa. Call it "Quinoa Joaquin"
Retweeted by НикитаOh the wonderous things I can achieve when I'm given a cricut mom made a meme @chipnanimus Exactly like just cut all the expenses then there is no need to have funds to function
Retweeted by НикитаThis is a problem that has created itself. If we don't charge for parking, and get rid of the parking department, w… me out. Instead of charging for parking, which requires enforcers (who you have to pay), people to sell passes…"elect biden & push him from day one!! *biden is elected, ppl start pushing* "duude calm down, it's his first day.."
Retweeted by НикитаRichmond has some of the best public art.
Retweeted by Никита @JakeRussell28 And expensive. You're corrector instead of creating an app to enforce payments ... hear me out ... let Parking be Free ✨💫
Retweeted by Никитаtuition should include textbooks & access codes because having to pay extra for REQUIRED materials is ridiculous
Retweeted by Никита @JakeRussell28 This year it's bs that there's no free parking or at the very least relaxed enforcement/hours becaus… still haunts me
Retweeted by НикитаNo ❤️ is the 2nd day that Biden has not legalized cannabis and expunged all non-violent offenses.
Retweeted by Никита @Axshanlol Oooh okay I'll check it outhistoric
Retweeted by Никита @alirichthem Pop Six Squish Look, if you have somebody who doesn't have health insurance, who doesn't have a doc…
Retweeted by Никитаi am once again asking if he had it comin’
Retweeted by НикитаDonald Trump Stares Forlornly At Tiny, Aged Penis In Mirror Before Putting On Clothes, Beginning Day…
Retweeted by НикитаI got ASS @socc3rgur1ie You got nugs in the fridge!Y'all going to the gym is SO HARD when you don't know what you're doing but you wanna do something other than cardioToxic masculinity sucks btw get the idea of what a man should do out of your headSo happy that USA has finally rejoined the Pittsburgh Agreement. Welcome back!
Retweeted by НикитаDamnit I've gotta return these and go a size down 😭I'm wearing yoga pants but it's cold out so now I understand the whole beauty is pain thingIt's snowing! @frickyeahitsash My dumbass saw "ship dynamics" and immediately thought about the homework that I have to doObama’s throw on a nice fit and ya’ll forget the war crimes...every...time
Retweeted by Никита @tedcruz Haha get fucked fascist. Go encourage a white supremacist insurrection again you fucking clown.
Retweeted by НикитаI'm glad we all agree that poetry was the best part of Inauguration, now please fund the humanities.
Retweeted by Никитаneurodivergent culture is thinking “was that normal?” every time you finish speaking
Retweeted by НикитаToday is the 1st day that Biden has chosen not to guarantee healthcare for all.
Retweeted by Никита[Biden finds left behind Barron Trump wandering the White House halls] Hey man
Retweeted by Никитаbeing glad that biden is replacing tr*mp as president and making sure not to idolize him are two things that can and should coexist
Retweeted by Никитаheres what biden did on his first day in office :
Retweeted by НикитаToday is the 1st day that Biden has chosen not to cancel all student debt.
Retweeted by Никита!!!!
Retweeted by Никита- hospitals csn no longer refuse to service lgbtq+ - trans students can now use the correct locker room + bathroom…
Retweeted by Никита harris made history today being sworn in as the first woman who owes me $2000
Retweeted by НикитаWhat if I'm living in a "The Truman Show" situation and they made the movie "The Truman Show" to throw me off the scentKamala Harris
Retweeted by Никитаi want ice cream
Retweeted by Никита @crixare4kids Ohhh okay
@crixare4kids I think it's important to note that the blame should be placed on insurance providers who will only c… bernie won then phoebe bridgers and vampire weekend would be playing rn
Retweeted by НикитаThis is it, this is the worst tweet I’ve seen so far
Retweeted by НикитаPatiently awaiting new music like... the icon @SenSanders
Retweeted by НикитаBarron walking downstairs for breakfast
Retweeted by НикитаBREAKING : blonde woman, identified as Leslie Knope, faints at joe bidens inauguration
Retweeted by Никита
Retweeted by НикитаEvery time I put in my contacts I get mad that I can’t see like this without them
Retweeted by НикитаIt's pretty disgusting that Trump is the first president in over 150 years to not attend the inauguration of his su…
Retweeted by Никита @CiaraW210 Gm Trump is gone Biden has been inaugurated“This could’ve been an email”
Retweeted by Никита @dinoneiI You got this!!Catch me working 9 to 5 uniting white supremacists with their local cemeteries
Retweeted by НикитаDolly would've been perfect but they got a guy named Garth to sing Amazing Grace. Tragic.
Retweeted by НикитаDonald J. Trump is officially a private citizen. He is now vulnerable to criminal prosecution.
Retweeted by Никитаit’s actually wild to be living in “the best country in the world” and simultaneously be thinking “i hope the presi…
Retweeted by Никитаplease remember Biden has a speech impediment today & to not make fun of his slip ups.
Retweeted by НикитаI gotta go to class in 9 minutes 😭Al Gore is unable to attend the inauguration as he is still trapped in the Moon prison he was banished to by the Su…
Retweeted by НикитаThis is now a Bernard Sanders’ Mittens Fan Club
Retweeted by НикитаDear Joe mf panders so much to the republicans bro they hate you sweaty stop it that’s embarrassing
Retweeted by НикитаJoe's little hair wisps are holding on for dear life
Retweeted by НикитаI don’t take much solace seeing Biden get inaugurated. It feels like we’re waking up from a nightmare just to face…
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