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Jack BOOhouse @Chirurgic Based in Wellington, NZ

Scarred from fights in brothels, with the callouses of a barefoot knitter, author of science fiction, frankenpunk and fantasy. he/him/his, ey/em/eir

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Australians Alarmed At Prospect Of Catching Lack Of Covid @the_esdeem @MaraWilson it's not a defeat! it's natural! it happens to everyone sometimes! @apocrypals @theisb @Pontifex I thought the Apocalypse of Peter was what happened when a woman on twitter opened up her DMs @MelodyRules_ @Ring_Sheryl "we DID have a wonderful night, but if we had known we could have been more prepared" @tanya_elena @RaxKingIsDead it's a hot sandwich invented at the Brown Hotel. Makes perfect sense. @emilyhughes well
@cambrian_era @AliceAvizandum well, you know how a lot of fireworks come with a base that securely holds them point… @UrsulaV @NeolithicSheep I assumed this was a sheep breeding thingListening to a podcast about ancient Egypt, just got out of a period heavily featuring Vizier "wreck me, Ray" and i… @GailSimone they didn't have shame 3000 years ago? @korybing almost as good as the time Aleister Crowley bottomed so hard he blew a guy's mind @zeldawilliams ok now go with this, plus that thing about angels impregnating human women in Genesis... @zeldawilliams @animal_nutrient @atomicthumbs any organic matter left in the holodeck was fed into the replicator buffer, to be re… @MaraWilson @1followernodad it's like a lighter, fluffier mars bar
@AngeMaryClaire not all men, ange @vespertilioAJR @sfhater @AlyssaNo_L @realDonaldTrump is the only election coverage allowed in NZ right now: (not even a joke, campaigning… @AngeMaryClaire feeling very targeted right now (I don't think most of these guys have physical and mental health…
Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >desperately onto whatever can momentarily distract @acemindbreaker @jon_snow_420 finally a market I can undercut @PlanetofFinks @MaraWilson @Lubchansky "unsweetened*"=/="awful" *not ~30% HFCS by volume @jon_snow_420 @antic2000 I guess what we're saying is there are probably less painful ways @jon_snow_420 but having sex is the cheapest way to get a baby, have you seen the dark web prices for those things @JustSayXtian a bystander might be misled into believing it is crop milk, thus creating the appearance of violating… @ChipperVA @AlienRopeBurn @ThatAceGal that's worse @korybing concept: these guys doing the can-can @korybing yeah, but it's in a corner of the country where basically no one goes (see how there are no roads west o…
@gmcalpin 69 (nice) days to xmas @MastersThePen @batbyte82 @HermeticOpus @damnyouwillis @hijinksensue the D stands for Duck @malki "traditional reading" @lartist @TheRaDR @ThrowingSheyd @TheHiddenDjinn @apocrypals they should to a crossover called Djinn And Tanakh
@_ellie_cat @TetZoo the red is a rich meal of blood, though (barely fitting into the abdomen around the grub) @CoaxingNumens @wxgeek @nendoras @RosemaryMosco @CrawliesWithCri iridescence on the neck feathers plus most popula… @MaraWilson @RaxKingIsDead it's raining crabs @ZachWeiner it's a one-third scale demonstrator for a supersonic business jet, basically @Iron_Spike Mental Organism Designed Only for Fascism @jennyjaffe @MarshaBlackburn the word "dumbest" does not appear in the constitution, which I think makes her sittin…
@for_every_helen I had to end there because I didn't have a clear idea of the temperature at the time @for_every_helen but can you forgive? it was delicious so sweet @tweetlikeatwit we had one here this year, but that was mainly due to the social distancing, I think. @iphigenie @likelyjanlukas @JoshLukeDavis @JoshLukeDavis I got an osseous formation that just won't quit @ZachWeiner it's the targets they're meant for. Stems from WW2. Think, for instance, the tactical bombers, headquar…
@scalzi just play the entire discography of Leo Karpatze @for_every_helen to be fair, the working career of a dancer is usually not that long, but there's always teaching and producing @EllipsisGoblins you can leave your friends behind
@Coelasquid Concept: Batman-style superhero, except everything he uses is bought from their catalogue @lartist ...I don't want to buy one of your originals anymore
@sephiramy @seananmcguire get it? Mountebank! @sephiramy @seananmcguire my latest character is a dwarf cleric, specifically chosen for the air of authority and t… @maureenjohnson @dovergirl95 @happystash ...and I have lost count of the number of times I've told this story, only to be told that… @dovergirl95 @happystash told this story plenty, but bears repeating. My ex was newly transitioned when he was near… @UrsulaV so, extremely enthusiastic and kind of creepy about wanting to get loved ones involved? @RougeLikeGirl but have you tried exercise???? @scalzi lie it down at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial, then modify one of the feet so it's on his head
@ZachWeiner sounds like von Braun finally gets his way @ZachWeiner @peterrhague easy enough, get Airbus to subcontract the design and maintenance and build ESA Starships… @KBSpangler @UrsulaV @LadyArrowsmith @shawnlenore that's true for ducks, not sure about crows @petrelpelican @Popehat He knows how to lay pipe: as sparingly as possible, for procreative purposes only, and in t… @seananmcguire @JessFink I KNOW send em the recipe! @JessFink @seananmcguire was the keynote speaker at NZ's natcon three years ago, she spent the first ten minutes of…
@cubewatermelon What about the law of the jungle Buy a tiger, is what I'm saying, then issue ultimata @cubewatermelon it doesn't matter if their mandate is legitimate if they're the ones making the wild cartoon libertarian nightmare laws @cubewatermelon well, yes, we knew you live in Texas @GailSimone it's pronounced "Thranduwee" @TweetsofOld @qikipedia it was an extremely garbled account of cotton @MelodyRules_ this feels like the perfect setting for a coming-of-age F/F romance @korybing just hatched this guy @RougeLikeGirl is he not into D&D?In this week's ew @ThePatanoiac @Blinkity a little crispy bacon bits and some sliced bell peppers?
@ChellaRamanan @rhipratchett when they say "I wouldn't vote for you for dog catcher" that's because they actually d… @dovergirl95 @mrsmaris the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett - starting with Wee Free Men @fantasyprone well, I mean they're not so obviously elves are extremely boring @fantasyprone counterpoint: no elves are ever mentioned as being in poly relationships, but if that were true, they… @fantasyprone isn't it canon that elves can't get it up unless they're with their wife?
@RougeLikeGirl Soren bought me Inquisition as basically a consolation present for the breakup, still haven't installed it
@CNell_LA well, he's still breathing, with his finger on the Button, so... not really? @apocrypals @theisb @Pontifex the game should have been called DoVah'kiin
@LuBellWoo in everyday life, we mostly encounter it when electricity is arcing. Think the smell of an electrical fa… @radtoria @MaraWilson @DrShaena in NZ we get a lot of people arguing our measures are too strict, but they can think that because so few… @JackRNewhouse you're going to livetweet her responses, right? that is, so far as I can tell, the only reason to w…
@ditzkoff @MaraWilson hey, it'll play in Peoria @THEKarlaPacheco @EricaFails A Jedi cares not for material things ...these are Jedi robes, right? @JFSculpts @EricaFails is that what is meant by an LA face with Oakland booty? @howardtayler 50% of profits to BLM @howardtayler @Coelasquid Ray Smuckles is, of course, a customer
@ZachWeiner what, is he trying to claim that he wasn't a fuddy duddy? @ZachWeiner it became popular with hippies, which is... not his intended audience @chaosbria @GailSimone ...alone, right? you need someone operating the ion cannon, then you've got a decent chance of survival! @AdrianCJax @dovergirl95 fun fact: Jewish people washed better and lived segregated from the rest of the community,… @cubewatermelon she's actually leaning back at a 70 degree angle, this is just foreshortening of her sickeningly lo…