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I love the White Sox

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@BDavisStanCubs 11-1 @dylancarlsonfan The only player on the 2011 Cardinals that was better than 2005 Konerko was Pujols.Wrong @BDavisStanCubs Hater @clutchbryant record in the regular season. Wire to wire division lead. 4 straight complete games in the ALCS. 11-1 record… @southsideordie The Jeter catch is one of the most overrated plays in the history of baseball, it’s not even remotely impressive 15 year anniversary of the White Sox winning the World Series. @mklove2 I love your dad 😂I would definitely break my TV if the White Sox ever lost a World Series game like the Dodgers did last night.Black looks great on you @BauerOutage
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Shoutout to wtgraphics17 on Insta for making this 😍 @ebrongel32 I would enjoy it if the Sox won the division for 8 straight years like the Dodgers have. @Julian4948 @RobbTatka Yeah I have absolutely zero sympathy for Dodgers fans. They have it better than just about e… Dodgers have been in the World Series 3 out of the last 4 years. Boo hoo. Try being a White Sox fan. @KunstBrian @KenWo4LiFe How can you dislike Mark Buehrle? 😭Mark Buehrle getting the save in the 14th inning of game 3 of the 2005 World Series after drinking a couple beers w… A GAME OH MY GOD!!! @BDavisStanCubs Arrieta’s career trajectory isn’t normal, sorry.I said this months ago and people thought I was crazy 🤷🏻‍♂️ @rleach2000 That is the best compliment anyone have ever given meI miss live tweeting White Sox games.
@BDavisStanCubs I don’t think the Sox need Simmons. They should put that money towards a right fielder instead @MEATBALLCHICAGO all that screaming and the White Sox have still won a playoff game more recently than the Cubs. @dan_b128 @RMB31293 @cosentinglo There was no reason for him to even quote tweet me in the first place. Insecure Cubs fan at its finestI need to start working on my White Sox offseason plan. The problem is that what I want them to do and what they wi… @MajorJensen33 @RMB31293 It’s not my problem that your “dynasty” ended up being a one year fluke that should have n… @RMB31293 Javy Baez was trash this year and the Cubs haven’t won a playoff game since 2017. Keep crying. @SoxUnprotected You could also burn the pages for warmth during the next few monthsTim Anderson in his first ever playoff series: 9 hits in 14 at-bats, .643 batting average, 1.429 OPS TA7 is just… @whatsuplizard 😂 @BDavisStanCubs I actually really want the Sox to bring back Q as a 5th starter lol @PHXSean23 Yes the Sox need help. We don’t know if Dunning, Cease, and Kopech can’t be counted on to produce over a full 162 game season @wallowigi Holy crap that is worth a fortunePitching wins championships. That’s why the Sox need to get Trevor Bauer this offseason. Or at least Marcus Stroman.The White Sox could have drafted Walker Buehler. They took Carson Fulmer instead. Pain. @ChiSoxFanMike THIS IS NOT A DRILL
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@ColinPlayzz It was only $13 and change which I thought was a pretty good deal. I got it on eBay @gbet35 eBay. And it was only $13!Just got this today, it’s easily one of my favorite cards in my entire collection now.’d take prime Mike Tyson’s best punch to the jaw to be at The Cell to witness this moment.
Retweeted by MikeLegends. years ago today... Stroman to the South Side confirmed. @Eric_Root54 I was at that one too! Reynaldo was incredible that day, easily one of the best games he has ever had… @Hadesmain I was at that one too!Name a random White Sox game that you attended that you will always remember.
*Opening Day for the White Sox isn’t for another 5+ months* Me: I don’t think Eloy Jimenez will be a finalist for the Gold Glove award.Nomar Mazara had a higher wRC+ and OPS+ than Baez in 2020.
Retweeted by Mike @abeds15 a washed up 37 year old who can’t hit a 93 MPH fastball right down the middle anymore still put up better… Encarnacion had a higher OPS in 2020 than Javier Baez.Garrett Crochet: *breathes* The Radar Gun: 💯 @DillonDell He has a better chance of being an All-Star next year than Javy “Mr .599 OPS in 2020” Baez. @southsideordie @BDavisStanCubs He can’t accept the fact that Anderson is better than Baez now.Lol (credit to dailyeloy on Instagram for making this) @22jiveturkey That’s definitely the one potential silver lining to a La Russa hire. Like you said, Jerry would prob…
Please don’t be true 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 Anderson will be an All-Star next season, I am speaking it into existence. @realbillwalsh That hat is beautiful! @JAC34331791 Yes. It’s a disaster because trying to coordinate schedules with other people is almost impossibleI forgot to mention group projects. I HATE GROUP PROJECTSI feel like I have more stuff to do for school now than when classes were in-person. I have a never ending list of… @DosCanSox Not sure off the top of my head but I need to start the countdown soon. Lolgood morning everyone @Big35Hurt He had the greatest basketball player of all-time fall into his lap as well as everyone having career ye… @bosox455 MJ is responsible for 6 of those, I don’t really understand how Jerry deserves credit for having the grea… @Big35Hurt Nice to know that you’ll hurl insults at me in order to kiss the feet of a billionaire who doesn’t know that you exist.He’s enemy #1 for White Sox fans too. Cease would be one of the best pitchers in baseball if he was on the Rays and got to work with their pitching coaches.I can’t even imagine what my emotions will be like whenever the Sox play in the World Series again. I was freaking…
@BrewPack8 @Brewers Happy birthday! @bobito64 I don’t know what would be in it for La Russa either in that situation but it’s the only explaination I c… @ColtFan1812 Definitely seems like that could be a possibilityIf Tony La Russa was going to be the next White Sox manager, I feel like he would have been hired already. It seems… @cjswartz33 @LaPointe34 If you’re talking about just 2021 then I can see your argument that Vaughn might not have t… @clowns_r_us Vaughn couldn’t be any worse in 2021 than Edwin was this year @cjswartz33 He was the 3rd overall pick in the draft...if he’s not an everyday player then the Sox failed miserably at developing him. @cjswartz33 Yes he is.White Sox designated hitters hit .148 with a .588 OPS in 2020 🤢 Thank god Andrew Vaughn will be on the team for most of next season @Kevinwhitesoxf1 Bad trades and the inability to develop pitching crushed them. They’re a good cautionary tale for… @Billy_dk_89 I’d definitely consider their last few years to be a disappointment given the expectations but it’s ha… winning the World Series once in a 5 year period is considered a failure, I would love for the White Sox rebuild to be a failure.I hate the Cubs more than anyone on Earth but I don’t know how Theo’s tenure could be considered a failure. They wo… @Moncada4P The future is bright 🙌🏻 @brittany_toolis I’m older than Garrett Crochet so I know how you feel 😭
ages on Opening Day 2021: Garrett Crochet: 21 Andrew Vaughn: 22 Luis Robert: 23 Codi Heuer: 24 Eloy Jimenez: 24… @LandoJQuintana Adding Bauer, Springer, Colome, and Q would give the Sox so much talent that it would be hard for any manager to screw up @LandoJQuintana A and it’s not close. Bauer AND Springer? Yes please. I could live with La Russa if those two signed here.Rick Renteria owes this man a steak dinner tonight. @SoxMach_pnoles I think it makes strategic sense to bring back Colome if his asking price isn’t ridiculous. Maybe s… @Kevinwhitesoxf1 I think Hendriks has higher upside, but I like Colome because he is consistent and has proven to b… you could only bring back one of these guys for next season, who would you pick? @HashTagWhiteSox Bravescody is probably crying as we speakI will be rooting for the Rays in the World Series because it’s cool to see a small market team with such a low pay… thinking baseball is boring.Derrick Rose @zachsox Pablo and Marcell are cousins