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Haze @ChiSoxHaze Chicagoland

Sox fan family roots 100 years deep in the Southside • The “Sox” on the front of the jersey is ALWAYS more important than the names on the back. #AlwaysUpgrade

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Telling my 11 year-old nephew about the 85-86 Bears is like someone back then telling me about a team from 1950.… @_dbrown_23 Lol. He said he only drank “3 beers max,” but ya never know. @jmiller_3389 Haha. My similar experience was passing out with a 100 degree fever in 6th grade after a watching the Bears win Super Bowl XX. @Billywires @Thatbaseballfan @kdgg09 Funny you should mention our old friend. He was winning World Series Game Three 15 years ago today... years ago today, Mark Buehrle earned the save in Game 3 of the 2005 World Series. The game started at 7:40 pm a… @arude8 ...meaning, while they should get credit for getting the names I listed, there's pretty much zero to hang t… @arude8 Our Sox with an additional 3-5 players that weren't touted as elite (Robert, Moncada, Eloy, Giolito, etc) w… @KenWo4LiFe @jmiller_3389 @_AlohaMrHand (Age, fWAR) Tyler Flowers (35, 2.5) Alex Avila (34, 1.5) @jmiller_3389 @KenWo4LiFe @_AlohaMrHand Rose?Imagine if the Sox, who can spend a lot more, were even half as good at evaluating talent as the Rays. Maybe we sa… @ChiSquatch The WAR and age was copied from the linked article which is using FanGraphs WAR.2020-21 free agents, position by position (Player Age + 2019 & 2020 WAR) Interesting look at free agents - especia… @KenWo4LiFe @_AlohaMrHand The start of the offseason hinges on the end of the World Series @SouthSideBardo @KenWo4LiFe @MikeAndIke219 HeUeR cAn dO iT!Fire Ricky!!!
@LodiDodi17 Lol. Gotta love those Charleston house parties. Were you there after Romo and before Garopollo? @LodiDodi17 You actually went to EIU games? Just kidding...I went to 1-2 each season while I was there. @ChiSoxHaze That’s a cop out. The defense has adjusted. How about hitters learn to adjust as well. “Keep your ey…
Retweeted by HazeDid I really see something about Manfred wanting the league to solve the “shifting problem?” Let team management &… @Mattheius2783 @KenWo4LiFe @LatrianFlayer He'd be more than adequate too because he get's on base. I don't GAF who… @colinska4 @SoxMachine Good question. I didn't really think too hard about LH bats, but think the White Sox will.New post: Always Upgrade – Haze’s 2021 Playoff Ready Chicago White Sox
Retweeted by Haze @jeweinga78 @SoxMachine He very well could. We’ll see. @FlatleyPatrick @SoxMachine Good point. I just hope they can find a couple decent NRI guys to add as depth. @Mattheius2783 @KenWo4LiFe Lol. You got mad skills!!! @KenWo4LiFe @ChiSoxHaze This is @KenWo4LiFe selling his guys. @ChiSoxHaze
Retweeted by Haze @RadioJoe7 @SoxMachine Very interesting. Do you have a link to your plan? I'd like to see it. @Isaac1435 @SoxMachine It could be. I've been scared running out of starting pitchers could jeopardize excellent of… @NonnieJonnie I didn't watch, but the box score seems so Illini. Bad QB play combined with meh receivers, but alway… @NonnieJonnie I feel for the diehard Illini football fans. This just isn’t fair. @Mattheius2783 LaStella is interesting especially because he can play 3rd base. Don’t listen to @KenWo4LiFe about F… @quepasoguy @SoxMachine Probably figuring out where to live in Seattle after learning he’s been traded there. @Kevinwhitesoxf1 @SoxMachine Maybe they’ll surprise us. @Kevinwhitesoxf1 @SoxMachine Not sure on the stuff, but would hope he's an adequate 4/5 guy based on the numbers. G… @ChiSquatch @SoxMachine He was a bit expensive for this exercise because I felt adding 2 quality SP’s for about the… @Kevinwhitesoxf1 @SoxMachine He’s an above average starter who made 11 starts last season. He’s also getting paid $… submitted my final @SoxMachine offseason plan while staying under $135M. MLB Rotation Giolito Keuchel Jak… @MrDelicious13 Just finished watching Bobby D whoop some ass
@jmiller_3389 I figured you did, but it made me think about Collins in general. @Mark_Bussey That's a great picture Mark. Looks like the cat is protective of your son. @ImAWhiteSoxFan Unfortunately, they suck developing players at all positions. @TheDugoutSS @PatrickKFlowers @LoganHard Which peripherals? of these stupid kids that think Tim Anderson has the most swag evrrrr and Tony LaRussa could never handle it!!…
Retweeted by Haze @Dzikhead Polls were showing he’s losing in most of 2016’s swing states. 🤞Haven’t looked in a couple weeks though. @Wet_Bandit_ @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer You’re a brilliant artist Bandit. A+ @Abreu4MVP2020 Hopefully 13 better hitters keep him in AAA. @sloppyguy A rare good memory etched in our minds forever. @BuzzOnTap @SoxOnTap @NonnieJonnie @NWI_Steve I had a feeling it was you.Two White Sox GOATS @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @MikeAndIke219 @BenChiTownKid98 I think so. Depending on who else hits the market, they might even want to throw Yolmer $750K to s… @soddfather @BenChiTownKid98 Maybe he’s an attractive extra piece for a team (LH bat who might walk a lot and has s… @ChicagoBob10 @bleacherstar It’s not’s the 30 MLB team’s. HahaBaseball Trade Values Tool is a pretty accurate valuation system. Is it perfect? No, but it provides a measurement… @BenChiTownKid98 No fricking way imo - not if they want to win 90+. The backup market isn't flush, but even Tyler F… @WasteOfMind00 Tell your boy JR to open that wallet! I'm just not seeing how they get a good SP (or two), retain Co… really need to stop with the thought Collins has trade value. Think about it from another team's perspective...… @jmiller_3389 Collins is close to worthless trade-wise. Stiever's trade value isn't so high either, but maybe they… @michael_kennyjr That was 2018, but it could still be a good comp. Who knows. @Thatbaseballfan @KenWo4LiFe How’s that going for you? @KenWo4LiFe For $3M and two years of control, I’d take him. Career slash: .267.348/.480 @Mattheius2783 Hell yeah. I’d also love to see them add a utility guy who gets on base & play’s a decent 3B. 3B dep… @SoxScoreboard @SoxUnprotected @SoxOnTap @BuzzOnTap @NonnieJonnie @NWI_Steve A+ gif workHey @KenWo4LiFe think the Mariners would be willing to trade Haniger? I reluctantly agree the Orioles aren’t trading Mancini yet. @jmiller_3389 Any names come to mind?1 year / $1M for a pretty darn good utility player. Not sure it’s indicative of the UT player market though. @ChiSoxStokes Or, on the South Side?Any guesses regarding how much each of these RF’s might get? For example, is 5 x $20M realistic for Springer? @SenorSox Adding “respectfully” was very thoughtful imo. @Aussiesoxfan I have no idea why, but that’s funny. @BDonb25 @arude8 @WillieP_WSox @BDonb25 @arude8 @WillieP_WSox You guys suck. ;)Excellent reaction from fans in the LF seats as Paulie hits his legendary grand slam... @KenWo4LiFe This video is > @LodiDodi17 Lol. I haven’t heard it in years, but...same.Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf just came on the radio. Remember this?... @BenChiTownKid98 @BuzzOnTap @jmiller_3389 @Moncada4P Lol. Good one
@BuzzOnTap @jmiller_3389 @BenChiTownKid98 @Moncada4P @_dbrown_23 @BearsFanatico94 @Billywires @maevemarch @AP @axios @BBCWorld @csmonitor @NPR @Reuters @RealClearNews @BDonb25 We normally break them up for bowl packing, but it’s been good when smoking them rolled too. @BDonb25 Yes @KenWo4LiFe @vinnyc52 Maybe true, but I kinda also think you’d rather have Mancini, but traded Kopech for Santander. Haha @Aussiesoxfan @SoxUnprotected Lol. I couldn’t help it @Aussiesoxfan @SoxUnprotected Why the British flag tho? @KenWo4LiFe @vinnyc52 Not enough? @vinnyc52 @KenWo4LiFe In my hypothetical plan; the deal is done for Stiever, Matthew Thompson and Rutherford. @LatrianFlayer @suitedfours @KenWo4LiFe @Kevinwhitesoxf1 I tried, he said... @suitedfours @Kevinwhitesoxf1 @Crazedrat1 Love these ideas, and while they might work...the exercise is staying within a $135M budget. @KenWo4LiFe @Kevinwhitesoxf1 @LatrianFlayer I did keep Colome, but can see why it might be tough if $135M-ish is the cap. @Hebrew_Hammer39 Lol. My eyes got a bit crossed up apparently - good catch. Good points also. @piratedwight No way he goes from a two year layoff to the starting rotation of a competitive team. Don’t worry, he… @BenChiTownKid98 @SouthsideZo @MrDelicious13 @KingMac1129 That’s ok. Rumor is @MrDelicious13 signed some guys that… @BenChiTownKid98 @SouthsideZo @MrDelicious13 @KingMac1129 Thank you. You should make a plan Ben, it’s fun. @WasteOfMind00 Exactly. This is the time of the year for speculating. @WasteOfMind00 They could say he’s competing with Dunning and Wacha (for example) for the #4 & #5 rotation spots, b… @WasteOfMind00 Who dat?