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How closely did you follow the news last week? Take this @NYTimesLearning quiz and see how you do:…
I supported @civics101pod and got this awesome mask! #sschat check out this thread! @historyfrog @socialstudiestx @SnowdenDawn @historysandoval @scottmpetri @TiRoShaw @inc_yv @MomOfAllCapes
@mrcoachflores @socialstudiestx @TiRoShaw @inc_yv @MomOfAllCapes @historysandoval @stacyyung @SnowdenDawn @CHitch94
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚Hi #sschat friends! I'm participating in a livestream event and chat with other social studies educators and resear…
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚 @Ourand_SBJ Noooooooooooo! It's so nice to be able to see sports that aren't usually broadcast - track and field, s… @PeledgeJay @MomOfAllCapes @socialstudiestx @TiRoShaw @inc_yv @historysandoval @stacyyung @SnowdenDawn teachers still can't get the COVID-19 vaccine, while teachers across the nation get priority. ➡️…
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Any ideas, #sschat? Check out @NewVisionsNYC global and US history lessons. They are free and you can modify as nee…
#sschat @MapM8ker @Mrneilhistory @SarahMBond @MARCHTrilogy @GeorgeTakei Totally agree. @messner_mike It was available via Facing History & Ourselves but I don't know that it is still now. @GeoJo22 @ClearTheAirEdu It is . . . depressing how much of what he spoke about in that book is still not solved to… @MapM8ker @Mrneilhistory @NewAmericanHist Love it! @messner_mike I took a civil rights history course (which was amazing) probably my junior year and we watched a lot of the episodes. @Mrneilhistory Makes me think of some posts I saw when Rep. Lewis died where kids had gone to a comic con and immed… @messner_mike Same. I was exposed to it in college (that was probably around the time it came out as I started coll… second Bill here. Those books are amazing. #sschat on the Prize is AMAZING! I used a ton of clips from it when I was teaching US history. When I attended a prese… Teaching Tolerance offers a lot of ideas for teaching Dr. King and his work more comprehensively. Another great… @GeoJo22 Absolutely. @Rob__Powers Absolutely. Some great excerpts could be mined from The Fire Next Time. #sschatTalk about another figure whose popularity changed over time. I still remember when he lit the torch in the 1996 Ol… There are sooo many people but when I taught US history back in the day I liked to emphasize some of the women… think it could also be interesting to break down who students see as Trump supporters. Good opportunity to get aw… @kwillmann I think that could be an interesting discussion.A4) I'd love to hear student responses to the question. I think that some would say Black Americans, immigrants, po… @Mrneilhistory I really enjoy his analysis of current events but haven't read any of his books (yet). @Mrneilhistory Oooh! I have that podcast series on my list but haven't listened to any of them yet. Going to have to change that.A3) I really push Letter from a Birmingham Jail on people every year. I think Dr. King raised such big questions an… seems like a good opportunity to explicitly teach contextualization. #sschat It's more comforting to focus on the outcome than on the work required to get there. #sschat There are some polling stats in this piece: #sschat @MsEisenband LOL Welcome, Julie!A2) It's easier for people to focus on the dream that people will be judged on the content of their character & how… @vicpasquantonio @TheKingCenter @BerniceKing Welcome, Vicky! Hop you're doing well! @kwillmann Welcome, Kent! @GeoJo22 Awesome! That's such a great podcast! @MrAllardSS Preach! @ChelleStrat Welcome, Michelle. @jeffskohls Welcome, Jeff! @GeoJo22 Oh, what a great idea for paired texts! @MapM8ker @NewAmericanHist Welcome, Annie! @NevinM_17 Welcome, Michelle!A1) For me, it means looking at Dr. King's ideas beyond what people know from the "I have a dream" speech. The Dr.… @Mrneilhistory Welcome, Matt! @CherylJindeel @Owl_b_TorresEdu Awesome! @SSChatNetwork 😂 @dmfouts Welcome, Dan! @CherylJindeel @Owl_b_TorresEdu Welcome, Cheryl! @messner_mike Welcome, Mike!Chris from south central Indiana! I teach high school social studies for a private online high school. I'm also one…
This teacher was called to protect the U.S. Capitol as a National Guard member. He now holds class from a Humvee.
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter From Birmingham Jail," as it appeared in the August, 1963 issue of @TheAtlantic:
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Officer Fanone suffered a mild heart attack when we was repeatedly beaten & tased by his attackers during the Jan 6…
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#sschat @isabeljmorales @chriscmartell @kaylenemstevens @TCPress Awesome! Looking for it now.This was such an awesome chat! I learned so much from the book and these two hours of chats. Thank you so much to t… @maineteacher @DrUrbanTeacher @lmchervinsky @theresa_maughan @skmcdermott Same. Just found an Atlantic piece: @theresa_maughan @lizevansnbct I think he has also emphasized that the Cabinet is there to provide advice to ensure… @DrUrbanTeacher @maineteacher Yes, and go through confirmation process (though that could probably be improved) so… to do this for the good of the country, not just for the POTUS. Sad that the distinction is necessary but I think it is. #sschatreadsA4) Seems good for presidents to have the flexibility to use their Cabinets in diff ways based on personality, know… @isabeljmorales @lmchervinsky Great questions! @lizevansnbct And literally watching it live. @lmchervinsky @DrUrbanTeacher That really surprised me as well. We tend to think today that Congress has these real… @GeoJo22 I think this is really important. Also, many people seem to think that anything they see online (that they… From what I remember, there were concerns about whether to allow states to handle the WR or the fed govt. For 1… @DrUrbanTeacher @skmcdermott @isabeljmorales And I think it's fine to be bothered by criticism as long as it doesn'… @GeoJo22 Truth @DrUrbanTeacher @theresa_maughan @isabeljmorales @lmchervinsky @skmcdermott @isabeljmorales TRUTH! @DrUrbanTeacher @theresa_maughan @isabeljmorales @lmchervinsky Ooooh! What is it?!?!A2) I think we see some of this in the Cabinet today (Sec. of State comes to mind). Think we see more of this type… @isabeljmorales @skmcdermott Yes, though wasn't there a situation where he rage-wrote a letter to a newspaper about…'s no doubt he would be horrified - the violence, the partisanship, the corruption, etc. The Framers were very…
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚 @GeoJo22 Really good point. And how much easier is that to do today with being able to type and edits one's thought… The ability and willingness to think beyond their own personal successes and failures to how their words and ac… @theresa_maughan @isabeljmorales @lmchervinsky That is so sad though I can understand why he would think so based o… from south central Indiana! I teach for a private online HS that is self-paced and totally asynchronous so I… in one minute! #sschat! #sschatreads will be chatting with Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky about her book The Cabinet. Join us!
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚In honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day, the next #sschat is about teaching "beyond the dream" to consider a more…
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚 @RafranzDavis That movie is straight up scary. @quietlionness @abbydphillip Ah, thanks!Don’t use Teachers Pay Teachers for black history lessons. Don’t even think about it. Don’t. Please. Don’t. Also, d…
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚 @quietlionness @abbydphillip What the heck is that?
@abbydphillip Social studies has practically been killed off K-6, sadly. It needs to be brought back. @cheffernan75 @dankrutka @42ThinkDeep @flipping_A_tchr @MsHolmesTeach @Owl_b_TorresEdu @SSChatNetwork
TONIGHT @ 7pm ET (4pm PT)! Still time to register: We'll be discussing how to teach stude…
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚#sschat Perhaps something to share with students for historical comparison. a photo with the statue of Rosa Parks in Statuary Hall.
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚 @benpershing Curious as to whether a male reporter would have been told that he didn't know how to behave. @cheffernan75 @kennethcdavis @STLinOK @ScottPadway @TalkinSS @HenryHolt I just finished it!
@jelani9 Just added to my to read list. Her work was referenced several times by Isabel Wilkerson in Caste: The Or… @titonka @CarlosLozadaWP @nprpolitics Caste: The Origins of our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson.Spreading disinformation is not a victimless crime. Spreading disinformation is not a victimless crime. Spreading…
Retweeted by Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚Educator dies of COVID weeks after retiring due to virus concerns, Georgia family says
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