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October 25th RETURNS with Xonerate Destiny's redraw. Check it out here:
Retweeted by 🎃🔥KaiChizzilyChar🔥🎃It’s so weird to think it’s been half a year already since Dragon Blade came out. I really need to work better on p… 24th can only be @geoffkeighley obviously 🙄
(2020) Avatar State Aang ‘Avatar’ Collab ‘Dragon Blade’ Illustration Kai Char ‘Black Lives Matter’ Illustration Obito Uchiha Redraw Illustration ‘Demon Slayer’ Redraw Illustration Kai X Zeva Art Trade Collab ‘DBZ : Kakarot’ Gohan Illustration ‘DBZ : Kakarot’ Goku Illustration Kai Char Design Sheet Hunter’s Catch Illustration ‘ZBEU’ DBOC Illustration 2 Aiko Harumi Illustration Mai Michiyo Illustration Selena X Nix Illustration Random Female Design Katrina Breeze Illustration Nix Ash Illustration ‘ZBEU’ DBOC Illustration Selena Gem Illustration Selena Gem Design ‘Dragon Blade’ Character Renders Himiko Toga Illustration ‘Spider-Man : No Way Home’ Illustrations ‘Demoniacal’ Illustration ‘Hunter’s Catch’ Illustration Kai Char ‘Spider-Verse’ Illustration Son Goku Illustration ‘Dragon Blade’ Volume 1 Cover Hunter’s Catch Character Sheets (2/2) - COMMISSION Hunter’s Catch Character Sheets (1/2) - COMMISSION Izuku Midoriya Render - COLLAB Kai VS Lance - COMMISSION ‘Dragon Blade’ Monthly Illustration Eleven ‘Stranger Things’ Illustration Dragon Blade Promotional Art 3
(2021) Akira Toriyama Birthday ‘Goku’ Illustration Dragon Blade Promotional Art 2 Dragon Blade Promotional Art 1 Izuku Midoriya Illustration Naruto Uzumaki Illustration “Charley” Render Eren Jaeger Illustration Hunter’s Catch Illustration Brian Gravel Design Sheets Luis Strike Design Sheets Jay Chill Design Sheets Kai Char Design Sheets Kai Char Illustration Kai Char Illustration Dragon Blade “Male Characters” Kai Char Illustration dire need of clout and for some reason my mentality thinks this is gonna be a good way to do so (probably not),… @crappyonion Oh, you’ve still been progressing? This is what we love to see 🙏🏾October 23rd @rdkshinku got me out here wanting to do that camera roll shitA new look at Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus in ‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’.
Retweeted by 🎃🔥KaiChizzilyChar🔥🎃A new still from ‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’ has been released.
Retweeted by 🎃🔥KaiChizzilyChar🔥🎃
@BROONOart I might as well 🤷🏾‍♂️ been MAD silent since these bars were spit. 22nd’ve been hearing some theories about Spider-Man: No Way Home and I’m saying this right now… If the MCU has the ab…
But like… can we normalize having a massive ass art project at the end of the year? @rdkshinku Oh, sorry, Twitter might ban me. F*****less t********e c**n behavior.Jay appreciation post for the unculture 21st this was a good thing, because I’m lowkey in a grinding mood. trouble sleeping, so I guess I’ll just stay up. These 5 hours of sleep gonna kick my ass later tonight, thou… just KNOW this nigga fighting the Dancer of Boreal Valley 💀💀
Thought I was slick, but I wasn’t. 20th @PuppetCombo
My condolences. This is such a sudden occurrence. Rest easy, Chris. won’t just be anime like last time though. A couple of comic characters from Marvel and DC. Also gonna add some… month, after I finish Chapter 1 Part 3, I’ll be making the 2021 version of this with WAY more characters. A co… 3 years ago I started this, I can finally call it finished. Thanks for sticking around, what an amazing journe…
Retweeted by 🎃🔥KaiChizzilyChar🔥🎃Lemme get my boy Finn Wolfhard as a playable character since they finna have a crossover 🗿 19th
I’m sorry…? 18th
Ya’ know… I lowkey, like on the side of Dragon Blade, wanna make my own Spider-Man comic. Like my own character and… 17th’s what caused Injustice 🗿 for real got me out playing Squid Game in Fortnite like wtf
Since I’m taking somewhat of a mental break from heavy art, I might start redesigning/designing Dragon Blade charac…, that looked nice, but they didn’t really show too much outside of those extra scenes… taking they’re sweet time showing this damn gameplay for Gotham Knights. #DCFanDome 16th 15th
Introducing the new Selena Gem! The fifth generation’s crystal elemental! Here’s a look at her updated design and…
Retweeted by 🎃🔥KaiChizzilyChar🔥🎃October 14th 13th’ll be back tomorrow.)Finna go to sleep, but I must mention the obvious… I was just playing the new Demon Slayer game against a homie. I…
@gibb09 I’mma need that Spider-Man game 💴👏🏾💴👏🏾💴👏🏾💴👏🏾💴