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@kariannntan 90% are on the fly @ZOWIEbyBenQ So uh, any update on Canada? @BillyRayfe @TheOneSamsonn @AlecDaughtry @ljerny @ahad wha- @BillyRayfe @TheOneSamsonn @AlecDaughtry @ljerny @ahad where was my invite. @VerninaEllana all of u mfs sent into the ringer and @LznaGL is just there to witness @starriebun mf playing in the public library @TroIIman_ @TSM @NMG_gg Welcome! @TroIIman_ @TSM @NMG_gg down. @TroIIman_ @TSM @NMG_gg playing: Marvin's Room - Drake 0:01 ❍─────── 5:47 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ Volume: ▁▂…
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@999sonderr @ShopifyRebels @keencval @ChoicePlays @benitanov @flowerful_ @KP_fps @lorrian_ @robw1z @Fullmetal_Val @ejmarchini @mummAy @aEvilcat @witnessqq oh my god. @punsandbunsgg BangerI have the battlestation ready @GodsanityFPS @ciaolyx radiant btw @DazedDreamx i tried and it didn't work :( @Slandyyyy THAT'S MY OLDER SISTER @dartmonkeys_ @version1gg would have been a 13-0 if @eeeriomirg was playing her @GhostGaming i love ghost gaming @DazedDreamx The clip has a link but it gets broken 🙃 @DazedDreamx Yeah I literally cannot clip anythingTwitch please fix clipping :( @m3gzz_ @L0stAlex my pretty girl is @m3gzz_ 😳😳GGs we had to forfeit loss because two of us are having issues with tourney client so we were late.. Us and…
Retweeted by CLG chloe @melanji @Immortals Surely if there’s no stream, and both teams want to play it shouldn’t be an issue??? Plus it’s… @Guiiimond AW @OwenMRoe check out my art! made it myself @Lerotri FRTrue laziness is scheduling a tweet for 3 minutes in advance @Avast_o I would not take this if that were me. @PhiladelphiaGov @ViscoseOCE your aim is so good luv @kasumulol OH MY GOD @fairyfps @yongwoon_chris @Zoessielol dude he IS swole, but it's because he's compensating for height @yongwoon_chris @Zoessielol damn. @Zoessielol wtf chris never did this for me @Annie_Dro @revampy @NotAMNESlA @CLGRed I got her @NotAMNESlA @CLGRed Bello!"Two tickets to Minions please."
Retweeted by CLG chloe @alexisfps Nice impact @zekkenVAL @magnetbrain Nice selfie @joe285295230 @fairyfps @CLGRed @SolaireGGs @kellysama_ @ciaolyx @itnothan_ @NotAMNESlA @riseeFPS @shinobi_fps JOE SPEAKS @fairyfps @CLGRed @SolaireGGs @kellysama_ @ciaolyx @itnothan_ @NotAMNESlA @riseeFPS @shinobi_fps wasn't me it was @joe285295230 @fairyfps @CLGRed @SolaireGGs @kellysama_ @ciaolyx @itnothan_ @NotAMNESlA @riseeFPS @shinobi_fps what? never. @EllieGGs WAIT I ACCIDENTALLY BLOCKED @CecilieKallio WTF HAHAHHAH @kellysama_ I see no Owens here. @itnothan_ MY GOAT @NotAMNESlA @SolaireGGs noti @NUTradeWar LOL @CLGRed @SolaireGGs @kellysama_ @ciaolyx @itnothan_ @NotAMNESlA @riseeFPS @shinobi_fps cryignWE DON'T LOSE THOSE. GGs, @SolaireGGs. #VCTGameChangers | #CLGFIGHTING
Retweeted by CLG chloe @starriebun @DanimalVal OH MY... SHEEEEEESH @CLGRed @SolaireGGs @itnothan_ @kellysama_ @riseeFPS @NotAMNESlA @ciaolyx @shinobi_fps gogogogogoWe play a BO1 against @SolaireGGs in playoffs for our final game of the day! Let's make this one count 😳 📺…
Retweeted by CLG chloe @kariESPORTS follow me back kari esport @ejmarchini oh my. @RexgatorVAL @NotryaVAL i'm instigating so much @NotryaVAL @RexgatorVAL if that were me i would not take that. @crunchyyworld Been here the whole time, just read I guess??? @RexgatorVAL @itsmarouS I would not take this if that were me. @bobaconan that's my goat
@hannahhfn this is not normally @LynnNyaa so real @NYXL @KDTrey5 @Sentinels @Sentinels I wouldn't take this if it were me. @N8Vgg @Apidaez @ARIANARCHIST @scourge_val @Luna__Fox @valslaze No way I never expected this pickup to happen @seshiriaa_ @GhostGaming w @joe285295230 @clgaming Banger @aEvilcat Mimi told me she was leaving to get milk and now she’s in Copenhagen :/ @Subliners yellow @portilho Banger @VerninaEllana @TINARAES girl NO @TINARAES @VerninaEllana @JohnnyG5591 Own that fraud @super_OW @Slandyyyy @NYXL Us rn @Slandyyyy @NYXL Ily 🥺 @rulrBlonD @Subliners @Crimsix @gurshVE Gruatio @punsandbunsgg @yangsin @TheMattLucero Hi CLG PunsAndBuns big fanSpecial thank you @yangsin and @TheMattLucero for taking a chance on a super inexperienced creator like me, and… year ago I signed a contract with @NYXL to work my first job ever in Esports. I think I’ve changed and grown a l… @lmAvenger Actually you don’t get a bot anymore @Subliners YOOO @MoonChopper @karnthc @Pterodactylsftw Future gca winners @karnthc @Pterodactylsftw Sorry donut scary @karnthc @Pterodactylsftw Stop jett diffing me I will CRY @Pterodactylsftw @karnthc Felt @Pterodactylsftw Yeah @karnthc has diffed me in like 4 different gamesWE LOVE WOMAN. We take a 2-0 against NPC DD to get us a 2-1 record in Swiss stage 😈 More games tomorrow, stay tun…
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@m3gzz_ OKOK I LOVE U I ACCEPT @m3gzz_ :( @epravetz @MisfitsGG @MadySmacks @GregoFPS @yongwoon_chris @korosuOW @florscnt ELLA IMY :( IF I'M EVER IN FLORIDA CAN I COME OVER @m3gzz_ crying in the club right now. meggy weggy hates me :( @m3gzz_ my fault @GhostGaming me me me @TenZOfficial YOOOOO @TheMattLucero banger @CLGFGC my fault @CLGFGC rollback or something idk I don't play fighting games @BobbySiege @CLG_PewPewU @goosebreeder SHE HAS AIRPODS IN SHE CAN'T HEAR US OH GOD OH FUCK