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@SCJREAL I watch those in the morning actuallyI was gonna go to sleep at a reasonable time but I found a video of somebody cooking tiny food in a tiny kitchen @gloopx Me @JSaulsTV @CarbynVAL @hyjinxVAL Nah it’s 🥴🥴😳 @k8_678 PRETTY AAAAA @iForbiddenn @Xeph0r YOOOO @MoechillaSama @not_jack1 thoughts? @emfroggy Are you okay 🥺 @iwannafuckryu true @iwannafuckryu SAME LMFAO Mfs were like "That license plates are american" "I see a lot of trucks, has to be american" BITCH FUCK NONo fucking shot Geoguessr gave my discord call MY CITY @bannycs ooooGambling Discords after betting on Astralis vs. Spirit @akasyns chloe @akasyns FIGHT NIGHT @ZinkkyVEVO yes @sanaurufuchan no u <3 @sanaurufuchan superowYo @endgamegear what would it take to get a Pink MPC450 @sanaurufuchan 💜💜 @sanaurufuchan I’m sorry that happened to you :(Ugh why does the bar have to be so high for girls Why can’t I look as hot as this @sanaurufuchan Yikes Raiding isn’t okay :/ @koalanoob @zoestol @sznyawn Oh my god @sznyawn @koalanoob He’s down bad again @punsandbunsgg @nerdstgamers I played in the first one aldhwshgwwu @RaiderACM MALJDJSNA HAHAHAHA @giraffley What has he done to you @koalanoob gianny @giraffley @WedidOfficial ash no @vinylVAL :DWe should make a fantasy league in Val, similar to the HLTV one @KP_fps <3 love u @ennpeecs u like???POV: I join the Finance Club investing league yesterday and I invest all I can into GME @vinylVAL hiiii
@bron_exe LET’S GO BRON @snestacs @xgettes Didn’t ask @falco pink chair pink chair @snestacs all politicians are petty? @boardzy_ My original GPW lasted ~3 weeks on one charge when my viper ultimate was only about one or two I honestl… @KeeperWasTaken @GloriousPCGR Will the Pink Glorious products always be a limited time thing? Or could we see them… @1knrcs @reyn_cs 16:9 experienceok so who is trying to run this down??? @snestacs And???? @EquinoxOKC mmm omgGot a 36% on my unit quiz and a 0% in my physics lab (I didn't do the right thing lmao) and then I get a 91% on the… @snestacs ratio'd by trans rights @laylubug I’M GONNA BLUSH @laylubug U ARE @mintaims @mintaims Yeah @laylubug AWWWW @mintaims Ok minti @JSaulsTV When u wipe out tomato townhad a fun night w the boys the other day :D almost done w a video for the channel, finally getting some editing do…
Retweeted by Split / chloe @R1FTT_ It’s a mock investment game thing The green is my % lifetime return and my return in dollars @GraveKevin OKAYI’m trying to throw my friend’s WallStreetSurvivor league so I invested in GameStop... I also made like a 10% retu… @ethoz LMFAOphew, that was a close one
Retweeted by Split / chloeThat now makes 5 former @TriumphGamingGG members to retire to Valorant after CS events became online🎩 @ParwazCs Fr @CarbynVAL 🐒 @mintaims @MC_Lelicious @1dianazzz AAAA THANK YOUSo much drama today 🥱Spinning yourself into a web of lies and continuing to do it once people expose you is only going to make everythi… @CarbynVAL @MC_Lelicious @1dianazzz @qtpanini 🥺 @NattyFPS Really 🥺 @not_jack1 Data on how running accuracy with rifles are balanced 😳 @fanny_omaha @DOGDICK420CUM I tenderize my wagyu on that! @piethrouer @Pimp_CSGO @_BrianCS +1 went 13-1 against pro player @Pimp_CSGO @GizzleCS so inspirational @Yazzers Yazzy it’s me pick up @tariannkan @awhnutss Thinking about women @NattyFPS How much does natty coaching cost @CareCS_ @piethrouer Fr idk if the ball healed or not :( @bannycs @mibr BANNY DUB @HeyIamAriana I run into the same toxic and bad people all the time @GizzleCS I have really bad ADHD so my mind is constantly racing. Because everything is so much faster I find it ea… @RyanAtRBM @SimplyVeebs @piethrouer Hey ryan, can you please tell Kanye West to unblock me ty @piethrouer Unless you’re blocked by Richard Lewis and Kephrii 😭 @NiTsUcs Fuck yeah it is @NiTsUcs Wait I’m stupid Have you tried 9:16? @ARB1TERR Idk it looked like they were pretending to be sweet, but I could see they weren’t actually a freak @NiTsUcs I used to play that but native is so 🥱🥱 @AnnaM0ller 🥺💜Honestly, I didn’t give a fucking hell about the whole lil lovely situation, I knew they were catfishing, but I jus… @AnnaM0ller 🥰🥰 @witnessgg There’s a ton of ways to combat that, just valve and faceit didn’t do it well @witnessgg But it also shows which maps riot needs to improve on and balance the most @mezidog I’d rather something like that be left in unrated nglGiving us a map selection + side selection system in the game would also give data which could be user towards map balance as well, no?Where the top most avoided players are given punishments such as queue bans (similar to karma cleanup on ESEA)How to fix queue dodging (partially, obv) - Let us choose maps to queue/captains map ban system - Selectable Agent… @BigWheelMohamed Thanks warren buffet jr @NattyCSGO LINKHaha hey @billieeilish @zionxiv If nobody picks them up i will cry