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Content creator for @andbox_official, Moveable Ult Orb for @24Havenval | Banner by @AlexPazzy | Pfp made by @cozyjozie

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@TwiggyCasts @KP_fps Do not back her up here @TwiggyCasts @KP_fps Stop.“Does cheese need to be frozen before you but it on a pizza?” - @KP_fps @rxedyn OK DUD @The_Matador_X1 @sullycasts Mcdonalds is only good when they’re hot @juliaaiis @Governor_Val Ur both gonna fucking die wtf
@b0ssyCS @JonahP_ @Vanityxz @agmFPS AWWWWW PRECIOUS @L4st_v1 @Cagt3000 @Grayolaa #RipBOZO, thank you guys for making Esports a better place :) @ToKacey Grief @ARB1TERR Super common, but imo it’s such a bad mentality to use somebody’s mm rank to gauge their skill @ARB1TERR Nah egoing ppl’s tryouts because of their rank is very cringe @Phyyy_Y @KingFPS__ Ok FI Phy @KingFPS__ “Hiii can I join I have T1 ranked and scrim exp :D”Seeing people go “LFP Dia+” or “LFP Imm+” is so funny to me @nicoodoz @GambitEsports @Team__Fiend DEMON @Apidaez You okay? :( @NYSLzmose Wanna join chloe gaming??? @kayavlr @zekkenVAL @Fump_M @nateschanker The phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with wha… Harvey is back at it again with the Valorant fits.
Retweeted by ⦋ & ⦌ chloeOH MY GOD C9 MAKES IT OUT OF GROUPS @selenica101 reaver is sick i swear @selenica101 not true!!!!!!I wish there was a way I could use my Radianite/VP to guarantee a skin in my shop, I want the Reaver Vandal so bad... @florscnt @Renegades @Australissss Chloe gaming grindset 🙏 @florscnt @Renegades @Australissss D2* @rxedyn Facts 🙏 @rxedyn real @kpsyph Benefits: gaming @rxedyn Top 2% 😩 @rxedyn Ratio + killjoy breeze setup @CarolineX0Val @ermbeqqa @stay__val @FoxWithAPh LOL @ermbeqqa @stay__val @FoxWithAPh @CarolineX0Val This is next level shit @ermbeqqa @stay__val @FoxWithAPh @CarolineX0Val Damn y’all prac with cams on?? @SorenCDN Can I have ur attention @nyxlsecret Omg yes @extrnal Ofc @Hailey_OFTo Not true!rip 32-0 :( @DQuayvius 1 @celestfps U better @sullycasts Wtf… @CaptainSWC SHEEEEEESH @LaxxyFPS Ofc @nbgee12 cg nbgee12 @sullycasts :( @ravenOBS sorry you gotta hit up @ravenOBS for thatYou get this in your dms... wyd??? 😳 @celestfps yeah carter isn't a real human being @Nadeshot @WARDELL416 ayo nade duo??? @launders The last sentence was about EG*** @witnessqq @launders Should have rebranded to Cowboy Esports tbh @launders Complexity’s was probably the weirdest by far. Also the rebrand in the middle of the old and current logo was horrible. @00tony_ Nvm, the prize pool is accumulative on the tweet, and there's more money in IM because some regions have IM as their highest league @00tony_ I'm assuming it gets split more, as there are more teams? Either way it's kinda weird ngl @FLOWSHIZZLETV GOAT @gg_frantic OKAY @HollywoodQQ love you <3 @rxedyn @KOLER1337 SHEEEEESH @Cthulhuuu_ @xoxCheIs @hoolignVAL Vouch @KegShouts Scrounge and Pros @zekkenVAL banger @aEvilcat @wyattriver_ ratio @itnothan_ SIGMA chloe gaming grindset @itnothan_ 😞 @itnothan_ No, because low fps = mental boom = lose D: @itnothan_ I could never go back to 60hz @GeorgeCGed George: “ratio” @ARIANARCHIST I like Ari nglRNG killing RNG @xvrVAL make the ears more square and yeah! @Warbirds_ Thank you for the games <3 @LiN_fps @Renegades @Australissss @lintoosleepy Had to turn my cheats on in order to play wellLost 0-2 to @Renegades in the BoomTV semi-pro div Horrible first map but I picked it up on the second :D Thank yo…
@1treythun @khanartistval @KingFPS__ It’s just a joke it’s not that serious LMAOOO @Luna__Fox Yeah ur my #1 target @aEvilcat EVEN BETTER, @ItsPeanutt @aEvilcat @mimiYAPPP @gurshVE I DON’T WANT IT I NEED IT @Weser2k @papashlomo BRIAN D SUPERSTAR @VindiMK @FourthImpactGG @Phyyy_Y @cettobin @Gallium_CS @1nwdd @cernersandals Phy gaming @papashlomo Congrats!! @xvrVAL To me it seems too big and jarring, I also would have liked it if it was more similar to the old mouz logo @khanartistval @KingFPS__ “Take BBG to Fracture” @sullycasts Why is the outline SO THICKLMFAOOOO @papashlomo Banger @sphhax @RyanAtRBM HEY I CALL THEM WTF @Bo_Hoogland chloe has no shame @agmFPS To me it feels too jarring idk @witnessqq I think it was time for a rebrand for mouz, but this new logo looks super sharp and jarring to me. I als… @Bo_Hoogland .Holy shit this rebrand is HORRIBLE @_BrianCS Rebranding brbSteve Harvey's fit looks kind of familiar...
Retweeted by ⦋ & ⦌ chloe @andbox_official I appreciate steve harvey’s andbox drip @justnyxnow @Luna__Fox it me or is @Luna__Fox a bit of a boring player like u see it at the end of the game "oh wow luna has 32 kills"… @nyxlsecret I love her for this @LoomerFPS Wtf stop ily