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@jusdaydreamin alewife, white flag, closer to you, and obviously bagsit was a cultural reset, a cultural reset
bimbo tiME why isn’t it showing the little thingy... 😐 simpler time @commedesgaga “soon” @oIiviaocrien no 😌 @1989toon 😳i know you think you ______ __ ____ 🙄
@gtgbmp3 @TessaViolet 🥺🥺🥺a year ago today i saw tessa violet and chloe lilac and it was one of the best concerts i’ve been too i miss them s…
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trust me when I say......this is the song of the millennium........ like they will play it at graduations, weddings…
Retweeted by CHLOE LILAC @thehypes 3 weeks 😳 @cIaytun i think we should have that conversation!her avril levine moment... a lot of people should be scared... a lot
Retweeted by CHLOE LILACY’all don’t understand like...the public is not prepared for this
Retweeted by CHLOE LILAC @1989toon 😳😳I know it’s fun to be a...🥺 morning... what’s on the agenda
@crusty_harlot working on a lot of stuff i can’t wait to share with you all soon 🥺revisiting this cause some of the replies under rina’s tweets are incredible xneophobic and all around gross... if… @commedesgaga absolutely!!!we ride at dawn... this man was victim of a hate crime in portugal, k*lled in the middle of the street with 4 g*nsho…
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@andyseltz style icon! DESERVED!!! D E S E R V E D!! a s t e way she’s not gonna see this cause we’re not oomfs.... 👁👄👁 @dfuscoiii yup!yeah... obvious live... it really does bump a different way @1989toon exactly! @shipsongmp3 @mxmtoon period!!i’m pretending i don’t see this! SERVE @mxmtoon @adoreyoustilll believe me... if i could give it you now... i would 👁👄👁 @adoreyoustilll @dfuscoiii no 💕 but i fw u for trying @dfuscoiii there are no words... after it’s out we’re gonna have to do a recount11... @tastlesshaze well considering it’s not even an “official” release i’m fine with it 😌✨okay... i’m satisfied with this @dfuscoiii if u kno u kno @dfuscoiii it depends... if a large portion of the people who voted have seen me live it’s probably [redacted] 👀 bu… @unsaidlives oh well... i don’t know about all that... but definitely top 5 @dfuscoiii it- it’s blasphemy really @tastlesshaze we ride at’s the way everyone asks me to play it on lives yet it’s ranked 23... hurts i cannot lie i kind of want of rolly backpack... what are we thinking for colors @wywsimp DKFJSJFJDJFJSJFDJBFWe know it’s hot. COVID doesn’t care. Wear a mask. Not around your chin. Feeling hot is bad — COVID is worse.
Retweeted by CHLOE LILACgood morning d********* 👀
@crusty_harlot PERIODDDD @melolux omg perhaps 👁👄👁 @a_irelll okay... lemme do a deep dive... i’m a lil educated on my gg’s cause of some friends but i’ve never really… @melolux omg 🥺🥺 but yeah anybody who argues differently just isn’t getting it... these songs... they hit different! @a_irelll sh- should i get into their music... i haven’t really heard a lot of it 😳 @SWEETSEAVEYS luv u more @melolux omg period @jaredshutup glad we can agree 😌 @bella__thoughts in no particular order: - sober ii (melodrama) - perfect places - liability reprisegood morning to this man... i think i love this man...'schild,i'llloveyou'tilmybreathingstopsi'llloveyou'tilyoucallthecopsonmebutinourdarkesthours,istumbledon… @likesayanything ugh thank u @caitmatica understandable!! they really set us up to look uncultured sometimes....WAKE UP RATS!!
Retweeted by CHLOE LILAC @caitmatica 13 and 14... you’re hella wrong for what you did @commedesgaga i thought it’d be higher tbh... i guess i played myself @folklorefears to be honest... when i was filling the thing out i couldn’t remember what hoax sounded like... after…’s the link for anyone who wants to rank it themselves make some noise!!!! @ironicshrimp i really fucked with the first season... everything after that lost me... i think i made it up to lik… @folklorefears honestly same... and we’re valid for that 😌 @ironicshrimp ooOoOoOohh what shows!! i need things to watch!! @thehypes AS YOU SHOULD!! FLO MILLI SHIT! so what’s the move for the weekas u should queen!!
@lavenderlanabub maybe 😳 @forevervioIet great 😳 hbu @lavenderlanabub secret stuff 😳 @heartwarmjng omg congrats!!!!!everybody stream maudes song! sophie and i said so!’t even express how this is quite literally the only thing i’ve been playing since i woke up... @maudelstatus ug… @FelipeSiquara not much 😌✨ @lavenderlanabub yuurrr everything’s good !! just wanted to say hi! @heartwarmjng good!!! how’re u! @_nico hey bestie 😌 @erosemusicnerd good 🥺 hbu? @gamesmp3 pretty solid tbhLETS GOOOOOOOOOOO 💕