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Coco @ChloeRhysJones Tredegar, Wales

First Time Mummy💖, Registered Childminder👩‍👧‍👦, Instagrammer🤳🏻, Lesbian👩‍❤️‍👩, PR Friendly;

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This time last year (28th Feb) I started my medication for our first IVF treatment after 3 failed cycles of IUI it…
@Pickinguptoys It’s a rarity right. 🙄 @victoriajane6 You always look good in what you wear. @Pickinguptoys On a weekend ... again?!?! Shocking news.Got @Danniiee_xo into #CelebsGoDating she’s loving it more than me! 😂I was right... yes there are times when I sigh when little miss takes over an hour to feed & go back to sleep at 4a… so long for a baby to wake me in the nights...always dreamt about those disturbed nights sleep,always saying… @mamaacass 2nd one (with the baby feet)
This little lady loves Row Row Row your boat... 🎶 🎵 this ... finding the girl who is perfect for me. two years later I’m sat with my beautiful little princess in my arms. 💖 @JamesNewmanUk representing the UK at #Eurovision 2020 with ‘My Last Breath’! 👉 🇬🇧 🎤
Retweeted by CocoI had a sore throat yesterday and was super tired after a restless night the night before and I dreamt all night ab… is really getting serious and so scary now.🤢"Gunman Kills 5 Co-Workers at Molson Coors in Milwaukee" by Julie Bosman, Mitch Smith and Neil Vigdor via NYT…
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Rather than the world focusing on @schofe’s sexuality, can we stop, breath and focus on the power of connection! Th…
Retweeted by CocoRemember the outrage about “LGBT lessons” in primary schools? A colleague showed me the lesson plans for her scho…
Retweeted by CocoI’ve slept absolutely terrible.... woke up at 2am from a dream where I was deaf so I couldn’t hear the baby cry for…
🥞 one loves her bedtime stories. 💖 .... Hells Kitchen USA was meant to start tonight on @itv2 but it’s been changed .!
What I’ve noticed in the week since Caroline died. Family and friends - It breaks our hearts that we couldn’t save…
Retweeted by CocoIt’s time!! Every week night for the next 4 weeks 9pm on E4. There’s laughter, tears, lots of wine, me falling over…
Retweeted by CocoWatching #TheTuckers ... kii I get a good welsh programme showing the valleys @TheTuckers3 #valleysgirl
One year ago today I had all my medication delivered for our final try of fertility treatment... little did we know…
EXPLOITING PEOPLE IN THE PUBLIC EYE - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangeHow are you 10 weeks old already baby girl?!? 💖 @victoriajane6 LOVE THIS.!that’s my bestie ... 😂 @bobbioreillyy Hannah Marie magic on insta.Bloody gorgeous the both of them. @Jasperpcapper @Mish_in_London This is incredible @lemonclements @lottiedoesblog Looking fly girl 🔥
Baby girl just spewed up all down my spirit jersey.... thank goodness it’s big enough to get over my head . Not cutting that one off! 🙈😂
Story time with this little one. . . . . #disney #Disneyhome #disneycollection #disneycollector💖 @lemonclements 🙈😂
@girlygabble It will be... I have yet to figure out all the uses of the business account @Holly__Sheeran Happy 30th Holly xxxx @girlygabble Oooh okay .. i didn’t know about that so thank you 😊 @BedlamNurse I find it disgusting how you have tweeted calling me a bully and now tweeting saying I am an idiot too...! @BedlamNurse If you don’t want to discuss this further then I suggest you delete your tweet about me and unfollow me. @BedlamNurse You do not know how my mother treated me , you do not know anything about me or my are bei… @BedlamNurse I am a kind and thoughtful person who doesn’t pass comment on things I know little about. Who could the post upset? @BedlamNurse I don’t understand Why I need to explain to a stranger what I mean by my own tweets... when the strang… @BedlamNurse I have no issues, I have no problem posting what I like about my own life on my own social media... it… @BedlamNurse Okay so if you don’t know me, my mother or my personal situation why do you feel you can comment? You… @girlygabble Oooh what’s the insta feature ?? @BedlamNurse Do you know who my mother is? Do you know the upbringing I had? @BedlamNurse Who am I being unkind to? 🤷🏼‍♀️ @BedlamNurse Excuse me? Harsh words about what exactly?EXPLOITING PEOPLE IN THE PUBLIC EYE - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
It’s as wet as the ocean out there today... hope everyone is keeping warm and safe and hasn’t been affected too muc… There will be skips provided in the Llanhilleth area tomorrow to enable people to clear their properti…
Retweeted by CocoThis. All of this. Take a moment to listen to @thewhitmore words. Powerful and heartbreaking
Retweeted by CocoIt’s okay not to be okay 💕
Retweeted by CocoThe law needs to change on how online /media bullying is dealt with @CharlieGranby Oh my gosh Charlie , this is great news xxx
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#TheMaskedSingeruk @Danniiee_xo had 3 out of the 12 correct & I had 2 🤦🏼‍♀️Tragic news regarding Caroline Flack. Social media can be so destructive and destroying. 😢70 years of Cinderella !!! One of my first Disney loves.... I related to Cinderella I’m so many ways .. I had an ev… you two @craigjnash @LeahPinney have a great time x @Pickinguptoys Ouch.! Hope she’s not too heartbroken!Dreading how much damage #stormdennis is going to do to my kitchen ceiling ... third storm now and twice the ceilin…
Happy Valentines Day everybody love Alice x 💖 Birthday to my Nan. We would be lost without you. ❤️ love I have for these two is incredible. . . From the moment I met Danielle I knew I wanted her in my life, she… best love a person can have... . . . . #disney #Disneyhome #disneycollection #disneycollector someone who treats you how Buzz treats me 😉 . . . . #disney #Disneyhome #disneycollection
January 12th- February 11th you have; Visited : *England *Barry Island *Bristol Z…
Stop growing so fast 😫“I’m HOW old????!!!!!” January 12th- February 11th you have; Visited : *England *Barry Island…
First dentist appointment since Alice has been born & I feel just as sick as when I was pregnant 🤰🏻😭
Never to early to share our love of disney with our little girl. ❤️ danniieexo
@sarahmichaelh Aww sooo cute. Baby cuddles are the best.A statement from Phillip
Retweeted by CocoBloody love ⁦@CadburyWorld⁩ 🍫❤️
Our beautiful little girl had her injections this morning.... sad to see her in pain and discomfort but totally wor…
🦍 💖💜 @ Bristol Zoo Gardens fun day out @BristolZooGdns @ Bristol Zoo Gardens bloody true.! between you and your S/O should only stay between you two. Not you and your families, not you and your fr…
Retweeted by Coco(1/3) LGBTQ+ History Month is a month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer history, as…
Retweeted by CocoDoesn’t everyone???? 🙈😂 @BigGayJourney Oh ladies.. I am so so sorry for your loss. It is so unfair.
Oooo excited to go to my first ever birthday party.. 1ST BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous , cheeky, mischievous, daredevil of a nephew Edward. There is never a dull moment…
Future welsh player??? First Welsh game for our little princess.. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💖
@mousetalgiakris @Bishop_Please maybe something you guys could look into adding to the collection.! 😂Love a new lot of emojis.! loved Harold ❤️ @PrettyPPD 90 day fiancé 😂 @PrettyPPD If I ate steak it would probably be 53ENot as scared of things as I thought ... the baby goes straight down after her feed and you don’t know whether to go back to sleep yourself or use this…
@girlygabble What a cutie.I just HAD to download yesterday’s @thismorning because @hollywills & @Schofe hungover is one of the highlights of my years! 😂