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Coco @ChloeRhysJones Tredegar, Wales

Registered Childminder , Instagrammer, Lesbian, Arts & Crafts, Disney obsessed, PR Friendly;

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A few shots from the most magical day❤️
Retweeted by Coco @CharlieGranby Hahah... it just makes me laugh.... been over 5 years and this is the first time he messaged her 😂
🏖 last Tuesday I was sat on a sunny beach chilling with family & spotted my first jellyfish !!! @ Saundersfoot Beach’s funnier is that he’s friends with her on Facebook and he Facebook messaged her — does he walk round with his…“Oh I didn’t realise it had been that long” bloody hell she must of had amazing chat if you’re still thinking about… your girlfriend has a message off a bloke she once had chats with who asks if she wants to meet up .... “it’s… @LindseyKelk Uhm .... Yeah!!! Would be amazing! @girlygabble Aww 🥰
27 weeks / 3rd trimester ... OH MY GOSH time is flying by. 💖 @CharlieGranby Eeek.! Gonna be awesome!!!! X @MrsPontefract not long to go!!!
@CharlieGranby Oh my gosh that’s amazing news Charlie. ❤️ you deserve so much happiness I’m glad you’re getting it ❤️
A bit of exploring on Tenby beach this morning. @ Tenby, Pembrokeshire
When you’re that tired you turn to look at your girlfriend who is fast asleep to see why she tapped you to remember… @girlygabble A friend of mine never had any cravings until after baby was born & then wanted curry.... she never at…
How my 2 year old nephew is still up and running about after our first day at @haven !!! I’m absolutely pooped 😂Caravan life for a few days with these 2 and the in laws. @ Kiln Park Holiday Centre
Nice soak in the bath with a bath bomb from my girl from my “17 weeks of you” birthday gift. She was even a good eg… one of the cutest birthday card this year.... next year it’ll say Mummy....! How insane.! 🤰🏻💖🥰
I have had enough today! 😭😭😭Delighted to announce that our fab North client @craigjnash will be joining the UK Tour of @GrinchMusicalUK playing…
Retweeted by Coco @SamNash13 I’ve booked tickets for Cardiff as an early Xmas present .... can’t wait. ❤️ @lemonclements Ah honey. I was really hoping something would of come up so that they could start trying to find a solution. 👎🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂’ll set the scene, you have been out drinking, it’s cold outside, you have been wearing your heels all night so ha…
Retweeted by Coco @MakeErinOver 😂😂😂😂 I love that McCain has replied to your tweet too!!! @girlygabble Aw he is adorable... rest up & enjoy this new adventure xxxI go to Tenby on Monday & I haven’t packed a single thing, my car needs a clean because I’m taking the in-laws & it… @lemonclements Oh hun. You’re not having a great time lately are you. Sending hugs xxx
Down to double digits !!! 👶🏻 💖 @SkullsGlitter I do all the clothes washing, bathroom, kitchen including all the washing up, & the living room. All… @SkullsGlitter We have the same conversations about it all the time ... 🙈 it’s so frustrating... I work from home s… @BigGayJourney Awesome news... keeping them embabies in my thoughts. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 @LifeInSWBlog Eeek... that’s so exciting.! @wernganolhouse Fingers crossed this will all go to plan and you can get some relief from the pain. 🤞🏻There’s a social experiment called "I want a HEY" from all of my Twitter followers. (Thanks @pixiepotterhead) Rese… @PrettyPPD @pixiepotterhead else struggle to get their partners to help around the house? We have the same discussions all the time and… @lemonclements Aw hopefully they will have some answers for you. 🤞🏻
@girlygabble Aww congratulations hun ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Danniiee_xo look at Tomasz...!!!! 😱 @lemonclements Have you had any results back yet Louise? X @PapaEdenandMe @VirginAtlantic Genius.! @emmadrewinfo Probable.!
Sunny days with the family @ Barry Island
The cutest birthday present I had this year. On the day of my birthday I had 17 weeks left so Dan made me this boar… @emmadrewinfo That’s exciting 🥳
Just finished this book I bought a while back in the 3 for £7 offer. It took a while to get into the story but once… for @emmadrewinfo for the 2019 Readers' Choice SHOMO award YOU ARE !!! Look at this beautiful wooden pin from @bishop_please !!!! It’s stunning. Have you got any of thei… @PapaEdenandMe It’ll be my first time so I’m really excited. We were going, then we weren’t and now it looks like it’s back on again. 🙈😂All I can think about at the moment is going to WDW.... only about 26 months to go 😂😂😂 need to think about saving as much money as possible! @PapaEdenandMe Hope you get it sorted x @lemonclements No... it’s thank you. Diabetes runs in my family (my great grandfather, my uncle and now my dad bein… is such an inspiration... Happy Diaversary lovely
@devons_dreams That’s so cute.!Roo (my bump) is really living up to her nickname tonight .... really active right now ... I love it even though it… @CharlieGranby That’s come round soooo quick!!! @jessicacwx Or I just seen this @jessicacwx FreePrints is pretty good... you get 45 free so if you didn’t want to do it all in one go you just pay postage. @lemonclements So was my girlfriend.!!!! This will be my first time at WDW. Eeek.!Day 4 of broken nights sleep... this is going to be my life for the next goodness knows how many years!!!! 😫
@lemonclements we are looking at October time. I assume it will be like DLP and the celebrations will go on for at… @Danniiee_xo cherry tree lane .... HELL YEA! ❤️ @Danniiee_xo yay!!!! @lemonclements We are looking to go for the 50th anniversary too.. when are you going? X @dungareesdonuts This is mine.... not a bad choice! @dungareesdonuts What?!?! How have you never heard of stay another day 😱Actually sad that all my birthday cake has been eaten. 😕 I asked my girl for a smaller version of last years and sh…
@emmadrewinfo @elitehomesFL Ah yes I knew you would. Legend 😘Starting to plan WDW Florida for 2021.! Cannot wait ... anyone got any advice of going/booking villas/car rentals e… these cuties on my trip to Morrison’s for milk earlier. Really had to resist buying them 🙈 . . . . #disney birthday meal to the Cripple Creek was over a week ago now & I could really eat my meal right now 😂 anyone else… does everything sound SO LOUD when you’re trying to be quiet 🙈🙈🙈
@MrsPontefract Me too. XI just voted for @Daintydiaries in the Amara Interior Blog Awards! Cast your vote now... #IBA19 @girlygabble Yep. Can’t do ebooks.!HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @CharlieGranby hope your day is a awesome as you are sweetie. @jessicacwx Happy birthday 🥳 please try not to set fire to anything or anyone else 😂 have a great day x
@MrsPontefract eeeeek!!!!! 4 was set up to be different Complaints welcome
Retweeted by Coco @PapaEdenandMe Even got the hand/wrist pose spot on.!Gay Times | Drag Race UK unveils first promo image of RuPaul and official start date - @gaytimesmag goodness they caught him.
@emmadrewinfo Eeeek.!!! Exciting
@annie_rich_6 Thank you 😘 @lemonclements And you’re a beautiful shiny lemon 🍋 🙈 @lemonclements You are a beautiful human being inside and out. ❤️ x @jadesallis Oh god ... not what you want / need whilst seeing a Disney film.... I’m off to see it tonight . @Danniiee_xo aww my heart ❤️🥰😭’s #balloonday Happy Birthday me ❤️ @wernganolhouse Thank you so much 🥰
How soon before baby is born did everyone choose their babies names?? #babynames
When it’s birthday coming up and your girlfriend has left her phone unsupervised..... resisting ALL the temptation to look. 🙈🙈
@AlyssaBWills My auntie lives right in the park grounds and she said it was really loud last night so it probably of been that. @AlyssaBWills Do you live near the park? They had the outdoor showing last night.
. . . . #postyoureverydaylife #littlebitsoflife #findingthejoyineveryday #thesehappysquares to last year and our trip to Brighton. A place crossed off the bucket list. A great few days away just me…