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socialist | BLM | ( ✌︎'ω')✌︎ @SleepyMoan | i play cs and like cooking | Tyler 🤍 | she/they 🇹🇭

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@DeoHang cutie!!!
Retweeted by alfie @SleepyMoan @blinklightstick thank u angel 🥺😢LARRY KING DIED??🙂
Retweeted by alfiei dont rly listen to rap but i love that lil uzi is basically an alt egirlCool meme now you have to let your workers unionize
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Retweeted by alfieawake @ZennimaVFX you’ll see @ZennimaVFX @ZennimaVFX u ever think “man im doing TOO much” 😭 @ZennimaVFX wh @ZennimaVFX @ZennimaVFX youre literally always the biggest whore on my tl @melanomababy bye, i would listen to Heather to cry on purposewatching kung fu hustle @tiredkittyy why am i just now putting together that bernie has a wife
YOUNG JILL IS SO PRETTY DR FAUCI 😩 biden really does look good in aviators tbh @xorraks thats tough, i heard canadians have to skii to their local hole in the groundsocialism is when everyone gets their toilets ripped away and has to share a communal shrek outhouse. also.. 90%??… @horrorfaerie good. @horrorfaerie ik, thats why asians drink hot tea bc its better for you—i’ll drink hot and cold drink but i physical… @horrorfaerie its disgostingcold water is delicious but if its room temp i’ll literally throw upthe yogurt d-lite w peaches from smoothie king 😗 @melanomababy wow, alpha @melanomababy WHATS YER STOW RATE @melanomababy is this an FC or DS @sinnohpkmn @softeggie TY!! 🥺 @SleepyMoan checkers? more like checked out 🚶‍♂️ 🚪 @SleepyMoan 8/10 i like their fries and chicken bites 🤭my 9 yr old sister sent this to my mum 😭
Retweeted by alfie @DaRealBeens I TAKETH @JohnSoua THANKS JOHN
@SleepyMoan TY MAMAS 🥰 i just did my roots today im feeling freshif u saw me repost the same thing thrice, no you didnt🙂
Retweeted by alfie @SleepyMoan @UnusualVideos WOWLehigh University has revoked an honorary degree it awarded to Donald Trump in 1988.
Retweeted by alfieI hate this app
Retweeted by alfieThis is the best one I’ve seen so far fwiw
Retweeted by alfie @w7s @illictseven 🧘saw a spider chillin in one of the corners on the ceiling yesterday, now its gone 🧗‍♀️
kind of cray theres like. no protests @doIIydisorder gonna look hella fresh vaporizing brown kids in the Middle East
Retweeted by alfie❌ Twitch Partner "DonaldTrump" (@TeamTrump) has been banned! ❌ #twitch #ban #secondban #partner #twitchpartner 🈵
Retweeted by alfieBernie's mittens were made by Jen Ellis/@vtawesomeness, who is a second grade school teacher. Felt the need to poi…
Retweeted by alfie @tiredkittyy no omg 😭wow @SleepyMoan AYEomg
71 hours on raftwow only a few more hours of DrumfGet your sugar, tea and rum at the ready. The most requested playlist of 2021 has set sail ⚓️…
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king was completely against militarism. abolish the military industrial complex if you want to honor his legacy
Retweeted by alfiehappy birthday to the hottest mama @SleepyMoan 🎉 @lilbunnimewns the women who work in anime/manga production companies reading the original post🧍🏻‍♀️Big Mac in USA: $4.80 Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15 McDonalds worker salary in USA: $7.25 McDonalds worker salary in D…
Retweeted by alfie @JohnSoua reminds me of this area near a gas station
@Khamchanh_ he’s basically a conservative why are they celebrating 😭Victorian Doll House 🏠 Extreme PC Mods Watch on Youtube:✨ Follow me on ig: @chellyries ✨…
Retweeted by alfieweird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
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Retweeted by alfiemy wife has IBS (Incredible Boobs Syndrome)
Retweeted by alfieOn this day in 1991, the US launched war against Iraq. The war began with a devastating air campaign, which directl…
Retweeted by alfiemore memes from my sister
2021 @aunadarko unmatched @CupcakKe_rapper $Goboogi please mamas i love uNew year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by alfiewhat we are witnessing is the revival of Thailand’s ganja food culture & traditions, something that was almost dest…
Retweeted by alfie @ZennimaVFX its good 😭 start with black museum please @ZennimaVFX have u watched black mirror @ZennimaVFX monster house @ZennimaVFX you wouldnt risk your life for layla? @DaRealBeens okay, this. WHY change the animation style suddenly just bc its a movie?? or why make it live action??… risking your HUMAN LIFE for bow wow kielbasa is really goodi guess we all go through an XD phase no matter the generation got him a lil something’d pay to watch a video of CEOs react to the loraxThis week in 1968, the US launched Operation Niagara in Vietnam, 66 straight days of carpet bombing, unleashing "t…
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