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@moonbabi9 Ooh no! Feel better vibes and love from The Netherlands 💚 I hope you feel better soon 🙏 @ArmeenaRK Happy birthday 💚🥂🙌And still I rise. — Maya Angelou
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Een nieuwe weekvlog om je dag mee te beginnen. Abonneren is gratis.
Weekvlog #18 | lockdown moe en een oefening in geduld 🙄💚 via @YouTubeJust finished season 3 of the handmaids tale...Listen to your soul
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Mercury leaves its shadow today and clarity returns! It will be easier to find direction now. We have all planets d…
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Stop expecting you from people.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Wassup #RevFam! Here’s your look at the next few days: #QuarantineQuietest The #AriesSun and #GeminiMoon take a ba…
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Life be doing it's thing.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @Donderwolkje_ Oh nee 😔 sterkte 💚 @CreateGeniusMe You are talking 😉 @CreateGeniusMe 😂 I’m on to Al B sure now. Ooh this love is so @CreateGeniusMe I really wanna know youI can tell you how I feel about you nite and day 🎼 ~ Al B Sure
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Same with ‘winter, spring, summer, fall’ I thought he sang ‘if you spring so far’ 😂 all through out my teens I sang that.Oooh Al B sure sings naturally mine ... all this time I thought he sang ‘I’m glad you’re mine’I used to sing so loud in the shower it drove my mum crazy.✨🎼 lockdown music 🎼 112 - Now that we're done via @YouTubeHow deep is your love 🎼🎼✨ Door #1 via @YouTubeForever my lady 🎼🎼🎼🎼One day at a time.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @CreateGeniusMe Yes and also disturbingThe light within.So good to see you here we both know it’s been too long 🎼💚Feeling you feeling me.1:11
✨🎼 Trey Songz - Song Goes Off (lyrics) via @YouTubeThe real ones don’t speak about it much. They just radiate it. They just are.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥I love a clean bed 💚 changed the sheets ..the first night and morning are the best 🙏 @dagkija @nice_and_lucky 😂😂 ik bedacht het mij net .. ik bemoei mij graag 😂😂 @dagkija @nice_and_lucky Video land 😇 2 weken gratis uitproberen, ik zit op het account van mijn zus. @nice_and_lucky @dagkija Video land, je kunt het gratis twee weken uitproberen 💪 @dagkija Ja, zeker nu! Ben in seizoen 3 bijna af @nice_and_lucky En het verhaal 😳The handmaids tale 👀Feeling stuck? Move your body.Shake your hips it’s good for your first chakra 🙌Dance @presidentShazam Stay safe 💚I was ready to clean the house .... but then I got ... .....................,,on day I fly away ....The song of your soul on the winds of desire ✨Breath of my breath.Toen ik droomde van jou, Droomde jij van mij?Het hart riep en de stilte hoorde haar.Ik kan niet anders dan voor mijzelf kiezen. Niemand anders leeft voor mij. Alleen ik bewandel mijn pad.De zachtheid van je aanraking. Een echo van toen.Wanneer je aan mij denk (glim)lach je dan?Maar het hart sprak andere woorden dan de mond.Het lied van je ziel op de wind van verlangen.Een kroon op mijn bestaan.I’m a softy
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @Fleurcompassion 😂😂😂😂Softly with gentle ease.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @Cattibrie_ Feeling good and relaxed today 💚🙏 love to you 💚☀️🙌 @Barkum68 Fijn 🙏Good morning beautiful souls wearing bodies. How are you feeling today? ☀️New book 👀
@vorigelevens @BoskelT Go girl 💪🙌Staged outcomes.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥I need to hear your voice to calm my soul
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥April Astrology Forecast 🔮 April 3 Venus enters Gemini April 7 Full Moon in Libra 🌝 April 11 Mercury enters Arie…
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥As soon you launch something into Creation it has an orbit of its own and everything is influenced by everything. Everything counts
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @surenmehla Thank you 🦄we take multiple forms
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Having a better day than yesterday ☀️✨ ... be real to others
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥The fear of death that is triggered connects to the echo of a traumatic death in an another life.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @Barkum68 Kusje op je hart. ☀️ @Barkum68 Het had bij mij ook een aanloop maar gisteren was er geen land met mij te bezeilen 😂 vandaag weer wel. 💪 getijden van het levenI wasn’t even in the mood to get myself out of my mood 😬My answer to everything yesterday was: not in the mood.I was in my own way yesterday. Woke up with all my Aries fire wanting to do all kind of fun things but had to stay…🖤 Danielle Boodoo Fortune 🔮
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @vorigelevens @BoskelT Ik ging eerst altijd naar de dealer nu niet meer. Auto wordt goed gemaakt en de prijzen kost…
@13YvP 😔 heel veel sterkte lieverd 💚 @SueHarv5759atse Would be amazing and also thank you for teaching me a new word 🙏 foxgloves 💚💚 goedemorgen doesn’t care about time or distance.
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Eye contact a beautiful love language
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥
@Barkum68 Dank je Peter 💚✨Zoals ik al vaker heb gezegd, leef vanuit #Liefde en niet vanuit #angst en blijf dichtbij jezelf. Lees deze mooie b…
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥Is dit van mij? Nieuw blog over angst, energie en shock. mogelijkheden | Skype sessies ✨When faced with fear we flight or fight. If we can’t do one of those, or if we have childhood trauma wherein the na…
Retweeted by Chantal Cindy ☥ @mistymtnreverie 💚Travel within.The fear of death that is triggered connects to the echo of a traumatic death in an another life.
Go back from survival into life force energy. Stop watching the news that much. Connect with what does flow and kee… getting anything done, feeling stuck etc. Know then that this is the reaction of what now is collectively happe… faced with fear we flight or fight. If we can’t do one of those, or if we have childhood trauma wherein the na…, going to discover zoom. Happy everything, stay safe 💚Or I leave it open, so the life that needs to be experienced now can come up. What would you prefer?