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God First || Nebraska || Grinding for @OnePercentHQ || Comp Player || #ONEOFAKIND ||

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@skilled879 got the best one here!!
@Formula @OnePercentHQ 1% ChompSir.. i’d cry rn in tears of joy if i got recruited @Formula tbh if i joined 1% my life would change for ever in d be trying happy i can’t explain what kinda feeling i… @Evadeypoo cute asf @Evadeypoo cutie @Diiscc he already follows me lol
@Formula @OnePercentHQ love u too daddy @Diiscc @FortniteGame @loud_leleo love u daddy @Diiscc
@Evadeypoo 1v1 him in fort then girl will want u back with them fast finger @Evadeypoo Now Playing All Girls Are The Same
@OnePercentHQ @Diiscc 👋🏻 @Diiscc YO DONT LET MY DAD @Diiscc GO AWAY🥺🥺 @Randumb @RazzJoey love your more cheesehead @yespickle2 @NotRyft @NotLucFN qt
@forpzy @1PBrady hi dad @yespickle2 @forpzy @1PBrady hi dad
@forpzy @FaZeSway cuck @NotLucFN @ClixHimself have you seen that shit before?
@NotRyft @GhoulzOfficial yo i’m floating hold shi @Diiscc ITS NOT IM WATCHING IT also can i give you a massage? @Diiscclove you daddy @Diiscc i hope one day i can give you a feet massage jkjkjk
@OnePercentHQ @GhoulzOfficial please follow me @Diiscc @Diiscc you know what will make us feel better?? IF ME N YOU VIBIN ALLL NIGHT LONG LISTENING TO JUCIE WRLDD @Diiscc luv u disc @Diiscc @GhoulzOfficial ILY 2 love u so much disc @Diiscc @Evadeypoo tufffffff @WebbDZN Good Morning World!!bruh i hate being alone on the bus 😫lmao i just found i get out of school at 12:00😱 @forpzy @ClixHimself go to school kid @Aeolus @okheavenly eh @Diiscc remember the word to you told me you love me till the day i die
@Aeolus @Aeolus we played phas!! where’s my follow... I THOUGHT WE WHERE BUDDYS @Aeolus @paralleltechy FOLLOW NOW @Aeolus Luv u @Aeolus NOW FOLLOW @Aeolus
@Diiscc tell me daddy @Diiscc i wanna know so badly @forpzy @OnePercentHQ late af but happy easter bae @RazzJoey DELICIOUS @Diiscc happy easter daddy @Diisccngl i kinda miss seeing my phone blow up over trumps tweets :/Happy easter everyone!! ✝️ @Aeolus @OnePercentHQ @ChompSirYT @forpzy @Aeolus @1PBrady @PxraFPSx3 @candihotti @OnePercentHQ @OneUpThreads @Aeolus @1PBrady @forpzy @PxraFPSx3 @candihotti @OnePercentHQ @OneUpThreads that’s factsahh Easter, the day Jesus came back from his vaca in Tampa and killed the evil rabbit. It’s my fav holiday for sure, enjoy everyone 💕
Retweeted by ChompSirnothing better than late night talks with @Diiscc @forpzy @tabnae luv you to @forpzy @1PBrady @PxraFPSx3 @candihotti @OnePercentHQ @Aeolus @forpzy is that rlly brady?? @candihotti @1PBrady YOOO IS THAT @1PBrady @cxltures @muzeoo @Aeolus no 1% ChompSir i’ll do the dishes Sunday - Saturday @muzeoo 1% ChompSir Sounds fresh
@Diiscc no cause i play it @StealthyWolff @Diiscc THATS THE CUTIES FUCKING RHING AHHAHSHAHSBNDHDURHRHHFHD🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
@Formula me👋🏻 @WebbDZN good night gorgeous people!! @Diiscc @brawadis I SAID VOUCH FOR ME TO JOIN 1% and i’ll give you feet massage @Diiscc vouch for me to join 1% and i’ll be the maid in the house
@splxash @forpzy @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ nahthis summer i’m going to be putting my time into grinding so much for one percent school will no longer stop me from this grindwhat’s a great song for a montage? @Diiscc @Formula yo thats fire no cap @Aeolus thank you Aeolus, i gratefully appreciated coming from you @Aeolus MEEE!! I HAVE BEEN GRINDING SO HARD FOR THESE LAST 4 MONTHS, i haven’t uploaded in a month i’ve been focusi… @Diiscc can i not get into a game and already have the first circle form with 25 people left @NotRyft @OnePercentHQ yea it’s about me joining 1% duhh @Diiscc @RazzJoey @Diiscc luv u @Diiscc @NotRyft @OnePercentHQ yea all i care abt is @Diiscc
@NotRyft @duckybtw love you @duckybtw keep your head up!! @OnePercentHQ @Diiscc that’s me when i’m leaving my geometry class after telling the teacher to go fuck him self with triangles @forpzy @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ casue i got a 60% on my history test and didn’t fail @forpzy @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ than you @forpzy @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ i’m better @forpzy @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ you can’t @forpzy @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ cap @Aeolus @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ aeolus this is coming from someone who does everyday to be apart of 1%... IM GLAD TOO jkjkjk @Diiscc @OnePercentHQ i smell cap @1PBrady if you quit you won’t get ahead in life @Diiscc you could really change my life for ever can’t stress it enough how much this tweet in general means to me @Diiscc @Diiscc it will change my life for ever i swear this will finally make me truly happy again, not just that…
@1PBrady my man you got a whole future ahead of you, if you quit, you will never get ahead in life like for fuck sa… @phxntomwrld fire @Diiscc @Diiscc this could be me n you but you never want to share a side of the bed @Diiscc why is this not me n you jkjkjk but both you guys are qts
@Formula Yes but it sucks casue money is the #1 thing in this world unfortunately @Diiscc imagine form catches feelings 😲 @Rad1e3 😱 @forpzy ratios mfs @NotRyft i would if me n you had a sleep overif i blow up i’ll make sure the people who where with me during my struggle will get something huge in return @WebbDZN busy work gets you ahead in life!being heart broken is so last year
@Formula cant take you seriously when you said “i grind this game every day i’m already level 105” like you didn’t… @Diiscc @Formula me and you @Diiscc are gonna meet in bed
@Diiscc @Diiscc will you be celebrate my birthday with me this year?🥺🥺 @Diiscc @GhoulzOfficial @Diiscc would you come to my birthday??🥺 @Formula if only... @Diiscc @Diiscc ily @OnePercentHQ @1PBrady 1% ChompSirHappy birthday @GhoulzOfficial !!🎉 @Aeolus @OnePercentHQ @GhoulzOfficial love u @Aeolus @GhoulzOfficial Happy birthday brotha luv u