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The best thing on YouTube: "The machine, the ghost, and the limits of understanding" Noam Chomsky

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@NewYorker To contrast himself with Joe Biden. When you and a friend are being chased by a bear you don't have to r… Federal Judge, Whose Son Was Killed by Racist, Misogynistic Lawyer, Calls for Privacy for Judges
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @stevie_bro He'll be more popular now. His followers will see him as the alpha male in that encounter. Trump is a s… @davidgraeber Squeezing people into a two party system causes the most pain for those who are being exploited the m… @davidgraeber People who are hungry hate everyone.The #Beirut blast in #SlowMotion.💥 You can see the shock wave racing across the foreshore, lifting material into th…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @IHanyFarouk @ProfPCDoherty Well obviously because the total number of cases will always be unknown.OMFG, we're all doomed @LisaJBryant it will be another half-arsed bandaid tomorrow with so many caveats and exclusions no one will underst… nursing home curve of infections just keeps getting more alarming
Retweeted by ohyeahsureAaaaaand another weird strawberry for you all. 😄🍓
Retweeted by ohyeahsure❄Let it snow,❄let it snow❄let it snow!,❄
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @ShoebridgeMLC @Richard_D_Boyle It took 7 days to negotiate the kickback arrangements and order the paper bags. @zei_squirrel And then read A People's History of the Vietnam War and see why Chomsky backed the Vietnamese, Cambod… @RealDeanCurtis @SafeReturnUA @ReadTheSyllabus @uaccn @UofAlabama Why the fuck can't they bring their children to work?Faculty at the @uaccn received this email from their dean yesterday directing instructors with children to consider…
Retweeted by ohyeahsurehow cops came to their decision not to murder the guy who shot at them with an ak-47
Retweeted by ohyeahsurein commemoration of james baldwin's birthday, here's one of the most moving clips I've seen of him, explaining to a…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @thadoctrizin @sdunbabin @Raf_Epstein You go work in an ICU you cuck. @ecke101 @sdunbabin @Raf_Epstein Bullshit. Just because it could have been worse doesn't mean it's not bad you imbecile.9 Infotainment shitrag reporting... missed opportunities to not be racist vandals... err yeah, ok... 💩 @pepeMcGee @rambunctiousgo3 @GetUp But apart from that... 🙄Peter Dutton asked people to prove if he's ever done something immoral. Here are a few examples... 😒 Via @GetUp
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @AnodyneParadigm @RBReich Yep, the rich with access to credit at next to zero interest will be buying up all the houses and cheap stocks. @ronInBendigo @StavvieS Ron's daughter under arrest. 😂 @AnJam1980 @OzLady0 @ronInBendigo @JennyMikakos @VictorianCHO @DanielAndrewsMP I do. Myth busted.This is wholly performative. Your own staff bullied and harassed Black MPs like Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler, and…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure2020 in pictures
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @imkialikethecar no thanks, I've seen enough @adubism @Davieboy0906 @DoubleDownNews @ta_mills That's why I consider the behavior of gentiles like Wes Streeting,…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @strangetimes316 @SonOfAssata white people wouldn't be in handcuff face down on the ground you turdpigs, acab take on the role schools play in community transmission #TheDrum
Retweeted by ohyeahsure#thedrum Why not arrest the leaders of these conspiracy theory morons who are confronting the police.
Retweeted by ohyeahsureBe sure to catch my video tomorrow, 'Unmasking the EHRC', which will be published at 7:00am. It's vital that we're…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @total_clownshoe @Andrewyeahnah @aus_business techbro fuckwit no @LisaPizzey1 They must be heartbroken. @Daxford6 @ShaunPMaca @LisaPizzey1 @newscomauHQ 3700/day? @LisaPizzey1 @newscomauHQ Bullshit. No lockdown we would have 15,000 dead by now. @JimViciousSCL @pissedgirl_20 @realDonaldTrump of course not @Andrewyeahnah @aus_business Is he wrong? @IHanyFarouk @ProfPCDoherty Nope. It gives a very good indication of the % cases that become critical by age group. @aus_cin @SkyNewsAust @aclennell grow up tool @SkyNewsAust @aclennell aww.... give you The Guardian
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @DrsuzanneH lying bitch @rules_anarchy don't post things you don't understand @GumLeafWhistler @ProfPCDoherty garbage @ronInBendigo @StavvieS @ScottMorrisonMP @DanielAndrewsMP Yeah, in almost every police force. Dimwit. @ronInBendigo @honestyandhumor @johnculvenor @DanielAndrewsMP Looks pretty good to me. I mean you're locked up. @washingtonpost On a roll? They did that decades ago. @michellegrattan Same thing that happens with parking tickets - the sheriff comes to your house armed and seizes your property. @idlhndzbizimind @slpng_giants_oz yes that's why they were sneaking back in @slpng_giants_oz I bet they were white. @GoldingCartoons @theage Vegetarians meting it out. devastation as state's economy goes into deep freeze via @theage #COVID19Vic #Melbourne
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @slpng_giants_oz @MickKime What a dolt. The jury's pretty much IN. It doesn't work. @ronInBendigo @leddy124 @honestyandhumor You want to tell every Victorian what to do? @byronkaye🤡
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @ronInBendigo @BarossaObserver @mark_melbin @StevePriceMedia @DanielAndrewsMP Ron's daily brain fart. @ronInBendigo @bossjr450 @DanielAndrewsMP @CantRiskMyJob @NgviYpn @friendlyjordies Why not? You're 4ft tall.going to start saying "male journalist" and "male comedian" and "male engineer" so people start to hear how fucking stupid it sounds
Retweeted by ohyeahsureNow that’s a M*** F**** burger 😉
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @Scottydiamond11 @ronInBendigo @StevePriceMedia @DanielAndrewsMP Pity Ron. He's a sandwich short of a picnic.Assange Legal Farce Continues - There has simply never been a broadcast report in the UK on Assange as fair as this…
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@Adam_Creighton Tell me Adam, if we don't care about deaths in general why is the health sector the biggest sector… @scottjlawson @Rod_Hagen @ProfPCDoherty Rod thinks he's paying 5D chess. He's like the father of the Beach Boys. Th… state of this lunatic. LOL. One of the insane "let her rip" far right nutjobs. @Rod_Hagen @tommattia @soledadobrien All garbage. @Rod_Hagen @scottjlawson @ProfPCDoherty No Rod, "third world" is a discredited term. @Rod_Hagen @scottjlawson @ProfPCDoherty Poor Rod. Can't form a cogent argument. Old man yelling at clouds. @scottjlawson @Rod_Hagen @ProfPCDoherty This guy is a failed anthropologist, virtually unemployable and very little grasp of logic. @Rod_Hagen No wonder you're unemployable as an anthropologist. @Rod_Hagen Can someone point out to this idiot that we aren't in Indonesia, Somalia or India and we don't live on f… pricks aren't chimpanzees in Hollywood anymore, but ex-Hollywood chimpanzees like Chance still suffer. Stolen from…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @BenDohertyCorro @guardian 70% of Australian produce is exported. How about we grow less, harvest less and eat it instead? @Rod_Hagen All evidence free assertions. Try again. If you want to excuse Trump's massive death toll you will need… @ProfPCDoherty This guy is just making shit up to troll you. Ignore. @Rod_Hagen @soledadobrien Then give them pandemic leave you goose. @Rod_Hagen @tommattia @soledadobrien Citation required. @Rod_Hagen @ProfPCDoherty @CarringtonKL Look over there! Is that the best you have you goose. LOL. @Rod_Hagen @CarringtonKL You won't be let anywhere near public policy mainly because you're a fuckwit and can't und… @Rod_Hagen sit down idiot @napost13 @ProfPCDoherty We know the problem. Too many ferraris. @napost13 @Vic_Rollison Everything is wrong with it tool. @napost13 @johnsalmond @ProfPCDoherty pipe down tool @napost13 @DLATPsocialjust Now you're getting it. Greedy private operators should not be let anywhere near essential services. @napost13 Your 20 sock puppet accounts aren't fooling anyone. Piss off.DeJoy and his wife have between $30.1M and $75.3M in assets in private USPS competitors. Hmmmm. I wonder why he'd b…
Retweeted by ohyeahsureassholes! @BethLynch2020
Retweeted by ohyeahsureSome surfing swans to help make Monday better.
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @GSmithWA @PeterWMurphy1 @BelindaJones68 @theprojecttv blocked @PeterWMurphy1 @theprojecttv Who watches tv anymore? Haven't turned on the tv for years. All crap.Dear @theprojecttv, I will no longer watch #TheProjectTV as you provide a platform for #StevePrice. He regularly mo…
Retweeted by ohyeahsure @Jackthelad1947 @abcnews @abc730 @ABCthedrum @RNBreakfast @RNDrive We need a rebellion now.