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The dust Pancho bit down south ended up in Lefty's mouth. He/Him

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@zabsters I am dreading my 4 page monologue @BBally81 I won't pretend I haven't thought of storylines I'd love to do. @zabsters Next time I'm in California I'm cashing in that invite.Comic: @atypicalstitch @wannabeelf @Iron_Spike GOOD @SharnDM @PopeyeTweetsk Thank you!
@ryanestrada @teaberryblue @PopeyeTweetsk Thank you, Ryan! :D @teaberryblue Thank you, Tea <3 @jawnaaureparnel Cosigned. i hope you're okay, thoughSo yeah, I've drawn some extra @PopeyeTweetsk strips that will be running on @ComicsKingdom starting Thursday. If… @Andysomniac It means I've done a batch of comics for them to post. Anything beyond that depends on reactions and if there's an audience.GOODNESS THAT ART LOOKS FAMILIAR AND YET NEW. HMMMM.📢Ya asked for it, now Team Popeye and I are givin' it to yas! Popeye's Cartoon Club returns! 😉 Here's a sneak peak!…
Retweeted by Your Uncle RandyVelma has discovered a new cartoon she's obsessing on, something called Duggee. Mercifully, it's actually kinda cute and tolerable.
@choochoobear Fun Fact: The Southern Poverty Law Center has a breakdown of how many hate groups operate in each sta…
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @odd_dimensions @wannabeelf @Iron_Spike The pup and they man filming, both are obviously in danger because of this woman. @choochoobear It's a fantasy people build up so they don't have to confront the problem. Pretending racism is a "so…
Retweeted by Your Uncle RandyYeah, she's a bigger threat to her dog than he'll ever be. know a lot of people like to default to "racism = poor uneducated southern whites men" but that's in New York Cit…'m sure she'll tell everyone she's not racist, but she also makes sure to tell him she's telling the cops an Afric… knows she's being recorded and she's still lying that she's being threatened. As others like @Iron_Spike have… @ChipzDubbo @Josh_Florence also, y'all are adorable. @ChipzDubbo @Josh_Florence I did not expect the punches at the end. @aspynthemermaid Cuuuuuute @sulxim Naw. The Robot Chicken sketch predates the new Muppet Babies by like a decade.I gotta hand it to you COVID-19, you sure did expose the right-wing talking heads who would 100% hide their zombie…
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @Mayydayy86 They were referenced but this is the first they've appeared, likely because 40 something year olds who… @GailSimone The tweet's already gone.Scooter and Skeeter are now in the new Muppet Babies. @inkygrrl @mistress_cass d'awwww @evandorkin I want that so bad. @LuckyBonez I've been trying to be a lot better about that as I get older.I missed out on 90s "EXTREME" wrestling but can I just say Tammy Sytch or Sunny or whatever she calls herself can f…’s $20/year for TONS of brick jokes
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @aforabejas ... we'll figure something out
@aforabejas -arches fingers evilly-I stand by this statement. you're wondering how the Pathfinder game went... @aforabejas If you decide you need another game let me know @aforabejas If I'd known that I woulda invited you to my online Pathfinder game! @mithrasangel I like to know the rocks' names. @eatyourlipstick There was a lot of singing, mostly songs about how we are trash and god is awesome.Anyone know of a good Pathfinder 1st Edition character/NPC generator? @eatyourlipstick It's weird how, of all ways, that's how Catholics and Southern Baptists are similar. @TheRealOverlady Rest well, dear.
@pablowapsi sameI think this publisher might have had another comics character in mind when he published Spunky, but I can’t quite…
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@beninthecapita1 NOPEI am really excited about next week. #VagueTweetComic: (not the one I was going to do originally. I'm reworking that)I wrote an S*P strip i'm worried is too filthy for S*P.
@teaberryblue @demiurgent anxiety is weird.Usagi looks GREAT, if ya ask me! Thanksk, Luis! Muchask gracias!
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @zabsters I am already disappointed you have changed your twitter name to Emmy Nominated Zabeth Russell. Also, YAY! Congrats! @TheRealOverlady @DylanInSeattle ... this is the most Brandy thing I've read. @Mayydayy86 @USAsBestJobber You can't block truth. @Mayydayy86 @USAsBestJobber Why you hate people for being right?
Called it.
Retweeted by Your Uncle RandyPLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @Mayydayy86 @thunderrosa22 No. Stand in the corner. @Iron_Spike Florida: Covid is over cuz we say so. @ReverbPlayer @sohmer I saw that at age 8 @sohmer It was an abandoned orphanage. @seananmcguire @sohmer No, the ghosts were all murderous childrenI had a dream that @sohmer opened up a comic school but he did so in a haunted building to "make sure the students…
@SignpostMarv @jephjacques Would be fun but they (understandably) want someone based in California. @cargoculture None of this shocks me. Kid is clever.Hmm.. Now that this thread's blowin' up... Maybe it'sk only right to now challenge ALL of ya talented folks to the…
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @PopeyeTweetsk I'm no Segar but I get by. been seein' lotsa me in 'em #sailormoonredraw challenges. So why not make a thread of 'em and shout these talen…
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @LouisatheLast @Mediaite fuuuuuuuuuuck him @BlindFerret @thegeorg @dcorsetto will do tonight. @thegeorg @dcorsetto Ask @BlindFerret-looks at @dcorsetto @LongTallJodie trying no to, thanksComic: @MTW3ESQ I'm working on an ebook comic I'll be sparks joy.
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @jephjacques Tell them to pretend your comment are Elon's familial apartheid profiteering and just ignore it.I'm sad about GenCon canceling for obvious income reasons but at the same time it removes a big panic for me. @jvzmina Looks amazing!GenCon 2020 is canceled. See you in 2021? @HonestPornGuy @rinnyhub Also I hope your sad brain clears up. @Mayydayy86 That's disappointing. @sohmer I mean, the Irish. That's what we were bred for. @HonestPornGuy @rinnyhub I heard it from friends, I can't pretend to be the person who came up with it. @sohmer Truly, we must protect the potatoes. @Mayydayy86 ... I came here for a good time but then this ends up in front of me.Popeye the Sailor Moon #sailormoonredraw
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @bloopsadoop I can't handle that.
rt if you've ever: - self-harmed - attempted suicide - been to a therapist - cancelled on things because you don't…
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randywhy is 8 afraid of 8 because 888
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @sanzpance It's real. @choochoobear I'm so bummed they didn't cast the most current cast. The whole "voice actors wouldn't sell big movie…
Retweeted by Your Uncle Randy @batdalek Yup. And there IS a Laff-a-Lympics reference in the movie. @batdalek Oh, Warner Bros. has admitted they want to. @lornekates yeah, but I wasn't expecting the deepest plot. Scooby's scenes were all pretty perfect. @choochoobear As a life-long HB fan, I really enjoyed it a lot. As a person who loves silly humor, my girlfriend lo…
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