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I make art n write poetry brushtool advocate (Not for hire) #robloxdev

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@SeaStation2021 gud stuff @tsunyami beautiful
@CasualEffects @pjcozzi meybe not ψ(._. )>, they culdve streamed the session on youtube or smthn @CasualEffects @pjcozzi jus noticed ur on the list too haha, sure ill come @emptylxgic hoi @vernlage yh dat makes sense, they culdve been a great builder if they kept on learning instead of stealing @RbxXAXA bless u @CasualEffects @pjcozzi ppl still dont know what metaverse is @MantasWasTaken idk if its editable, but if u hav proof of more exploits den yh go ahead @SplashGameArt @CaribVros banger
@RbxArchitects was fun! @ai___sentient ud need to make a document of proofs regarding the exploits first, cant rlly call out som1 otherwise… @ai___sentient ZO? @AnioKitti it does yhThe investigation was conducted by trusted members of the building community, you can read all the details here: This user is known to steal showcases and assets from other builders and reuse them in their own project… also get dat ppl will ague dat "ppl" make the platform but u also hafto consider twitter is a great platform for… opinion: twitter doesnt suck, humans do @BoatbomberRBLX wait nvm i read it bypasses moderation @BoatbomberRBLX make this a plugin pwease @pusheenbelle @sweetgamerthea kawaii @luna_chxn yes lol, it randomly popped in the timeline so blame Twitter gods @luna_chxn its ok to be. /pat pat @Byron_LoveRBLX can't wait to see ur game :D @Kaviix00 omg kav it looks amazing
@Kyueneee if u feel confident about dat price den yuh go for it!new tutorial vid is out! Link: #roblox #robloxdev #robloxart @IsaacThePooper it be like that @CubicKirby @KasimAkrBot gud stuff :> @tsunyami it looks amazing @_Cyno gummy @DevForHireRBX @Bloxy_News @Roblox @exploratorium time has wings hehe @ZenoviaZaesium fuck yeah!! :D
@jaketrivana i liek wigglies @tsunyami ikr @equrrioh @q_bytez @Dogmath__ terrain interactive texture sheets: tits @macawmangrove12 @ReBloxer @Shiguto_RBX looks great :> @q_bytez @Dogmath__ nice tits @El_Foxiliono simluator anime tounament arc tycoon simulator @etsulo ugc has faces now? @The_DevCast @Sk3tchYT treeman @Stuz0r @niftygateway concrete :> @raxtsIl oh haha @raxtsIl i like ur poem! @MaximumADHD clap clap @Clurllis im not making it haha, infact it already exist: its called roblox studiogame idea: make a simulator game about making a simulator i.e simulation simulator #robloxChoose which type of games you like the most in roblox, let the ultimate poll begin! @AsepriteRico 3. showcases @AngeliqPeachii oh ok @AngeliqPeachii how did u change ur font on twitter? @jamjamjoo bad woodgrain @logvillofficial @Roblox noice
@darlingstrawbie i mean u rlly dont hafto if u feel uncomfortable with it n im sure dre are many ppl who will appreciate what u currently do @Zeraphira lmao
@Sakura_Rabbiter yuru camp vibes @Zeraphira 👀 @MrGlasses_IsBot its roblox haha @Mrdodobird n twice as boring too @Misti_alt :c @MaximumADHD is dis a gud thing or bad o.o @luna_chxn i hav no idea wut this means @pusheenbelle 🛐whew #roblox #robloxart #RobloxDev
@Zeraphira no one asks how is friday @_tohb @Shiguto_RBX ur legit living in the future @Pixi3Apple17 aw dats adorable
made amazing progress on my project today(ill be streaming tomorrow too) #roblox #robloxart #RobloxDevs @ArtBlox_406 go back where u came from @STUNN4R @Roblox hm? @howmanysmaII ah u must be the scripter, anyway thx @howmanysmaII yeajus vibin #roblox #robloxdev #robloxart @zaynollie @OldPersonOnline @aiden_grips underrated comment @hesuru01 nier Ro-tomata @JordanKostadin3 looking cul @2OMajestic @KasimAkrBot bless you @muthshizuki dat turned out rlly nice @afghan_rblx u hav hiddenkaiser on ur team :0anotha day, anotha thumbnail 😉 @afghan_rblx #RobloxGFX #RobloxDev #robloxart #Roblox
Retweeted by Choochuf @ChoochufK @afghan_rblx :>
@ZenoviaZaesium cant imagine wut a "family night" wuldve been like @ZenoviaZaesium shrooms were cenima before cenima was invented @Roblox_RTC @asimo3089 wut r ur thots @asimo3089 life is drama @ZenoviaZaesium u sound like u watched a movie o.o @ZenoviaZaesium how were the shrooms last time @emptylxgic dw bout it haha ur in my memory :3 @jack_canyon i will archimedes n brushtool the fuck out of ur kit @CDDev_ pew pew pew @pusheenbelle oh didnt recognize u were in the inner circle too(u keep changing ur pfp) @MaximumADHD /pat pat it wil be over eventuallyi actually recognize most of dese ppl lol made a link tree: all my social links will be there now
@MrGlasses_IsBot @ReBloxer u make gud guns my friend @RoyaleDior nyaniiiiiiiiiiiii @Misti_alt i feel the same ngl, so i kinda feel happy with jus sketches @whitepianotato i mean id still let dem hug, jus ask dem to do it softly :3not rlly sure if it happens to other ppl but ven ppl hug me my bones hurt e.e, dont get me wrong i like the idea of… @MaximumADHD sigh y do ppl even scam