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Karen Walrond @Chookooloonks Houston, Texas, USA

light-seeker & light-maker. author • attorney • activist • 🇹🇹 author of The Beauty of Different & The Lightmaker's Manifesto (Fall 2021) she/her

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@kristenhowerton @nerdseyeview This is exactly the tone you had in my dream! "No, Karen, WE ARE NOT GIVING UP. It'… on, Houston, let's GOOOOOOOOOO! @alimal22 Just 'cause I'm runnin' don't mean I can't look good. @lksriv @lksriv And yet I can't divert my gaze. It's just so .... @nerdseyeview So much I left out. Like the fact that somehow, I was cutting Brad's hair in a crowded locker room/c… @lksriv I'm feeling actual physical discomfort watching this. Good Lord. @giyen THANK. YOU. @txelz Marcus asked the same thing. "Did you eat cheese before you went to bed?" @SteveErrey woke up from a dream where I was dating a sullen Brad Pitt, cutting his hair, finding out together about a fal…
G'on and make yourself a cuppa. You'll feel better. @ElisaC This is my sweet friend @TaranaBurke's everlasting question. @txelz @outsidevoice BABY STEPS. 😀Okay, so here's @brenebrown's conversation with @joebiden. It's really good, BUT ALSO! I'm sharing this because Bre…, see that triangle between Houston/San Antonio/Dallas/Austin? OMG YES PLEASE. County, you sexy beast, you're voting in record numbers. KEEP. GOING. (Houstonians, you can vote anywher…
Heartbreaking, and so, so unsurprising.'s a mild, breezy day in Harris County, and 60,342 people have cast votes at any of their choice of 122 luxurious…
Retweeted by Karen Walrond @Kathy_Valentine @MickPuck Walrond 2020: WE NEED CHEESELet love rule. birthday wish this year? For everyone to go vote:
Retweeted by Karen WalrondI think it's normal to feel sadness when seeing Bill Cosby's recent mugshot. It's not about ignoring the acts of a…
I admit it: I’m greedy. lightning, gloom, humidity and downpours, 58,600 people have voted so far in Harris County today. Just a…
Retweeted by Karen Walrond @NicoleBlades part of covid that's difficult with older kids: in virtual school, they manage themselves, but when ur in a cit…, WHAT? A NEW PODCAST from @BreneBrown, all about how to be courageous at work? THAT'S. 👏🏾 WHAT. 👏🏾 I'M 👏🏾 TA…! If you haven't voted yet, GO. No lines anywhere right. You can vote anywhere in your county. It will ta…'S. WHAT. I'M. TALKIN'. 'BOUT, FLORIDA! you doing anything to decorate for the end of the year?
@WendiAarons I'M JUST SAYING. Because if I'm spending that kind of money on a plastic pumpkin, it's gonna have to… for pre-lit jack-o-lanterns that I can put on our front porch on Amazon, and found a 20" one for -- wait fo… is the BIGGEST battleground state. With support from this grassroots army, we'll have the resources we need t…
Retweeted by Karen WalrondNo way, Sen. Cornyn. You don’t get to run for the exit door two weeks before an election just because you’re worrie…
Retweeted by Karen WalrondThe Dalai Lama congratulating Jacinda Ardern, calling her "calm, compassionate and respectful of others." *pouts*… Houstonians -- think voting centres are closed today, because Sunday? THINK AGAIN, BABY! Get out there and vo… @terrieichholz, this is RICH. @cc_chapman @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Stay safe, brother. @cc_chapman @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Lookin' good, Chap. And as an early voter myself, I love your reason for votin…“We are all made of star stuff,” said astronomer Carl Sagan. I’m feeling that today. Not in a “twinkle twinkle li…
@NicoleBlades @djolder This is my man's outfit ON. THE. DAILY.Election season thoughts, as inspired by Tree. daughter is returning to in-person classes next week (I know). She is in her third year of learning ASL & her AS… @20KCourtenay @HarrisVotes @saracress Seriously, it is giving me MUCH joy. Way to inject joy and light into someth…
Listening to Spotify while I work, and a bossa nova song just came on, and I'm THISCLOSE to bursting into tears. M… @wardomatic A pride of my entryway, man ..., listen up: TAKING PHOTOS OF YOUR MARKED BALLOT (or your ballot screen) MIGHT BE ILLEGAL. We REALLY need t… evidence to convince friends and family that it's time to vote Biden/Harris, and then hold them accountable af… @designcrush #shoop
@lizadonnelly Amazing, Liza. Congratulations on all of this!.@sandymaple ARE YOU WORKING IN WHOLE FOODS? do you do the voodoo that you do?! @GoonSquadSarah I'd come out of lawyer retirement to defend you.LET’S GOOOOOOOOO
I'll be drenching myself in hand sanitizer every 15 minutes., OKAY, Harris County! That's how we DO. THAT! "More than 100,000 cast their ballot in person in Harris County… @aimeewoodall Happy birthday, beauty!!!!! @schmutzie That dog is a menace.So, I voted. That was a high. Also, my dog chased, caught, killed, re-entered our house & calmly, delicately plac…
@SunniBrown Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! me 15 minutes total to vote, from standing in line to walking out the door. Remember, Harris County, during e…!!!!! HOUSTON GO!!! @NicoleBlades @NicoleBlades @kristysf @KSVesq @DearBadKitty TOTALLY different. TOE. TALL. EE. different. @kristysf @KSVesq YOU ARE MY SOUL SISTER.
@sesameellis Girrrrrl .... to the DMs!Thank God it wasn’t what I thought it was. @kristenhowerton Girl HIE THE TO THE DMS.I drove from Houston to Marfa this past week and, in case you’re feeling passive, I want you to know I saw at least…
Retweeted by Karen WalrondTWICE in the last wk I've heard of school assgnmnts inviting kids to empathize w/"both sides": 1) an essay from po… @SunniBrown Oh, I OWN IT, never you fear. 😉 @Kathy_Valentine @realDonaldTrump Stinks, don't it? new favourite word. Also, friends who create children's books (I'm lookin' at you, @wardjenkins, @mybrownbaby),… @SunniBrown Fact. My day planner is fast becoming a study in obsessive doodling, thanks in part to your TED talk. thought: is it possible Fox News is beginning to twig that the president is bugnuts crazy, and so are inviti… this is why, if you can, you might want to vote in person at this point. Texans, early voting starts TOMORROW.…, friends! Sweet Duckie has a lovely story for you to start your week. Enjoy. @chescaleigh I just stumbled on your SWGSTBG video -- which I LOVED back in the day! -- and stared open-mouthed. G…
@bestoneTX If that's not the opening scene of a horror movie, I do not know what is. @xphaqtor felt this tweet in my soul. #introvert @everywhereist that engagement ring is everything. 😍I will be adding this song into the mix as well. It's just so SMOOOOTH. @agorist They aren't, but they NEED to be. Fun fact: if I love a band, they disappear. And I LOVED Digable Planets.The genre of music I listen to most (usually while working) is sort of a trip-hop-lo-fi thing commonly heard in lob… done, TEXAS! This is why your @GovAbbott is trying to cut off access to voting -- he's afraid of you. Keep goi…
Retweeted by Karen Walrond @JessWeiner WAIT. Is this a REAL screen grab?!?The Patinkins are a national treasure. under: Women Whose Law License Meant Way More to Them Than Mine Has Ever Meant to Me
@afrobella @bgg2wl @aaw1976 do. not. even. start. me. with. these. blexit. fools.TEXANS: WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN, but you HAVE to vote. Early in-person voting begins TUESDAY. During this two… @cc_chapman @oceanbound See also John Mayer, Chris Brown, et alFeaturing a floating home, international meals, and an unexpected inventor.
Media reports are calling the WH event Trump is planning a "rally." Is it an official government event or a campaig…
Retweeted by Karen WalrondMe, after being offline all day, and logging on Twitter to catch up: 6 Muslims tried to kill a Governor—Trump would've touted his Muslim ban If 6 Mexicans tried to kill a Governor—…
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