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Music fan. Maker of Top Fives. Still drinking, dancing badly & losing my specs in mosh pits. Play ukulele, bass & kazoo. For Fulham FC follow @FFCChopper.

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@MctaggartMark 👍Just want to say Richard Dawson was brilliant last night..a unique talent, best lyricist around and best weirdly tu…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @TobiasCotton @millie_ran @richarddawson12 Playing The Barbican next March ...Bloody love the Nuns 🔥🔥🔥 @MaRaineyBlues Hope your Dad’s getting better care now. Take care of yourself too xThese women are brilliant. Brava! 👏
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @millie_ran Another gig we’d have both been at had I not plumped for the trip to Brighton instead. Yay “our taste in music” 👍 @Sipperana This 100%Gutted to miss this, especially with Ye Nuns as support. Need that clone machine sorted for these kind of nights. @tristanjt Oh boy, that sounds amazing. I saw him support Pigs at The Lexington on his own with just electric guita… @Rebel0014 Gonna book a ticket 👍Got Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as an earworm this morning thanks to Richard 😬 @Rebel0014 Exactly @Rebel0014 Multiple People swearing at her probably created more noise than she did on her own though 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Rebel0014 There was a woman who just seemed to talk constantly, she popped up at the front for Jogging & charted t… @Rebel0014 Over near the entrance, I was up front dead centre and it was only near the end it got really intrusive. @Rebel0014 Yes, he’s brilliant. Love his engagement with the audience, even the drunk people. @Rebel0014 Yes, so good.Richard Dawson in fine form tonight, new songs went down particularly well. Great to see John-Micheal of @Pigsx7 on… proceedings for @richarddawson12 tonight was the rather wonderful Rebecca Dyer who played a dizzying array…
@Rebel0014 Failed to send you a message pre gig & had no reception inside so sorry for missing you. Great gig though. @BeardedSteven Dang Steven! This is really cool. Are you considering a trip to see her in the UK next year? @adele_pascale @IndieOver40 @BrixExtricated Absolutely 😊 @IndieOver40 @BrixExtricated @adele_pascale Love this song 👌Christmas is coming and we're looking forward to welcome your groups from 5 people to 500! Ok 500 might be pushing…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺Podcast!!! Premier League ref John Moss on his double life - #VAR and #VAR (Vinyl And Records) at his record shop…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺
@WillieMcAlpine @PeterLatimer6 @Eveshambaggy 😆This is an extremely niche tweet that I expect will go nowhere but I love the work of Getrude Hermes and am despera…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @PeterLatimer6 @Eveshambaggy @WillieMcAlpine Also standing, Yace “Interplanetary Time Lord” 😳 @PeterLatimer6 @Eveshambaggy @WillieMcAlpine Wait, what .. I mean ... how does that happen? @PeterLatimer6 @Eveshambaggy @WillieMcAlpine They’re both standing in Johnson’s constituency. I wondered what Count Binhead was all about. @RiverboatCapt Maybe a quick one 😊I’m going to Richard Dawson @ Komedia Brighton. @Rebel0014 Will do 👍 @chris_skudder Just got one via the DICE waiting list. If you’ve got that app worth a shot. @Rebel0014 Very pleasing, was expecting a day of having to check my phone 😊Well, DICE came through shortly after I tweeted this so I’ll be seeing @Rebel0014 and any other Brighton gig goers… @SSPreds @thesackrace *innocent face* @thesackrace Pochettino #LevyOutMrs T5 has made me turn off the #LeadersDebate as they’re both driving her up the wall. Fair point to be honest.It’s not a vocabulary test mate.ITV need a bloody loud klaxon to go off once their time is up.Fuck sake Johnson, sort out your timing & Jezza, straighten your flipping glasses!! @gidcoe Sympathies Gid. Terrible decision. @alanmuttley1066 Ah, I didn’t realise he was in the Phantom Band. Agree about his voice, really wonderful. @Rebel0014 Cheers Nick. @jackiepatie Ace.If any Brighton based folk hear of a spare for Richard Dawson at the Komedia please let me know. I’ve got the green light to come down. @jackiepatie Fuck, huge respect to you for doing what you do. My Dad drove me round the twist at times in his last…
Magic gig tonight with Kathryn Joseph being wonderful, hilarious & sweary and Rick Redbeard being fabulous, handsom…, ethereal & utterly mesmeric performance from Kathryn Joseph tonight, interspersed with tales of shitting h…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @englishhaze @kathrynjoseph_ @RickRedbeard And tonight 😊 @ramblinmagnolia Welcome back 😊 @Perlalaloca @jhoburgh It’s cool though 😊 @jhoburgh @Perlalaloca Looking at these little write ups I feel I was letting the side down by just picking a bunch… @jhoburgh @Perlalaloca Yay! Jpndrds rule 🤟Tonight’s gig is the wonderful @kathrynjoseph_ supported by @RickRedbeard at EartH. Pretty great start to what migh… a bit of pre-gig food and they’ve played a song by The Seeds that my band do & “A New Day Yesterday” by Jeth…
@saltwateritch @antmeals 👌 @CitizenMeh Wow, wow, wow!! Sounds amazing. @saltwateritch @antmeals Cassette if you want to be proper hipster 😊 @CitizenMeh Wow! Was this a last minute announcement? Must’ve been excellent seeing them there.Really enjoyed #TheWarOfTheWorlds I first read the book shortly after moving from Chertsey to Shepperton. Enjoyed t… to week 89 of #TheMixtapeProject & this week's compiler is @jhoburgh, with a gallop over the past few years…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @antmeals I’m actually wearing my specs less these days as I don’t need them for reading (yet) and feel it relaxes… @etranger81 Haha, don’t worry, we’ve watched about 20 episodes of Friends today. @antmeals Yep, that happens to me a lot 😊That point in the evening when you know you ought to have an early night but aren’t ready to give up on the weekend… @Sipperana @IndieOver40 @i40publishing Yep it’s an @IndieOver40 publication @catherine_allin @IndieOver40 @i40publishing Ah, it’s on the album. Shows how much attention I pay to song titles n… @catherine_allin @IndieOver40 @i40publishing Wait, there’s a new Pixies song???!!!i40 Journal Week 45: What are the chances a band covers a song you literally only learned to play 48 hours earlier… @petcrowband @gigticket Cool. Will look out for you. @Cockers_ 👍 @antmeals @boy_azooga 👍 @Tvermar 👍 @Kedwondo 👍 @eljimosabe 👌 @gigticket @petcrowband Nice, like this a lot. @MirandaKitten Love anything Jesca does 👍 @caroline_binnie Nice, is the album out yet? You Want It Darker was such a great final release but I’m keen to hear more.♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Ezra Furman (132), Michael Kiwanuka (30), A Winged Victory for the Sullen (27), The Vel… good!
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @TobiasCotton No, it was J’s 40th so 2006 😊 @adele_pascale Haha! About time I started getting some Twitter props 😆 Thanks for letting me know x
@vampdavegrohl @shemakeswar @MrDuncanJames If you click on the “Go via YouTube app link” it should work for you.Feel old yet?
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺Space 1999 is on and they’re talking about the pollution of the 21st century destroying nature on Earth. The acting… @weddingpresent @BOILEROOM I’ve wondered about that spelling too. @Adm1natrix The first bit not the second bit obvs. @Adm1natrix Good news 👍 @t1m1964 @Adm1natrix 👌Hey wonderful people. 10 days left to register to vote! Let's vote Labour and build a better world. Ww loves you xx
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @alanmuttley1066 Thanks Alan
@LostCertainties Cool, it’s been a while but I’m seeing him next year when he plays a small venue in Guildford for Independent Venue Week. @Sipperana @_SPJ_ It was my 2nd favourite of that year, but now you’ve said that I’m not sure the last time I actua… Twitter. Let's have names of bands that you genuinely can't believe are anyone's favourite band, those who get a…
Retweeted by Chöpstick 🇪🇺 @Sipperana Mac DeMarcoInspired by a @_SPJ_ post on Instagram decided to try and pick my favourite albums of the decade. Eighteen brillian… @Sipperana Same.