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I wish I could describe myself as a gay "boy" but that ship has well and truly sailed. Television shows Love stories, harmless gossip and drama. Lots of drama.

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@TheVampsJames @DianaAward Me too ❤️💙💜I’d like to nominate @DianaAward 👍🏻
Retweeted by C.Rees💙💙💙
Retweeted by C.ReesSuch good news about the vaccine. I hope it doesn't make people too casual and careless, especially with the lockdo…
One of the things I loved about furlough was watching the 80s tv shows I loved as a kid, on Sony. Tonight I've reco… @elaine_paige Still the best Christmas album I ever bought. Woolworths 1983 ? along with my cards and wrapping pap… Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid #PopCulture
Retweeted by C.ReesJessica Chastain as Merida from Brave #PopCulture
Retweeted by C.ReesJennifer Hudson as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog #PopCulture
Retweeted by C.Rees @BulaThe1andOnly A colleague of mine always says ( rightly ) that the person who cleans the loos is the most import…
Just got home from work after 9 months furlough. I missed my friends but I am exhausted and still have concerns abo… @BulaThe1andOnly @BillyIdol It was ... for the first time ☺️😂❤️ @BulaThe1andOnly @BillyIdol The only punk fella that ever appealed to me was Daniel Day Lewis in My Beautiful Laund… @BulaThe1andOnly @BillyIdol Ooh girlfriend, not me.. @NeighboursHQ Pierce is brawnier these days ... @Tim_McNulty Me too. First day back in the real world since March 14. Not feeling very safe or optimistic. The inf…
@nucosi Thank you x @BulaThe1andOnly Thank you xNine months of furlough ends today. Boris and the Boys aren't exactly reassuring me that it's going to be okay. Th… @mrose1965 Joan Rivers
Boris, either keep everything shut down until 2021 or trust me to look after myself the way you are telling me I HA…
@nucosi Yep 🥴
@DaveVescio A much-loved British sitcom actress was pretty mean to me when I served her.Boris Johnson: “Your tier is not your destiny – every area has the means of escape” Is this guy planning a Hunger Games for the North?
Retweeted by C.Rees @Jo92Jo I've tasted it many times ☺️☺️ @NeighboursTV Can Don Hany stay please?
Retweeted by C.Rees @mann_reelmann @AprilRPengilly @neighbours Sheila would be my bestie in real life xx @TheNerdyCatLady JellyTwitter suspended me for 12 hours last week for saying that f****t was a nasty, homophobic word. I appealed. No res… @FreddysNewN2_ Oh, I've missed you Fred xx @EllyJBurg I hope you do well over Christmas Elly x🏳️‍⚧️ Hi. This is my store 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 It's hard to compete with big businesses this time of year so feel free to r…
Retweeted by C.Rees @SallyAnMatthews @_ClaireRichards @OfficialSteps Nice x @Royston_Smith Dear Mr Smith, From next wednesday I am expected to travel to West Quay by bus and mix with hundreds… @MiaFarrow Raise your hand if you want to go to Mia Farrows for Thanksgiving next year.
Retweeted by C.Rees @MiaFarrow I have watched the whole of Peyton Place during lockdown. I adore Alison. She is the girl every mum want her son to bring home.Happy Turkey Day, baby!
Retweeted by C.Reeshow did the chicken get in your head? you ate it.
Retweeted by C.Rees @Jo92Jo I'm so so sorry for you. I'd be bitterer than a lemon in vinegar. I wish you all the very best x @DragonAngel74 She wasn't a brainless little girl when she went. She knew what she was doing and hasn't shown enoug… @educated_educ8r If that means shopping trolley, yes I do 😊😊 @tunesisme @albolt76 The best ! @jamonthebottom @albolt76 Me neither☺️Maybe it's Picard I'm a Londoner #SciFiASongOrBook
Retweeted by C.Rees @jamonthebottom @albolt76 I'm sensing a Star Tre😊k fan hereMy Mum is my Carer, I need 24/7 care and will do for life, it’s an exhausting,Lonely, worrying role and she fights…
Retweeted by C.ReesSo told this lockdown would definitely end on 2nd December, but now the north is dumped into Tier 3 which is just a…
Retweeted by C.Rees @kimtopher22 @lovejulieacafe I'm grateful too but still extremely p***ed today.So tier 3 is just lockdown with Primark?
Retweeted by C.Rees @danno2020 Dan, you can't get covid anywhere that you spend money. Government rules.Is anyone taken in by the double standards here ? tier 3 you can send your kids to school then after you pick them up nip into town for an haircut & see what barg…
Retweeted by C.Rees @onedart_ If its got an entrance fee, it's allowed. Your Nan won't charge a tenner for hugging her. It's a total farce.That's it in a nutshell Andy. sounds like a threat..... good!
Retweeted by C.Rees @jamonthebottom Very good indeed @nucosi That looks like me emerging from lockdown after 9 months Alex..So I have to travel to work on a sweaty bus next week, serve complete strangers through the madness of last minute… shut up Parry #JeremyVine @JeremyVineOn5 @knocker01 Paw-geous. Happy Birthday Buddy @Tim_McNulty I think he plays the younger lad who is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. @Tim_McNulty Thats impressive🌟 @Tim_McNulty Fruit Machine ? It's bittersweet but beautiful. I think it takes place in Liverpool as well as Brighton. @Tim_McNulty Maybe in extreme cases like that one .. I was much more sophisticated, my favourite at the time was The Fruit Machine. @Tim_McNulty Worse film I ever saw in a cinema ? Most disappointing was A Star Is Born (1970s) because my friend an… @Tim_McNulty Curly Sue is my cousin Dominic's favourite film @Dark_Angels72 @lovesretro2 @Absolute80s Loved it. I only saw it on DVD. Covid will know it Christmas and it won't go after anyone. Just like Covid knows when we are going to work to i…
They really meant well and as a gay man who has seen sych horrible homophobic tv in his lifetime, I appreciated the…'t it a little too soon for Mackenzie to have sex after her surgery ? #Neighbours @theglamityjane Happy Wednesday Rudolph x TODAY on @TalkingPicsTV The 1957 film🎥 “Miracle in Soho” directed by Julian Amyes from a screenplay by Eme…
Retweeted by C.Rees @The_Real_JSP I can't wait for the vaccine. I have to go back to work in a busy shopping next Wednesday. I would lo… @castawayinlondo Too late honey xDo I care about Shamima Begum ? Let me think ? No. Not a flying f*** Some young people are taken in and seduced onl… @Jedicatedmollyx @planetjedward @JepicHQ I love Jedward. I'd like them to play the cats in a live action Lady And The Tramp.Nobody but me remembers Cover Up . It was my favourite detective series of the 80s and had such a sad behind-the-ca… went to sit on a bench and some fcker had removed the slats and I hit the floor like a folded deck chair . . h…
Retweeted by C.Rees @castawayinlondo I keep looking at the bottle of Baileys sitting in the fridge, which I bought for when I decorate… @shane_r Maybe not Satan, but Priti wouldn't be my 100th choice of babysitter..#JamesMason is THE MAN BETWEEN (1953) 10:20am drama #ClaireBloom #HildegardKnef with #TPTVsubtitles
Retweeted by C.Rees @GMB @piersmorgan @fmwales It makes as much sense as reopening everything for three weeks first. November's lockdown will already be undone.A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it. - Albert Einstein
Retweeted by C.Rees @Fact @hergoodness And Bert Einstein was Marilyn Monroe's fantasy lover so he was THE man @miawilliams1982 @miawilliams1982 I hate to be the voice of doom, but for how long ? Sorry x are people so anxious about the 5 day amnesty for Christmas when they are quite happy to go to pubs and Primark…
Reports Government sources have said that up to three households will be allowed to mix for up to five days over Ch…
Retweeted by C.ReesOver 850 dead in Italy today. The numbers are going back up. We’re going to be back where we were in March soon. A…
Retweeted by C.Rees @drjonty The madness really ensues next week when the town centres are reopened. The tiers won't be effective. It w… bananas go to the beach. They put on sunscreen and go swimming and they jump in the lake. Is that funny?
Retweeted by C.Rees @KidsWriteJokes Funnier than most Christmas cracker jokes. adaptation of A Christmas Carol makes me cry at the end if its schmaltzy enough but Dolly Parton's has me in pi… @BulaThe1andOnly I like the Bristol one too @HorrorPaperback It might be on @TalkingPicsTV again soon. Ask them. They are very good at replying to tweets. Such a great channel.It’s funny to watch Marco try to carve out some space for himself as a right-wing populist who can win in 2024.…
Retweeted by C.Rees @CarolKettley We all do Darling.#ProsecuteTrump
Retweeted by C.Rees @HorrorPaperback A brilliant Burton film was on Talking Pictures this week. It reminded me of your tweets. The Medu… @CarolKettley Very pretty. I haven't got the heart to put up decorations this year. It's so unlike me.😪