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Nottingham Forest are magic, as are Fab ice lollies. Muse also make the grade. @Maverick_Mag editor, festival goer, Labour voter & bassist

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He’s not even wrong. What is the world coming to @AshRamian The act you’re still talking about it 🤷🏻‍♂️ whatever man, enjoy your win @Dazzler_m It’s still a correct decision though, as frustrating as it was @AshRamian Just strange mentality ain’t it 😂 you’re coasting at the top, fist a top six challenger to tears and yet… @AshRamian Man it’s a week later and we’re your first thought after you’ve won a game of football. You’re spun beyond words. Let it go pal1) by the letter of the law, ref was annoyingly right. 2) we had 75 minutes after that to score and didn’t. We didn… @AshRamian Not that fussed mate, game was done and dusted last week. Just surprised it’s still rattling you @AshRamian Looool you’ve just pumped Bristol City 3-0 and we’re your first thought. Rent freePositive spin is that we’ve got 12 to go, Bristol City got fisted and Fulham & Brentford also drew. Not the best ti… frustrating. So, so frustrating #nffc @jessicasophieex That much?How?! How?!?!? Jesus being pushed up into the 10 role I’m guessing, cos if Yates is coming on as a goal scoring threat, I’m very w… @Clarkey_No1 Bloody typical isn’t it!Wow get in!!! @CityGroundShelf It’s an amazing place mate, you’ll love itIf this doesn’t highlight how bad officials are in the UK, I don’t know what does. Lo Celso should be missing his n… it now. We’ve made a complete mockery of the system that worked so well at the World Cup. If our officiating… Sow 😬😬 #nffc @ItsAideonlynow Genuinely staggered by that. Mowbray certainly got them punching, thought they were awfulI know there’s still 70 minutes of football left to play, but how on Earth are Blackburn in sixth?!? @Eddie_Owen16 @TheDanSmith0610 @Miguel_Booker Yeah they were class mate! Visuals out this world @Miguel_Booker Ngl I was the same until I was dragged to see them at Glastonbury in 2016 - completely changed my perspective on them aha @SMMBaggies @NFFC Top of the league and strongest team in the chasing pack dropped two points last night, but yet y…
@CityGroundShelf @ReissNFFC Easily mate. Parker’s inexperience is the only thing that’s kept it competitive @WiggumCharm Brilliant isn’t it!! @wakingrabbit Loving the Waitrose milk in his attempt to convince the north he’s one of themSometimes the best songs win: Grammys.
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Natural selection here we come is also how Andreas Pereira ended up in the Manchester United first team.
Retweeted by Christian Brown @WeahsCousin @MatthewBull07The sole upside of living through this humblingly shitty era is knowing you’ll *probably* get to witness arrogant t…
Retweeted by Christian Brown @EmmaKinsey7 Pahaha happy birthday 🎉 @Ciara87C Love to see it. She’s an awful human being
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@90sWWE @steveaustinBSR @JHawkins1992This is the business equivalent of urinating on the photocopier, turning up to work late at 1pm shouting sweet Caro…
Retweeted by Christian BrownThe replies basically resemble this. Dave was right Patel - There's no such thing as dabbling in drugs, that's a serious offence. Will Priti Patel now have half…
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Stormzy, BRITs 2018: “Theresa May, where’s the money for Grenfell?” Dave; BRITs 2020: “Grenfell residents still ne…
Retweeted by Christian Brown @ReissNFFC @Clarkey_No1 True, but that was a Ronaldo inspired Juve. Liverpool don’t have anyone on that individual… @Clarkey_No1 They were only under par because Atletico made them seem that way. Imo this is a tougher for Liverpool… vs Atletico Madrid.
Retweeted by Christian BrownCosta to bully VVD until he’s cowering behind the net and then getting a red - calling it now #AtletiLFC
WOW @Phillinman It was you wasn’t itPahahahaha get a grip!!! Quick reminder that everyone likely to interact with and see this tweet has exactly the sa…’s low blow is so much better with commentary from J.R and Jerry the King Lawler
Retweeted by Christian BrownRight own up, who sent Fergie back down the corridors of the FA? Shameful officiating tonight #CHEMUNIs Keith Stroud the ref tonight? #CHEMUN‘Agent relationship with you: hates you’ @FootballManager #FM20 @JamesL25 All correct! @statts1971 Had a shocker honestly! @AnalyticsForest The latter is sadly correct, former not so @CRColville Swap Newcastle for the sheep and you’re bang on @Gibbo8 Shambles honestly, amazing how we made light work of some big dogs but then fell behind to some utter dross @GeorgeDownes United and Blackburn the only two from that list 👀 @Gibbo8 Had a Weston 🤦🏻‍♂️Ok let’s try that again as I explained that terribly. From our five seasons in the Prem, there are only seven sides… @fritzromanov Nah I’ve just explained it really, really badly. Hang on aha @Gibbo8 Nah I mean in seasons we’ve been in the Prem - but yeah United and Blackburn are two @LilMissRedDog United are the only one out of that list, amazingly - nah the other six are dotted around the FL @fritzromanov There’s only one in the Prem atm! Sadly two of the teams who have done so are teams we as a club don’t like @fritzromanov We finished third one year, so that wipes out a lot of PL sidesIn the Prem, I should add @Stevotop @StepsAscending @WBA @ALBIONFANTV Years of doing absolutely nothing other than survive? Wolves’ 7th place…, FIFA 2002. What a time @ashsimmo230 The fact you think he’s lazy proves you know nothing about football. Never mindIf this isn’t a contender for @CursedFootball, I don’t know what is
Wait. You mean he hasn’t got it ‘done’?
Retweeted by Christian Brown @THWIEV @dalesilvermate @CraigRamage70 This take is worse than your performance 07/08 season. Jesus wept. “If it’s… @EmmaKinsey7 Suspect you won’t be hearing him for much longer 😬 @ashsimmo230 You mean apart from the 16 he’s got for us this season? Fans like you are unreal, man goes through a r…
Everybody’s performed above and beyond today. The abuse Stroud has received has been fantastic. The @NFFC admin wil…
Retweeted by Christian BrownAnd just like the Villa, we’ve got a past worth looking back fondly on - meanwhile you man are best known for havin…’s a star mannnnn, running down the right 💫Pahahahaha just realised the person Cash skinned before rifling that rocket into the roof of the net was none other… @GebMatthew Will take that as a yes @paul_blagrove Rightfully or wrongfully mate, if that game takes place in the Prem, we get a pen, the second goal d… @GebMatthew Not as much as you were when Matty Cash took the roof off of that net#WBA fans when being told about Livermore’s GBH attempt, the handball, the attack on Ameobi for their second goal &… @growupdan 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @robinlarsen @charli_xcx @lemmyyy_I see #MonkOut is trending - almost like he’s a massive bottlejob who chokes when the going gets tough and has done… have already stated that this is a CLEAR RED CARD OFFENCE. Players have a duty of care towards each other. The re…
Retweeted by Christian Brown @ReissNFFC Worst officiating I’ve ever seenEnding Saturday in the top six was the objective and we’ve done it. Well in #nffc @ReissNFFC That’s still at least 1000x better than what I wished upon him after their second goalHad a great day, scored a goal and acheived a new knee slide personal best distance. Not all good news though. The…
Retweeted by Christian Brown @RileyNFFC_ @NFFC @alexburns1088 Ffs 😭😭😭Even the official club account has gone in, amazing scenes you love to see Goodman “his shin pads didn’t do their job there”. Might be because it’s much higher than that! Horrible challe…
Retweeted by Christian BrownSeven points from Brentford (A), Leeds (H) and WBA (A) is great going. Just makes the 0 points from Birmingham and… deserved. GET IN CASHY! 🤩 #NFFC