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@rardk64 @UnifierLyone That’s right. I found just about every type of egg before I even saw or talked to him.Don't believe anything you read for the next 24 hours.
Retweeted by Chris~BigKFinally, Mario Sunshine on the Switch. Now everyone can experience the zenith of the Super Mario series
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@thevowel @will_tuttle Thank you for sharing 👍🏻 @katiecasper @Rheiret I want to like this Tweet twice. For the rhyme but also the perfect image 😂👍🏻Lol at my poor typing on the Switch. 😂You all are going tohte me -- I got thison my first attempt #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #Stringfish #NintendoSwitch @_MissClick_ @Gameonysus The video shows that it’s possible, also sounds liked YMMV. Even if you only get 90K back,… and delivered! The Able Sisters have finally graced us with a shop, so now you too can rep #GamerU in…
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@Jebailey Challenge accepted. @ArcadeGirl64 @Simbalismisdeep @jacobhuston14 Was just thinking how it would be great to get similar treatment next… @_MissClick_ Does it consistently give you that much? Wife and I thought about trying but we’re afraid we would waist bells haha. @moldyclay That would be awesome. The question is are they actually going to do some type of collection for once, o… @Alcoholikaust
Clever girl... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Chris~BigKIt's a lovely day on the island... @house_house_ @panic #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by Chris~BigKToday. I told a 28 year old that he needs intubation. He was scared. Couldn’t breathe. I told the wife of a 47 y…
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@WillJPowers This is my #QuarantineCooking thread: are some infographics that show what it will mean to #StaySafeStayHome in Salt Lake City. #FlattenTheCurve
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You could win a physical Classic Edition of Panzer Dragoon on the Nintendo Switch! Follow @LimitedRunGames,…
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @imranzomg So what you’re saying is Joker appears in more games on Nintendo Switch compared to PlayStation 4. 🤔 @JolsonTweets @WalterFBiela @GenePark “Do you take Nook Miles?” @blurrygil
@ArcadeGirl64 @0sdp @Precita85 The year is still early! We could easily see 1 or two Mario games show up by years e… @PhilAkaDirk I think I 100% completed the original Rouge Squadron on 64. Loved its, but then I’m not as good as it… @PhilAkaDirk SofE is tough, more because of the controls. I couldn’t get past the AT-ST as a kid, but I started rep… — all on the same day 👀 wow! 1: Racer coming to #NintendoSwitch makes me hopeful that we will also see Shadows of the Empire and Rouge S… was a welcome surprise. Please bring more games to Switch, @EA ! pizza was a success, so now I’ll get a pizza stone for future pizza nights. 🍕🤤 #QuarantineCooking
@sabotengarden You right now: @jmdornbush Go for it! I just played the first Dragon Quest game on Switch for the first time last month and had a…
Took a little break from posting but had to come back for this. Streak (wanted to try a few videos I’ve seen of how… @davejorgenson @tiktok_us I love checking your videos everyday. Keep it up!
@MercuryCrusader I vote to now on call FPS’s “DOOMrips”. @thevowel Alright, let’s play some Tony Hawk 👀 @kateburning Oh no 😬
@kateburning Looks like the ladder recipe was available in your shop too, so I grabbed that for myself and one for my wife. Thanks again! @kateburning On my way! Can I get a ladder? :) @glottis8 @Hyl_ian If my New Lead memory is good, below 100 is good. Prices can skyrocket some days, but I can’t re… @glottis8 @Hyl_ian Yes — if you don’t sell before then, the turnips go bad. You can also buy turnips from other t… @Hyl_ian You can also go to someone else’s town to sell, so if someone you know has a shop buying for a high price,… @Hyl_ian You buy turnips at a certain price. Through the week, Timmy/tommy will be buying them for a price, sometim… @kateburning @joeynoelle How many Nook Miles do you get for that? 🤔 @shawnwasabi @Sophartso Wife would like her own copy :) @WillJPowers Looks tasty! I made some the other night with katsu chicken.
Day 6 of quarantine
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @TheShepDawg1 I remember hearing about consilizer for the SP but I didn’t know it was available now.Oh dang this is slick. Now I’m really considering doing this. @kateburning This image is torture. Looks too good! @theanderson64 @hipsterhalfling Yes, no rush! Take it at your own pace. It’s supposed to be relaxing! @hipsterhalfling @theanderson64 Look closer. 👀 @iantothemax Ok, so hopefully I should be getting that tomorrow then!Ready for Blathers to arrive tomorrow. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @iantothemax Tommy just wanders around outside. Timmy has DIY for beginners, Flimsy Ace, Flimsy Watering Can, and S…
Here’s a full list of items you should be panic buying: #COVID19Aus
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @iantothemax Yes, I would totally do this with my shovel ... @majornelson #freecodefridaycontest Is it bad to say DOOM (2016)? Played only a little bit of their past games, but… Elba did not... - guard the Bifrost - cancel the apocalypse - captain the Prometheus - explore deep space -…
Retweeted by Chris~BigKは?
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @_lilchen Oh dang this is a great idea 🤔🤔
Curry rice and Katsu chicken for tonight. おいしそう! @TimGettys You need white controllers to match the style! healthy speedrunners
Retweeted by Chris~BigKSimple omelette for lunch (I’ve been doing variations of this for the past week for lunch).
Retweeted by Chris~BigKI’m considering getting a cheaper laptop or desktop for my kids to use for home school work so we aren’t sharing my…
@coldhealing Can someone replace the music with the Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct music? 👀Listen to this man. @jboz92 Sounds tasty! @Chris_BigK You inspired me to bust out the slow cooker today. Thank you!
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @jboz92 Oh awesome! What are you making?Perfection. Tastes like home. ❤️ #QuarantineCooking in #QuarantineCooking 1.2 #QuarantineCooking update. #QuarantineCooking doesn’t stop this train — homemade chicken noodle soup means making your own noodles. Starting early.… DAMAGE: this is next to the Rescue Mission or Salt Lake at 500 S 400 W @fox13
Retweeted by Chris~BigKEarthquake felt along the Wasatch Front, here's what we know: •5.7-magnitude •At least two 3.5-magnitude aftershoc…
Retweeted by Chris~BigKOk are all these aftershocks normal? I can’t feel any of them like the first one, but seems weird. @KSLcom @fox13 of aftersbocks., that seems big. @youtah My sister in Heber felt it too. Crazy. @scottjohnson Felt it out here in Eagle Mountain/Saratoga Springs.Who needs an alarm clock when you have an earthquake to wake you up. 😬this is so fucking funny
Retweeted by Chris~BigKAnd what to do after making and eating dinner? Start making tomorrow’s dinner! Homemade chicken noodle soup for tom…’s menu: BLTCE (Bacon Lettuce Tomato Cheese Egg). Tried the bacon method and I’ll be using that for doing ba…
A message from me and my dad, @Melbrooks. #coronavirus #DontBeASpreader
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9 Essential Egg Recipes
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @NewWombat I get why they are doing it, but that is a bummer. If you don’t want to buy that card though, you can ap…
Thank you so much n0ne for taking n0ne of the prize money. Sorry had to. But seriously a few players did this which…
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @8BitDo Any plans to release a firmware update for the SNES receiver that makes it compatible with the Nintendo Switch SNES Controllers?
“Smithers. This plague doesn’t scare me. I’ve constructed a germ-free chamber for myself. Not a single microbe can…
Retweeted by Chris~BigKCountry roads Take me home move Nintendo 👀 #ReleaseAnimalCrossingEarly
@FourScore64 @NintendoAmerica you have inspired me to put this together
Retweeted by Chris~BigK @lauramustard Happy to see that people still have their limits/standards even in a pandemic 😂