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Just call me Heckin’... Mr Chonker was my father ☺️ | BEng Electrical Engineering | Toyota Corolla Driver | @J3ssicawalker enthusiast ❤️| 🦆 🌉

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@_natalie_olivia Wow another glorious success for Chris Winter™️ @_natalie_olivia Okie dokieI hope you all enjoy my car buying article 😳 @IsaacAtPub A*AAAAAABBCC Unfortunatley, we were capped at taking 9. I managed to sneak in 2 extra by taking further maths and Latin tho 😳 @_natalie_olivia @J3ssicawalker Its fun. Simple as. @Catholic_George can and will confirm 👍 @LainieLaHaye @J3ssicawalker @JacobBardenUK Lainie understands @J3ssicawalker @JacobBardenUK You can build a better PC for cheaper. Plus, it’s fun 😳 @JacobBardenUK @J3ssicawalker No hope left @J3ssicawalker @_natalie_olivia Building a computer is fun tho 😡😡😤😤 @J3ssicawalker Building a computer is fun tho @Ifti217 Ah you can only really get them in Yorkshire. I found 1 Cooplands in Gateshead but I’ve never seen any fur… @Ifti217 Think that’s bad? Cooplands sells 4 sausage rolls for £1The only positive thing to look forward to is when Reddit eventually moves on to the next thing to ruin and complet… @MazyReturns Well that’s a spot of good luck for you>be me >go to a nautical school for 5 years >know a small handful of songs because of it >get more interested in… took Reddit precisely 5 seconds to ruin sea shantiesLocal secondary school moment Bottom text @Jason_Carr95 Greggs moment Bottom text @Jason_Carr95 @JamieHampton98 Wasn’t even Jamie that inspired this tweet but now that you mention it 😂😂😂😭😭😭 @simonelhanna “I know this is awkward but I couldn’t control myself”“Yeah I can drive... I just can’t be bothered to take my test” soon as you get a drivers license, you too will look down on people who say ‘ah yeah I can drive I just don’t have a license’
@samuelmartinuk a very good question @LeaderMorton Oh crumbs just dm me for my address and you can post it back. Thanks so much for finding it 🙏🙏 @ArchRose90 Thank you based Chris Rose 👍 @AJRClegg Thank you Based Clegg @GuyTories Wow thank you based Make up a tory guy admin, very cool 👍I have now lost half a stone since the first of January 👍Every “Northern” character in a musical.
Retweeted by Christopher Winter 👍🇬🇧Which one of you fuckers just sent me this 😂😂 Been on my wish list for months 😂 @JoshSmithSpears Jesmondville was covered in snow just a few days ago. My flat mates sent me pictures @JoshSmithSpears Mate, it’s been snowing in Newcastle for days 😳One could say that the *wheels* are already in motion 😳 @NewLabRolfaroo Yubs basically doxxing himself Wacky @_dirigiste @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Not really, I just don’t want small villages and towns ruined by huge developments.
@_dirigiste @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Why would we have to build towns in places no one wants to live? Never suggested… @_dirigiste @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Ah yes because a new housing development in the south east is the same as a town…>tfw @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 please refer to my orginal tweet who is confused by all of these Scotland/Unionist posts all of a sudden
Retweeted by Christopher Winter 👍🇬🇧 @AscendedVoter Cool model but kinda wacky that when you finish it its in its 'destroy the entire world' mode of operation 😂 @JoshNDawson76 @Tris_Robinson_ Maybe next time you should open with your second paragraph. It makes you come across… be like “hmm needs more skyscrapers”
Retweeted by Christopher Winter 👍🇬🇧 @JoshNDawson76 @Tris_Robinson_ Their views are far more important because they actually live their. Funny you shou… @JackHadders Hi, Silver Certificate Winner over here @Tris_Robinson_ @JoshNDawson76 That’s insane how do you that that £1k+ per month is affordable? @JoshNDawson76 @Tris_Robinson_ A villages purpose is to be a village. Not to ‘move wealthy folk away from towns’. M… @_dirigiste Does the Britpoppers wife have a similar role to that of curlys wife from of mice and men in that she h… @_dirigiste Is a britpoppers wife called a Britpoppress?I Swear down of this thing turns me into a L*bertarian I’m blaming everyone who memed me into buying it @Tris_Robinson_ @JoshNDawson76 I doubt that if these properties are as lucrative as you say, the new builds on thes… @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Yeah so we should make it easier to build on those sites and punish real estate speculators. @Tris_Robinson_ @JoshNDawson76 Well yeah most places are small in comparison to the second most populated city in the UK 😅 @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Right, do you have any idea how much brown field land their is in the UK? Do you have any id… @Tris_Robinson_ @JoshNDawson76 Ok so you have roots in that community. That’s understandable. But in the grand sche… @JoshNDawson76 @Tris_Robinson_ Building affordable housing is good. We SHOULD be building it Making a tiny village… @Tris_Robinson_ @JoshNDawson76 9000 isn’t very small. That’s actually quite big. Also, you say you recently moved… @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Please refer to my previous tweet: We SHOULD be building affordable housing. We SHOULDNT be… @JoshNDawson76 @Tris_Robinson_ Bruh why can’t you just accept that people living in small villages don’t want the w… @Tris_Robinson_ @JoshNDawson76 If you build small scale and with the same style, people won’t complain because why… @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Also, I’m literally a 4 mile drive from a supermarket, a swimming pool/leisure centre, the s… @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 Yeah I chose to live like this. It’s actually very nice. Most people who live in villages *c… @JoshNDawson76 You have clearly never lived in a small village @STLD98 @JoshNDawson76 No it doesn’tThey could even name the villages and towns that they plan after themselves of someone they like (Peterlee springs to mind)If planners had any imagination, they would plan villages and towns on their own on brownfield sites. Instead the… @JoshNDawson76 Why do you want to ruin villagesTop 10 greatest masters of deception @Jason_Carr95 Reddit ruined it. People will have forgotten by then 😥 @DonOleGunnar @PunishedYacks >implying a joke has to be good to be a joke @OscarCullinan @seeking_Trad Toyotas are based🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @Liam64430485 Why are you defending a pervert?🤔
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Retweeted by Christopher Winter 👍🇬🇧 @angloandbehold @sovietvisuals No problem sad donald 👍>gf going viral Based forward to attending this event. My friend @J_Scott_95 will be speaking. I will be in attendance as the nat…
Retweeted by Christopher Winter 👍🇬🇧 @rievaulx_ based @AscendedVoter No, let them be free of modernityPitcairn: NEET island be like 'what do you mean the chicken crossed the road... WHY would it cross a road???' completely misses a cheeky joke and starts ranting on twitter about how it doesnt make sense"Citizen, why are you yelling?" "I was singing" "Citizen come back here!" "What is wrong?" "Please... keep singing"… after hiring a washed up D-list celebrity
Retweeted by Christopher Winter 👍🇬🇧 @rievaulx_ Tbf all of this stuff should be being done by the opposition leader not Rashford.They also had secret units of measurement like ‘the rate of discomfort at speed and temperature’So one of the letters was a K and an O but squished together and they referred to it as ‘New Zealand letter’ and wh… a dream where there was a secret 30 letter alphabet for the elites of society @AscendedVoter If you have a UK bank account, you will still get taxed. You would have to move your money to an offshore account
@brunette3barbie Based @maxwell_marlow no problem max👍 @pardonater only when you stop being creepy on the tl 😁👍 @will_99_ no u? @pardonater The fellas on our way to @pardonater after dissing my gf @rievaulx_ It’s true... as chairman of the board of @rievaulx_ mutuals, I can confirm that we all call him crannisIt’s raining really heavily on the window 😳🥰🥰🥰 @wengite I ✨just✨ want buildings to look nice @seenmonobrow Yeah you shouldBeen eating a lot of Oranges recenty 😳