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I make comic books.

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@droog811 Oh yeah. Featuring--as @David_Tipton pointed out earlier today--that noted "flash-rock group," @kiss. @CannonCantRap Love to see more of it, can you send me something?
If he had real class, he would've put on Ride the Lightning. But at least he didn't roll with Reload, which no doub… @breagrant @ReadingGPodcast I've already done two or more of these things today! Happy birthday to ya.I mean, this is cool but also troubling that the con’s Crimson Gem of Cytorrak detector was obviously on the fritz.
@peachchild @megan_mb SO FAR.The dog day care is helpful for multiple reasons but I mostly do it for the great pictures they take. @peachchild @megan_mb My career goal has become to never be the beneficiary of this withering gaze.Awww, this is happy news--way to Lovett and not Leave It, @RonanFarrow. I look forward to the podcast offspring sur… time when the concluding issue of the landmark "Galactus Saga" decided the best way to hook readers was with a… @jsnpritchett And speaking of DMB and their shitty influence... (And don't get me wrong, I liked me some Dave Matt… other artists, Soundgarden, Motorhead and... the Dave Matthews Band are on the ballot for the Rock and Roll H… Ryall, President & Publisher/Chief Creative Officer at IDW Publishing, award winning editor, and writer of th… think this is the kindest representation of my Irish pallor that I’ve ever seen. And just a great illustration by…
@pellertweeto Hey, if you'll agree to an ARCHIE MEETS UNTITLED UNIVERSAL FILM EVENT CHARACTER/S CROSSOVER, you can… excited to finally be able to talk about our coming UNTITLED UNIVERSAL FILM EVENT PREQUEL MINISERIES.
@IsaacGoodhart I agree and think the same about @brucemccorkinda’s #inktober pieces. And @beckycloonan &…
@BrianLynch Reed Richards had the same problem, made even worse by his inability to read his friend's mood... (of 12) Special "early aughts goatee variant" pic on this banner. and the Giant ImPeach @mattsinger I know, it's inexplicable that ScreenCrush has never done a "Where Are They Now" piece on such accompli… @jjnado @AnnieKoyama Nah, it was way deeper than that. See, the Rangers were leading an anti-litter campaign at sch… @AnnieKoyama I once got a trashcan dumped on my head by Bulk & Skull in an episode of Power Rangers. I reunited wi… next #spookyrec is one comics fans will be familiar with: Locke & Key! Written by Joe Hill and illustrated by G…
Retweeted by Chris Ryall @arobert @OffiLIFEOFAGONY Pretty sure that this was the first tweet ever to draw any kind of line between Harry Cha… to @arobert & @OffiLIFEOFAGONY on the release of their newest, The Sound of Scars. It's great on its own a… great @SkeltonCrew produced these wonderful 2” glow-in-the-dark enamel pins based on Archibald, the grey alien… @gerryconway @IDWPublishing Not us; although I'd love to make it happen if Dynamite doesn't do it. Can I just lice…
@JarOfComics As the Star Trek comic publisher, I'd be remiss not to suggest Pornhub, but it's a bunch of cold-blood… @SteveNiles It's not bad but in order to fully emulate this scene, I think it's going to require a prosthetic snout… a pug-sized Spider-Pig costume exist and I just can't find one or am I gonna have to bust out the needle and thread here?#2 (of 12) @DavidWalker1201 @solidcomix If you can talk another publisher into taking on Welcome Back, Kotter so we can make t…
If anyone comes up to me at a con wearing one (or more) of these, I'll, well, compliment you on your good taste. An… just discovered that this video podcast I did earlier this year was broken up into a dozen parts and will run dai…!!!
The third/final Ghost Box arrived today. Thanks to @pattonoswalt & hingstonolsen for starting off the Halloween sea… @arobert @IDWPublishing @JSolis82 Always so great seeing you! And I love that every pic we took was from an odd an…
@TomWaltz @thedisastrix @kevineastman86 @IDWPublishing I'll have more to say about this as 100 arrives but this is…
Final day or #NYCC with @da_mess and @paolovillanelli, and also David’s amazing gift of the Angel page that he comp… @amahnke Do not bend those Warlord comics! Also, look at this lovely pair of Wellingtons here:
The best part of any comic con—the post-con dinner. Especially when it’s with sdunbier @spiderwebart Jean Hildebran…
@philhester He has Jack’s original magic beans inside a display case against the opposite wall.Another annual #NYCC ritual: a visit to and dinner with John Byrne.
One of my favorite parts of #NYCC is that it’s timing coincides with @derekandsusan’s residency at The Beacon. Happ…
Dog is my co-pilot know the stories are good, but it’s even more worth the price of entry for the multiple Bring on the Bad Guys men… @ChuckWendig Chuck, really sorry for your loss, man. @malloryomeara @ReadingGPodcast Hex by @Thomas_Novelist is wonderful!
@MachineSqarrs @drew_moss Your overall point is obviously something comics needs to improve and it’s a worthwhile c…, the immensity of his skills enriches comics., 9/30 —@Joe_Hill presents his collection of short fiction, Full Throttle, which dissects timeless human str…
Retweeted by Chris RyallSo my mentor & friend #TomLyle is in the hospital right now after suffering a brain aneurysm. The doctors are hopef…
Retweeted by Chris Ryall
@JoshFialkov @JMDeMatteis When we worked with Meyer on his Sherlock Holmes comic, I basically used every conversati…’s #nationaldaughtersday, that special day when we have have a free pass to celebrate our wonderful daughters by… @Rio_Youers @ChristophGolden I want Taran Killam to play me!McDonald’s isn’t my thing but if I was gonna ever eat there again, it’d be at this one, spotted during a traffic-re…'t really kept up with this @joe_hill person since his trifle of a Spider-Man story but the comics he's making… @HeerJeet I checked Strunk & White's Elements of Style to check that inverted comma-or-apostrophe usage and the boo… discovered that recent Chrissie Hynde covers album, too—also good. Nice take on “Caroline, No,” among others.New music so far today: Sturgill Simpson made a great new fuzzed-out rock record, that “lost” John Coltrane is sati… a nice start to the day when a long-awaited new Chris Ware book is waiting on my desk
.@frankturner Your mum was quite insightful and engaging, that was a charming podcast. @KurtBusiek Those Steve Lightle covers sure were something.
Update: Buddy Guy tickets for March 2020 procured @DanSlott @KurtBusiek @Drewzer15 @adamsthinking @ErikJLarsen OF COURSE IT CAN. There's precedent. gets comp copies of this comic and yet I was so charmed by this video, I'm going to go pre-order it again anyway. @MagsVisaggs Okay, sure. Together and separate: @AaronMeyers I have a very similar letter from him...
@KurtBusiek @Christosgage I recently read his first Molokai book, too, and it's solid as well. He was a good comics… @RyLeeart I'll see your pug pic and raise you one... er, that is, I'll lower you one eye. @CoolComicArt @artofmmignola Whose colors? I love the coloring here.I mean, we've all thought it even more times than John Oliver has said it but... maybe *this time*?!
@damnparka If I'd known this was all part of the service, I never would've left... @robdelaney I think the causes you champion and the humor and empathy you show in the way you express yourself is i… @marcbernardin The Grammys are worth it for the outfits, the Ind Sprit awards for the booze, and the Key Art Awards… @SarahPinborough @linwood_barclay Same. And yet the book also makes me want to spend time at NY’s Highline when I’m there next month, too.By a Prince’s royal decree, today is the first day of fall @leighwalton I shouldn't remember this but this was the first song I ever karaoke'd. So if you ever need a partner…
I like Alabama Shakes and Thunderbitch a lot but Brittany Howard's new solo release is the best version of Brittany Howard so far.
If you could only celebrate one, #BatmanDay or @StephenKing's birthday, how to choose? Well, based on his essay fro… birthday @StephenKing! Thanks for telling such wonderful stories and for helping rear such wonderful offsprin… #BatmanDay! Art by Sam Kieth. @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond The problem with listing names is you inevitably leave some off, but I was also real… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond ...we just keep making good books and working with good people and trying to engage… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond Black Crown titles as monthly comics right now had to go dormant; but the option of… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond And I'm so happy to know that we'll be putting Shelly's coming Hey, Amateur! out int… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond Shelly and Philip should hold their heads high not only for the work they did but th… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond ...but some of these things hurt more than others. I love Shelly and Philip and the… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond I don't know. I'm sure it could be debated on all sides--imprints have a harder time… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond And the books are great lasting stories and solid contributions to this industry and… @davidmbarnett @sxbond @pjbond Add to it the amazing array of talents @sxbond engaged beyond just the wonderful… @davidmbarnett Launching Black Crown with @sxbond & @pjbond was a thrill. I've long admired both, and it was so exc… @davidmbarnett Yeah, it's a real bummer--the realities of this business aren't exactly new to me but it doesn't mak…
Regional doggo daycare theatre production of The Usual Suspects @PlanetReplicas I specifically didn't so it wouldn't sound so long ago, but it was Some Great Reward... @MrAdamFreeman I almost said Worst was Guns N Roses opening for Aerosmith back in like '90 but chalked that up to b… @erikburnham It sort of feels inexcusable to me that I haven't, since he's been playing live since before I was bor…, I'll play: concert history: 1st: Depeche Mode Last: Stray Cats Next: Tedeschi Trucks @ The Beacon Best:…