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Chris Ryall @chris_ryall San Diego, CA

I make comic books.

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The whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know h…
Retweeted by Chris Ryall @CharlesSoule @JamesTheFourth When I was in NH for Joe Hill's bachelor weekend, at midnight, we all trekked out to…
@philhester @Christosgage @RackSpinner You're both only partially right. All four for this guy.
Hey, the great Peter Kuper did this incredible piece for the New Yorker and has now, with Peter Maresca and Sunday…
Retweeted by Chris Ryall @scottheisel @amoebamusic @damianzamora I'm really glad @joe_hill & @GR_comics got to see this space in February wh… @declanshalvey I read this last night -- you and Gavin did a great job with it, it was a really affecting and effectively told story, man.IDW Publishing President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer @chris_ryall and Editor-In-Chief @TheJohnBarber ans…
Retweeted by Chris Ryall @CybertronBeast @TheJohnBarber @IDWPublishing We just recently did Locke & Key that way, and have at various times…
@kateleth Happy to see this news, Kate! Congratulations @bryanedwardhill I thought a long desk would be a good idea so it could fit a vinyl player and a Rom helmet, among… @TheJulieBenson @SarahWatson42 Just make sure to use proper form and you'll be fine. @PaulLosada @joshuarolson @leonardmaltin @TheOnlyEdAsner It was an Italian joint on Ventura -- I'm blanking on the name but Harlan loved it.I always loved this pic of Harlan and Walter Koenig from that same dinner (also courtesy Steve Barber). years ago today, Harlan Ellison blew out the candle on his 80th birthday as @leonardmaltin @joshuarolson @TonyFleecs @TheJohnBarber Same answer to all these questions.* *Note: I'm being facetious. But there are usually… @alexisverityc Nope! It's coming, it's one of those that has moved a few times so there's not a firm release date t…
I’ve reached the “torture the dog with Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Been Caught Stealing” stage of quarantine. @kiss Meth or Bath are too easy, Detroit Cock City and Dick it Up are too crude, so I'll go with God of Chunder.
@theReal_Rebel @neilhimself @andrewaydin Plus Watchmen, BKV's Y the Last Man and @usagiguy's Usagi Yojimbo, too! Ve…
@BackintheBronze I don't know that I ever noticed that before... Makes sense, though. You either need to rebuild i… @alex_segura @CBLDF @WalterSimonson @paul_levitz @TerryMooreArt @ColleenDoran @HackinTimSeeley @THR @graemem In hon… of the industry's top creators including Trina Robbins, Dave Gibbons, and Brian Stelfreeze and more are hostin…
Retweeted by Chris RyallCurrently enjoying @erinmorgenstern's The Starless Sea, and the allusion to Locke & Key in the book made for a fun little bonus.
@RJCrowtherJr @almakatsu You're championing the right people once again, RJ! I read both of these books last month… @joe_hill @ReedBeebe @danmcdaid Reed, DM me yer info and we can set you up with that soon as it's ready.
@HunterBlackComx 175, yup. Smith/Wiacek. And not to force the re-read on you, but well, it's worth it, sorry. Cyclops can wear a mask AND a visor, then so can you. The mask, I mean. A ruby quartz visor is optional, dependi… @KatWithSword @GR_comics Well then, how 'bout I share a little peek through the binoculars at what's coming in this… plans 2020
@thecobybird Coby, happy birthday to you! Sorry you can’t spend it like you normally do but from your picture, it l…
@ambernoelle That plus you're always on full display, with no easy way to discreetly scratch, pick, adjust, yawn, d…
@thetzechun Or maybe this is the actual correct answer. History will decide. @thetzechun I'm sorry but this is the correct answer. @GreggHurwitz You might think less of me for admitting this but I’ve only ever read Raymond Chandler shorts, never…
Can't tell if the pug feels the same way but I'm hard-pressed to name another artist of late who's been as consiste… @BrianKeene I admire both your parenting acumen and your choice of comics. @gerryconway & Ross Andru's Clone Saga i…
2020 lesser-seen but still gorgeous work by Darwyn Cooke: his covers for the 2010 adaptation of James Patterson's T… to other social media, seven years ago today, I tried to slay this undead creature... and failed to land… @MavenofHonor I also once stood behind @SarahKSilverman in line for grub at a Farmer's Market food stand and as muc… @MavenofHonor Passing through Barstow, CA, late at night, the only restaurant open was a Shakey's Pizza. Hardly an…
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Retweeted by Chris Ryall @Doncates @IDWPublishing You don't know anyone at IDW? @ronmarz It's solid top to bottom but they really won me over with "Bebe Neuwirth as 'the Siamese Cat.'" @jesse_hamm Even as a young guy living in NY pre-politics, this was a serious problem for Lyndon B:
@gholson Dreadstar. Here're my four (4.5 counting the monkey) reasons why.
Paul Kupperberg posted that we lost comics & animation writer/editor Martin Pasko today. I first read Marty's work…
@choafhoffman Paris Hilton and Ozzy, but it's not a great story. Better was Oliver Stone. He was the only other one… in my life, I’ve had the good fortune of being able to experience wonderful mothers first-hand. I miss my m…
Really sad news. Thanks to @SteveNiles, I once got to work with Richard and he was both very kind and talented. to score the creamsicle-vinyl version of jasonisbell’s latest a week ahead of its digital release thanks to z… @JoshYTsui Only two originals in existence are here and with one of the toy’s Co-creators. Or did you mean the ha… @GlennHauman Sure—I cycled through five settings til I found the one that’d inflict the most damage.After watching a few YouTube how-to videos, I figured out how to fix my hair. plan: extend IDW’s work-from-home order until my self-inflicted hair disaster repairs itself...
@SinaGrace I mean, yes, it's a great comic. But I like to see pictures of comics out in the wild, that's all. My kink. @themikenorton Hey, don't make fun, it's the new Covid-19 merkin-mask for those winter months. @SinaGrace This is kinda dreamy and perfect but also how dare you not post pictures of the comics, too?! @erikburnham @ThatsMyWoobie Nah, push yourself. Gimme Coleen Doran, Bill Sienkiewicz, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke. @rabiasquared Now, I'll likely never again quote Randy Quaid on anything but his character in Vacation had it right… @joe_hill Happy to help. In fact, I’m enjoying Basketful of Heads so much, I’m willing to say on the record right h… @marcandreyko That movie and your costume are both outstanding. @ambernoelle Bradbury's The Martin Chronicles and Stan Lee's Origins of Marvel Comics.
@Jody_Houser The person. The personality. Variant Edition @Jody_Houser The person. The personality. @ReturnofR @marcandreyko @CUTSII11e Something seems screwy with their search but the book is there:
@TwitterSports @thetzechun Past: Freaks and Geeks Present: Mindhunter @almakatsu I'm, er, devouring The Hunger right now -- when you do finally move to the new home, please don't travel…
This is so great -- you and Ed did an amazing job on this story, such a wonderful tribute to both Darwyn and Westla…
@joe_hill Other than the egregious slight of being cropped out of this picture, this was a truly magical, lovely da… @genesimmons @kiss I always hoped it was a riff on this... @DiscussingFilm Since it's #MayThe4th and all. honor of former Movie Poop Shoot columnist Scott Bowden's passing on April 23, I present to you the cease & desi…’ve never seen this before—evidently the only time Jack Kirby ever drew Star Wars professionally? For a trading ca… @ChristophGolden @StephenKing Maybe, maybe... but on the other hand, don't you really wanna see Chuck dance? @ChristophGolden The story resonated for me in that same way. It's something that struck me when longtime Archie Co… I'm a sucker for custom decks of cards and also cool-sounding graphic novels by creators I really like. @Christosgage @RackSpinner Not to spoil it but if you need to find out who the killer was, just check those calenda… @PeterClines You mean this guy? Yeah, not quite as imposing as the film version... this May the Fourth, may you find your inner Yoda, whatever color he might be.
Aaaaaaand GO out of place
@misscecil @SaraJBenincasa When Sara mentioned she was doing this with you, that was my first thought, too... @supervisor194 It actually is a little hard to see with that font, but look closely at the caption box, you'll c wh… @AdamRichesArt I mean, if Bruce Banner could become "David Bruce Banner" because of a little naming error in an iss… think @SaraJBenincasa & @misscecil are at hour 34 of their #SociallyDistantComicCon today and still looking refre… realize we didn't help it fade away by using the same image on this book a couple years ago. But dammit, it's suc… isn't me saying we made a recent cover typo or anything (but they've happened in the past), just commiserating… always suck, and cover typos even more. And yet I'm amused by thinking that someone might've justified this o…
@BackintheBronze There's really only one acceptable answer. figured it out just in time! Great talk, @SaraJBenincasa. Thanks again to you and @misscecil for doing this.’s quite possible I’m an idiot? I see Cecil live right now but not you. But I’m here, as is an attention-hungry p…
And here...we...GO! It's the lineup for #SociallyDistantComicCon FRIDAY on the Instagram Livez of moi et @misscecil
Retweeted by Chris Ryall @joe_hill Spielberg? Power Pack Fincher? Ghost Rider. Or a dark Dazzler movie set right at the end of the disco era. @chrisarrant @derek_charm @CCTabet Good idea! @BrianLynch I brought along a friend to help wish Henry a happy birthday. He deserves so blame for the corniness of…’s my son Henry’s 7th birthday this Sunday. He loves jokes, so if you have time, record yourself telling Henry…
Retweeted by Chris RyallEarlier, I listed five bands I listened to the most in high school but forgot Depeche Mode and now I feel like my entire day was a waste.