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Thanks to @Newsarama and @VanetaRogers for this incredibly flattering and in-depth interview. This reeeeeeeally cov…
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @JediHobbit99 @Newsarama Nope, this isnt spoiling the first issue.Hmm...I mean...there's definitely worse places to be in lockdown.
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @CullyHamner RED carpet mf'er... @jpalmiotti Heck, if nothing else do it for others' peace of mind. In this kind of situation, even that is an act of kindness.
@drinkpinkink @albertxii of appreciation for Grifter: covering his face in public and looking cool doing it.
Retweeted by Chris ArrantReady to make the leap to comics? Learn to write and pitch your comic idea with Alex Segura in our 2-week class. Sp…
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @HeyHeyItsConrad @IMPACTWRESTLING @IMPACTPlusApp @83Weeks @EBischoff There's a weird series of matches they did wit… @TiniHoward I still have our Lulu wallscroll, and an Auron somewhere. @CullyHamner is an @albertxii appreciation tweet!
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @CullyHamner You are definitely a Lester Freamonn.DC Donates $250,000 To Charity For Comic Book Stores
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @RafiLetzter Let's. @FredCStresing Yeah @alex_segura @zipyrich Alex is right in many ways. I appreciate him and his perspective, especially in something like this. @MitchGerads Let's pop this pimple and get with the healing. @MitchGerads You are a glutton for punishment sir. @EricaSchultz42 No, that was intended to brighten it up before the darkness. Thanks for asking. @SotoColor @RAHeight Yeah, I agree. It's about balancing urgent news with explaining bigger picture as it becomes evident.MARVEL COMICS 'Pausing' Work & Release of ONE-THIRD Of Its Publishing Line
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @SotoColor Would you rather someone else break the news in their own way?To All: Yes, I'll be on your podcast. (Probably, unless you're an asshole). @karen_xmenfan You deserve it!Everything is on hold right now but I did get to pick this up and I am so so thankful for @TiniHoward, @chrisarrant
Retweeted by Chris ArrantDoes this count the amazing @JimLee C2E2 spotlight panel I did in February? If so, I'm okay with that. I can do a g… @ezracdaniels @AlinaChauArt @kierongillen @chrisarrant @baberuthless___ @ChloeIsAGoth @ImageComics
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @strictlyworse @JoeCaramagna @JoeMulv Supposedly he drew something in the gorilla position during most shows for the wrestlers to… Gear alert (!) sound (x3)Hey kids, don't forget Uncle Chip's guide to drawing Daredevil, Marvel's most wholesome character. @CullyHamner, I did it. the days and weeks to come, #CreatorsAssemble will joined by: - @ezracdaniels - @SinaGrace - @AlinaChauArt -…
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @ToddCMatthy Not opening a random dropbox link. If you want to submit to Newsarama, email us through our addresses on our website.After Being Laid Off From Dayjob, JOHN SIUNTRES Doubles Down on More WORD BALLOON
Retweeted by Chris Arrantfarewell @outline. we have all been laid off.
Retweeted by Chris Arrant$100m is half of Bezos' usual income in a single day - according to Business Insider. @orangeworkerMN @alexdecampi Yes, there's lots more out there.One of comics' preeminent interviewers @johnwordballoon was laid off from his dayjob this week due to the financia… @ChrisFenoglio Blair's concept art for the 1950 Disney film CINDERELLA. Gouache on board. at where you get your news from - and consider if you really trust them.Milo Manara @jesse_hamm Yep, more coming.... @Doncates, what did you do?*deep breath* ... Good morning. @JoeMulv Yep, still drew during his WWF heyday.
I have to go to a Walmart pharmacy Saturday - please, grant me the powers of Unus the Untouchable. @maliciousglee I applaud you for the bookstore-minded perspective on this. CH tried to be Bookshop plus something e… publishing staffers who have transitioned temporarily from office jobs to working-from-home: once we get back…
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @TomBrevoort Let's have a good 'sit' as Tom tells us some stories.'ComicHub' Temporary Distribution System 'Isn't Going Forward' - How a idea went from saving the industry to no lon…
Retweeted by Chris ArrantHey, in light of all of this - consider requesting an absentee ballot now for upcoming elections. I was a elections… @TessFowler Hey you don't know me from fuck-all, but I hate that you're going through this but appreciate the spirit you're showing here.Bishopssss by Mike Del Mundo (@deadlymike). "Fun Fact: Both Bishops were created in 1991." - Mike at @WeAreMel: I’ve got a deep dive into what I was able to get from making public record requests to WrestleMan…
Retweeted by Chris ArrantIndie bookstores are irreplaceable. @JP_Books has generously donated $500,000 to launch a campaign to…
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @JoeDellaGatta An illustrator, yeah.Jaime Hernandez's line art for Love and Rockets #23's back cover. @Iron_Spike Thank you for talking to me about this, and for all our talks before.I'm trying to unload my brain of useless knowledge; famous people who wanted to be comic artists - Martin Landau, B… out some of the #CBLDF retail stores who are hosting Facebook Live comic shows and plan your next virtual tri…
Retweeted by Chris ArrantLION FORGE LABS Closed, All Employees Laid Off
Retweeted by Chris ArrantInside SPIKE TROTMAN (@Iron_Spike)'s Growth of IRON CIRCUS Into a Multimedia Company
Retweeted by Chris Arrant @Sean42AZ Yep. @zdarsky Let's capitalize on this and collect PRISON FUNNIES, ZDARSKY-VERSE, and the illos from that one NATIONAL P… the audio book I desperately want. @tomtificate @excel522 Ah. OK. Was afraid for a moment. @tomtificate @excel522 Huh. On their website they proudly say "the #1 independently-owned manga publisher in North America." I'll ask. @tomtificate @excel522 I don't remember hearing Macmillan bought Seven Seas. When did that happen, Tom?Longtime comics journalism site Comics Bulletin (previously known as Silver Bullet Comics) is closing after 20 years in biz.I found my pullquote. Stelfreeze and Laura Martin are amazing together. comics added to comiXology on Wednesday, April 1 - including a couple dozen new issues.'s new release this week SABRINA: SOMETHING WICKED #1 came in 17th.That is followed up by the dominating X-Men titles (It's good to type that), then three @zdarsky collections (a rar… week's top new comic is BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE #1 - DC's digital-first title.Here's comixology's top 10 bestsellers since Wednesday AM. @mitchellpwtorch @Gbocoliseum @magateway Camuncoli and his daughter Martina drew this for the Italian government's "Events in Your Home" initiative. @OkazuYuri literally turned lemons into lemonade this morning. That's not subtext, that's not meta. That just is.As part of my PhD on Doctor Doom as a transemedia character, I'm doing a survey on what his core characteristics ar…
Retweeted by Chris Arrant(No, I didn't take the job.) @excel522 First Second's parent company, so yeah.I had a conversation about a big potential freelance job in comics(-ish) with a company earlier this week. Some com… @inkstuds D&Q are on comiXology, here: #ComicJobs. Companies are still hiring, and more will be once this all passes. Be pro-active and forward thinki… I was set to draw a Hulk arc. Did the first issue then the writer left, book was given to another editor, & th…
Retweeted by Chris ArrantIs First Second one of the last major North American comic publishers not on comiXology outside of comic strip publ… @mitchellpwtorch @davidbix @POSTwrestling1984 photo of the pro wrestling brothers Emil, Ernie, Rudy and Wally Dusek - known as 'The Dusek Riot Squad.' Photo… wife is teaching college art history classes in the room next door. I keep offering to substitute, but so far she's turned me down.Today's installment of Minna Sundberg's STAND STILL. STAY SILENT hit me hard. PILKEY Launches DOG MAN Spin-Off with CAT KID COMIC CLUB
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