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Co-founder @CodePen. Does @CSS. Podcasts @ShopTalkShow. Clawhammer. New Dad.

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@left_pad Absolutely love it!!Dot cube. Made with Zdog
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current status I just typed `yarn install` and the lady next to me started knittingStation Break @simevidas I can kick that up @sodevious @css Will get that fixed up!I've started turning programming puns into movie posters
Retweeted by Chris CoyierHere’s a very nice tutorial on using @NetlifyCMS with @eleven_ty from @css 🏆
Retweeted by Chris CoyierNew @CodePen of my new profile picture animated with p5.
Retweeted by Chris CoyierNew course Vue.js.Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning and First course where I've used…
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Fun to play with new school JavaScript stuff on CodePen... Pipeline operators JSX fragments async/await do express…
You ever go on a gnarly bender¹? ¹of blogging about scrolling Downsides of Smooth Scrolling… of great jobs at the fantastic @thoughtbot on the board right now, like UX/UI, Product Designer, React Native…, colleagues, strangers: my new book @Everyday_IA is available for pre-order from @abookapart! If you work w…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierSuper nice new site, @philcoffman! @Stackola_ @CodePen Neat! Got some Pen example that use it? @ashleymcnamara @timsabat wait. this guy?🙌 New episode of JS Party! 💬 The great divide reprise 💫 @chriscoyier @jerodsanto @noopkat 🏷 #javascript #css
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@weebly Can you help with that @weebly? Seems like it would be very on brand for ya! dealing with things like domestic violence have specific challenges like: "What if my abusive partner catc… @rachelandrew Reallllly. Could be good timing for me!
@codepenchicago @CodePen Congrats CW&Team on Bable7 now I can more easily explain and teach "FP thinking" to studen…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierProtoyping was done in @CodePen projects, which is a _great_ workflow at this stage Incoming eye candy:…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @chriscoyier My team at Netflix uses: - Prettier - ESLint + custom rules. - eslint-formatter-compassion* to set c…
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listen just cause I’ll be turning 40 doesn’t mean u can’t still borrow my Elvis cds
Art of Noise pt. 8 Check it out in action on @CodePen
Retweeted by Chris CoyierMade something responsive for this week’s #CodePenChallenge Art Icons: Magazine Grid Layout. Nothing new, just pl…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @mrwondah Will take a look, thanks!Here's an Andy Warhol. You can actually peel the banana! #CodePenChallenge @CodePen
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @chriscoyier “I’d’ve” is my favourite weird word
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@malchata I made a special blockquote just for you on this article I'm cooking upDo you have any favorite writing about keeping development _simple_ or _boring_?shoot i could have sworn @michaelarestad Somehow feels weird to me to select every single element and individually place it on the grid... but also kinda cool.The self-awareness here is great. I'm optimistic Coda (which will be called something el… @josephrexme It's like lazy blogging @codepo8 @code Neat! I wonder why there is no link to the VS code version on the website? @AitzBevz Totally!I think the first time I saw this kinda pattern they called it Lava Lamp or something, in jQuery.… you're getting started with Serverless, @simona_cotin has detailed 7 things to pay attention to!
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @JeffChausse I love that! @gumnos Neat! Do you use Husky for the hooks or more manually set up? @ryanflorence should i give you props for that solutionDo you use a tool that's specifically in place to prevent you from writing bad code? Even abstractly? What is it? @chriscoyier don't worry, I fixed it
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @Kraft @jetpack Smart!The "inside" issue. Centered, max-width/padding containers inside full-width color bands. What's your favorite pa…
Breakpoint generator for responsive images: Good way to see the impact of different confi…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierI was wondering what they were gonna do about those Google+ buttons. Although maybe just rendering nothing would… years of attending @frontendconf I'm stoked to announce that next month I'll be moving from sidelines to stag…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierProspiracy Theories @ScottKellum @css @typetura Super interested.I’m incredibly excited about this new #accessibility tool made with ❤️ by some of my friends:…
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@DirtyF @eleven_ty @forestryio @SaraSoueidan Woah coolYou ever export Pens on @CodePen? (Like the button where you get a .zip file). Why? What do you expect is in ther… can come see me next month in San Fransisco at @smashingconf if ya like. 🎉 accepting new members to my activist club Against ScreenShots of Code in Articles abouT codeS We're the ASSCATSA dream within a dream! It's a pretty cool feature in @CodePen to be able to add another pen as an external resourc…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @chriscoyier I also provide dad jokes at, we should have a dadjokes summit!
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @getify I think AMP is doing it's job, it's just like... why? HahaIf you go to "" on your phone, you get a fast, great, full featured, hilarious little websit… can make images dark mode friendly if you apply mix-blend-mode: multiply; to them because what's the point of a…
Retweeted by Chris Coyierya ever just come home from work, eat a little hummus, give your kid a bath while hardrocking some Temple of the Do… drama alert: the weird thing about doing design systems work is that you sort of have to sacrifice your portfolio to do it well.
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CodePen Meetups coming: March 20 in San Fran: March 24 in St. Paul:… have /%post_slug%/ URL's on CSS-Tricks, meaning we don't get a lot of analytic insight directly from URL (e.g. l… new blog is finally ready to share! I'm retiring my medium blog and have moved everything here ✌️It's designed/b…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierRemember @artifactconf?! That was SO FUN! So fun in fact, that we're getting the old gang back together for a 5-y…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @mor10 It does! The HTML page has utf-8 like normal. Maybe at the DB level? @jasonsbarr What do they say the bugs are?Any ideas why Gutenberg would have trouble outputting garden variety curly quotes and other seemingly simple charac…
Loving me some upright AND slanted italics - thanks @djrrb :) get yourself some here: - bra…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierNew pen: Click and draw some flowers #SVG #animation via @CodePen
Retweeted by Chris CoyierI just finished my @CodePen challenge entry for this week! It's a tribute to my awesome coworkers ❤️
Retweeted by Chris CoyierYou can apply a custom stylesheet (as easy as a link to a Pen) to your profile and do funnnn things with it. you want to play with shape-outside and are looking for some inspirations, Pinterest is currently my go to. Ther…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierChefs kisses to all of this. the bandersnatch ending where he fixes all the bugs, releases it to moderate success, then iterates and improves…
IT IS TIME! TO LAUNCH! Now accepting pre-orders of our pack of 20 trading cards: Heroines of JavaScript! A great…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierWe just released something super exciting on @CodePen: Babel 7! Add it as a preprocessor to your Pen and you can us…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierTIL letterlocking
Podcasts Repo, a neat little site that curates Design, Web Dev and Startup podcasts:
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @MattWilcox @jon_neal Something tells me the standards body didn't add an ampersand to the syntax just because they… Nesting is now Stage 1 🎉
Retweeted by Chris CoyierHUGE show today! @chriscoyier joins @jerodsanto and @noopkat to chat about 1️⃣ @css and its impact 2️⃣ the front e…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @BrianHaferkamp @CodePen Hey thanks Brian! We're hard at work on CodePen as always, hopefully it becomes more and more useful each year.In case you missed it, I finally put together a little something about the kind of work I’m looking for:
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@argyleink Lol
Liveblogging the talks from the morning of the second day of @AnEventApart in Seattle: @ChrisCoyier:…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier🎉 Ep350: Dive into @vuejs with @youyuxi Thanks @aneventapart and @jetpack for sponsoring.
Retweeted by Chris CoyierI'm STOKED to announce my full-day manager skills training on May 30th in NYC! It's an ideal setting for line manag…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierGonna go try and be coherent. #aeasea can find a collection of things I do around the subject of CSS here: #aeasea
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @chrisoncode Feedbin maybeI made some notes last week about CSS Custom Properties and how they can potentially replace our confusing Sass loo…
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Work is continuing on the @jamstackconf NYC (it's April 9-10, join us!) site and we are raving over this new video…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierHow @supports works. A very detailed guide by @chriscoyier on how to use it and how not to use it, with a few gotch…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierSoaking it in at @aneventapart in Seattle today. Such a pleasure and privilege to sit here and learn and chat with…
@LeaVerou @svgeesus Aw hey! That's fantastic! BABY! Woohoo!I don’t even have an account with this bank in order to opt-out of what little I can, because it’s a _parent_ bank…