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Co-founder @CodePen. Does @CSS. Podcasts @ShopTalkShow. Clawhammer. New Dad.

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We took our little puggle on a five mile hike, by far the farthest she has walked in years, and now she’s so stiff…
@notwaldorf I was pretty happy with absolutely love playing with beat machine thingies where you click dots to set up a repeating song. But this on…
Adjustable Random Walker Simulation with P5js and Dat.GUI via @CodePen #creativecoding #p5js
Retweeted by Chris CoyierThank you @CastleTechDev and @danjnj, It's available on @CodePen now
Retweeted by Chris CoyierD82: haven't done anything fun in CodePen lately so I went ahead and made this cat clicker in pure CSS 🤣, recreated…
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Funny that checkboxes can have `input.indeterminate = true;` but that value doesn't POST. Maybe because it's only s… @estellevw @css @ChromiumDev hey hey look at that📺🌀
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import npmStuff from 'lib'; WHITE SPACE Import myStuff from './here'; @round shape-rendering: geometricPrecision; is pretty interesting! Did you find it necessary in certain browsers (o… @estellevw @css @ChromiumDev What's the flag in Firefox to make it work?? I left tech to pursue a dream of promoting inclusivity in food! I make things that other p…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierResponsive animation of an animated progress bar to donut on @Codepen An exploration in com…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @4TRIO19 When is the last time you tried it? That used to bug me too, but it seems pretty fine now, at least for my… @cassidoo @Alainxyz @CodePen They called me ol’ Chrissy BORDER-RADIUS: 50%; in collegeA few thoughts about specificity and our opinions about development based on a recent Twitter poll.…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @heycam @AmeliasBrain Wow! Thanks for looking into it and acting so quickly.Made something for the @CodePen challenge of the week! It's a pure CSS 403 page 😉
Retweeted by Chris CoyierMade some fun pagination with a helpful yeti hand. HTML, JS + GreenSock. Check the @CodePen demo:…
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@zachleat @css Everyday is css treats day zacFirefox doesn't like the SVG filters. Ascii shrug.Using the device motion api to adjust the width & slant axis on horizontal tilt with splitting.js to animate charac…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierWent with kind of a jittery glitchy mess for this weeks #CodePenChallenge of a 403 Forbidden HTTP Status Code Page.… VS Code stuff... Recent @aerotwist video with quick tips: Me on the subject of switchi… definitely feels snappier, but the tooling around VS Code has won me out. @elijahmanor @css I prefer your nice ES6y way!🔥 Issue 38 of BizarroDevs is live🔥 This week we have the best looking website I've ever seen, and my two favorite…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierUnderrepresented folks in tech or trying to get a start in tech, check out this episode. @ShopTalkShow and @danmall
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@martynlocker Must be able to identify when they are potentially running some sort of content-interfering add on. up on the Linux news... Linux picks up a new CoC, @CoralineAda's in order to "mak… collection of blurbs from different folks on what they think makes for a good front-end developer: explanation for beginning web developers (and clients too) on what it takes to get the website live. I wish I…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierCheck out @davatron5000, @jensimmons, and I chat about DevTools, @firefox, Intrinsic Design and more! (Also has fu…'s the conversation I had about portfolios with @chriscoyier and @davatron5000 on @ShopTalkShow:…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @smithua Ya @zachleat Seems like that could be a feature that isn’t toooooo terribly much work @kyleshevlin @ScribblingOn I feel in between the two, perhaps. I do a lot of showing up but I also have so much pri…
@phry @terabaud Yah it’s a version mismatch - for some bizarre reason @cdnjs has different versions for them, hopefully it’s fixed soon.I really liked this highlight effect for @NatGeo articles - so I learned how to make it @CodePen
Retweeted by Chris CoyierPlease insert Passport. (Does.) HI CHRIS J COYIER. PLEASE ENTER A BUNCH OF STUFF WE ALREADY KNOW. (Does.) SORRY… know what makes HTML so great? It's not just using elements in isolation, it's how we combine them for better s…
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@brad_frost I had a rock in my shoe BRAD you want to know how stacking contexts stack up in CSS, my friend @ijayessbe has written a detailed, yet incredi…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierTell me the people who you think are doing great work creating resources and learning material for web development…
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This is one of the best examples of how powerful small libraries that harness css variables are. I hope we see more…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierNew Disintegrate.js demo
Retweeted by Chris CoyierIn #CSS, transform-origin is almost as important and as powerful as transform. I built this animation on @CodePen t…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierChurch’n’bar is my favorite Europe. @carlsmith Hi cArl @donohoe Will do buddy
A “leader” is a strong word for this dork but I’ll do what I can.Hey hey! Let’s do this! people are really starting to see that GSAP and WebGL (three.js) are super fast together. Pretty crazy:…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @JoeLifrieri @electronjs I don't really know anybody personally who's worked with Electron a lot, I don't think =/ @allanwhite @CodePen Yep! I pipe them through @Cloudinary and make teeeny tiny downsampled thumbnails of them that…
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@karenmcgrane @nkjemisin 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼So after March, can we just keep using the app on our phones? Probably not right cause it depends on their servers doing fancy stuff? @wesbos ᵐᵐᵐᵐ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵛᵃʳᶦᵃᵇˡᵉ ᶜᵒᵘˡᵈ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵖʳᵒᵇᵃᵇˡʸ ᵇᵉᵉⁿ ᶜᵒⁿˢᵗ ᶦⁿˢᵗᵉᵃᵈ ᵒᶠ ˡᵉᵗ ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ @anatudor Awesome!! @C_McGarry This tweet is my wonderlandGot some finalized colored samples for my Scrabble keyset from @Massdrop, and they look so good!!!
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @lasnindrek Yeah is it super interesting? @wnas I’ll hit it upLittle known fact I have an album on iTunes of Irish-ish music around Dublin today without much to do. First time! Guinness! @round dont u like jokes or @unitof Maybe Houdini-defined? @maxwellterry @CodePen @sublimehq We have optional sublime bindings in settings... have you tried?I once went to a restaurant famous for chicken thighs and milkshakes. I’ll never forgot it. It was Leg’n’dairy.I once saw an author use the same person, place, and thing twice in one sentence. She was a writer of great renoun.Reminders, chaps. I JUST blogged about how I love them. I guess the writing was on the wall. week's #CodePenChallenge prompt is the 500 error. That means *my* challenge is staggering out all the picks…
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Some mornings I'm super productive but this morning I spent a lot of time thinking about how the word Quieter sound… Xⓢ Max eh?Turns out Google does a two-pass indexing and the first pass doesn’t run JavaScript. That’s kind of a big deal.
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @CodePen I created a pen showing how pure CSS can be used to create an animated 3D emoji town…
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✨ Little new thing in @CodePen for y'all. Fold All / Unfold All. Plus! If you own the Pen, it will 🐘 remember 🐘wh… @danmall @robinrendle This is my new favorite thingDid you ❤️ my portfolios article? (Did you hate it?) @chriscoyier, @davatron5000, and I are gonna talk through it a…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierEp328: @jensimmons is back to talk about Intrinsic Web Design. Thanks @jetpack for sponsoring.
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How Many Steps Does It Take To Get From Me To You? A color interpolation experiment — via @CodePen #vuejs #frontend
Retweeted by Chris CoyierI've been working on this pen on and off for about a year, but finally I've finished! It's based on the amazing dri…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierHey look who's OFFICIALLY TRADEMARKED!
Retweeted by Chris Coyier✨ Illusions on the Web Part 4... this time recreating the process of Lenticular printing (aka morphing images, tilt…
Retweeted by Chris Coyier @JoeLifrieri Joe! Nice to see ya, friend.📝 I blogged about using Workers to create the Color Cycling animation on the new @paravelinc homepage
Retweeted by Chris Coyier🎋The CLI tool I was making is finished! It’s called the project explorer! You can feed it the directory of any repo…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierDid you hear about the creature whose size was contingent on the logical value assigned to a proposition? It was big if true.
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@JimTheDev When I see someone say "I don't want my web developer employees to understand the web platform", my resp… up: Formation, the macOS setup script. I recently bought a new computer, and I wrote…
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Retweeted by Chris CoyierI made, a cyberpunk game you play by yelling at your computer like you're in a movie. It's…
Retweeted by Chris CoyierThanks padStart, you made creating random colours a whole bunch easier.
Retweeted by Chris Coyierremember cursive uppercase q’s
I'm staring to understand the value of sub grids a lot more. Like it would be really cool to set up ONE big page gr…