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Start small, great destroyer. I write stuff for @punkworldviews and @Albumism, and host Neon Amplifier on Mixcloud.

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@froonding_loom I can't find a gif of it, but Juan Soto's pre-stance setup is the spiritual successor to Ichiro'sOh I loved the Gary Sheffield extreme bat wiggle it Spitzer's wife's idea to stand behind him looking pissed off? Did his staff force her to do so? I still think about this!Iconic New York moment in history roughly 24 hours, Christmas is going to begin 😭If I had the money, I'd commission all of my favorite music artists to do a cover of Bad Ass Billy Gunn's themeI think butt rock is unfairly maligned. One of the greatest songs ever written is a literal butt rock tune @jacqbryant I'll say the same thing I say when I'm cooking up a spaghetti dinner...I'm A Sauce Man @jamesdleech Steve Austin experiencing emotions besides hate for the first time ever was so funnyMy mind automatically reads this to me in ben shapiro's voice @DieRobinsonDie Love this big fat party animal
@colettearrand Please tell me that you can still click to download the mp3 @AmandaAshPlease You're a baby boss??? @OtaQueen @jacqbryant It gets me high but it's def different.Congrats to the Dinos! They played really good baseball during the KBO games I saw. And I love their trophy sword. @runwithskizzers Aw shit, I'm very sorry @jason1749 Him and Sy Ableman are the most overtly foul villains in movie history @jason1749 His video tape library that is just pornography @jason1749 Oh my god you're watching Ricky Oh The Story Of Ricky IS GETTING A BIOPIC @OtaQueen @LibbyCudmore And to clarify, by "bad" I meant misbehaved, which I was right! @LibbyCudmore I wish I remember what I said when @OtaQueen texted me his pictureFYI he was licking my face in that last pictureThe shelter was slashing adoption costs since it was around the holidays, so lately I've been calling him my Discount CatNovember 24th marks exactly one year since we adopted the horrible little goblin named Moonshine."Woods...has Gulliani nailed..." Fill in the blanks of what you think the full quote said @NickMillerMusic This thing is two hours longA guy loses his shirt and starts punching you @depechejoe "Power Means Shit" rented a Virtual Boy one time, does that count?Idk they were all pretty good @panelsandprose This honestly might be the worst way to send him off! Even the Boneyard Match would've been a perfect sendoff
@PraxJarvin The Crispin Glover kill in whatever Jason movie he's in was really funny, though @PraxJarvin The first one has no tension at all! It's like someone remade Halloween without getting why it worked on a deep level. @DieRobinsonDie That was a treat for everyone who ever listened to new york sports radio @abrissverlierer Imagine being on the receiving end of that person? I'd go into shock. @abrissverlierer Spacetwinks Take Your Own Advice Challenge @froonding_loom Yessss love this band @DieRobinsonDie @uzionmain "I don't have a twitter problem", the guy writes in a non-stop series of twitter posts @uzionmain Incredible slow build for this obviously staged documentary @david_wolkin @rmayemsinger Nah I already screenshotted it @LongTallJodie That and SNES9X were mainstays on my computers for years @hilahil You, after that show @HitlerPuncher The album might be interesting but I not good enough that I would buy the eventual $200 vinyl releas… @notcjcregg With a good sauce and springy pasta, I love it @notcjcregg AHHHH it's been forever since I've had manicottiI loved Tom Hiddleston's dreary stoner rock from Only Lovers Left Alive @abrissverlierer Now he knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of a Dan Slott tweetstormOh hell yeah, one of the best reoccurring villains on Iron Chef's my sister Shanice's birthday today, which gives me the excuse to share the most recent pic of the last time al… of us worked on ships at a young age and have already accomplished this important life event @krakoa69 If by "churlish" you mean "rad", yes it's extremely churlish. @abrissverlierer Someone was wearing one of those Point Break style masks but of VinceVince McMahon looks like a Puppetmaster evil doll nowadays"WWE Legend Shane McMahon"Popped huge when Tarzan showed up in Survivor Series
@DieRobinsonDie I feel like there was a "they made that rule because of me" joke with Homer Simpson @andrewstando I'm not even gonna post anything cause it won't be better than Bernie @DieRobinsonDie Ethics In Room Rating Journalism @colonelnemo @Fulknerra2 @AmandaAshPlease Giving the sjw police a call right now, another Gina fan has been detected 🚨 @THE_Stefano_DLC There's even art that deals in positivity thats alot more adult out there! Like I just watched Moonstruck lol
@DieRobinsonDie The effects of him being crummy online for years is bursting the dam walls down like crazy this weekWanted to watch Conan The Barbarian but it was too long at the moment so I put on Moonstruck, has anyone made that wild of a jump before? @THE_Stefano_DLC Oh my god I've only read about what he looked like up till this point @PraxJarvin I was just thinking this. "Baby Yoda Endorses Bullying!" @AmandaAshPlease Why did this post anger so many dudes who drink cold soup straight out of the can
@alexghrz Some of us aren't as lucky to have whataburgers around! @DieRobinsonDie Also I'm pretty sure that GSA doesn't pay for a transition team? They provide the offices and resou… @DieRobinsonDie Lmao fuck this @colonelnemo Bold enough to answer the questions that Pixar's Cars were to scared toI never watched a single episode of Supernatural but I'm hearing that a car went to heaven so I guess I'm gonna have to watch it all now.I feel like autistic people just want to be treated like humans, but you have one group of people who are like "yo… @colonelnemo Oh wow fuck this @mojoquix @makeitloud Remember that scene in Boiler Room where all the stock bros were watching Wall Street as some… @hilahil Hope you're doing ok, you rule @sins2hell Oh yeah it was a huge relief. I got a great new job a month later and heard that he had a huge meltdown… @sins2hell The reason I was being let go legit changed three times during the course of that meeting, it was wild. @panelsandprose Funny you mention this...a player on the Mets just got busted for steroid use and they threw the book at himWas just told that I look like a younger version of my grandpa today @david_wolkin This feels like the sequel to Beau Fucking Brummel @sins2hell I had an exit interview at my last job where my former boss tried to downplay my experience, and he got… @Ohhhaeee Amazing how one sentance can bring you thru a dizzying journey
@notcjcregg I mean cookies are an impressive thing @desertislandbk @AOC I mean we're looking at April as the date when most people are going to get the vaccines. I do… @LongTallJodie @leboism @colonelnemo The Heels platform is so weird @colonelnemo It's incredibly weird, almost a joke at this point. Ah it's 9:20, te for the women! @colonelnemo I just watched the Hannibal Quits episode, I was dying at the obstacle course @makeitloud I mean if I was a lawyer, I'd definitely want to tie my likeness to a canonically shitty lawyerI love this scene so much, from Alden Ehrenreich being a deer in headlights to Ralph Fiennes struggling to comprehe… @DieRobinsonDie @colonelnemo This is my favorite type of twitter dumb post...just full of confidence and damn sure… @illusClaire I fry up some diced mushrooms with sherry vinegar and it's great @OtaQueen It's not the song that's annoying! @jason1749's the neverending christmas song debate that's more annoying... Fairytale In New York or Baby It's Cold Outside? @WonderAli I'm watching it on my ps4, but I have a chromecast for streaming that I can't do on itGood morning from my new desk. It's not 9:30 yet, so Moonshine isn't bothering me