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Start small, great destroyer. I write stuff for @punkworldviews and @Albumism, and host Neon Amplifier on Mixcloud.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! Mets are saving NYC @hallca__jp すげえ!!! I definitely want this. @megrobocops Be prepared, this isn't even the best Majima entrance in Kiwami 2 @megrobocops Daigo in his puffy jacket and jnco jeans, I remember this phase 😭"Odd Rodent Tale"
@DieRobinsonDie @BeyondVideo_ Psycho Goreman was the most vicious and despicable protagonist I've ever seen until I watched Wrath Of Man @DieRobinsonDie @BeyondVideo_ Hanabi was the first Beat movie I ever saw, and Psycho Goreman.....😙👌 @creeple dropkick, it belongs in a museum. @megrobocops 💀DRAGON OF KANSAI💀I love it in the Yakuza games when the evil genius rips off their shirt and reveals that they have the physique of a meat robot.I spent a decade+ thinking that I was just misremembering Rhythm Nation, with a little faint voice in the back of m… @DieRobinsonDie So great to see a top tier movie star do their thing on a big screen again. @LibbyCudmore A real jar could be useful around the house @cara_jeffrey Poor guy had a big red rash on his neck from Pete pulling on the jersey hahaI'd like to nominate @amnazz for the Nobel peace prize, as she was able to help me identify a song I've been trying… finished 6, what a journey."🎶We always hang in a Buffalo Stance🎶""🎶Who's that gigolo on the street; With his hands in his pockets and his crocodile feet?!?🎶" @DieRobinsonDie ME: Nah, we're good, this is your house now, gonna leave now. @jason1749 @DieRobinsonDie @THE_Stefano_DLC Got this too. "It's our house...but... backwards..."😭😄😭😄DA METS BABY, DA METS #LFGM @megrobocops Nishki going psycho because Kiryu isn't around to protect him 😭 @megrobocops INCREDIBLE SCENE @DieRobinsonDie His character would be the villain in any other movie. @DieRobinsonDie A bad bad bad man.Wrath Of Man rules because you meet all these treacherous low life's and you're like "damn man, I hope you die befo…
Went to the ticket window and said "give me the next showing of the most wrathful man you got"Me walking back to MacGuffin's Bar @colonelnemo (wrt the crash pads) @megrobocops Other Yakuza games are great but, unlike Kiwami, they do not have Majima Everywhere @colonelnemo Was really surprised to see people angrily defensive of that. I was hook line and sinker for that enti… was a really tough week to get thru, so I'm thinking of the movies 😮Also got this song, which extremely rules is my favorite english anime dub voice ever because it sounds like a simultaneous British and Philly accent.Love this gang'm really glad that ska is officially back but I'm even more stoked for all the 2-tone sounding bands, they were m… if there's a better way to share it, but here's my Bandcamp Friday haul show Terre does is my favorite show ever in New York, please try the Polar Burger for me'm upset that theyre not bringing back the original Smackdown theme for retro night, but they better at least brin… absolutely love cover songs where the singer sings it like an absolute assholeDanzig is an asshole but if it wasn't for Danzig, we wouldn't have this incredible version of a song that he origin… @jason1749 Oh my god oh yesDO NOT WATCH IF SQUEAMISH but this was the part of the match where I gave my TV a standing ovation of the bands I'm hitting up for Bandcamp Friday, this ep is very exciting @amnazz DAMN OK HELL YEAH I can't listen live but I'll definitely catch the archive when I can later today.Can confirm, this song is great and puts you into a nice head space for 6 minutes @LibbyCudmore More like "If you don't take the scratch cover off your chair so I can continue to scratch and bite i… wraps his tail around his body when he sits like this, and it gives off the same vibes as someone staring at you…, you're walking around the house and see this little goon staring up and giving you the stink eye @megrobocops There is so much to discuss about Akiyama @DylanRoth Tropical @depechejoe The first book had a straight-up Douglas Adams tone before he got to HogwartsMother's Day is on Sunday, but today I'm celebrating actually remembering Mother's Day in a timely fashion. From 20… @creeple He was a tubby kitten, too. @creeple This reminds me how I named one of my mom's kittens Monet because of an interesting M-shaped marking on hi…, Dog Day Afternoon, The Warriors and Men In Black are my top 4, I thinkMy favorite New Yorker movie of all time @colettearrand Absolutely dying with joy that you get to see him @jacqbryant All of these restaurant owners legit keep saying "Our wages are more worthless than the cost for doing… forgot to sleep with my machine last nite and now I feel like I got my ass kicked in a brutal fight. @uzionmain Probably gonna finish 6 tonight, so def jumping on this @newageamazon I just watched some of the ads. I can't believe that the twins are the goons of the non-twin. @newageamazon Thank you for this important piece of twin lawyer lore @newageamazon If I call the 1800 TWINS lawyer hotline and get the non-twin lawyer, I'd be pissed
Retweeted by Chris Crash🐙🐙 @megrobocops Nishki, Nishki, Nishki...😑 @ThatCarlGuy Hey yo, happy birthday!! @newageamazon What do you know about this of those songs that really evens me out at Sycuan, one of SoCal's largest and wealthiest tribal casinos, have been trying to form a union since lat…
Retweeted by Chris Crash🐙🐙 @depechejoe A guy down in south Brooklyn has a neon Nintendo repair center sign in his window, and I always thought…*Riff to Wild Thing* WIFE RANKS!'t mind the crash pads at all, though they could have dressed them up a little better. Looking for realism in w… have two gripes 1) A bunch of story turning points happening during the ads, so the flow gets wrecked if you'r… @ronchronchronch Hell I'll take a banana @CandyAppleAlly I'm so sorryBlood & Guts rocked @megrobocops My favorite part of Goromi is how she is the ideal hostess because Majima was such a great club owner.
Sunbeam from flowered skies, twenty thousand butterflies! New Cherry Blossom Clinic, streaming right now on…
Retweeted by Chris Crash🐙🐙Doctors love telling me "not accepting new patients", guess I just have that face. @sgtmariposa Oh my god, same, but it was in a claire's."Well, McGarnagle... Billy's DEAD!"'ve never watched Mad Men and even I know all the quotes how @LibbyCudmore sent me a 7" of The Ballad Of Billy The Kid by Billy Joel, and I only lasted 5 secon… the rest of that Cable series that funny? I read the first issue and liked it well enough, but that whole large…'ll give you two, since I'm just realizing that they share a theme. @machelrillman Idk if it was the worst but I was given an unwanted In-N-Out gift card. I like In-N-Out well enough… @colettearrand I wonder if they called Dwayne for a photoshoot for this, or if they quickly slid him an n64 control… happy that both of these albums were slam dunks because I liked his previous one well enough, but I relisten…'re both good albums @emilyofpratt Thanks for this! I love Suzuki. Shame that the NOAH run went so badly, since world champion Suzuki sounds like it should rock. @DieRobinsonDie Will you look at me like a normal boy @NextChamp Ska was legit a British sensation in the 80sI actually only have one physical ska record, but luckily it has all the good stuff, it's officially Back