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@TolaOgundare Great! Not sure what the issue was. On the same day you mentioned it there was over 300 users from Ni… @NehemiahKiv No I’m used to it 😂 @emmalearnscode @CodePen Can’t wait to see them 🔥Day 53 of #100DaysOfCode I started off following @chrisdixon161 's new javascript course but then I decided to ch…
Retweeted by Chris Dixon @emmalearnscode @CodePen Congratulations Emma, thanks for sharing! @FrancescoCiull4 wow 🤣 @sarah_edo Very impressive Sarah well done 🔥I've been using Netlify and in celebration of them welcoming 1 million developers, I found my unique spot! I'm numb… @ossia @Netlify I was a little later to the party! @madsbrodt Thanks for sharing Mads 👍 @Sethran To be honest, a little too early to tell. At a guess i would say 6-8 weeksJumping back onto my Vue 3 course after some time, first "paid" work I have done in about 6 weeks (don't tell my wife 🤣) @chriskalmar Yeah definitely. I think anything that simplifies things would be good. Not really thought too much ab… @britnorcodes I use an IKEA standing desk (electric). which i have had no problems with. A lot of people use autonomous too @madsbrodt @telmo Best of luck, I am sure it will go well 👍 @chriskalmar I think HTML is pretty good even after all this time. If we re-created it we would probably just mess… @jamesqquick How do you know it is not their real name??? 🤣 @Yash_gupta18 Thanks a lot, glad you like them! @dan_spratling Well done Dan, best of luck @KalyugKRam Thank you! @KalyugKRam Thanks for sharing! @StasKlymenko @DivDev_ @jh3yy @telmo @FrancescoCiull4 Thanks for including me Stas! @devinDford Hey thats what it is all about, learning new things. At least you gave it a try first, and if it works, thats the main thing!Awesome Devin, thanks for sharing with us! @TheAnkurTyagi Thats great Ankur thank you! @dmokafa Thanks, hope so people seem to need things like this! @sudo_overflow Thanks Cyris ❤️Over 1000 people took the course over the weekend, thank you all so much, its great to be able to help so many peop… @florinpop1705 Thanks for sharing Florin, appreciated 💜 @graftoverflow Thanks Alex! @lauracharvey Congratulations Laura, looks great!My new projects site has just been added to product hunt, never tried it before let's see how it goes 🤞 @ProductHuntHi @ProductHunt Great thanks! @devinDford @florinpop1705 @traversymedia @wesbos Thanks for mentioning me!
@telmo Me neither! @themarcba @SimonHoiberg I use it too ❤️ @chriskalmar The only reason I changed was because I needed an analogue mic so I could use some gadgets to cancel o… @EscribanoLiam @GyenAbubakar The videos are on the course but that particular one is getting re recorded this week… @chriskalmar I guess you want a simple plug in usb mic? I the only usb ones I have used are the blue yeti and the r… @natterstefan @FrancescoCiull4 @sudo_overflow 💪 @FrancescoCiull4 @BatsouElef Already following! @natterstefan @FrancescoCiull4 @sudo_overflow I seen jay z live at a festival just after what happened and he done… @spences10 I dont get why people would do that, but hey we have to remember that unfollowers are good, at least you… @MalsCoder That’s great, thanks for sharing 👍 @jonathan_sly Well there is plenty of Dom work in the projects section should help 👍 @TheAnkurTyagi Yep your right! I have did this for a while and still get it all the time 👍 @florinpop1705 Yeah exactly, it’s a free choice, buy or don’t buy. Follow or unfollow etc. You just can’t please everyone unfortunately @telmo Great idea, bet your phone is getting a lot of use!Thanks for sharing your project, keep up the great work! @DThompsonDev Thats awesome Danny! Congratulations 🎉 @themarcba Well done Marc! @madsbrodt @madza911 @tucker_dev @lydiahallie @denicmarko @catalinmpit @rafrasenberg @PrasoonPratham @DThompsonDev done! Great to see some projects being shared! launched on Friday, BUT I may just have an idea for a follow up 🤔 (yes I have bought the domain!) @thomasfindlay94 Thanks Thomas! @dabit3 @justinbieber haha love that comment! @florinpop1705 I think pre sales will give you a push to finish it too! @TolaOgundare Hmm strange, it is working fine my end and there is lots of others on the site as we speak. I will lo… @devinDford Great Devin, enjoy the rest of your weekend 👍 @TolaOgundare Hi, what issue are you seeing? There is lots of others on it right now so the site is up. @devinDford Hope you like the course! My win for this week was finishing and deploying it, and also had some time… progress. keep it up 🔥 @TheFeranmi_love Your welcome! @jonathan_sly Your welcome, hope you learn something from it! @Paulister007 @sudo_overflow @WellPaidGeek @hackSultan @AdobeXD @ikeoha_chidi @catalinmpit Looks good well done 🔥 @chrisdixon161 @florinpop1705 Thanks for this brilliant resource. I'm building the Tip Calculator now and it's real…
Retweeted by Chris DixonThanks, great to hear you are enjoying! @catalinmpit
@bloodyskyrise Yes certainly, I am planning to get them done soon 👍 @blessdarah You are welcome and thanks for sharing! @candienofficial Thanks Candice, hope you enjoy! @jr01gaming 🤣 @JosephUzuegbu You are welcome Joseph! @spences10 @britnorcodes @tom_hirst @gastonrampersad @amanhimself @SharpeMartha @jdbdnz @KassandraSanch @KingDogDad @paultopham2 👍 @ehindola @sudo_overflow 👍 @vikramvi Hi, I would love to but I also have a job too. Each project would take longer than a week to plan, create… @telmo haha probably! It will be like getting a new laptop though! @telmo Guy in the apple store told me to backup and do a reset, worked like a charm! Its just old files backups etc @traversymedia @hashtagcoder And duck hunt 🔥 @traversymedia @hashtagcoder I had one of those too, loved zelda! @traversymedia @DThompsonDev We are supposed to be all wearing them in public places in the UK too. However, so man… @JessTelford Impressive! @HTMLmom 2 years will come and go so fast! I hated my last job and it was my wife who pushed me to take the jump, n… @adamwathan Very impressive, I have a few downloads in there 🤣 @SimonHoiberg You too Simon, enjoy! @traversymedia Very nice! @traversymedia @ghkich I have not tried that one with my wife, will have to remember that one! @devinDford It is perfectly normal to think this. We always seem to compare to others, even after doing it for a lo… @DThompsonDev Amazing work Danny! @Codeanddream Awesome, thanks for sharing too 👍 @stevedotvegas Much appreciated Steve 👍 @nirvana_core @Codeanddream Thanks I hope you enjoy @deepakdk3478 @study_web_dev Hey! I use vimeo for video hosting @miracle_404 Thats great thanks
@skay_tech Great, thanks! @devinDford Just kidding thanks 😊 @devinDford Oh no, not another one for the bookmark graveyard! 😂 @Mayples_ 😀 @kentaro_au Thanks!