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The kids of today will never ever understand or appreciate how good Ruud Van Nistelrooy really was!😅🔴
Retweeted by EddySustainable and stylish. #WeAreTown | #itfc | #EndPlasticWaste
Retweeted by EddyWork to do as we resume after lunch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏏 LIVE Scorecard & Videos: #ENGvWI
Retweeted by EddyYou know you are paying for a really bad service when you have to use colleagues hotspot in work just to load email…
Pablo escobar taking a picture infront of the whitehouse while being a wanted drug lord
Retweeted by EddyCheck out my run on Strava. that’s not a red card 😂😂😂We want a draw in Blades v Wolves yeah? #MUFC 😂 @FantasyFootyHub Could be diff but reading it as Rooney I’m behind Martin with Sibley and probably Holmes outwide. That will do. @FantasyFootyHub No worries was just racking my brain to see where Rooney is playing tonight lol @FantasyFootyHub WBA in formation but Derby in number order?We are happy to confirm that this is not the case in Wales. All NHS staff can continue to park for free in our hosp…
Retweeted by Eddy @rydercup 😥😥😥 @AFC_ADS @Glendouzi @DammitArsenal Laws*** @OfficialPDC @KaceyEdwards91 👀A first walk to the middle as England captain for @benstokes38 🦁 Follow here: #ENGvWI
Retweeted by Eddy @englandcricket Crawley at 3 surely @SkyNewsBreak @KaceyEdwards91Huge congratulations for our Test captain @root66 and his wife, Carrie, on the birth of their second child! ❤️
Retweeted by EddyThis has all been incredible, but Mikey absolutely demolishing the All Lives Matter bullshit really was something else.
Retweeted by Eddy"Until we educate the entire human race, this thing will not stop." Michael Holding delivers a powerful message,…
Retweeted by Eddy @Big_Fudge_86 Yeah Leicester got two tough sways plus Sheff Utd at home too so no guarantee they pick up 9 points n… @Big_Fudge_86 Coz we play Leicester last game of season @Stuie93 @AmarVijh @MediJoshi Leicester won’t pick up 9 points from Bournemouth, Sheff Utd and Spurs. 🤞🏽 We could b… @BBCSport So managers moan when #VAR make the decision and the refs don’t and now he’s moaning coz the ref checked… aside, Che Adams! Adam Armstrong’s 40-yard strike for Blackburn is simply OUTRAGEOUS! 🔥🔥
Retweeted by EddyThe ‘Neverspoons’ app that encourages you to drink at independent pubs instead of Wetherspoons
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@slicky_lyes Weird ain’t it? I thought the blue line was his line showing he was offside 😂It’s in our hands #MUFCHarvey Barnes is such a good player!
Retweeted by Eddy @padraigamond21 I thought that’s what the blue line was showing at start of the replay 🤷🏻‍♂️Two things that don’t matter. 1) he’s just come on. 2) whether he intended to hurt opponent. Intent is impossible…
Retweeted by Eddy @cmwinterburn Wtf 😂 what a weird tweetI don’t get it? Isn’t Vardy offside when the original ball is played? Why no lines and dots? What am I missing here? #VAR @cesc4official By mistake. Yeah Cesc I’m sure you would say the same if it was your leg broken from the same challenge!Yuck! That’s a disgusting challenge! #RedThat’s a red aint it? 👀 @PFF @MichelleOwen7 It’s turned into a tactical break now rather than drinks break @djlee247 👀👀👀👀👀 @OriginalFunko @shopDisney @KaceyEdwards91Feels so strange cheering on Arsenal again tonight 👀-They blamed the villagers for Aberfan -They blamed the fans for Hillsborough -They blamed the miners for Orgreave…
Retweeted by EddyAbsolute disgrace. I feel more and more anger with this guy. He's not some harmless, bumbling funny man. He's a dan…
Retweeted by Eddy @utdreport @WhoScored So many people missing the important line at the bottom of the pics 😂 @ExilesAnalysis @KaceyEdwards91Wishing a very good morning to Cameron McGeehan, rise and shine big boy 😊
Retweeted by EddyGo on Johnny lad!!!
Retweeted by Eddy @BobbyBeltTX I feel for you. @SouthStandMafia He was England’s best player at the WC in 2018 but people forget that, it’s crazy to think how peo… @SouthStandMafia Exactly. He burst on the scene start of the season and was brilliant, he is still young and will o… @SeanRossSapp That’s a beauty! @SouthStandMafia They are not fans. They are millennials who think it’s cool to make twitter account/fan accounts s…
@David_Ornstein @gunnerblog @TheAthleticUK I don’t really understand this 🤷🏻‍♂️Another Welshman on the pitch of Southam comes on. Burns has been excellent on the right wing, especially up against Jacobson. #LeagueOneStay strong, Tanguy. There is a way.
Retweeted by EddyIs this better than a 1 year deal with 10 teams?
Retweeted by Eddy @Howland_03 @TheGeordieTips It’s 3/1 On skybetOnly watched 20 mins of the first leg and I thought that Souttar had a shocker then but my god what are you doing son? 🙈🙈🙈 #LeagueOneErghhhhh Minging! Goals like that should be disallowed @jaahmiiin @KaceyEdwards91 @ExilesAnalysis Some of those names around him, wow’ @BRWrestling @WWE @Shell_e5 @KaceyEdwards91 this is my favourite moment of the last 5 years in WWE still gives me g… @bet365 When u doing the Wales one guys? @FIVE__YARDS Couldn’t give a shitCongratulations to Aston Villa for winning the Guard of Honour cup
Retweeted by Eddy @BBCSportWales Slow news day is it 😴Can’t please everyone 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Jack Grealish doesn’t see a picture.... Jack Grealish holds on to the ball too long.... 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Retweeted by Eddy @EmiratesFACup @gabrieljesus9 @ManCity Let’s be honest he would prob just fall over at the slightest contactDoesn’t know where he is 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by EddyTo all professionals in the film, television, theatre, entertainment and arts world. Join the challenge to post a p…
Retweeted by EddyToday it is worth remembering that Winston Churchill voted against establishing the NHS 21 times.
Retweeted by Eddy @MLSUKShow Sacha KjestanHonestly @SkySports get rid of this doughnut, we’re all sick of him.. what a ridiculous statement to make 😂😂
Retweeted by EddyPogba the Virus infecting everyone in the dressing room 😂😂
Retweeted by EddyA black panther roaming in the jungles of Kabini, India.
Retweeted by EddyMoldova gained independence in 1992. A population similar to ours but with a GDP of £11 B and total exports of £2 B…
Retweeted by Eddythis is what you left your house for?😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by EddyRonaldo has a high opinion of Sarri’s advice 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Eddy"If he shoots, it's because he knows he can score." Loved this quote from Ole on Mason yesterday
Retweeted by Eddyevery little mistake Smalling and Evans made they were hounded by fans, now every little mistake they make they’re…
Retweeted by Eddy @SouthStandMafia Same could be said about Mount last season and he walked into Chelsea squad this year, can’t see G… @JanAageFjortoft @VirgilvDijk @DeBruyneKev @lewy_official @esmuellert_ @B_Fernandes8I’m 25 years old. I like pubs. I don’t feel safe because this disease has claimed 45,000+ deaths in this country an…
Retweeted by Eddy @SouthStandMafia Could do but needs a few more loans got no chance of breaking into Chelsea squad next few years @CFCMo__ @RashfordXBruno @CFCPys @cfbayern @kaihavertz29 We? Chelsea name PSG player as Avi. I’m confused
@FantasyFootyHub Cheers @FantasyFootyHub Yep 7 to play tomorrow and set up nicely for midweek currently. @FantasyFootyHub 58 so far. Not too badsomeone on the phone in work went “w for wotsit” i mean im no exactly the big daddy of the phonetic alphabet but wotsit :)))))
Retweeted by Eddy @PassmoreJack I first looked At teams and thought Watford got a chance here then I saw he’s playing 4 centre midfie… someone tell me why we have the two most useless bastards I have ever seen in my 50 odd years in charge of running the UK and the US ?
Retweeted by EddyOne thing about Mason Greenwood...he's a young boy and we shouldn't put pressure on him by over-hyping the lad. Got…
Retweeted by Eddy @southwalesargus All for supporting local but only when they want your custom and are forthcoming with help when yo… @WWEonFOX @itsBayleyWWE @Tess_Blanchard @pgaskell13 No reason to boycott SD at all, MA has paid all staff 100% wages throughout lockdown and allowed thousa… @WrestlingGary I thought everyone had to wear masks in the crowd? 🤔 @30SECVlDEOS @KaceyEdwards91