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SONGWRITER?!? ARTIST?!??COMPOSER??!! Chris Farren / Antarctigo Vespucci / Back To The Island !!! ???

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@rdecar @hurryband @rdecar @hurryband Happy birthday rob
@whatevrkatelynn Huge😎😎😎😎
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Today on my Weezer podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Van Weezer producer @suzyshinn! Really fun and infor…
Retweeted by Chris Farren @mattapodaca @suzyshinn ok i believe you and I will listen @mattapodaca @suzyshinn Ok not gonna listen @mattapodaca @suzyshinn Did my name come up even once @Louise_delft @hausedave I’m gonna be there in April! but sure yes Dave go ahead , wave all radius clause“MERCY BEARS RICHER FRUITS” Chris Farren, 2021
Retweeted by Chris Farren @GardnerSalad @jamieloftusHELP I wrote and directed the first friday the 13th movie
@JoeDeCarolis @hurryband it’s like cloverfield @hurryband Me
And we mustn’t forget the milfsHappy Mother’s Day to all fans and friends of Chris FarrenIt’s normal to witness people’s growth online, but I’m embarrassed to have my peers see me switch back from using a…
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@prettyboypop Ayyyyeeee😏 @fred_s_music @prettyboypop 🥰 @joshgondelman Hmm whenever he wakes up! 😴😴 (sleeping joe) @joshgondelman that rocks tbh every U.S. citizen should have to put out one album per year
@NightOwlsprint @ericheartsu I heard you made them line up like this and then you fired them one by oneI am not going to listen to this (too busy) but I’m a great guy so I’m rting it / lmk if it actually has 5 tracks @summersisok if I put my face this close to a guinea pig I would die @sukurimi @SmolDataNY @barelymarch @Twitter I am trying very hard to hinder his career so no I cannot bring this to the council @barelymarch I’m never gonna hear the end of this on my discordhappy Bandcamp Friday to all musicians and music lovers alike am simply here to post our new music video directed by @chrisfarren
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@andrewpcronin @FranziaMom I’ve been hearing this
@dinersmusic @rosevariety Post ! The ! Clip !Me n my fellow directors @eli_enis Hell yah @PerryShall Hey now50 😔
@mattmusic14 Howard stern going off on ppl for not wearing masks (this was in like December/January I think)The latest album from @hurryband will feature new second guitarist Justin Fox, cover art by @francq__, a book of in…
Retweeted by Chris FarrenSad to report there are now 40 rts so here is another video @hurryband There is!! I posted it!! @ninabraca YesOk we’re up to 30 RTs that is more than enough! Thanks! @jenna___lou I am on your sideOk unfortunately another 10 have RTd so here is another I’m really OK with it if this is the only one I postHi! One of my great songs from my vast discography is in this special/tour doc!! Can u guess which one? I’m excite… don’t know how to do umm anything , so the way I made myself an alien was film myself in Instagram with a filter… first ten unlocked here we go @timw_brap Yes are youfor every 10 RT’s of my video tweet I will release one of these behind the scenes videos first single from the record is out now, called "It's Dangerous," and comes with this new music vid directed by…
Retweeted by Chris FarrenYES I directed a music video for @hurryband ‘s great new track “It’s Dangerous” . any excuse to take my shirt off…
“KILLING OF ROAD RUNNER” Chris Farren, 2021 Watercolor/ink
Retweeted by Chris Farren @tai_60 finally
@tgafan83 @MustangShannon5 Thanks! I live in Los Angeles tho 😩Oh hell yeah love that album
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.@catfigurine got me a birthday cake with a special message to @chrisfarren
Retweeted by Chris Farren @suzyshinn Ok the pics pleaseMaking @jeffrosenstock songs into ska is cool but I like to turn Antarctigo Vespucci songs into Lo-Fi Hip-Hop mysel…
Retweeted by Chris Farren364 days til my birthday
@RozwellKid THANK you @HarmonyWoodsPA WOW look at us gowishing the most epic of birthdays to the ultimate punk celeb @chrisfarren here’s an ancient photo of us in the lob…
Retweeted by Chris FarrenThat time I interviewed @chrisfarren for @Substream ( and he drew me a picture (which is fr…
Retweeted by Chris Farren @asianmanrecords Thank you Mike @alexmercuri Thank you Alex ! @dana_gorab Thank you Dana!!! @jonodiener Thank u jonoin celebration of chris's birthday (happy birthday chris!) i'm announcing the line-up following this saturday's lis…
Retweeted by Chris Farren @jerberkin @Polyvinyl Thank u my young friend jer @MrJeffTrammell Jeff you rock! @oceanator 🥰🥰🥰 @maxwellstern that was very big of metrue punk celebrity @chrisfarren once allowed me to give him a ride back to his hotel. it was a great honor and i t…
Retweeted by Chris Farrenpeople simply don’t change @jamiecoletta LOVE U!!!!!happy birthday to @chrisfarren who I love, respect, and miss dearly — this night remains one of my most cherished m…
Retweeted by Chris FarrenI saw one if his perfect sets and he released a bunch of balloons and the game was to find the one that had the bab…
Retweeted by Chris Farren @LauraJaneGrace Thank you Laura!!! @bugposting Thank you RachelHappy Birthday, @chrisfarren 🎂 Please quote tweet this with your favorite thing about @chrisfarren!!!
Retweeted by Chris Farren @skymutsuko Thank you sky!Happy Birthday Chris Farren!Happy birthday @chrisfarren, may you always watch over me
Retweeted by Chris Farren @th0ttery_barn Thank you!!! @catbiteband Thank you I am the king of ska
@bekwayfarer Hell yah baby thank you @girljoys_ the dawn of time @sharkpartyqq HAPPY BDAY @dnlvilleda Happy bday !my bday tomorrow
@hurryband send me my shirt @deathrosenstock haha im glad
happy lesbian visibility day to all fans and friends of Chris Farren
@XanderGrzy @heystefron I need to rewatch it to check but lets say 9/10 to be safe @thebrianfallon Microscopic
throwing a tiny football back and forth with Lorne just brainstormingit was my idea to have Elon musk host snl :((( sorry everyone I didn’t think they’d actually do it
@desertlesbian Ask it
@whackkat honestly years 0-5 are all a big blur to me @sendgod2jail I’m not a baby!!!!!