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'Delightfully wonkish'. Professor of Politics @rhulpir I study public opinion (in particular constituency opinion) and how judges decide.

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@MariosRichards Which I may have done... @SammiMckean The academic's battle cry, more research needed! @VisibleHeritage Unless someone tells me it's 52:48, I'm going to say it's a pretty good ratio @apwlay Yes, not just visual @djmgaffneyw4 Perhaps there is more brutish English empiricism in me than I thought... @martinboon No. I'm not saying that's wrong, just that I don't do it @worriedraccoon Lidl, also Amazon @arthur_spirling Too annoyed at Jaffa cakes for making me read tax law cases @BDStanley No, but tell me what you really think...I've made a big decision. My new favourite chocolate biscuit is the white chocolate Leibniz. Feel free to at me;… @Samfr What's weird is that all the other demog. differences have been unwinding @sanderwagner ngl, kinda sad to read this tweet too.This brilliant horror must be shared.
Retweeted by Chris Hanretty is staying home @gelliottmorris Per ? @harrydcarr @anandMenon1 Yeah, that sounds about right @anandMenon1 Don't journalists say the same things about academics? @Kathy_Rastle Is it MTurk or something similar? @Kathy_Rastle Oh come on! Surely this falls below a minimum threshold? @PoliSciJack @BESResearch It's fine, I can get it from the merged file. I've upgraded to a new desktop so it's not… @PoliSciJack @BESResearch 😒 who use @BESResearch data: if I want resp.'s highest educ. quals for a single wave, do I have to use the co…
@JKastellec I actually took this as evidence that clerks weren't involved! @Metatone2 Could well be.I'm going to treat this as evidence against the view that clerks do most of the work on SCOTUS, on the grounds that… @PoliSciJack nice equation annotation! @PaulGoodmanCH I got there from; I suspect these categories aren't exclusive, though lots of dfns of terrorism @PaulGoodmanCH I'm not sure about that. Protesters in general are not fans of Trump, but looking at the incidences… @PaulGoodmanCH No, I wrote "it's *one* form". I'm not saying that evidence on terrorism is the only relevant eviden… @PaulGoodmanCH See @PaulGoodmanCH The evidence is in the DHS report and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies report desc… @PaulGoodmanCH I don't think the evidence I gave is decisive for the broader question of political violence. I do t… @PaulGoodmanCH Terrorist violence seems the obvious place to start, for the reasons that I mentioned. @PaulGoodmanCH No, they're not. But I am saying that they (and far-left extremism more generally) are not as seriou… @PaulGoodmanCH No. But it's clearly an important type of violence when talking about politics, and it's one form of… @PaulGoodmanCH IMO the para beginning "But it is not as though the Proud Boys..." falsely implies that left-wing an… @omaromalleykhan There seems to have been a lot of love for "functional" rather than geog. constituencies in the fi… @omaromalleykhan Britons are fairly inventive conditional drafters when it comes to other people... @omaromalleykhan Hmm... Malapportionment in Brazil and Argentina is worse than in the Senate, and federalism is ass…
@BDStanley @JasonReifler I would argue that this is also true of parmesan and mozzarella. (I think the issue with b… @JasonReifler surprised at this cheddar love @benjaminfarrand @DrPhilEdwards This is true of a lot of survey research. You can try cognitive interviewing, or as… @benjaminfarrand Why do you think it's shoddy? (My view: the people involved are serious, the questions have been u… merged with @ches_data and data on populism and ideology (and IDs to bridge datasets)…
Retweeted by Chris Hanretty is staying homeelectoral coalitions, party identity/ideology measured along 16 dimensions, party organization info (candidate nomi…
Retweeted by Chris Hanretty is staying homeThe V-Party launch is focused on parties' illiberal turn (which makes sense!) but I wanted to highlight some of the…
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@M_PaulMcNamara Interesting - doesn't show up on account search on the mobile client, but does when I click a link in a tweet @M_PaulMcNamara Also deleted his account, it seems"we took our decision having due regard to the value of in person teaching in higher education", [optionally, for t…'s because I think the claim is very unlikely to succeed as long as the government provides *some* reason for acting in the way it didI imagine the point of the action is to get information and get the government to commit to a reason (or set of rea… and a half grounds for judicial review are put forward: irrationality, procedural unfairness, and failure to co… can find UCU's pre claim letter at
NIMBYism, but for auditory playground equipmentGood afternoon to everyone, except the developers who have installed a xylophone in the newly constructed kids playground next to meTo my English speaking friends who'd like to understand what is going on in Chile this weekend (and hopefully for t…
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@Samfr If only there had been some warning sign @thomasforth Ah, that's interesting @dsquareddigest Tough ask. Leslie in '97, first-term incumbent bounce in '01, then nowt since then. He's probably s… unwelcome reminder that I have now been doing MRP for > 6 years: @thomasforth Do you know where it originated? @ukplc1 I do wonder who is activated or converted by these shibbolethsWhy are some politicians so unafraid of borrowing from the extreme right (Compare: "cultural Marxism")? @Nico879 Well, having skimmed their annual reports, I'm not concerned, am happy to donate, and am happy to encourage others to do so @Nico879 See p. 36 @Nico879 Is there something I can read about that?If (like me) you've been inspired by @MarcusRashford and (like me) you're not a small business owner, why not set u… @_TomBarton is starting a PhD @rhulpir looking at the causes and consequences of more demanding voter registration requirementsLooking at you, Alabama ...'s a nice ecological fallacy: areas w/ higher proportions of African Americans are more concerned about voter… @ProfAFinlayson There's certainly a gap between symbolic and operational preferences (or whatever concepts perform… @_TomBarton and I wrote, identifying the states which are most concerned about electoral fraud @ProfAFinlayson I'm not surprised :-) @PoliSciJack Edsger Dijkstra to be awarded posthumous honorary Scottish citizenship win for supporters of zero based indexing @ianrgraham @ProfSobolewska I don't think it *has* to be, but taking "REF output profiles" and turning them into ra… coronavirus responses threaten physiological accounts of R/W authoritarianism (stronger disgust response)? Inter… @jdportes @martingeorge Good to flex my tineye image search muscles there... @martingeorge If you believe that, I've got a reconstituted ship I'd like to sell you... @ProfSobolewska There's the zero-sum competition over reputation tho @ProfSobolewska It's not actually a huge amount.
@UBFriccardo But who was the Che to his Fidel?Any old b*ll*cks in the name of a good intro, amirite?MOST TEPID OF ALL TEPID TAKES: Boris Johnson is not "more Castro than Castro". @PJDunleavy @LSEPress Congratulations! I'm sure great things will follow @laderafrutal @cjw_phd Yes, I misunderstood @cjw_phd Yes, it would be a small-c constitutional changeHuge implications, from mighty counterfactuals (100% turnout!) do grow @cjw_phd ooh, that's a lot of constitutional plumbing that needs to be done... @cjw_phd i.e., make the Supreme Court a constitutional court rather than an apex appellate court? @mjohnharrison @PurblindClark @Eaterofsun @UnlikelyWorlds equifinal? @martingeorge Just bruising yeah? No need to go down the whole Byker Grove route... @HeejungChung Didn't mean to indicate support for a Becker-style analysis, was just casting about for alternative t… @HeejungChung Isn't there an important theoretical component to both those concepts? I think a conversation which u… @soniasodha I respect him more with every tweet, and there aren't many people I can say that about
@zeerobs It's great stuff, you should feel really chuffed with it! @BDStanley The Independent has gone big on it, so.... yes, very likely.Did you know that women’s and men’s apparel are subject to different taxes? You’re NEVER GOING TO GUESS who…
Retweeted by Chris Hanretty is staying homeAlways great to read a paper where you just *know* the authors have said to themselves, "this is important, so it's… @mikedecr @PoliSciJack Emacs + ESS is actually quite good. And there's a starter pack @IsaEngeli @profsarahchilds @ProfSobolewska I think that's a very important and relevant comparison