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Chris Hawkins @ChrisHawkinsUK Manchester, mostly

BBC 6 Music Early Breakfast Show presenter. Was in Doctors for 18 seconds STFC. Lovely agent:

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So where can you hear She Draws the Gun, an ex Sex Pistol, and what sounds like a Peruvian cover of Seven Nation Ar…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsI was asked by @ChrisHawkinsUK to illustrate superstar @clarenasir! If only all my projects were this much fun! ⚡️
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsMonday just became significantly more bearable. Thanks @ChrisHawkinsUK @Elbow @BBC6Music
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @WalkerSam @MediaCityUK @BBC6Music 👋 x x @ChrisHawkinsUK @MediaCityUK @BBC6Music Waving back...
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsStudio view, 0600 @MediaCityUK @BBC6Music 🌞 #Manchester... you ready to party late into the night on Wednesday? Come get yourself into @AlbertsSchloss for T…
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After a hot and sweaty night, how about waking up on Monday morning with awesome new music by @lowtheband❤️ my birthday present from @ChrisHawkinsUK ... my ‘super self’ created by incredible illustrator @markreihill ⚡️
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsKate, @kategarraway it will revolutionise your carpet cleaning experience x Roll up your sleeves, get on your knee…
@samfendermusic @BBC6Music Sounding great Sam @memphis_tom @BBC6Music @GazCoombes Stunning track from an amazing album @DAVETHEHOUSECAT ...c’est la vie... @SirensOfLesbos @BBC6Music Sound great guys 👋
@HASLAMMATT In a Hamburgler top, with Playpal on the back. P L aypal. @ATshowgirl Next stop is a beer garden x @HASLAMMATT I do agree. In fact I have just complimented the barrister on her perfectly blended latte.Summer weather is with us this weekend - and it will turn hotter next week, says @clarenasir. #5News | @metoffice
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsIt’s Friday pub time, 26 degrees outside and I’m at the emptiest soft play centre in the UK*. On the upside, B*Witc… @jaynemiddlemiss @sainsburys Jayne, Jayne, Jayne, you don’t understand...this stuff is revolutionary but just for y… @sainsburys Here’s the regular (kinda cute) offender 🐶 hope I never tweet anything more middle-aged and boring than this BUT I am moved to share the brilliance of this… be @ChrisHawkinsUK waking up with @thehotpots 🙌🏻 ‘gerrit down ya’
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On it.’ve seen the future 🍳 @poachies
Fun birthday night with @clarenasir seeing fab @_AwfulAuntie @PalaceAndOpera is cool - for neat BBC World Cup updates, just say "Take Me To the World Cup" to your Alexa / Google Home / Ap… @mattc1980 You had us in floods Matt. @rgmcdermott @BBC6Music Hey, it was @fosterthepeople Pumped Up Kicks
We want to work with our competitors and regulator to change fast enough to help guarantee a prosperous future - in…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsPeak weather / football: Hurricane or Harry Cane with @alexdeakin @clarenasir @metoffice Dust storms, pollen seaso…! @ChrisHawkinsUK is spoiling us this morning. Idles, Banshees, Cocteau Twins and now Sonic Youth. Come On!
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It is now #TUN #ENG #WorldCupHave we just won the #WorldCup ? #TUNvENG🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England kicky-kicky-kick-kick off their #WorldCup campaign tonight 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ⚽ Watch #ENGTUN on @BBCOne - l…
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MONDAY ... on your radio from 5-7am: excellent new @thenextmen @Sinkyateeth @samfendermusic + classics by Led Zep,… @paulsmithmusic @BBC6Music Sounded great Paul. Can’t wait to hear the new album dude. @SQR45 @BBC6Music @underworldlive @IggyPop 💯 agreed. @EimearJude @mattjstrong @brighteyesband Hope it brought back great memories 💕
Lovely surprise to find the super talented @alx_green playing @TheWhiteHorseCR @ChesterRaces this afternoon… day. £4.50 up. A lot down #ChesterRaces @Amarounmusic @Pennysmith ALL the love x x x
@juliecullen @mattwarwick Ha, amazing game of football ⚽️ #WorldCup18The undisputed greatest footballer of all time #WorldCup #WorldCup2018 @tinyleavesmusic @RyanKennedy100 @BBCShropshire @eyebrowstim @jimallthetime It was a joy to do. Lovely to be back i… @eyebrowstim @tinyleavesmusic @RyanKennedy100 @BBCShropshire @jimallthetime Next time buddy. @perchorin Yep, it was an accidental typo. The list was published as fast as possible after the show on Thursday. @millysandals SOZ Cara x @maxcoopermax @BBC6Music Sounded stunning Max 🎹 @ClareAshford @RyanKennedy100 @BBCShropshire Yay! Looking forward to it Clare 🤗 x @jaf1975 @BBC6Music Cheers Jim 👊Triple denim and no shoulders. Just head on body. @LTirre @RyanKennedy100 @BBCShropshire No! Like a nerd. @jimbfc @RyanKennedy100 @BBCShropshire I’m very lucky. Cheers Jim 🙌🏼 @millysandals Thanks for listening Carla. Have a great weekend :) @SquadRS @RyanKennedy100 @BBCShropshire Glory days.*What a GEEK* My first paid job in radio was at Radio Shropshire age 17. I’m flattered to have been invited back…
Check this out! Amazing idea to get you into the #WorldCup spirit 🙌 #WorldCupRussia2018
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins*NEW* Here’s an amazing playlist of songs mentioning every country competing in the World Cup, as selected by the a… you name songs that mention every team in the World Cup? The country must be mentioned in the lyrics…
@alisonclay71 @finklepepper @marcrileydj Thanks so much Alison 🙌🏼Nuts. Follow gorgeous TV dude @Mattallwright and his merry pranksters, the Walnuts, on their musical journey raisin… eloquent singers telling powerful stories
@finklepepper @marcrileydj Thanks for tuning in buddy 🙏World Cup ready #WorldCup2018's been a lot of speculation about how our summer weather is going to pan out - @clarenasir from @metoffice se…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsFor all the wonderful carers and care partners xx
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsShrewsbury Town Fan and @BBC6Music presenter @ChrisHawkinsUK will be joining us today to talk about new…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsTwo whole pounds that could turn into twenty two whole pounds but probably won’t because 🇩🇪, 🇧🇷 or 🇪🇸 #WorldCup2018 talking football on the radio with you this morning @MarkGlennMurphy. You’ve got a great new manager @Official_ITFC @BBCSuffolk @ChrisHawkinsUK @BBC6Music @shaunwkeaveny’s Breakfast Show will haunt us to our graves.
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @ChrisHawkinsUK @BBC6Music ... I think I just need a new mirror.
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsComplete this sentence... It hasn't aged well BUT.... @BBC6Music
Read this @FalseHeads Interview "never worship a politician, ever." and then listen to th…
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⏰ if you're up early tomorrow morning, this lot will be on your radio: amazing new @idlesband @Johnny_Marr
"They say to you what our songs mean to them... and that's a huge positive thing." @BBC6Music's @ChrisHawkinsUK mee…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @pegdeg So true! @ConnorPR @nadineshah @idlesband @lifebanduk @ahcabbage @BBCRadio4 @KevinCore Thank you so much for listening Siobhan xGreat Saturday afternoon listening a powerful doc from @ChrisHawkinsUK on bands writing powerful songs about import…
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