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Chris Hawkins @ChrisHawkinsUK Manchester, mostly

BBC Radio 6 Music Presenter. Was in BBC Doctors for 18 seconds. Agent: insta @chrishawkinsdj

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@phaffandpotter @SarpaSalpaMusic Playing them tomorrow 📻Playing it on tomorrow’s show @BBC6Music @Iangathome Bands like Moses are personal choice and I really like them! @Iangathome Here’s the playlist Ian @Iangathome Hi Ian, they’re not on the 6 Music playlist.This appeal starts at the @SalfordCityFC game v @shrewsweb - if you’re going to be there too, please turn up with a… to hear St Albans featured in the Hometown Glory section on @ChrisHawkinsUK show on @BBC6Music via…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsMy @clarenasir illustration is over on @hireanillo ! @ChrisHawkinsUK ❤️
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @tomwilliamsuk Sounded so great Tom x
M O N D A Y ... 🤪 5 - 7am, join me for a mega mix of classics by Bowie, Beastie Boys and Psychedelic Furs + great n…
At the @SalfordCityFC v @shrewsweb game I’ll be the one with a big bag of these to give away, thanks to @_Bands_FC am honoured to have been invited* by @gnev2 and @salfordcityfc to be their special guest announcer at the match w…£1000s and £1000s raised at @NordoffRobbins1 Annual Charity Ball @thelowryhotel. Proud to co-host with…
@_Bands_FC Can you organise a big bands FC 5 a side tournament? Would love to meg some bands and get megged by some others
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsThanks for having me @OTRMCR @Mr_Dave_Haslam @zillfrau @SallyDunstone @ten_tonnes @BBC6Music Sounded soooo good 🙌🏼Look at those faces! @ChrisHawkinsUK and @alexwinterstv are ready for a day of new music discovery! Last few tick…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsIT’S THAT DANCE. WATCH THIS and love it. Finishing the show this morning with some feelgood Friday, Future Islands…
@AmandaRamsay How absolutely wonderful love❤️ 👨‍⚕️ @LordBlackadder Yes he is. And he was so old 20 years ago.Dr Legg?! Not seen Eastenders for many years. This has made me happier than is normal. BEAUTIES @shrewsweb @theharryshearer @_Bands_FC #Shrewsbury #Salop #uptoeleven
On tomorrow’s show, Thursday 5-7am, we’ll be celebrating Northern Soul nights old and new @BBC6Music Share you sto…’s a top Saturday night ✨ You’re welcome 💃 @hattiepearson @Mr_Dave_Haslam @DeafInstitute @craigthomas1 @xtcfans @BBC6Music freaky greatness X T CNow playing on @ChrisHawkinsUK’s @BBC6Music show, To My Dead Friend by @averagesexband. Such a brilliant heartbreak…
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@Sparkypatrick @paso_primero @shrewsweb It really is excellent - highly recommend it.Awesome actual Shrewsbury Town FC wine @paso_primero @shrewsweb! @averagesexband’s amazing brand new single, To My Dead Friend, will make its debut on @BBC6Music tomorrow…
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@mrsrice13 @numanofficial @BBC6Music It was so good I played it twice, for the later comers 📻 @LisaKFlint Thanks so much Lisa x @Mr_Dave_Haslam @OTRMCR @KendalCalling @BBC6Music @SallyDunstone @XrayTouring @Bernard_Butler Looking forward to it Dave 🙌🏼 @stephenridding @BBCRadMac That’s very kind Stephen. Thank you. And I’m getting those ear defenders on my Christmas list 🎅🏼Want 🎧 @OTRMCR conference on Friday schedule is here; I'm hosting a 'Northern Revival' panel (inc. Emma Zillman from…
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Something a very special tomorrow morning, 5-7am, with the one and only, Gary Numan. Hometown Glory with a music…
@marcrileydj @lowtheband @ChrisHawkinsUK please feel free to print out and use at your discretion and share x
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsSaturday 5am @ChrisHawkinsUK vs @Thundercat 7am @TherealNihal sits in for @maryannehobbs 10am @OfficialHuey 1pm…
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🙌🏼 @Getintothis Thanks so much Peter. That means a lot 🙏Such a wonderful way of imagining a #seaswim with birds overhead .. wind&rain in #Dublin stopped my plans in realit…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @BBCRadMac @ChrisHawkinsUK @ErlandCooper We really enjoyed this (well, we would, wouldn't we 😉) Thought we'd share…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsGot a colleague who ALWAYS gets the tea round right? Or have the printers got minds of their own? Let @Chrishawkins
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsTune into @BBCRadMac 14:30. I’ll be talking birds, orkney & tape loops live with @ChrisHawkinsUK 🙏 🦉 📼
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsHey @PhilDavies1 Hope you're well. Could you do me a follow so I can drop you a DM please? Chris
Yo! To anyone here via @ChrisHawkinsUK @BBCRadMac today, the broadcasts are at .. the song…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsLove my @ludlowbrewery beer 🍺 thank you @fyfedangerfield x #salop #pleasedrinkresponsibly Erland Cooper joins @ChrisHawkinsUK. He's pictured here, appropriately, with a bird 🦅
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsIf you've any kind of interest in classic British TV themes, listen to this interview (link below) - 6 Music's Chri…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsFyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots joins @ChrisHawkinsUK now to talk about birds... really, and NEW music 🎶🦜 Check ou…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @SiobhanWeddings Miss you Siobhan! xWell hello there! @fyfedangerfield joins @ChrisHawkinsUK to talk about what he's up to at the moment...
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Tomorrow Fyfe Dangerfield pops in to say hi to @ChrisHawkinsUK. For now though, we'll say bye and see you at 1pm 👋
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsHello, @ChrisHawkinsUK is here with top tunes from @_tvam, The MC5 and @TheVryllSociety... so dance like you're a 9…
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Comedian Rachel Parris is here! Listen live to her chat with Chris Hawkins just after 2pm or catch up later on t…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @sylvester_sax Never heard Magazine, Parquet Courts, Chemical Brothers, Cracker or Kelis described as elevator music before.HELLO! @ChrisHawkinsUK once met someone who was so convinced he was @domjoly, that he ended up just agreeing and ha…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsYour DJ, @ChrisHawkinsUK is here! And The Mash Report's @rachelparris joins him today to talk about her tour It's F…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @retrogamergoonr @plasticmermaids Glad you enjoyed it Mister H! @Cparks1976 DONE 👊Congratulations on this absolute beauty Matt @matteveritt! 😆 @rachelparris from @BBCTwo’s hit show #TheMashReport joins @ChrisHawkinsUK sitting in for @BBCRadMac tod…
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Huge news for @lifebanduk and a mega double bill @idlesband Loved it. Go @_Bands_FC @FootballMuseum @darrenmoore66 Cheers Darren. Appreciate you listening 📻 @morphbex @BBCRadMac That's so lovely, thank you Rebecca. I'm such a big fan, as may have been obvious!Thanks for listening 🎧 @ChrisHawkinsUK is back tomorrow, joined by with @rachelparris
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsHow much is a year's supply of toilet roll @ChrisHawkinsUK? Shit loads.
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @darrenmoore66 The caller was travelling to Hull and I've really enjoyed being there several times this year. @darrenmoore66 I said that! I love Hull!Star of Informer, Bel Powley joins @ChrisHawkinsUK now. And if you haven't seen it (where have you been?), here's a…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsLoving this, it's 1996 by @plasticmermaids 🎶 it's something new picked by @ChrisHawkinsUK
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsDespite the lack of monetary worth, @ChrisHawkinsUK was overjoyed by his recent bingo prize. He wants to know the b…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsHappy Monday everybody! @ChrisHawkinsUK takes the reigns this week and today he's going to be joined by star of Inf…
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You have my vote sir ✅ excited about brilliant Bel Powley joining me tomorrow afternoon when I cover for @BBCRadMac. You'll probabl…
We are sooo excited to be attending the filming of #CBeebiesThumbelina Panto at @RegandVic Regent Theatre in Stoke…
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Thanks so much for listening Helen...glad you enjoyed Informer... Be listening on Monday afternoon from 1pm when I… you “elite”?! 📺 #MashReport, Fridays 10pm @bbctwo 📻 @rachelparris joins @ChrisHawkinsUK on Tues from 1pm
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsThis will be a great night, I’m lucky to be hosting, for a great cause @NordoffRobbins1 @mcrconfidential to everyone who bought a Pulp shirt today. To the band for being so supportive, to @therealnickbank for gett…
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Don’t let our Sheff Wednesday Pulp shirts appear on eBay for big bucks. The best way is to just order one now and t…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @indiegirl101 I do too, a bit of amazingness @andywburrows @matthaig1
@SybilRuscoe Done! Then on to a young farmers at West Mid show ground?!What would you put on a gothic playlist? 🖤 Here's Faris' (@horrorsofficial) guide to Goth for @chrishawkinsdj.
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsDelighted and proud to be doing this for @NordoffRobbins1
@Cparks1976 Bingo, magic, reptile’s package holiday heaven 😎Just won something for the first time since a competition in Shoot magazine. It’s been a bit cloudy here in Lanza… caught up with @BBC6Music presenter @ChrisHawkinsUK who is hosting @TheGEA_UK charity ball next month, an event…
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As someone who deals with a number of the issues Matt discusses, what he says here (in 20 mins) is, potentially, li… @kathrynjoseph_ It’s such an amazing song Kathryn x @DrRayLucas Really?
This was an ace program to put together with @ChrisHawkinsUK and give @fyfedangerfield latest #Birdwatcher project…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsOh - almost forgot in the frenzy - I am so so chuffed and lucky & thankful to have this happening at 6.40 ish tomor…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @MirandaKitten @ellibin 😘
Loved Paddy Considine in Informer so watched Pride - the amazing story of the gay and lesbian activists who support…’s a terrific half hour about the importance of poetry @GylesB1 @bbckamal Hollywood casting agents are beating my door down @BBCDoctorsHey Kurt, it's #Informer Fantastic cast and script @BBCOne @RozieBreen @bbckamal It's such a great read Rozina - a lovely mix of personal memoir and political analysis @bbckamal