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Chris Hawkins @ChrisHawkinsUK Manchester, mostly

BBC Radio 6 Music Presenter. Was in BBC Doctors for 18 seconds. Agent: insta @chrishawkinsdj

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@MetMattTaylor @AlanChand @jennysmithUK OUR bonus!!!
Looking forward to listening to Cillian on @bbc6music!
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @danriley1976 @BBC6Music Cheers DAN, thanks for listening dude 🙌🏼 @GavJ43029429 Cheers Gav. Thanks for listening fella 🙏 @Dmac3039 @BBC6Music 🙌🏼 xThe Beatles, Bowie and Stone Roses all before 7.30! Yes @BBC6Music @ChrisHawkinsUK
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@BBCRadioFoyle Thanks so much for having me on the show - and to Mel for the sugar rush ☄️ @jacks123 @deebeedoobee @BBC6Music I only get colours with music. Literally every song. @MirandaKitten @melcoles1 The rock n roll trainspotter xACTUAL ROCKET FUEL @MirandaKitten @melcoles1 @BBC6Music Ah, John was a great presenter, lovely man and dear friend. I miss him hugely. @Bodfeatures That’s very kind Peter. Thanks so much for listening 🙏 @deebeedoobee @BBC6Music Same! It’s cool isn’t it?! @Elaine_McGee10 Hilarious *starts plotting a route*Thanks so much to @Elaine_McGee10 & @Sean_OHalloran for having me on @BBCRadioFoyle talking about my new discover…
@naza_1971 @BBCDoctors Good Luck Naz - keep being awesome xMy wife’s nifty 5 min half term forecast @clarenasir @alexdeakin was so much fun! 🙌 Last chance to play in the #FAPeoplesCup! SIGN UP NOW 👉 fabulous Roy’s World by @seazooband
@jackwhitmore08 @BBC6Music Different ones at different times. Roughly what time?I’m only writing this tweet cos I heard someone say corker today. SO, some CORKERS lined up for tomorrow’s show, 5-7.30am @BBC6Music @adrianphillips1 @chriswarburton_ @HelenZaltzman @OllyMann @MrRoryReid @Helen_R_Brown @ProfTimOB @SteveFowler @ravinaik @chriswarburton_ @HelenZaltzman @OllyMann @MrRoryReid @Helen_R_Brown @ProfTimOB @adrianphillips1 @nakhaneofficial @BBC6Music Please put me down as an uber fan xWhat a line-up...and note the RT to win tickets @DeerShed @JohnWildy71 It was a co-write so, half right 😉 @juliecullen Epic 80s!
@SpiritofEden @FuzzySunBand @BBCSounds @therealboon If so, make that 5.Apparently Stockport is home to 4 wonders of the world...👂⬇️ @FuzzySunBand @BBCSounds to @FuzzySunBand for the shout on @BBC6Music this morning on the @ChrisHawkinsUK show. Wonders of the world…
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@dan_thom A broken one.Love this man. A total pleasure to spend time interviewing the amazing and beautiful John Grant today…
@LandscapeMan My only rule is separate glasses. @Redluna At best. @_GumballFactory 😬Here goes...40th tonight, stag do tomorrow. Sunday? Bag of spanners.Band promo/album/gig showreel. Music by The Blinders. Feel free to Ignore the pics and just watch it for the song.…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @FoxNikkiFox @Mattallwright @BBC6Music NIKKI! X @cammywebster @BBC6Music Thanks Cammy! 🙏Inform. Educate. And “please, drinking responsibly” - @ChrisHawkinsUK
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @tanya_weaver @BBC6Music So kind, thanks Tanya. Coffee? ☕️
@Sally__Williams @BBC6Music 🙏🙏🙏 x @Titchicat @BBC6Music Pleasure to be of service Heather x @morphbex @BBC6Music Thanks so much Rebecca 🙏 @sallyjaneharper @BBC6Music So so so kind Sally 🙌🏼 @SarahFenn13 @BBC6Music Awww, thanks so much Sarah 🥰 @ajfreer1989 @BBC6Music Thanks so much mate! 🙏 @paulisageek @BBC6Music Thanks so much for listening Paul 🙏 @mrsimonraymonde @BBC6Music Thank you so much Simon. That’s really kind 🙏 @scottmatthewsuk @BBC6Music Cheers Scotty - please let’s have something new soon 🙏 @EmmaisaChampion @BBC6Music Thanks so much Emma x @StevoMusicMan @BBC6Music Thanks so much for listening buddy 🙏 @RobinsonBoone @BBC6Music Thanks so much Ben. Get a new tune out soon 👊🏻 @mrdanwalker @BBC6Music Thanks so much Dan 🤘🏼 @SimonOKing @BBC6Music @jennysmithUK You’re a twice daily spike Si 🌝 @anotherskymusic @BBC6Music Love you guys. See you Monday! @martindweston @clarenasir @BBC6Music If only! @MetMattTaylor @BBC6Music @jennysmithUK Wheeling in the big gun on a Monday morning. I’ll open my cravat. Looking f… news that my show has done record figures. Thank you so so so much if you listen. I’m thrilled and a bit - 😭…
Very excited about this band 🧜🏽‍♀️ @plasticmermaids @SundayBestRecs it @sleafordmods x (Guys, please call the follow up to Eton Alive, Eton Mess) @DownesPenny @estrons Eek, might need to set the alarm a bit earlier for tomorrow / @BBCSounds x
@SybilRuscoe SIX MINUTES???Balls🗓 23 days to go until our 25th Anniversary Dinner! 🎤 We're delighted to announce the @HEMPOLICS - described as the…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsThis morning's show turned into a Sesame Street celebration. @BBC6Music #SesameStreet @DAVETHEHOUSECAT @ambitious_mum Cheers dude 🙏Absolutely LOVING the Sesame Street themed @ChrisHawkinsUK show today! Filled me full of joy before 8am! Happy 50t…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @ambitious_mum Yes! @yes_mcr
@ambitious_mum Thank you so much for listening 🙏 @SQR45 Hacker Hawkins returns.Things I never thought I'd do, no 47,831....walking football in a team captained by Louise Minchin @bbcgetinspired I wish there were more traffic lights on my journey so i could take note of the brilliant music played by…
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⏰ 🤛🏽 to start the week with brand new music from @lambchopisaband @nakhaneofficial @jsondara and cla… @martindweston Can't believe you didn't see it...
@0rchid_black @BBC6Music @thespecials @steve_lamacq 🤥 @EllaKenion ❤️Go fish this out on @BBCSounds if you missed it: @thespecials live @100clubLondon for @steve_lamacq on your for…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @bongbrummie @BBC6Music @thespecials @steve_lamacq 😘 @EllaKenion @alexwinterstv @BBC6Music @thespecials @steve_lamacq ...all of the above with RAGING hangovers x @samliddicott @BBC6Music Thanks so much Sam 🙏 @rowanc @Prefabsprout Absolute perfect pop - a legend of a human being. @thetwilightsad It’s a wonderful, powerful beast. @MrsRF @thetwilightsad 👍🏻 @seaninsound @thetwilightsad Definitely. Liking @BloodRedShoes a lot too. @RossArnold23 @Prefabsprout Absolutely! @CarovanStudios @BBC6Music @thespecials @steve_lamacq I KNOW! @boothsj @Prefabsprout It’s being released as a Prefab album as oppose to a Paddy solo LP.🙏 @ABRACKENBURY Aunt Margaret’s Pudding is a lovely fun and very tasty read 📖 @Dannydeathdisco @Prefabsprout ❤️ @ChrisHawkinsUK @Prefabsprout Can you give this a tweet please Chris Tix from
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsLovely weekend listening @thetwilightsad @paulsmithmusic @Prefabsprout A true gentleman Paul, absolutely. An amazing storytellerI’ve been a fan since I was a kid so this means everything. @Prefabsprout just arrived, somehow @BBC6Music @LincolnRamirez @BBC6Music Sorry, not sorry 🤘🏽 @LincolnRamirez
Absolutely brilliant ending to the BBC Six O'clock News tonight #ChocksAway
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @EllaKenion @alexwinterstv @BBC6Music @thespecials @steve_lamacq I KNOW!!!!!!! Most remarkably, I still remember those amazing days x @lisalaurasmith Listening and loving some Friday night Lady Lisa action x