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Chris Hawkins @ChrisHawkinsUK Manchester, mostly

BBC 6 Music Early B’fast Show presenter. Was in BBC Doctors for 18 secs. Agent: DJ/Live:

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I’d forgotten how much I love London @NetworkRailEUS @TheBlindersBand fans. An exclusive from the new album on tomorrow’s @BBC6Music show, around 0640. Plus great n… @LittleOnion @CheltLitFest Love it. Alas not First Class @ErlandCooper @BBC6Music @BethanElfyn @BBCRadioWales @cerysmatthews @TheGoodLifeExp It was beautiful Erland. Hope a… @ChrisHawkinsUK Please. Eat responsibly.
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsDay trip to London. Main objective is not falling asleep in a Whopper Meal on the 7.30pm return. much love for @ErlandCooper and his special ‘scored interview’ I played on my @BBC6Music show. It was done liv… @cobbs2000 💯
💚 this one @prefab_sprout @_Bands_FC @bbcbreakthenews @des_clarke Will look forward to it. Great show 📻 @sofiacann1 On the contrary Sofia, loved meeting you, hearing all your ideas and your gaff is awesome 😎 x @PangoMan Happy to serve 💤After so much great talk of Halifax on my 6 Music show with @SarahBlackwood1 I had to pay a visit. So impressed by…
@thezineuk @FootballMuseum @_Bands_FC Till Nov 22nd and well worth a visit @nigetassell @FootballMuseum Grrrrrrr....where the pigeons fly’s a lovely Hometown Glory short guide to Pudsey, West Yorkshire, with Jam…🌳❤️ #treeoftheyear @WoodlandTrust fantastical bands meet football, football meets bands. Loving the scores @FootballMuseum @_Bands_FC to the brilliant @_Bands_FC exhibition @FootballMuseum in Manchester ⚽️ @Wolves @WuTangClan @OUFCOfficial
@alan0669 @Faithfull_M @nickcave @benhowardmusic @misscherrylala @disclosure @TheFernwehBand @BBC6Music You’ll hear itLive @thegoodlifeexp @bethanelfyn @chrishawkinsuk chatting to @marcusbeanchef
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @BethanElfyn @Faithfull_M @nickcave @benhowardmusic @misscherrylala @disclosure @TheFernwehBand @BBC6Music And… @dylantleigh It really varies - too much to be specific.Monday? SHUT UP. I'll do what I can to make it bearable if you're up early...5-7am, superb new music by:… awesome guys 💕@cerysmatthews @BRyderJones @BethanElfyn @BBCRadioWales @TheGoodLifeExp at least @BethanElfyn smiled 😊 Ian @Tha_Go_Team @BBCRadioWales @TheGoodLifeExp
.@BBCRadioWales tonight with this gang @cerysmatthews @SillsAndStich @Tha_Go_Team @BillRyderJones @ChrisHawkinsUK
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsLive at 7. @bethanelfyn & @chrishawkinsuk @thegoodlifeexp with @cerysmatthews
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins📻👏 A radio 1st I believe @BBCRadioWales - @ErlandCooper live conducting a string ensemble while we interview... so…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsLive @TheGoodLifeExp @ChrisHawkinsUK tries his hand at axe throwing!
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsLive @TheGoodLifeExp @BethanElfyn @ChrisHawkinsUK with the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins🎤Just tried a bit of singing for the show later... oh yes! Join in live later... 😂 📻🎪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @TheGoodLifeExp
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins📻🎪😂 @ChrisHawkinsUK Live on the radio tonight from Hawarden, Flint from 7-10pm
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsDay 2 at Good Life Experience and I want one of these boiler suits... I’ll have to volunteer next year!…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsIn the woods @thegoodlifeexp with one of Britain’s top explorers @mrs_paul #thegoodlifeexperience @ Hawarden time when ... @clarenasir 💨 🌧 💦 @BethanElfyn Can’t wait Beth xBlackpool?? Getting one of the coaches for today’s away match with Plymouth Argyle?
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This Just In! With entries still flooding in we’re extending the entry date for our #SongContest! You now have til…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsThis is such a compelling listen. Nice one @Cparks1976 @BRyderJones up for this...I'll be Bethan Elfyn's co-host for a show at Cerys Matthews' @TheGoodLifeExp. Brilliant guests:… @Gibson1Paula @screamtalent98 Hey Paula, great to meet you and lovely Millie x x @rmarkwelsh @jennysmithUK Absolutely, stay safe @memphis_tomCommunications w/ the Middle Kid...
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @PColemanchester @Sianygibby @RalphRolle Such a magical day x ❤️
Public Service Broadcasting enamel badges incoming. All proceeds to a charity close to @JWillgoose_Esq’s heart
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsSomething brand new and utterly beautiful by @benhowardmusic on my show tomorrow morning...2nd hour of the show… to have been a judge for this year’s Community Radio Awards and really blown away by the standard. Good… @IanMalcolmsWife @BBCDoctors @MrAshleyRice Nudist beach?🎪👉This weekend. Good Life. Good Music. Good Times! Penwythnos yma dewch i weld @niawynmusic @campfire_social
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @simonfleet Cheers dude - you too #salop @alexbcann @sofiacann1 @BBC6Music Ha...very lovely to have her on board 😎 @simonfleet Guessing he meant the Music Hall... #salop @EdwardStudentOT Hey Edward - it was last Monday - catch up on iplayer buddy.
Here's lovely @sarahblackwood from @dubstarUK extolling the virtues of her hometown, Halifax. Absolutely worth a li…🎪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 📻 See you at the weekend! Special guest co-host on the way live from Good Life @BBCRadioWales Hoping you…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @BethanElfyn @BBCRadioWales No-one mentioned there was an initiation ceremony 😱 @simonsim Good morning dude - what an amazing day ahead...thanks for listening fella X
@GazBrookfield @BBC6Music Sounded great Gaz 🍺 @joanna__pearson Maybe...find out tomorrow! xSo this Saturday night’s going to be a bit different...Excited be co-hosting with @BethanElfyn live from the… helps to ensure that musicians are fairly paid when their music is used – so we are joining @UK_Music to suppor…
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @SundayBrunchC4 @simonrim @TVChoice Awesome news and much deserved. Could easily have won best show to aid hangover… @vickigabbani @festivalnumber6 Brilliant to meet you Vicki - what a great weekend x @ecilabrown @festivalnumber6 Wasn’t it a brilliant weekend? xWhat a start to the day! Getting the right answer to the @bbc6music plink test before anyone else. So made up.…
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@aph36 @festivalnumber6 Torches with red crepe paper over the ends and then switching them on and off as fast my little fingers could 🔦 🌟So excited to be with @ChrisHawkinsUK @6music his week Here’s a playlist for you… 5 before 6 Monday by laurastar23
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @DAVETHEHOUSECAT @BBC6Music @Tim_Burgess Done. A splendid choice, sir.
These BBC Live Lessons are brilliant. I get to do the little factoid bits and love being a tiny, tiny, tiny part of… @dubstarUK @georgefitzmusic @holliecookie @officialSpzd @idlesband @thomyorke @Vesselsband @BBC6Music Love it Sarah… stack of excellent tunes lined up for first thing tomorrow, including fresh new @georgefitzmusic @holliecookie @MirandaKitten Thanks so much Sal - you're right, Matt is amazing. Thank you for listening xYes, here you go fame, climate change, Trump, May, Corbyn and the Comeback Special with iconic Matt Johnson from @thethe were in the front row for a rare interview with @thethe 's Matt Johnson at @festivalnumber6 with @ChrisHawkinsUK
Retweeted by Chris Hawkins @ellibin @Alithegardener6 @sawatkiss @festivalnumber6 @BBC6Music Absolutely great seeing you. Thanks for coming to… @NavMasani @festivalnumber6 You’re very kind / drunk. Thanks so much Nav. Great to meet you 🙌🏼 @AmandaRamsay Thanks so much Amanda - so pleased you enjoyed it @graemepark 🙂 @shadowparty_ @BBC6Music @festivalnumber6 Great song and you were brilliant @festivalnumber6The best afternoon on the Tim Peaks stage with Matt Johnson @thethe + @Tim_Burgess + @shadowparty_ @festivalnumber6 day @festivalnumber6 a day. Thanks to everyone at @festivalnumber6. Thanks to @ChrisHawkinsUK for inviting us onto his Tim Peaks FM…
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@ellibin @festivalnumber6 @thethe @holliecookie @_Bands_FC @Tim_Burgess @deighton_matt 🌧🌧🌧Here’s an hour of awesome house tunes sewn together by @Fac51hacienda DJ @graemepark ... the story of house music a… line up for my Tim Peaks FM show @festivalnumber6, Saturday, 1530 - 1730 on the Tim Peaks stage: 1530-1600 Mat… really made me smile, ft Tim from @wearejames and Nigel from @DodgyUK @NickGarnettBBC we’re at @festivalnumber6. We’ll be talking to @ChrisHawkinsUK about our Bands F.C. adventure. His other gues…
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@NickGarnettBBC @MoSalah @bbcworldservice My new binge.One of the albums of the year @TheBlindersBand @NickGarnettBBC @MoSalah @bbcworldservice Such an all round excellent programme Nick. Loved it ⚽️Here’s a superb programme about a great footballer who is possibly even greater off the field than on it. Really e…’s the really impressive new book by my good friend @derekdraper - if your life feels choked, here are some gre… Festival No.6ers...I’m now allowed to say what time I’ll be in conversation with headliner Matt Johnson...Tim P… morning, Here's a message to all the musicians, singers and agents. If you've ever played or booked a band to…
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsTwo of the best, TOGETHER ... @Cparks1976 @Sianygibby listen ⬇️ @TwoShotPod 👊🏼 above the BBC, rainbow climbing high @MediaCityUK @chrissiekm 😘So, @ChrisHawkinsUK has been in #Doctors & I've been in #RedDwarf #claimtofame
Retweeted by Chris HawkinsMe & #TheHawk @ChrisHawkinsUK watching the utterly brilliant @ArcticMonkeys ... Back together from 5am on…
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