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You’re a fucking weirdo.
Retweeted by 🦂It’s the black man propping white supremacist and holding the space for them to be violent. We fighting this on t…
Retweeted by 🦂i also want to note that most of the music i played in my set was made by ME or MY FRIENDS and i used as little mus…
Retweeted by 🦂SMACK CAM!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by 🦂 @Naimaism It’s so annoying. Like don’t these people have shame?Because when you make rooms like that you’re not actually talking about dating white/non black/mixed people you’re… I’m kinda sick of talking about people’s coony desires. If u only wanna fuck non black/white/mixed/light skinn… @funnyjulius Annnnnnnd given how intimate clubhouse as an app is it feels way worse because it’s ppl actually talki… @funnyjulius I feel like the lines in the sand over on Reddit are clear. But since clubhouse is still in beta and l… is the most violent app omg @kissmeriver Barely legal and spinning at clubs they can’t even get in!!!!!! Poor them!!!! @kissmeriver Big fans be big mad when they see you in places they feel like they should be in. Everyone hates the d… you?
Retweeted by 🦂All you losers who are supposedly better DJs aren’t being invited to DJ boiler room sets and are mad that a literal… @knoxdotmp3 Jealous over a literal kid. She’s barely 20 can’t even get into the club and playing sets in places they’ve been dying to spin.HMU when you get picked to do one. It’s gonna be a while considering nobody knows who you are. have a thousand followers on twitter and never played anywhere that matters. Who gives a fuck? is now coon house @supergrass__ That third eye look🫀
Retweeted by 🦂 @kyayigirl They really be telling on themselves!!!!!The black joe rogan pod is the joe budden pod which is the straight red scare pod. Every white coastal gay in a met… @kyayigirl The red scare pod is like my joe rogan pod. If I guy says he listens it’s an instant boner killer.The red scare pod being so popular with a specific set of cracker sends me still to this day. @izaak_slays The way I’m doing both right nowI’m drinking soda again which how I know I’m spiralingTook me two weeks to figure out I got the blues again.It’s the obsession with youth for me. It’s the assumption that a woman’s value plummets as she ages for me.I still can’t believe I have to explain to 16 year-olds on twitter that freaking out over finding out their favorit… @petworthot Yeah it was brazy :(He would be a snow queen want a tall dark skin man to come save me I’m tired of running the streets.
Sharing with your therapist just enough information to progress treatment but not enough to make them believe you n…
Retweeted by 🦂I’ve lived on both coasts but I know when I leave California I’m gonna romanticize the fuck out of it.I want u all to want better for yourself. I know is, Rolling Ray was at the front lines protesting in June while Santana was having All lives matter phot…
Retweeted by 🦂My brother: so I’m lifting 300 consistently. Me: yeah so me and my girl chloe Tingz have been working on my core.I’m enjoying being single which mostly means I’m enjoying staying at home in my bed all day.Wow love her like Sagittarius season hit n my sex drive died.
You tried it by the city girls is some scripturePlease listen to this. @BBYSLEAZE Unlock so I can retweet this pleaseHey it’s trans awareness week and I’m super close to my goal and I really would love it if we could get me fully fu…
Retweeted by 🦂 @kissmeriver There’s a new milk every week but my girl soy is still going platinumThe way soy milk never stopped being that girl>>>>> @_ShamGod Yeah. Disinformation is wild. @_ShamGod The willie lynch letter thing.Uncritically. If the validity of such a letter was sound why is not central to discussions of colorism? Why is it… this was yelled at because I didn’t believe in that William lynch letter that was debunked how many ever times.… was dragged today because I said a half while person is less black that me. A person with two black parents.The politics of the cashapp rooms and moan rooms on clubhouse aren’t devoid of the problems that exist outside of t… @bigbodybenny Okay ms.titties!!!I wonder who’s gonna write about the politics of the moaning room.The politics of the moaning room. @seangarrette You shoulda went on stageWe out here
Retweeted by 🦂Clubhouse be full of coons :(Absolutely. I love a bitter green with a hint of vinegar and spice. @mistervacation They’re gonna say yes because you’re a black woman with self confidence. @Remdelarem Remind me to never get in a car with you behind the wheel
@th3saddestangel Oh lmaoooooooo @th3saddestangel Isn’t he like 12This really how I walk around the club/Ball 😭😭
Retweeted by 🦂 @theemare Del taco is grossY’all: thinking about Christmas Me:, please donate if you can. Let's help a Blk family keep their home out of the hands of gentrifiers! Help a Hai…
Retweeted by 🦂 @MaryPussyPoppin @southbayhottie Roast one chicken and they start dozing off menu.
Bishop is a good one. I like that! @YungMiami305 found the cure for corona!!
Retweeted by 🦂Which X-men would you fuck? For me it’s night crawler, gambit & magneto.“Maybe you’re just a bad actor took me the fuck out bro” THIS LADY IS INSANE. if the movie Radio came out today. @petworthot Do you think they’re gonna fuck it.All of us have pink hair in celebration and you just gotta be different with your orange hair. @muyscherry Alll BARBZ report to the conference room.Calling ALL BARBZ @boricualolita BARBZ @_matthewlawson Lord knows they’ve ran through 2000s and I’m waiting for them to hit to the 2010s @diettrade Let me help.I can’t wait for gen z to find jerking culture and start dressing like it’s 08/09 again so I can feel oldNot the government donation post?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?! Girl we are done. @with_practice Thank you boo ❤️Mr. Africa is bulking again and it’s so hot power @imbrokeok I think it’s my Leo rising @kyayigirl ExactlyI don’t think I have GAME game. But I’m sexy and fun, have good taste, know good restaurants and know a lot of peop… if I like you ima tell u cuz I’m sexy and why wouldn’t u wanna be with me I’m great!Just say you’re pussy and scared to shoot your shot cuz you have no game and go. when they had a jukebox @breezusxchrist Okay miss titties u better let the girls know!I feel dirty for seeing this. I feel like I’m invading her privacy by seeing her wig closet.
@hennyonthetweet We didn’t have the technology the kids have now.Y’all she was like 14 and very much looked 14. I think she looks cute. This made me smile.’m gonna walk 1.1 miles there and back to get a pizza so I won’t feel guilty about inhaling it in under ten minutes and passing out. @blakedmorton That part!!!!