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Vanishing Point (1971) Dir. Richard C. Sarafian Cinematography: John A. Alonzo
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveNot him buying me a new phone already? See that’s a king. Im very blessed.I can survive ten days without a working phone right?Honestly it’s fine I get paid in ten days so it’s fine lol.I iust broke my phone in the stupidest way. Lol.Take me to Louis, spend racks! Here bitch! This ya man? Get him back! Thought he was gettin some of this cat? Ain’t…
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love @sxylk Oshun is gonna touch her. Watch. @sxylk I’ll continue to pray for queen and her mental health/well-being cuz summer is coming and she’s gonna drop soon I can feel it.He want to fuck with a raw bitch Pretty face, white teeth, not average I need four-five M's like Savage He want my… @sxylk When she bowed to her I was so embarrassed. A queen bowing her head to a bitch committing tax fraud? Unacceptable. @PattyWackSplat @BaeG0d_47 Listen to her verse on season and get back to me 💋 @PattyWackSplat @BaeG0d_47 It’s absolutely not yung Miami is absolutely the greatest rapper of all time. @sissythatpatch Yasssss black berry finally putting her ass to work! @CharlotteAbotsi The way she slid >>>>> my baby has been making me so proud.Listen to double CCs and tell me she isn’t the greatest rapper of all time. Caresha could Doo-Woop (That Thing) & X… Miami the greatest rapper of all time fuck lauryn hill.
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveMe: *looks @ him* Him: *laughs* is that ur I want dick face.I like to be fucked like a slut 🎶🎼🎵 @sxylk Us on club house @seangarrette Absolutely
I’ll bring you flowers 💐 @chrisisclueless in #ICYPARK 🧊
Retweeted by 100% Pure Lovemy account (bbychakra) is suspended bc of a dmca claim. idk if i’ll get it back or not which really sucks bc it’s m…
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love @turnandstomp Low key think they had the best gay culture @jemmaisOKeh What kills me most about the mural phenomenon is they get like white artist, people there aren’t even… literally succeeded in flattening us, making us two dimensional making us a literal background to their lives.Gentrification is wild white people move to an area that is ethnically dominated by one group of people kick everyo… FW 1995 Gaultier Cyber Dot Bodysuit (14k USD) SS 2000 Bacteria Print Wrap Skirt (975.63 USD) 🦠🤧 @th3saddestangel It’s his fault for having a mullet!!!Joe exotic would wear him out @real_azz___bich Me + Rashida + U + Her = dream blunt rotation. @pearlemoji Hola
@sxylk @hotmutualz Thank you queen. @liqouriceb1tch Nigga don’t retweet shit I say you fucking weirdo. Nobody hates u because they’re attracted to you… is cominggggggggggggggggggggggggShe has zero bundle energy zero Kundle energy she smokes her marijuana cigarettes does her acid and her shrooms and honestly same.Not SZA pushing the psychedelic mushroom agenda with the good days video? Exactly I knew she was psychedelic doll.I’m sorry but this is taking me OUTTTT 😭😭😭😭 love how we’re all gonna carry after the Oprah interview. It would be a Jamaican that toppled the English crown.CHOKE⛓ for @RiskMag
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love @seangarrette That’s kinda fab ngl. One was trying to smash but I catted cuz I’m shy :(.The studs do be fine and I Be appreciating.Balenciaga Pink Fluffy Hourglass Bag
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveAll men do this to the people they want to fuck they can’t help themselves
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love @th3saddestangel He’s the teaAnd it’s like if you like actually do some internal work to love ur self u wouldn’t care about muscle gays because… I do think a lot of y’all just be mad at hot people because u know u can’t fuck. Yeah a lot of them be dumb in… want to be validated by the muscle gay and his peers but don’t wanna work out and are also upset that something… think a lot of it stems from not investigating once own desires and coveting oppressive systems of desire. Ur mad… @mistervacation you know what? you’re right.Not to be a hot person rights activist? What’s up with gay men always railing against men they so obviously sexually desire?Black College Week In 1999 In Daytona Beach, Florida Photos By: Eli Reed📸
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveY’all want poor people to be dumb so bad!!!! It’s weird!!!!! Accessible language =\= bigoted language.This is so patronizinggggggggggggg @ParkerKitHill Oh this is giving!!!!leaving y’all wit dis..
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveMeeeeee
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love1 Of 1 DAREDOLLZ LIVE BY YO REP COAT (1200 USD) @th3saddestangel U wearing David’s wig.
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@uber and @lyft sucks ass in the bay so much that I’m considering getting a car. No shade if you are not familiar w… will say my chest that Steve Lacy makes good music. Like really good music. Good bless him and his white concubine.PLAYBOI CARTI IN VINTAGE JPG MESH TOP.
Retweeted by 100% Pure Lovenew Vogue feat.
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Happy birthday @laracroftbarbie ❤️💋 T Magazine editorial is honestly some of the most beautiful fashion imagery I’ve seen in awhile. Photographed…
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveShayne Oliver on why the new Hood by Air images are all shot on Naomi Campbell.
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveFollow the creator of this TikTok on twitter @sophiawpelton
Im fucking pissing on myself omg @fakevetement I have never been called brown skin b4 joining @DAMNjavauntee Yep. @blackdenimjeans I wanna fightttttt
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love @yosoymichael 💋❤️I’m not even that good of an actor babe!!!!!!I love it when people try to dominate me because act all soft n sweet...And it’s like omg u don’t know this is all an act.
@Epithymia__ @sadis1ic Oh I never forget when I’m crossed and I have to work very hard to not let my petty nature g…, no gmo 🐄
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveI had no idea a rose emoji meant u were selling ass on Grindr ???? beer > björk.
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2021 do lactose intolerant people survive in France?????more of y'all should've been here
Retweeted by 100% Pure Love @real_azz___bich I was crying laughing last night. @kyayigirl Yeah Zeus was truly on one. @nicsbbyyy @damn_toe Wow! You’re really pretty! @_ShamGod Also the boys up there >>>>> @_ShamGod I’m not fighting to live in a shoe box
@kyayigirl I honestly feel like years from now there will be a book about that particular subculture online and it’… lot of the black kids are super lost on Tiktok and I don’t know which one of you GenZers is gonna lead the conver… @kyayigirl Literalllyyyyyy I saw a tweet and a TickTock that said that dark skin black men benefit from colorism an… modernity. Embrace tradition.
Retweeted by 100% Pure LoveAlso like if you guys think that the current desirability dating market works in the favor of dark skin black men a… @FromAerin Futuristic robot spy????? That concept was so fleshed out the direction for the video was perfect.‘Go Girl’ - Ciara feat. T-Pain (2009)
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