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@eliredman have yet to see that too! @ConnorKropp lmaoooo tbh only time I’ve seen that was in 8th grade once halfway thru @versacecoochiee honestly i believe it @goodbeanaltalt brings me SO much anxiety and SO much happiness how do I even live w this shiti forgot my passport, for sure all for a pretty skyI can’t fix each and all your problems I’m not good with names and faces! @gavinwi29259956 @tylerthecreator ?ALL I WANT TO DO IS PERFORM. THAT IS ALL. THAT BRINGS ME SO MUCH HAPPINESS AND I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR THE FUTUR… heard this movie avengers endgame is good has anyone seen it @makeshittyfilms congrats!!when you end a relationship and use that status of intimate connection for views and ad revenue is a song i have found myself listening to a lot lately. i heard it on the show ozark and for some reason, it… myself @donaldglover man what if he pulls a frank and drops another off the record label @Yeezy_Crocs Jay vs Pusha oh god
Working on the whole staying positive thing🌞 #NewProfilePic @donaldglover @thegabrieldavid hottie @joshuadun you can’t dm .wavs josh @SHREKRAP here’s a music video I made with the homies!! 💚 available everywhere too kept an eye on him @theneedledrop @marcrebillet drop the onlyfansMy piano playing seems to clash with my computer using when under my breath, I say “space” on breaths between notes @theneedledrop @happiestfrogs @tylerthecreator i feel you lol @happiestfrogs @tylerthecreator i @merlynwood legends never die @bekfestv @Makaboy19 @tylerthecreator why the .5 deduction?kurt cobain
Retweeted by Chris Jewson @tylerthecreator 10/10s @codyko
2020 @albert12793506 sir aren’t you 17 @CaucasianJames along with this before they land the first punch @theneedledrop is doing what everyone wanted from group FaceTime
@djboothEIC @audiomack 🎃🧡 @Grantpa23 Wow, found and tweeted this just yesterday. Amazing @thegabrieldavid why is that stupid @theneedledrop Revival has Castle and Arose @LilNasX terrified of the "i don't listen to the lyrics" people
Retweeted by Chris Jewsonattention gay people
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kurt cobain🙏
Retweeted by Chris Jewson @gibranthony @theneedledrop fuck it @LilNasX @verypalehipster goin thru 2 rn and I don’t think it lived up to 1ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?I’ve never felt quite so lucky
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@SHREKRAP Which version of The Star Room tho?yooo....... @Thundercat..... this is THAT shit @theneedledrop I see it on your face @LilNasX yo spaghetti taco @jerrytrainor @codyko one of the first beats I ever made in high school sampled “Ain’t No Sunshine” RIP Bill Withers!!U miss the old you and that’s a personal problem
Retweeted by Chris JewsonWho’s watchin OZARK..? I just started. This MFs got serious PROBLEMS. But he can Talk his Fn ass off!
Retweeted by Chris Jewson @LilNasX the rock is here for you @richbrian you’re currently the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be againhi y’all I made an email list and a website if you’re interested in getting updates on my music and unreleased stuf…
@SHREKRAP @CaucasianJames Pain. @CaucasianJames sir the parks are closedone of these is not like the others
Retweeted by Chris Jewson @theneedledrop @RousselHunter Ok @RousselHunter yes Now go 2 sliip @liloozybert @lilsamsquanch66 Horny on main“I just looked at my hair at this length and I look like a founding father” @thegabrieldavid @SquishySushi_ @verypalehipster LMFAOOOOOOO go Gabe @theneedledrop OK, who the fuck is searching this? @MacMiller swimming in the ocean and grabbing it
Retweeted by Chris Jewson @DrewPocernich love @DrewPocernich no drew you’re great stay goldencan you please, like, literally, fuck off? @thegabrieldavid one could wishwhat is it like to not have mental health problems @LilNasX @tofu_bun @LilNasX lmaoit’s only weird if you make it weirdone of these is not like the others Gems will be available on Netflix US starting May 25!
Retweeted by Chris JewsonTime to make shit get out of hand like I dropped something
I was today years old when I found out that there are 32 days in March during a leap year??? What even @theneedledrop @LilNasX APEIL FOOLLSSSSSSdrinking game, take a shot every time you see a tweet that says something about “no April fools this year, 2020 is already a joke” @LilNasX excuse me @LilNasX now I can say this n not feel bad @theneedledrop
found out that american idiot by green day takes appx 9.25 miles to bike @ConnorKropp oh god no lol