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Christopher J. Hale @chrisjollyhale Tennessee & Washington, DC

Proud Tennessean. Former Democratic nominee for US Congress. Former nonprofit exec. Obama-Biden White House & campaign alum. Walked 196 miles across Tennessee.

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My favorite MLK social media tradition is witnessing folks trying to domesticate the uncomfortable radicalness of K…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleCoincides with a new announcement on Capitol intercom about lockdown. last time @JoeBiden took the oath of office in 2013, his late son Beau joined him for the swearing-in ceremonie… @JeremyFaison4TN favorite MLK social media tradition is witnessing folks trying to domesticate the uncomfortable radicalness of K…’s beyond terrifying that United States defense officials think that a significant number of National Guard troop… @Mike_Pence Wallace won Nashville by double digits in the 1968 presidential election.
In honor of @MichelleObama’s birthday, I present to you this 2010 classic. Can you spot me? @atrupar Hogan, you’re wearing make up and self-tanner. @themaxburns He’s one of my voters. @phuongmai 💯I know masks have become a partisan issue — but it’s a patriotic act. Experts say wearing a mask from now until Apr…
Retweeted by Christopher J. Hale @MooseT187 Is that Russian for nice?There are 69 hours left in Trump’s presidency. @AndrewWolfe2012 @natalie_allison @Tennessean These might be terrorist pizzas though. We can’t negotiate with terro… @natalie_allison @Tennessean Was the pizza arrested for camping out?Do you have a friend or family member whose fallen for the QAnon and adjacent conspiracies? @realDavidEli @natalie_allison I give them my regards for wearing a mask. @natalie_allison Did they get arrested for camping out?When I ran for Congress, a man didn’t like what I said about racism in Tennessee and threatened to “put a bullet in… you’re scared of telling the truth to your political base, you’re undeserving of the elected office you hold.I challenge one single, solitary GOP elected official in the entire State of Tennessee to say unequivocally that… me say what our governor still won’t say to the people of Tennessee over two months later—@JoeBiden won a free and fair election.To every Tennessean plotting violence against the United States government—stop and seek help. You will get caught… Tennesseans who were brainwashed and manipulated by the Tennessee GOP have been arrested for their roles in the…“Balance”’s a “heuristic”? @mattyglesias What’s a “heuristic”?Folks are keeping their Christmas lights up interminably it appears.Democrats control the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. It’s time to deliver for the American people.
In four short days, we rid ourselves of this dark and divisive era and reclaim America for ourselves and our posterity. @hendrellremus @tndp Best of luck, Mr. Chairman!Thank you to @WadeLMunday, @KateCraigTN, @robinforjustice, @watkinstribe8, @WalkingMicDrop, @JaneGeorgeTN, and all… to @HendrellRemus on his election as the 20th chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party! I’m hopeful… not only have an economic imperative to act now, we have a moral obligation. In this pandemic, in America, we…
Retweeted by Christopher J. Hale“Over the next ten days we get to see the machines that are crooked and the ballots that are fraudulent and if we’r… America vaccinated will be one of the most challenging operational efforts ever undertaken. But you have my…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleWho are the crazy people who text with their phone in landscape position? @kathrynw5 We’ll even go to therapy first.For all those who deride the Nation’s Capital, I encourage you to read @DavidLitt’s classic about the beauty of Was… DC apartment is evidently now in a war zone. might’ve run as the Democratic nominee, but he’ll be an American president. He’ll work just as hard fo…’s an invitation to the entire nation—help is on the way. talked to God today, and God confirmed that @JoeBiden will be inaugurated the president of the United States in five days.
It ain’t the building they’re worried about, Congressman. MyPillowGuy coup is a fitting end to it all.Brought to you by the Tennessee Republican Party’s not enough people to win a presidential election, but it’s more than enough to win the GOP primary. Bernie is on board with the Biden plan. president-elect just proposed legislation to double the minimum wage to $15 and to expand unemployment benefits… one-year anniversary to the worst tweet of 2020
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleBiden, Trump, and AOC all agree with the president-elect’s new bill. Let’s make it happen. cash payments. Extended unemployment. Rent relief. Food assistance. Aid to small businesses. Keeping essen…
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President-elect @JoeBiden is a pragmatic progressive who’ll get the job done for struggling American families. Biden's covid relief plan includes $10.2b for cyber. * 9b for Tech Mod Fund w/ emphasis on shared services *…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleNEW on Biden $1.9T plan: -- $2K checks (adds $1,400 to $600). Adult dependents IN -- $400/week UI thru Sept, wi…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleNew: Biden will announce a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief stimulus plan tonight, which includes providing $1,400 dir…
Retweeted by Christopher J. Hale“I, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the Un… still think this is the greatest campaign digital ad of 2020. @henrichw63 Yeah, it was an inside joke with my campaign. Here's another hot take. was controversial. much every downtown street in the District from Georgetown to Capitol Hill is closed. I wonder how long thi… #InaugurationDay ceremony lineup is here! 🥳 Invocation - Fr. Leo O’Donovan Pledge of Allegiance - Andrea Hall…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleDraining the swamp is expensive. fellow Southern Democrats can be assured that under @harrisonjaime’s leadership, progressives in our region will never be left behind.Did the pope get the vaccine before or after he was arrested? 😂Everyone in Tennessee is deeply disturbed by the Shapiro guest author incident. Phones are ringing off the hook..Give ‘em hell, Joe.’re in the teeth of this crisis, and we need to take immediate action to get the virus under control. That’s why…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleGod overcomes the world's evil by taking it upon himself. This is also how we can lift others up: not by judging, n…
Retweeted by Christopher J. HaleHelp is on the way.’s interesting that both of Donald Trump’s impeachments were about his illegal behavior during the 2020 election,… week.
Lol. I love it. what we can tell, there were about 1500 Kanye West-Christopher Hale voters. I would like to meet everyone of you.As the sentiments of Trump’s base harden, its number of adherents dwindle.It’s clear that @JakeTapper has never shopped at a @Meijer grocery store!96% of Republicans voted against impeachment. of the Republicans voted against impeachment.2021 is wild.If you don’t believe absolutely anyone can be elected to the United States Congress, I encourage you to turn on your television.My 11 year old niece has more cognitive, emotional, and moral abilities than these Republican Members of Congress.The GOP found the dumbest people that God ever made, put them in gerrymandered districts, and got them elected to t… you are a sane person who has the cognitive ability to count to ten, there is very little room for you in today’s GOP.The 2010 “keep your government hands off my Medicare” Tea Party segment of the GOP is now the left flank of the par… those not familiar with DC geography, this is a huge swath of closures around the US Capitol. Pedestrians coul…"Whether we're Democrat or Republican we care deeply about this country. And to the extent we can we look forward t…, @JohnWMcCarthy! McConnell is leaning towards a 'yes' on conviction. Will he whip votes to get sixteen more Republicans on… @kristin__wilson That's got some strong Stephen Covey talking for synergy energy to it. @AshleyRParker I bet John Boehner of 2021 would definitely let you wear cowboy boots in the Speaker's Lobby. @AshleyRParker Who was the Speaker then? I applaud you for wearing cowboy boots in the Speaker's Lobby.That Pence letter says one thing: he’s running for president in 2024.
This will be a bipartisan impeachment of the president.The day before he resigned, a group of senators visited the White House and told President Nixon it was over. It’s… those two bombs have gone off and those rioters had made it into the chambers when lawmakers will still present,… Facebook newsfeed is outrageous right now. The number of educated people who legitimately believe that Donald…