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Chris @ChrisK300 Manchester

You're pretentious, this club sucks, I have beef. Let's fight. (he/him)

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@joeparry 1 was enough @g0_f1sh Noooooo @sololaz Hairy stomachs 🥺 @repeattofade I read this tweet and erupted into spontaneous applause @The_Irish_Mike So where is the chief?! @Am7b5 @MrsPhilPerry @mikeandrobots Tbh who stops to see who statues are of
@KillerKoalaz We still have a democracy tbf, it’s mostly the same @KillerKoalaz Our is more about the monarchy though @Monstanimation Yeah. Gathering is slow but easy. Crafting takes soooo long if you don’t buy the mats. @Monstanimation It’s way quicker usually. Just gets expensive if you want to cheat @iamliameh I just came here to say. Thanks a lot, weather, made me look a right fool. @iamliameh It feels muuuuuch warmer though @lllMIKEIII What do you watch it on? 🥺 @bostock_liam Who are they high 5-ing? @I_am_martastic @ScottKiing I think it was. Easiest to get one at launch. @lightslash53 @treeix Hmm I’m not convinced. Take your top off and tell me more 😌
@itsmisterphil One of my favourite films I think @adebradley @joeparry I’m dying to know too. I have very little going on RN (also ever). @1scottishladdie What if I really want it
@yaesohn I stan @luhbreton FUCK YOU (ily really) @Thetyn @NotThomas91 @RL_Morris Weird nothing’s been said if it is! It would be madness and also make no sense beca… @Thetyn @NotThomas91 @RL_Morris Hmm it seems very odd! @NotThomas91 @RL_Morris @Thetyn Where have they said? There’s a conference tonight so wonder if it will be there. T… @MarieGardiner @bluemoonstar Yeah I clocked that. Gross. @MarieGardiner @bluemoonstar Can we add - year relationship and got matching tattoos to the red flags 😅 @thephillmonty Yeah agreed not sure how american insurance works. But that's how it works here. @thephillmonty Does he not have insurance was my first thought 😅 @DannyBlahBlah @NetflixUK It's on All4?! see you there @DannyBlahBlah @NetflixUK Season 3 isn’t on Netflix so I did a bit of Googling and it is GASP worthy @DannyBlahBlah @NetflixUK AB is increds trash. Binged it recently and loved it @FreshRob I’m currently binging it, about to finish season 2. And the recaps and flashbacks drive me mad @robjerome @Nath_2389 Teehee 😌 @robjerome @Nath_2389 Some people are doing 1 or 2 every day! @asacannot Heard you like a nice 8 😏 (Then you'll love me because my mental health is 8/100)
@RobFlyFly 9 😅 @jayinbold I am obsesssssed with your planters! Did you buy them or build them? @JJDodders @glenrules Police: you’re nicked mate. Dealer: read the sign. Police: Damn, he’s got us there @robjerome @richpacker Welcome 😌 And Happy Birthday! @robjerome Why isn’t Cure 3 on your hot bar?!!!?!1!1!! @marcosstaga Just chatted to my brother and he was like ‘what are your plans for today?’ Me: ...
@hotdogsz @robmirante But the first two words are... okay nevermind @lllMIKEIII Also I absolutely cannot stand the theme song @IAmSimplySamuel @lioms89 They're trying to duplicate the season 6 success I guess. Two intro episodes. @marcosstaga Thank god I saw this when I was sitting down 😍
@neil_roberts_ @Coronavirusgoo1 This is coming from the government that always delivers it's promises /s @mslandingham I did this on a date not too long ago. And then shame spiralled when I realised it was an inappropriate question 😣
@garrethbrowne I have 5 pillows and I need more tbh @benjimnn Yeah. Just in horny DMs. Just a fetish. @ChristianRefres @CentroLeaks I actually preferred the capture mechanics in Let’s Go 😬 @PetePilgrim @IAmSimplySamuel It is.Me to my SCREAM friends in exactly one year:
Retweeted by Chris @boysies @robertmuir87 He might be doing time trial and it’s a time. I hope.
@rab4__ I enjoyed it but mainly because I’m fascinated with the writing style. Try 1Q84 if you want to go on a literary acid trip @rab4__ Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki was sooo bleak. It left me feeling wistful like all Murakami books do @dominicsjr @benjimnn @DanTheManFinch I wish I could say I’d never sleep but my head hits the pillow and 😴 @DanTheManFinch They’d definitely fall on my face and wake me up and I’d be scared @DanTheManFinch The plants on your headboard are worrying me @chriswdport I wait in the ‘join’ screen til it says people are in the meeting @HowToCameron @vinod_d007 @BBCBreaking They locked down *late* and allowed 2 huge events to go ahead that caused ma… @HowToCameron @vinod_d007 @BBCBreaking ??? have you not been following the failings? They’ve had a year to secure P… @HowToCameron @vinod_d007 @BBCBreaking Have you heard of the phrase “too little, too late”? @benjimnn Reading this left me out of breath. And I read it in my head. @lioms89 I can see it for free. Don’t really fancy reading an article on the Torygraph @darren_bell @RichieInLondon A U-turn, in my government? It’s more likely than you think. @AliPlumb When Gal Gadot appeared I was terrified she was about to sing again @Mattaroon Oh wow. I *love* it! Where did you get it? @kissy4647 @Independent @adamndsmith Yeah, not very clear. I would switch but it would be slightly inconvenient and... @AlistairDawson_ @Independent @kissy4647 @adamndsmith Hmm yeah, that's why I'm confused! @Independent @kissy4647 @adamndsmith just to clarify, these changes *won't* be coming in for UK and Europe? That's… @bet_binch @squawkbox People struggling with technology is probably a big reason
@chriswdport You don’t want romance without finance @damianh9 @ImogenGoold @Jeremy_Hunt They did start later but they have lower deaths and will be getting the vaccine… @jammyjames12345 @xnirteel Oh god, it’s so good! @neil_roberts_ Sent! 🥰 @lllMIKEIII @richpacker Pfft if he was toxic you’d be all over him 😏 @TheFlemishSeth Want to gain...however much I weigh too? 🥺
@DannyBlahBlah It’s good but it’s not *great* @Auriga__ @FinnsburyFinn Oh I find it quite hot sometimes. @TophHooperton That or she has principles. Not sure which I want it to be tbh @FinnsburyFinn I did and thought this yesterday. Guess I look nice for me (like I need any help getting me to touch me)the creme egg advert is not a step forward for ‘representation’. it’s the ploy of an opportunistic ad agency who *k…
Retweeted by Chris @Tweet_Dec I’ve watched this about 100 times the last few days. It’s so pure! The guys scrunched up smile 🥰I’ve watched this 50 times already
Retweeted by Chris @joeparry It would produce outrage regardless of men or women tbh. But it’s just an excuse for homophobes to pop their snouts out @bet_binch I was thinking this morning does the show even make sense nowadays @steveleng She has the correct priorities. @aj_malakai I need to make this transition 🥺 @HoeMaGurr All of the Bridgerton brothers could be my sister-wives @beau_jf He is beyond cute @AliPlumb Is a bit of a shame when Samantha was the only interesting character for me.
@mrrob88 @jennipennypie How can you watch it? I’ve heard people raving. Guessing All4? @cheeky2xists @MANSNAPS @minxalure Yeah they’re Cadbury ones! They’re about double the size of mini eggs and solid chocolate. They’re great! @MANSNAPS @cheeky2xists @minxalure You can just buy those solid chocolate eggs though! @frosted_north I’d just tut loudly @xandphillips You’re a monster
@basic_john_ @Beardynoise I’ve always thought it was for chlamydia but it turned out recently (and for the first an…