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Glenn says he "could not sleep at night" unless he got to write about Tony Bobulinski.
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @ggreenwald @Books_Not_Wooks NYC is back, baby!:Alicia Keys voice: Neeewwwww Yoooorrrkkkk
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀CORBYN: Skip, I want to ADDRESS this issue... may be completely true that the Tories are deeply anti-Semitic, but why would Labour want to hold itself to that…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @Books_Not_Wooks Probably not after next Tuesday!Dummies on this site laughed when this guy lost the special in the 6th in 2017, having no idea what a big deal it w…'s fitting that the election cycle that began with everyone dunking on Ossoff (unjustly) ends with everyone swoon…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀David Perdue lined his own pockets – trading medical stocks and dumping casino shares – while he lied to us about t…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀He was probably freaked out that his 15 year old self was talking to him.
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @JeanLuc_Lemur @counterfax Lol wasn't sure if this gif was too crass to post but you broke the seal. before going on air
.@SenRonJohnson blew me and my friend Braisen in an Arby's men's room just off the Mass Pike in November, 2018. Thank you, Senator.
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @flynn_jason I envy you @dnnation Her predictit stock just went through the roof! @counterfax Let me know when Jonesy has "seen enough"🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 in Omaha: a collection of Saddle Creek's greatest hits.
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @Chris_Alonzo It's so funny how these guys were all looking for an excuse to support Trump and landed in the most a… @kcwhipp't seen the # s yet, but I'm guessing fewer people at that Biden event were hospitalized for hypothermia after… @A_M_Dolan Not sureImagine being as worked up as Tim is about a buzzword you can't define.’s too perfect that the season that started with Fauci throwing out the first pitch ended with what may end up be…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀Bannons billionaire benefactor decided he makes pop songs now and now the podcast has to use it as transition music…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… @TheodoreFogel By that I mean I too was too critical @TheodoreFogel Was just thinking the looking at the Kardashian tweetToday, Joe Biden was in Warm Springs, the town that many associate with FDR, and a concept that Donald Trump associ…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀Everybody I see talking about the Hunter Biden laptop sounds exactly like that Congressman who shot a canteloupe in…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @SamPolSci Huh?The weirdo with the fake transatlantic accent who tried to ratfuck Biden unsurprisingly doesn't know what he's talk… @agraybee And two senate races ffs! @InvisibleYouToo @FloridaDude297 Tbf, my polling is just as real as FloridaDude's @mtwidns Someone who has done more to fight the GOP than Schumer: the girl reading this.Alexander H. Stephens, probably. @duresport @StillWilliamB Smart $ is on Perdue and Collins winning in the end, but it will be close. @duresport @StillWilliamB GA is becoming more purple, Perdue has run a more centrist campaign and been able to focu… @AuhsdBond He probably is thoughYou need to actually vote for Democrats for this to work, dipshits.
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @InvisibleYouToo @FloridaDude297 Georgia Dude @FloridaDude297 Really? I did snap poll of the PA coal counties and got the opposite results. @misterdickard1 I blame Bill Engvall. @StillWilliamB @duresport This poll is almost certainly an outlier. When it goes to runoff, I don't think it's tota…👀 @IndyWxTakes @badvibesnochill @jeffbruce35 Well, you see, the joke is that if she supported a bill that 16 D senators sponsored,…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @raccoonomics Get it pimpWhen you are a straight white dude who never has to worry about impregnating someone.
Inviting my boys over to cheef up and watch Tony Bobulinski go sicko mode on Tucker. @JoeGallois ha! But seriously, vote Biden so these goofballs can get a new joke. SWING VOTER: mr trump sir i voted for you in 2016. my job was shipped to china a year ago and my mother died o…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀I think this person tweeted this as a "gotcha" against AOC but it just proves she's smart and understands this stuf…'s amazing how much of this election has remained centered around monuments and statues. that Nickelodeon is biased against libertarians
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @ne0liberal An avid follower of Florida Dude polls I see.What it feels like to be an unregistered voter in Travis county
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀This is blatant voter suppression considering children are the Libertarian Party’s base
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @Books_Not_Wooks NooooooUPDATE out
@anashwt Lmao(tips fedora) M'larkey @HowieHawkins "Your" GND? You're not even a real person lol @MenshevikM also is ***Max Blumenthal*** calling someone else a failson?
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @nectarina12 Reconciliation thereapy! @timheidecker JuicingTIL Martin Van Buren created the kombucha meme
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀Joe Biden tweeted this one year ago today.
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @gray_cious @themistyview @counterfax Long snouts you say? @SamGrady4House Kennedy said that when he was meeting with Eisenhower during the transition going over areas of the… and I are staying in Chattanooga, TN for the week. Brought the clowns.
Roadtrip boy Georgia early vote turnout has surpassed the entire early vote from 2016, with more than 2.5 million vote…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀I don't think we talk enough about how Trump ruined this country so bad with his COVID response that his campaign h…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀I must say, his savant like ability to find endlessly, wildly original sh*thead things to say is astonishing. He's…
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @misterdickard1 Not just son of an ambassador, but working for the GOP in what may very well be the decisive state…🔥 Kink-in Project, amirite![being mugged at gunpoint] this isn’t very Dudes Rock of you
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀"Undecided voter profiles really show the dickensian aspect"
Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @Convolutedname Getting duped by a buncha GOP operatives into thinking they are regular Joe Schmo suburbanite voter… @saheeemz Didn't Pettis used to open for him? @saheeemz Second part. Just a guess. @saheeemz ProbablyLike so many others, I stand on the shoulders of giants like John Lewis.
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Retweeted by Chris Deadford 💀 @RolloTo41724134 @manavmusunuru @kcwhipp @SaarioBrandon @JacobNPeters1 @AndrewKerrNC "When did the senator stop beating his wife?"
@Books_Not_Wooks Watching it rn @myfather_myking Strange bedfellows