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Proud Montanan & Floridian. Huge nerd w/ a lab named Shelby. I raise lots of $ for stuff. Loves: Emory, Vanderbilt, Columbia, UF Gators, beach, clearly a homo.

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Raise your hand if you plan to vote for @JoeBiden in order to repudiate American fascism ✋
Retweeted by Florida Chris @filsdelucie1 @thejollycrank @Hive4K @tify330 @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @filsdelucie1 @Hive4K @tify330 @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @thejollycrank @filsdelucie1 @Hive4K @tify330 @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 this makes it official.
Retweeted by Florida Chris @filsdelucie1 @Hive4K @tify330 @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @HillaryzMyHmgrl @Lawrence Porter just endorsed Biden on @lawrence. That was nice.
Retweeted by Florida ChrisI’m a Gen Z and support Joe Biden as the democratic nominee. I got my mom to register to vote for the first time in…
Retweeted by Florida Chris @kayliebekah Wherever the paycheck is is my guess @Hive4K @tify330 @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @thatbitchlk @wickedirishmn @chrisdameanor19 @KHiveQueenB Does he still have his twin boyfriend? @ADForro one day I called him veruca and then he threw a fit and blocked me. @dustinfalgout @StankAttitude he donated zeroes of dollars to bernie @kayliebekah He blocked me a year ago and my life is better because of it. So I wish that on everyone. @StankAttitude Probably doesnt even vote. It musses his hair. @chrisdameanor19 @thatbitchlk @KHiveQueenB While you're here...what would his bargain bin only fans be called? @sannishwoman Throw his purse at you? @AYFKMPEOPLE @litapi1 It's great! @thatbitchlk @chrisdameanor19 @khivequeenb I need you for a moment please. @AmyNoMiddleNam3 I dunno. This is Twitter, so I'm not entirely sure what power he imagines that he wields. @Lasso_Truth He's gonna breathy lisp at you? I don't know. @thatbitchlk Oh he blocked me long ago. But it's still my cross to bear until he goes away and gets a real job or u… @anneli000 He's dead seriousignorance is apparently not bliss. @BlackOmen2021 @KreepyKimSofia @KHiveQueenB @Deemoney521 Me too. Lemme go grab a screenshot for my own personal use. @ContentedIndie ♥️♥️♥️A twitter thread wasn't good enough. Thank you all. Sincerely. Our first trial is beaten. But now it's Trump's t…
Retweeted by Florida Chris @lacadri34 @peachisyummy If the glove don't fit you must acquit? Or is it more of a he just played golf thing?We are proud to endorse @JoeBiden for President. As America contends with unprecedented loss, we need a leader wh…
Retweeted by Florida ChrisSorry y'all, I think I just passed out.
Retweeted by Florida Chris @SoloSportsComms @prime_bee @KHiveQueenB @chrisdameanor19 @ccotenj @OutstandingWC @ChrisNelson64 @ChrisKairo You made it a thing for me. @SuMoh7 Thank you, friend! You must be having a good day, too. @sawhiz @chrislongview @StephenHughesSH #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris2020
Retweeted by Florida Chris @prime_bee @KHiveQueenB @chrisdameanor19 @ccotenj @OutstandingWC @ChrisNelson64 @ChrisKairo The cheese lady that melts really easily. @CMargaronis We been saying that for a while and she keeps proving us right. @WeWillRiseOhio @DiamondJoe1942 @Hive4K @_talia_t @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 adore their friendship so much.
Retweeted by Florida Chris#BidenHarris2020
Retweeted by Florida Chrisstill in awe she did this on the spot.
Retweeted by Florida Chrisfor those of you thinking this is a joke, it is probably isn't. we do indeed have a place called Yeehaw Junction,…
Retweeted by Florida Chris @DiamondJoe1942 @Hive4K @_talia_t @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @DiamondJoe1942 @Hive4K @_talia_t @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @CMargaronis @BlueSteelDC @KHiveForAmerica ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @dfsparks @ag_due @SymoneDSanders She is a professional who is superb at her job.I voted for Bernie in 2016 and this year, but if you think my ass ain’t officially now Pro Joe as HELL, then me and…
Retweeted by Florida Chris @blackwomenviews Congrats!!! Literally no one deserves it more. @msleen1970 @BlueSteelDC @reesetheone1 @notcapnamerica @KingOfClapBacks @blackwomenviews @ReginaA1981 @WonderKing82 @Hive4K @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @DiamondJoe1942 @Hive4K @_talia_t @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante swear I didn't write this myself.
Retweeted by Florida Chris @Hive4K @_talia_t @DiamondJoe1942 @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @lovenpolitics Thank you!!! @ReginaA1981 @douglasemhoff Hell, after all we been through, you know we are family now. You don't have to call me Doctor. @Hive4K @tify330 @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @Karakaradu @doctor_eon @DiamondJoe1942 @_talia_t @tify330 @Hive4K @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @KHiveQueenB @chrisdameanor19 @ccotenj @OutstandingWC @ChrisNelson64 @ChrisKairo Velveeta said it was racist? @tify330 @Hive4K @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @Karakaradu @doctor_eon @DiamondJoe1942 @Hive4K @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @Karakaradu @tify330 @tify330 @Hive4K @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @Karakaradu @doctor_eon @Ms_MMMJ Right? It's like these videos just keep me laughing all day and laughter keeps me motivated @Hive4K @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @Karakaradu @tify330 @doctor_eon spit my drink cross my phone
Retweeted by Florida ChrisNobody could’ve seen this coming..
Retweeted by Florida ChrisI’ve rewatched @JoeBiden’s South Carolina victory speech at least 5 times in the last 24 hours. Simply electrifying…
Retweeted by Florida Chris.@KamalaHarris on being Biden's VP: "I know that conversation is taking place in the press, and I'm honored to be c…
Retweeted by Florida Chriswelp. @blackwomenviews I saved this for when I could enjoy it. And oh, am I glad. @chrisdameanor19 You look gorgeous as always dear. And you deserve to cheers. @semperdiced That town ain't gonna even know what hit them @semperdiced I'll be there in January 2021. @TerpGrad01 Thanks babe! It's been a really good day @semperdiced And if you're ever in Tampa, you best be calling me. @Anime_Now90 It's been an amazing day all around. @karentotten Higher Education Policy PhD @semperdiced You can call me Dr. In 3 years or so. @semperdiced Thanks babe! I'm finally calming down @karmacondon @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @Karakaradu @tify330 @doctor_eon @Hive4K @doctor_eon @Paiyslee @TampagirlC19655 @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1“Thank you, Bernie — for your voice and for your leadership, and for everything that you have brought to the public…
Retweeted by Florida Chris @ChukwudiIlozue Not since May of 1999. @Heather3E8i8 @doctor_eon @Paiyslee @Hive4K @TampagirlC19655 @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @Karakaradu @tify330 @doctor_eon @VeeCeeMurphy76 @1life2livetalk Thank you! @nycbubbles @CandiMathis @douglasemhoff Truth. @lizwebpage @emanzi @reverendjimbob @MaadhureeS That's my local news folks lolol @dawn_macc It's been a good day for that @doctor_eon @TampagirlC19655 @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @Karakaradu @tify330 @SeriouslyAbsurd Thanks so much! @ADForro Thanks darling! @karmacondon @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @Karakaradu @tify330 @doctor_eon @budski11 I'm still a little verklempt @iketle11 I fucking love that movie. @TampagirlC19655 @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @Karakaradu @tify330 @doctor_eon @JahcieRay @injusttime @WandaCTyson1 Eating some crab oatmeal? His mouth was full. @doctor_eon @lacadri34 I'm just gonna sit here and observe. @MzSailiante @litapi1 @Drea_got_rage @Grania64156311 @JuneSummer1 @Karakaradu @tify330 @doctor_eon @VeeCeeMurphy76