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Primary AHT in West Sussex. #Apple #Google and #Nintendo fan☺️ Teacher. Google Certified Trainer. Nintendo Labo professor wannabe.

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@KSmarties I’m such a @NintendoUK fan. I struggle to care. Each game looks the same... bang bang. Realistic graphic… @StudioMDHR My son Harry is absolutely elated. At just 7 years old he has shown INCREDIBLE determination and p… @smithsmm @OonaghKelleher @MorgsEd Great list! Only thing that kind of surprised me was parents (being key) point 9 of 10. 🥰Excited. I now know exactly how to end the last day with my wonderful year 6’s. Brace yourselves parents and children! 🥰🥰🥰
@CrazyBurgerYT @Christi54271129 @FunStockGames @evercaderetro @Factor5 @Rebellion @Codemasters Were they?! Had no idea! @Christi54271129 @FunStockGames @evercaderetro @Factor5 @Rebellion @Codemasters I LOVE Creatures. Creatures 2: tort… @secretHT1 Brilliant as always.New blog: Catch up, not patch up. Shoving last years objectives into next years Autumn 1 won’t work. Take your ti…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @Christi54271129 @FunStockGames @evercaderetro @Factor5 @Rebellion @Codemasters You know what I would LOVE... a Tha… years ago my boss, mentor and friend #SatoruIwata passed away. His words and creations touched so many of us.…
Retweeted by chris mcgivernWell, we didn't manage the cinema this year. So instead we brought the cinema to us. So happy to have still been ab…
Honoured to have helped put this together: a short, advice-only behaviour checklist for schools navigating through…
Retweeted by chris mcgivernHad an absolutely brilliant time this morning surprising my Year 6 children with their own leavers movie. Wasn’t ea…
@Christi54271129 @evercaderetro @TheOliverTwins @nvmuk I’d have a cool original Dizzy piece of art tbh! @Christi54271129 @evercaderetro @TheOliverTwins @nvmuk A reversible cover? 😅🥰
@StudioMDHR Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you that my son Harry, who’s only 7 years old...has NEARLY comple… @GAMEdigital The Lite is simply incredible.
Whilst we’re quick to complain (I’m not letting up on small school funding), this looks to be excellent from the Df…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @CensoredHead Read them bedtime stories every hour, on the hour 5-11 and deliver McDonald’s. Obviously. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Expect lots of tweets about the lack of SATs results today. Some schools will genuinely regret their absence, not o…
Retweeted by chris mcgivernPraise where praise is due... this is really good stuff from @educationgovuk
Retweeted by chris mcgivern🤣😅🤦‍♂️
@CassHT A full blown 40 minute movie featuring all of the children. To download and keep forever. 🥰 @anthaigh Awesome!!!! @jellyscare Nice. But instead I zoom in to the amiibo sand SFIII art 😅
@thegameawards Shenmue👇 @MrBoothY6 Or should I not listen to this? And ignore this? Gah! 😅 @MrBoothY6 💯 agree with this. Enjoy your year, mistakes and all! @Lauratobin1 @GMB Is this because restrictions for living with shielded end tomorrow? ☺️ @FakeHeadteacher 😅 @NintyFreshMag @brielarson @jimmyfallon @garywhitta @chrissyteigen Come on guys. Share the love. A retweet. That’s… is undeniably the most powerful and flexible games platform, but also ungodly boring.
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @KSmarties This is what I want. @MrBoothY6 Tbh, I’ve just made one on a blank notebook page on the computer. Each name was separate, so I could drag each one easily. @GeekDadGamer Nice 👍 @Sega16 @SEGAForever I live this picture except one thing... no Saturn 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @Mr_S_Cains Oops! Sorry!! Thank you good sir. @Mr_S_Cains Yes please! Would greatly appreciate a look! 🙏🙏Don’t forget the point of education won’t change in September. Engage them, help them love it and watch them go. Yo…
Retweeted by chris mcgivernAnd with outcomes like that at @stsilasschool it is clearly highly effective. It's the counting, tables, arithmetic…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern🤣 done! One leavers movie for my utterly gorgeous year six children complete. Can’t wait to share it with th…
@ObsoleteWorlds @evercaderetro 👍👍👍 @ObsoleteWorlds @evercaderetro Tbh, my favourite by FAR was Gauntlet IV on Megadrive. Loved the RPG elements. @ObsoleteWorlds @evercaderetro I’d cope fine with that 😳 @evercaderetro @evercaderetro @GeekDadGamer My boy got this on Switch for an absolute bargain price on US eshop. Very cute game.
@GeekDadGamer 👍 @GeekDadGamer This website only says COD does system link up- @GeekDadGamer I didn’t think so. Didn’t think you could physically link 2 systems at all tbh. @DisneyPlusUK @frozenlondon Into the unknown! @GeekDadGamer Tbh, I thought Splatoon was only local 2 player. One on game pad and one on screen. I’m 98% certain on that. @GeekDadGamer Didn’t know that! Cool. @GeekDadGamer Fifa. @GeekDadGamer Can’t be- as you’ve got Splatoon there. Mario Kart 8?! @GeekDadGamer Only offline? @GeekDadGamer GREAT film @dave_valdez @evercaderetro Awesome. Thanks for info 👏🙏
Family Video Game Database is LIVE! Everything parents/carers need to know in one jargon-free page: ✅Overview ✅Age…
Retweeted by chris mcgivernAm I getting this right? We have had 180 more confirmed cases and 22 more deaths than this time last week and we ar…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern
@evercaderetro 😂 I’m on it... I’ll email and ask ✅ Politely of course! 😅 @evercaderetro Wonder if there’s a way we can request the choice.... 🙏 Can you pass such a request on to them? @evercaderetro Already ‘all in’! I wish I knew if the Oliver Twins collection from Kickstarter comes shrink wrapped… @GAMEdigital @Christi54271129 @evercaderetro Reverse cover = GREAT idea! @MrOatesSoSimple @TomSale @LbQorg It’s utterly UTTERLY brilliant.
Looking forward to as many of you lovely teachers to join me for this afternoon's Virtual Cluster Event. Everyone…
Retweeted by chris mcgivernAny help, support and shares appreciated on this. If you see it, even retweeting helps us reach more people. And if…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @evercaderetro Erm.... I got an email from @FunStockGames earlier this morning saying I could preorder immediately! I’ve already done it!! 🥰
@evercaderetro😂 idea of narrowing the curriculum to core subjects so children can catch up. Ignores the fact that the real gap…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @secretHT1 Hopefully can share on here as all parents have given yes to social media this year. I can’t wait to sur… ha! I’m actually very sad to be missing this, but am currently working VERY hard to make sure their leavers movi… @FunStockGames @evercaderetro I’ll be all over cart 11! 12 I’ve got through Kickstarter. Signed copy 🥰 @MissAli_RE If you can, make it a whiteboard - great for jottings etc @FionaMcCann86 @harrinourse6 😂 @NintendoUKVS I thought it was today. Oops! Better break the news to my excited son!
@theprimaryhead Did you watch Venom? @CassHT Popcorn @mr_mallardY6 Congrats! @MrBoothY6 Out of interest, what choices do your kids have at wet play? If mine had 1:1 iPads they’d probably play @TTRockStars 🥰Education is at its strongest and weakest right now - it really sits on a knife edge. Schools, leaders and teache…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @ChrisYoules Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit 6 camp cancellations are an interesting one. I can see why places are not giving deposit refunds. Deposits are…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @scully1888 More! Lol @evercaderetro @smithsmm @kingswoodcamps Awful! I will therefore take this opportunity to praise @HindleapWarren who were utterly…
@Stealth40k ... I trust your views for Smash more than any others. Out of 10, with 10 being the MOST possible... wh… @Christi54271129 @evercaderetro You choose gooooood gifs! @Christi54271129 @evercaderetro I loved that game!Perhaps if Gavin Williamson faced the front and paid attention more he’d understand how undervalued, unsupported an…
Retweeted by chris mcgivern @evercaderetro Sort of both... sort of one. Tanglewood here. Dizzy collection I’ve got a signed copy coming from Kickstarter 🥰 @YLaylee I love it! Especially the tree in the middle- very magical!
@HXPrimarySchool @TTRockStars 👏👏👏👏👏
@anthaigh @dudettecolette I thought it looked super cool actually. Free to play and on mobile too! @KimC_86 I’m actually too scared to play Resident Evil in VR