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@MarkHendyHR @melaniemmm My grandad’s favourite sporting hero story @hollawaynesmith Totnes & Exeter, and lots of places around here in south Devon @MarkHendyHR @melaniemmm Someone is bound to mention Bert Trautmann in a minute. @evolutionorgdev @LizGoold @Becky_Buell @kelvy_bird @TracieJolliff @AILAHT0909 @greenspacecoach @KayHoffmann4 the voice of these ten women! Pass it on 😊 @LizGoold @Becky_Buell @kelvy_bird @TracieJolliff @AILAHT0909
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @FantasyFballNut 8 track cartridge players for music in the car (tapes the size of a paperback book) @_the_lbb @teago_emplaw @HR_Gem Used one yesterday to buy something at a craft fair :)Well, this is spot on you want to discover how coaching can enhance your professional and #personaldevelopment? Come and join us for…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsA new research report that shares stories & findings on what's holding women back & what enables women to progress…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @JayneHarrison3 @WaddellMJ @GameSh1ft @jgcarrier @janewatsonHR @reallornaleeson Thanks Jayne:) @LisaTMSA Beautiful post at such a profoundly sad moment. Thinking of you with gratitude. Wishing you love at this time- ChrisBrilliant to be part of this work with @UKHofficial with @johnhigginsw6 and @jackieMoody5 - and special thanks to…
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@dougshaw1 @jamesaldridge4 @SimonHeath1 @Durfun @DrSteveMarshall Thanks DougBoom!
Retweeted by Chris NicholsContinuing my 2020 “pop-up art school” year with day of sketchbook work at Exeter Phoenix. Exploring Brusho, fabric… you love art, music, story and artful exploring and great people ... and would like to raise cash for… @PaulDuxbury @Gary_Cookson Agreed !Really good to have a catch up with @Gary_Cookson who is an absolute gentleman and definitely one to follow on here!
Retweeted by Chris NicholsAaah! It's #RandomActsOfKindessDay But what about tomorrow...and the day after...and the day after that? Kindness i…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @taniahershman @GuillemotPress That’s a beautiful presentation of the work. Much respect to you all.On the dangers of being “bewitched by science without doing the legwork” ... thread by @AdamRutherford
I've just signed the petition calling on @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet to stop his war on our #BBC. It’s a thinly…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @gabrielladriver Well yes, I am am glad you shared it :) @gabrielladriver What a view :) @ElneilSuzy @WEP_UK @Dr_Black So sorry to hear this news @Dr_Black - wishing you all the best.Today I got to watch a baby dolphin learning to jump and it brought me so much joy - thought I’d share ❤️
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @JaneARushton Lovely, thanks for sharing it @gabrielladriver @cathaypacific Travel safe. Have a great trip.
@dds180 This is basically one of the nuclear waste solutions we’re depending on for the next 85,000 years. @missholborow Very skilful- lovely work @jamesaldridge4 @PeterDriverart Brilliant that you got that image on a phone through binoculars! @DrVictoriaHurth Yes, will call on Monday if you’re in UK @alteredattitude 2006. That was the sunny day. I remember it :) @DrVictoriaHurth Hi. Thanks Vic. How are you? Are you somewhere warm and dry these days?I bought a tiny box of watercolours today since I thought I’d be indoors at lot. I’ve done a #Dartmoor landscape to… @DrSteveMarshall @maggiermarriott @alteredattitude Not ‘arf ... should have charged by the mention.Christiana Figueres on the climate emergency: ‘This is the decade and we are the generation’
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @WildFigSolns @JuSummerhayes @HighFlyersCoach Yes, terrific to see this work.This might be the most talented man in the world that shit blew my mind
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @Sir_Norman @YGB_Solicitors Your story is safe with me * Sir Norman. I calibrate my ethical compass to the very sa… of the day for me @DrSteveMarshall @maggiermarriott @alteredattitude Core Bateson right there @Scruffy_Nick Saturday. Popping to the Co-op. This is the car park. last.... #ClimateCrisis
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @UB5simon I was in one that landed on third attempt into La Guadia (NYC) in similar weather. Quite vile. The pilo… Co-Op car park in Bovey Tracey. Devon is a bit wet just now. On roads up to #Dartmoor Flood water is running… @fionamcbride Very very wet on Dartmoor. Hope you’re comfy and settled there in Cornwall :) @JuSummerhayes Very nice Julian. And we try - we the @GameSh1ft team. We don’t always manage it, but we seek to inv… @JuSummerhayes Happy to talk about this if you like :) @Scruffy_Nick @jeffwren01 Same. @resilimum @jgcarrier Quite right. The issue doesn’t lie with Lego, with “serious play” methods or with creative ex… @gabrielladriver Valentines verse: My boyfriend thought it was fun, to suggest a Valentines’ run. To make it more… @060644FranceJen @OxfordDiplomat Pity poor Colin, delayed on his mission But it’s not due to Brexit, the UK’s still in transition
Great to see this at such a pivotal moment for these unique ecosystems. Your book gives us all the information an…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @alteredattitude @JuSummerhayes St Enodoc?Wishing all anagram lovers a very happy Snail Event day ❤️🐌❤️
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @QuintinLake Lovely writingI miss you Aunt Lucy, #HappyValentinesDay
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @mgacramer A plantation. It’s like watching an allotment of vegetables nodding in the wind. @nickbeddows @SimonHeath1 That’s a different script to the one I saw :) @ThatTimWalker Fire lighting and compost making @SimonHeath1 Do you mean literally, down the street? That’d make an interesting micro-movie. I can see this bei… @JMPSimor Collective irresponsibility @MeganReitz1 @BCG A good piece isn’t it :) Well done on this to the @BCG Düsseldorf authors involved. I’d like to… @mattforde @anandMenon1 Me too, week in week out. Really not looking forward to the end of transition though. Who knows what beyond there.Want some unabashed optimism and positivity on your Friday afternoon? Have a read of this piece from Ashton Massey.…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @Anna8Brown Wow :) @Steven_Swinford We are back to Spitting Image and Thatcher’s dinner order for her Cabinet. “I’ll have meat, red… you're having tripe to celebrate #Valentines Day, we think you're one in a million! Quite literally.
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @Anna8Brown I particularly like the reference here to an old name of Kings Cross - Battle Bridge: rumoured (wrongly… @Anna8Brown good piece by @FDAGenSec Dave Penman here. Thoughtful response on the consequences of a concentration of powe… @FDA_union @familyhrguru @FDAGenSec @HuffPostUK Very good piece by Dave Penman @sukhpabial That’s wonderful :) @JacksonT0ny @SiobhanHRSheri One of my favourites @SimonHeath1 Out here in this field, our herd is diverse. We’re often apart But it could be much worse When we’re… @SimonHeath1 Thank you. Definitely a top class valentine greeting.
Retweeted by Chris NicholsRose's are red Violets are blue It'll have to be Skype 'Cos I'm in Turku #academicvalentine
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @alteredattitude @SiobhanHRSheri Fantastic stuff :)
Looking to inspire participation in your org's Purpose?
Retweeted by Chris NicholsHere’s the latest short film in this excellent series on working with purpose by @willgardnr Great work Will! Wel… @SimonHeath1 @JoseHeroys @KateGL @AliGermain1 @fionamcbride @Pontecarloblue Beautiful work @PaulDuxbury Marvellous .... There are so many ways to go wrong with phone hold music :) @MikeShawLD @dougshaw1 Great to see this. Terrific work Doug :)My GP surgery has put up a new sign in the lobby. @JacksonT0ny :) @relume1 Terrific blog, great questions. Thanks @JacksonT0ny and great to see the open appreciation from @relume1,…’s nearly spring. Treat yourself to some Time to Think. Take a deep dive into Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment,…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @cmclymer Bankrupt banker saved by combo of wet angel and civic generosity. His brother kills strangers in another… @cmclymer Nazis generally outwitted by nuns in musical involving curtain fabric.
@alteredattitude @white_owly My wife printed out a handy page from Lewis Hyde’s “Trickster Makes the World” book t… @alteredattitude @white_owly Always liminal work, often lonely, never fully belonging in my experience. Edge work,… @jillcampbellart @rbsagallery Congratulations. These are luscious pieces. @nickparker @francesmclaugh This caused me to look up the physical form of Nobel Prize diplomas. They are really wo… that Heal
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @JackPumpkinhead @Botanygeek Yes, Barnsley. Coal miner. So was my dad. Core diet: Dripping on toast, tripe with m… @redbeetleco @salisbury_david @royaloakSL7 @PedalofHonour Terrific :) @fuchsia_blue @stevexoh Chipped. Obedient unless distracted. Mostly house trained. Inclined towards agility work.…