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Provocateur in organisational life. Founding Partner of GameShift - the juicy collaborative hub.

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for public publication, but in recent work as a Partner within the wo…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @OD_N8 Nice!! I think the reminder of where to look is so spot on. I’m forever forgetting where my camera is.Great to see this post by @dougshaw1 - he does such terrific work. I’m thrilled and privileged to have him as a col… @MJCarty Very sorry to see thisI'm asking those who love the outdoors to post a picture. A picture that you took. Just a pic. No description. The…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsMike @MikeShawLD asks: those who love outdoors, post a picture. A picture that you took. No description. The goal i… @MikeShawLD And mine :)"To receive everything, one must open one's hands and give." ❖ Taisen Deshimaru
Retweeted by Chris NicholsThere is as much greatness of mind in acknowledging a good turn, as in doing it. ~ Seneca
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @jamesaldridge4 I, for one, am grateful that you do. And that you express it so well too. Thanks 🙏- and you… your eyes 🤩😻
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @ChristineLocher Lovely 😊
Please pass on to fantastic folk you know 👇
Retweeted by Chris NicholsAs we see a rise in anxiety levels across the U.K, we question how do we raise awareness about the daily and long t…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @jwollington @therockfishuk Good to know you’ve been down my way! Great to read about this :) @GibsonGav Very lovely. Thanks for the pics! @GillDurham I’m quite enjoying saying “Hesten drikker mælken” again and again in dansk :) I do use lots of free to… @sinkinsorrow @Buddhism_Now I’m only liking this in the twitter sense. And I am hoping that you may become free fro… @Buddhism_Now Deeper weariness beyond being just “screen tired”. A sense of underlying fragility and irritation. A…
@ianhowes1970 Yes. Stunning road. @jw_consults @MeganReitz1 @johnhigginsw6 Agreed. And this is a strong piece too. @SarahjevsEvans Good for you :) - wishing you every success. @doctorshaib @ExeterMed Really excellent to hear about your work and your dedication.
@wyllieandreid Lovely 😊I agree with all of this on so many levels.
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @MerielMyers Looking after two pre-school children :)Dear @MelJStride - please could you inquire into this officially. If true this is a serious failing that will impac…
@Raywhelanactor @UKBaskervilles Venford reservoir? Great pics. Thanks 🙏 @stevexoh We’re in. Order on the way. This is an indispensable survival guide for the Dartmoor vegetable gardener. @OD_N8 Delightful. Where is that?
@sarahcpr Poor quality lists. His fault.In case you were wondering how much excess capacity Germany has... this pop-up at Nuremberg station offers FREE tes…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @HelenaClayton Oh Helena. Sending much love. Cx @ActivateLearn I’m on cours 1C, playing catch up from school French all those years ago :)Happy to see The Lost Words' artwork & spells going up on the walls & corridors of another hospital––this time the…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsPPNow 2020 online conference ⁦@BritPsyCouncil⁩ - Fear and Loathing in the Time of Covid - with brilliant speakers;…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @ActivateLearn Terrific. Wishing you well with that. Is that Alliance Francaise? Looks like one of the Hachette series of books.In these dark days, it feels trivial to worry about whether #COVID19 is exacerbating gender inequality among heter…
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@FloellaBenjamin Wow! A very very happy birthday to you. @Barrass_Banks @MiroHQ Is someone from Findhorn there? Trying to place that Moray Firth dot :) @Barrass_Banks @MiroHQ The SW is looking empty. I should have joined in from my walk. Next time :)Seeing a lot of stuff again about #Zoom and #Virtual meeting fatigue. Here's another reminder about a possible inte…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsIndeed it is....
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @EdjGriffin @fuchsia_blue @LnDConnect Isn’t there, yes, a magic of time and place. Hundreds of years of steady foot… @fuchsia_blue @LnDConnect I’m here ... @fuchsia_blue @LnDConnect Have a brilliant day :) Greetings from a walking break on a footpath somewhere west of Truro! @solarpunk_girl Great question. I’ve always regarded them as “potentially neutral”. And, of course, every time we i… @SharonGChiara @MikeShawLD @ChristineLocher @Barrass_Banks @Marcoable @Adam_learning @ruphusdebellius Yes! Great to… @MikeShawLD Really good to chat with you & @ChristineLocher with @Barrass_Banks @Marcoable @Adam_learning
Retweeted by Chris NicholsA great #TheHangouts discussion this evening with a fab group, as always. We were taking stock of our organisations…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols‘In the countless years searching for paintings of the moon, it brought me to the understanding that I was never le…
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@emergencypoet Oh no. Is that it for the ambulance? @Scruffy_Nick Ah. I’m in deepest Cornwall (west of Truro) right now - so I was wondering how far west you’d come! @ChristineLocher @BurnhamLandD Sorry to hear this. I hope you get what you need.Sick of putting up with stuff, want to change the world, or just your bit of it? Paperback of Truth to Power is out…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @ElliottBlackwe3 @AnneBillson Pratchett's. Always been jealous of those screens. “Why six screens? Because I haven'…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsThe first cut is the deepest. Starting work on a new triptych all about #humanity #equality and #inclusion. I hope…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @Scruffy_Nick Down my way? Are you in Devon or beyond? @DrSteveMarshall Very much so Steve. Thanks for both the blog and the article. I’m facilitating a small group of… @ChristineLocher @thedannyseals Great to see this!!Take a look at our Autumn newsletter...
Retweeted by Chris NicholsOur Autumn Equinox newsletter. News of our activations coming up, and from our members & friends.
Retweeted by Chris NicholsSo so so cool. Sweden's (unofficial) Ministry of Transition.... amazing.
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@MikeShawLD @ChristineLocher I’d love to join if that’s ok :)Art as a way to reflect and make sense. Started playing with art again, and consolidating some of my writing on it
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Amazing woman. She will be hugely missed
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"Forgiveness requires a sense that bad behavior is a sign of suffering rather than malice." ― Alain de Botton
Retweeted by Chris NicholsThe best advice RBG got from her mother: “Don’t lose time on useless emotions like anger, resentment, remorse, envy…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsA remarkable human being and a wonderful quote. If we could all adopt and live by it, the world would be a far bett…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @terry_moran1 Very nice :) @DrSteveMarshall @ConversationUK Yes. We are life. There is no it that stands apart from the life we are : woven of and woven into.
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @KateGL Sending our love for you today Kate
“Contrary to the perception of the UK as nations riven with division, we found... an overwhelming public appetite f…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsTalent.
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @solarpunk_girl Phoebe - oh no!! Sending much love from here. I hope you feel much better soon. Sending a gif of lo… @Socialist_Sue @richardodurrant Tired. Me too.Your trainers for online foundations are Diana Whitmore @ThePTrust, @josublime, Sybille Schiffmann and Helen. You'…
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Over lockdown, I’ve been part of the @GameSh1ft community & learned so much from everyone. #blogged about some of t…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsGreat to have you onboard @fuchsia_blue. Getting organisations going again (whether back to offices or returning fr…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @JenMorgan2050 Rather wonderful- thanks :) @kimmoorepoet Great to know this. Congrats officially Dr Moore
Many companies are trying to catch up after the sudden changes brought about by Covid-19.  How, and whether, to ret…
Retweeted by Chris NicholsBeen blogging again. Dusted off the rusty pen with the good people @GameSh1ft as we think about reflecting, recon…
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @ChristineLocher Great to hear about this :) - and thanks for the postcard which just arrived. Lovely!! @JennyStreeter36 Delighted to disrupt your afternoon in this way :) Thanks for your comment
@EmmaJanePreston How brilliant. Wishing you a marvellous experience. @RichardMNichols @Inspired_Lives Actually Ric, I’ve got the addresses and have just sent them! All sorted.
@Inspired_Lives @vickyszulist They look like belted galloways as far as I can see in the picture. Lots of these nea… @mrnickharvey I can do it in oneSunrise over Haytor beautiful this morning #dartmoor, #flokiandme,
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@Inspired_Lives @RichardMNichols will arrange this with you. @jwollington @GameSh1ft @PhilippaHardman @RichardMNichols will arrange this Jason - no problem :)Lovely to have someone I admire so much read our book and make such a generous comment. The book is due out in a… @SiobhanHRSheri @PhilippaHardman @GameSh1ft Thanks for reading it :) 🙏 @SisterWalburga Wonderful to hear this. Many congratulations.*drumroll*... had my first glimpse at these beautiful hardback copies of my new book Never Leave The Dog Behind tod…
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Friday feeling
Retweeted by Chris Nichols @lazyperfection @MichaelRosenYes @jonnywalker_edu Yes! @HelenaClayton Lovely place to stay. We often base our GameShift meetings in Bristol and I stay in Clifton when I can :)