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@timbenniks I’ll check it out. A noise gate will definitely help with the background noise. You can do it in softwa… @timbenniks
@iChuloo Your console.log will be the first communication with aliens @renzo_gaspary OneNote on iPad Pro. Galaxy ink was a fun find @ericlbarnes Someone called me viral! wow that's amazing. i gotta help change the world through code Also me: console.log('💩') @Dayton_CA Thank you! I'm looking forward to growing the channel. Your comment is great validation to keep going @JAMstackTORONTO @hashtagkit Sony to the Elgato Cam Link to the Mac mini @Giando_Riceputi @ScreenFlowGot some time to code this weekend? Here's a CSS+JS countdown button we can build in 20min ▶️… Caturday! #launchamerica ⁦@SpaceX⁩ ⁦@NASA⁩ @JAMstackTORONTO @brydgetech Oh yeah. I actually process email and Twitter better on the iPad than I do on MacBook.… @__ferdie @fully_us You're welcome @JAMstackTORONTO @brydgetech If the goal is content consumption, iPad wins that one. I wonder how many consider the… @iamAlexGalvan Haha the link didn't exist and then I made it because of your tweet lol. So I guess you created the surprise! @iamAlexGalvan How’d you know?! ->
Join us for some Tailwind fun on June 2. 👾 We'll be doing starter Tailwind stuffs @AndrewCernek @brydgetech I’ve heard the Apple one has the best trackpad implementation. This Brydge one is good, but not that one @__ferdie @fully_us Jarvis. great deskMy favorite misspelling: You can use that o̶p̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ potion 🧙‍♂️Trying out the new ⁦@brydgetech⁩ with trackpad I'm really surprised at how much I've liked the iPad for everything… @mhadaily Very happy with the lights. Elgato Key Lights. They have a more affordable version called the Key Light A… @virtualizedMo @hashtagkit Seems to improve overall performance. Things move smoother, editing videos is less janky… @stolinski @timbenniks Such an awesome and simple solution. I always forget how powerful smart outlets can be @gilkudik All connected to the eGPU that's connected to the Mac mini @sanchez_ata Little Mac Mini off to the left. Thinking about a Hackintosh next @stolinski @timbenniks The "hack-gato" key light is easy to build @kettenbach Nice. Keyboard buds @wpclouddeploy Both attached to the desk. You can find them here: @PyrexVisuan Yup! It's @elgatogaming Key Lights @timbenniks For convenience yes. I used to have a giant ring light on a stand behind my desk that always fell over.… @rehabhero1 Thanks! @timbenniks Thanks!All my gear can be found here on my @hashtagkit @ryan_c_harris Nice! @elgatogaming makes such good stuff. Let's see a pic when it's setup!today is friday @jamesqquick @james_willett1 Testing WSL2. It's pretty good. Mac for laptop. Super powerful desktop might be on W…
Productivity Tip 👉 Focus on WHO you want to be more than WHAT you want to do @ryanchenkie @philip_kiely What a great launch! Super congrats! @KukicAdo I want that @deno_land sweater tho
Added superpowers to my site in 10 seconds w/ 4 clicks using the new Netlify Build Plugins. This is an incredible… @scottmathson @Netlify This + Edge Workers so good @thatfatkiddo I've got a getting started with Tailwind in 15 minutes on YT that could help. Compares to Bootstrap a… @masonegger I'm starting to think this too. All from hearing @aarondjents talk about his love for it @tiggreen @jamesqquick talk about perfect timing @jackmcdade It's called a pensieve @samjulien How'd you make the coffee?Gatsby with the $28M Series B raise! is popping off already! 🥳 @Netlify Edge Workers Suuuper fast dynamic updates because they run in t… @sarah_edo This is so good. Another piece to the super fast + dynamic Jamstack app! @strapijs Congrats! I'm definitely gonna use on my next blog and appsWant to learn how to build full-stack apps? The React and Serverless course is LIVE! 🎉🎉 - @reactjs Hooks + Contex…
Retweeted by Chris on Code ♨ @CodeyPacker You definitely can! Which article though? @simonswiss Haha thanks! Lot of work went into just a tiny 15 second video! @denvercoder Dang. I got got @denvercoder @FudgeLyons Good eye. App is @msonenote
@DanWahlin @iChuloo @RealTalkJS @John_Papa @craigshoemaker William is a brilliant brilliant guy. Hardest worker I know too! @_TrebleJinx OneNote on iPad Pro 11" w/ Apple Pencil! @johnlindquist @zacjones93 Nice. I’ve got the same setup minus the API @johnlindquist @zacjones93 What plugins are you using on the Apollo? @johnlindquist @zacjones93 What are you gonna use for mount? This looks good is how 90% of my projects go @kyleshevlin @samjulien @podia is so good @jamesqquick If you wanted them to wrap I think you'd have to define the number of columns Like 1fr 1fr 1fr for 3 columns @jamesqquick What's the problem? I can help!
@mbaljeetsingh @Netlify @fauna @Cloudflare @gatsbyjs @vercel @redwoodjs Friends at @auth0 have all the answers.… fastest possible dynamic app is made by picking technologies at "the edge" like @netlify edge @fauna + a head… @ravinwashere I don't want to. I want to focus on building products and focusing on the customers But as long as t…
I'm all in on the "write less code" train Love: JAM Learn: @faunadb and @redwoodjs Delete: Overengineering Calli… @fardarter @Apply Agree on this. Having them right inline is valuableDisclaimer by Adam. Thanks for the link @simo_benhida always liked TailwindCSS but the first complaint is usually how long your HTML gets. Here's how you can clean it… @rasharm_ @NotionHQ Took me 3 times of trying and failing to integrate until now. I use it and love it 💯% of the time now
Nice tutorial on making a markdown editor in React Great to see devs learning AND blogging about their journey @DanWahlin Nice! It really rounds out the 1st star wars trilogy nicely. Would love to hear your thoughts when you finish it all @Vishal_isharani - theme: - using peacock extension to turn the shell green - font: cascadia code @DanWahlin Last season was so good! @mt0bi @dabit3 This got dark real quick code is a liability
@samjulien Haha took lots of practice and reevaluating how I think to get better at it This one though is the one… @samjulien got me right in the feels Principle 2: Focus on shipping and improving instead of waiting for perfection.The Vue UI is too cool Pulled from my last webinar: @aarondjents What part of Texas? @kapehe_ok and I will come party @aarondjents This. Is. So. AwesomeShould you use React or Vue? Let's build with both and pick for ourselves. (Vue looking real good)… @toddmotto I sounded like aliens speaking Morse code back then @ZacharyRRussell Procaster is a great mic. I used it for a long time @ZacharyRRussell I'm honestly still trying to figure it out. Expensive experiment for sure. I'm noticing a differe…
@rasharm_ nice! some of the best money spent. its hard to explain how they get me to ride the bike every day when i… @rasharm_ I love it. The classes are more motivational than I expected @JoshDeltener Also a bandaid, but I like how @cloudinary lets you easily show a REALLY low quality version (~1kb) u… @rasharm_ the things kicking my butt @ejstembler It is for sure complicated. Hopefully justified when I figure stuff out. The gist of it (and the cool… @billygriffin22 @github So good! I'll update the video for that info! Thank you @ericlbarnes @jackmcdade Day HOUSE tho. Is that the new one? @stolinski @digitalocean @Cloudflare Yowza. Haha ok looks like you have more experience than me in Cloudflare stuff… @TreTuna @mhartington Yup. The response times on the Apollo are ridiculously good. Really cool to do everything plu… @stolinski @digitalocean Gotcha. I'd like to throw @Cloudflare into the ring then @ryanchenkie Hit me with a sample @stolinski hi from @digitalocean