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D&D unicorn in quarantine. I work for Wizards of the Coast. My familiar is a chiweenie named Milo. My views are my own. Have a magical day! #BlackLivesMatter

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This weekend our Covid bubble will wrap up Curse of Strahd! Just wanted to give a shout out to @ChrisPerkinsDnD a…
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@Massawyrm @scottEmovienerd My god.
This is Milo. I scared away the garbage trucks. But they’ll be back.Candlekeep Mysteries—the D&D adventure anthology out on March 16—contains three things I love: books, bite-sized ad…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021TOMORROW!!!!! We’re playing more #dungeonsanddragons!!! January 13th, 10am PST at and…
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@RichRollsDice The barbarian’s lament!What’s more painful, a d4 or a d20? @kelly_knox That’s amazing.It’s just a jump to the Left. #SorryNotSorry @Dayntee @ToddKenreck @LindseyGrahamSC I think that’s true for the Republicans who enable the fiction that Trump is…, Trump could make Vanilla ISIS stand down anytime he wants. He just chooses not to, and so, again, here we… @IridusKnight @LindseyGrahamSC True! I admit to the failures of my metaphor.You need to remove the bullet before the wound can heal, @LindseyGrahamSC. @magpiemags37 Have you received any telepathic messages since or experienced any unusual desires to enslave humanit…
@RespectableLaw @pkeridactyl I get the rhetoric, but the Dems have neither the presidency nor the Senate. Yet. @Tallsquall @Tallsquall 🍺 @mforbeck @WiStateJournal I can’t believe they’re in college now. @ericremyjordan Magnificent!My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021“It’s time for healing. Any action you might take now is only going to divide us further.”
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @optionalrule Wow.It’s like a glimpse into the Far Realm. imagine this terrible joke read aloud by @MatthewLillard, whose voice is always in my head for some reason. @SpaceJunkz Darn you to heck.Did you hear the one about the awakened shrub that became an adventurer? It wanted to learn more about its ancestry… support this. #wotcstaff @SpaceJunkz I rarely play gnomes. And if I don’t play Bolton two weeks in a row, I forget what his voice sounds like. @JayeEmm I should hope so. ☄️Ersatz, not erzatz. @CMDR_BLVTFVX Just a typo on my part. @ThinkingDM If it hasn’t already been addressed in recent or upcoming reprints of XGE, I’ll talk about it with… @jaa0109 Norrell the halfling rogue is now retired. He was last seen in sunny Barovia. #wotcstaffLook at me, tweeting more political crap when I should be tweeting about D&D! Our D&D game got canceled this weeke… Trump had the capacity to learn and grow and accept truth and rise to his high office, we’d be in a very differe… get it. You’re afraid of Trump and his mob. It’s understandable. They’re bullies who use violence and threats of… unstable? Like Jeremy Irons in the Dungeons & Dragons movie unstable?!
To my former Republican colleagues: You want unity? 1. Condemn Wednesday’s insurrection. 2. Acknowledge that you’…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @Welhaven1 @jaa0109 Speaking of dungeons, i joined Wizards as the editor of Dungeon Magazine and, as such, got some… for planning security around the Inauguration on January 20 lies in the hands of someone who has pro…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @jephlewis It was one of those small-town convenience stores that had everything, including a post office.Okay, here goes: Saw the Monster Manual by a porno rack when I was 10. Bought it with my allowance. Tortured friend… @JoseFreakinPere I’ve been wondering that myself, but Cruz is genuinely loathed by his peers, and Hawley isn’t far behind.My advice to Republican senators would be to expel the seditionists (Cruz, Hawley, et al.) as soon as possible, the… 11:30 AM (PT), I'll be chatting about D&D rules, DMing, and more. Details below! #DnD
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021Seattle friends: our beloved dog Abner is missing. Last seen in Beacon Hill near 24th Place S. He’s a corgi with tw…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @FluffySnowfall Happy birthday! 🎂 @CNNPolitics lol @Goldberg337 He goes by Peanut now.We miss you. Happy birthday.
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021I can’t take all this happening in one day. It’s too much. Has anyone died from too much schadenfreude? know we’re only one week in, but it looks like 2021 has a bigger budget than 2020. @pflameslinger You like Ray Bradbury, too? That’s amazing. @pflameslinger Nah, I’m good. Have you seen POTUS? Rudy is looking for him but can’t find him anywhere.I am still mad. Trump sent his mob to the Capitol knowing that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in line to the presidency were…’s no more to be said, but he is banish’d As enemy to the people and his country.
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021TED CRUZ SED CRUZ SED TRUZ SED TRUN SEDITRON SEDITION! This has been my TED TALK.'re hiring a Senior Game Designer for our new Kids Studio! #WotCStaff
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@DoubleGXG Well done, my good man! 🥂 @frabjousdave 100% agree. @controlenthused I had the same reaction!Strunk and White would be proud of this response. 🍾 @Ganjookie :chef’s kiss:Xena royally spanked Jerkules is a sentence I’ve always wanted to type. @nathanlt0 I’m eating all of 2021 whether I like it or not. I don’t care if it’s bad for me. @WhittersRichard It’s okay. We’re still friends. @Zeldaofskyloft1 It’s a little too spicy for him, I think. His dinner looks better than mine, actually.I made Korean fried chicken. It’s terrible, but I’m eating it anyway. 😠Failed his Constitution check.
Happy New Year, adventurers! > @Gregtito & @shellymoo are back to keep you up to date on the latest D&D News >…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @kjdavis22c @VP I don’t doubt it for a minute.This is @VP’s moment to lose, by which I mean: If some greater force led Pence to this precipice, sure as sh*t he b… @lfrum Not everyone can be brave. If one can’t be brave, one can, at the very least, not be complicit. @silentdante While we live in uncertain times, I feel confident that the best in this country will prevail over the worst.Understandable. Trump sent an armed militia to ransack her husband’s place of work. that dumb ST:TNG episode, “Rascals,” in which Ferengi casually commandeer the Enterprise and I spend the n… @andizeisler A shoe, a blanket, and three, maybe four, dog treats.Antifa could sue him for defamation if antifa was a real thing. @Hydra_Lord Ugh, I hope she recovers quickly. Sending you and your mother nothing but good vibes! @Karlingian I really do. 🐻 @CubeIsHorse I think you might be right.“If the President tells you to commit treason, you say ‘NO’!” @The_REAL_Greg_G Why? Trump just tried to have him killed. @coach_zac87 And history will judge him accordingly, but the problem right now isn’t Mike Pence. It’s Der Orangeführer.Trump needs to be impeached and removed from office immediately so that President Mike Pence can capably oversee th… on then, and remove him.
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021Congratulations, Senators-Elect @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff. Georgia is in good hands, and boy oh boy, does the Senate need you.“White Americans aren’t afraid of the cops. White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committ…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021The protesters didn't hang a US flag from the Capitol balcony. They hung a Trump flag.
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Before the Nazi SS there were the SA troops: ragtag, poorly dressed, undisciplined thugs who were politically usefu…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021Here's the first step in repairing American democracy. Both @SpeakerPelosi and @senatemajldr say: "Whatever our dif…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021That Cheeto cost us $750 billion. @madguitarman75 It might surprise you to learn that I’m a staunch anti-fascist who supports equal treatment and jus… @nadascript @ToddKenreck The leader of the Proud Boys was at the White House less than two weeks ago.This insurrection needs to be put down swiftly. The message *must* be that Americans will not stand for it. Those… is important for people to understand that the National Guard in DC is under the control of the President, bc we…
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @stopthtoldwoman @fnscienceman Same.Happy #NCBD! Check out Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons, available today in comic shops and on digital!
Retweeted by Christopher Perkins v.2021 @CrystalSully What an absolute sweetheart. 💕