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Chris Rankin @chrisrankin Cardiff, Wales

That Bloke from Harry Potter | Kiwi | House of #ChrisNess | | | Repped by @andromedatalent

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Things you do 😉 @neeceoige @NobleCollUK @teespring Wooooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️If you missed our livestream earlier with @DublinWizardCon then check it out right here: a lovely time chatting with friends! The video of the livestream is now on their facebook page if you missed it… going live on our facebook page @DublinWizardCon at 2pm is the hugely popular @ItsVegard . Another great strea…
Retweeted by Chris RankinThere will also be larks and quite possibly, capers.
Retweeted by Chris Rankin @itzdemiross @MrJamesPayton @WheresWalles @DublinWizardCon think you've got the gorgeous @ItsVegard at 2pm - tune in for that too!Don’t forget, 4pm TODAY!!! Join @MrJamesPayton @WheresWalles, Sally Mortemore and myself for a good old natter over… @ESDRevents @CrystalMethyd @AlfieOrdinary We we literally saying we need Crystal in the UK ASAP and this pops up 😍
@WheresWalles @MrJamesPayton @ItsVegard *scraps entire prep list*Looking forward to chatting with @MrJamesPayton, @WheresWalles and Sally Mortemore tomorrow 😍 of course I’ll be tun… @jaimemilner cheeky git! It's actually just turned up in a bit of footage i've found for my showreel. It might go o… next mail run for signed items from will be on Tuesday, just incase you anyone was thin…
@LynfordTweets Have had many giggles on and off stage with Tony. Dear fellow. A great raconteur and the naughtiest of twinkles in the eye. @lizo_mzimba @nesstaann @TaikaWaititi We watched Jojo Rabbit earlier and just moved on to this and it’s genius. Hun… have @nesstaann and I never seen “What we do in the shadows” before?! This film is EVERYTHING @NumptyMeg Ah wonderful, so glad it arrived ☺️The hilarious @MrJamesPayton joins our interactive panel this Satuday! See you there? #harrypotter #dublinwizardcon
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@CherryWallis @ItsVegard @GreggsOfficial Ohhhhh the baguettes! Memories of office lunches at the desk of days gone by 😍 @CherryWallis @ItsVegard @GreggsOfficial Cheese and Bacon Turnover. Sausage Bean and Cheese slice. Vegan Sasuage Roll. *cries in pastry* @mylittlemelodys Love it! Happy Birthday awesome kid ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @mylittlemelodys I’d call them in in exchange for cookies 😉 @Ames921 I’m editing my a showreel, which means I’m in a deep pit of watching the last 20years of my career. 😂 @theESU Drop @AndromedaTalent an email and we can work it out ☺️This sums up the absolute state of the UK right now. (More specifically England, but still, the UK).
Young people are often told to sit down and shut up when they should be encouraged to stand up and speak out. I’ve…
Retweeted by Chris Rankin @lornaafton @hughmitchell1 265,000 confirmed UK cases and 37,000 deaths say it is that bad. 🤷 some people think the… us for the Craic! @daniew24 I do! @BINKS_Wolf to be clear, it's the House of ChrisNess merch that gives 50% of profit to charity - not the signed pro… first signed items from the store have just gone in the mail - so hopefully you should all recieve your package…
"We're thirty miles from Barnard Castle, we've got half a tank of gas, a child in the back, and I can't see properl…
Retweeted by Chris Rankin @NathanWyburnArt Yes please!!I’ve been playing with illustrator 😍
@PotterlessPod @IsabelNemitz @ItsVegard Big Head Boy? @PotterlessPod @IsabelNemitz @ItsVegard There he is 😂 @LordOfVillainy I thought that happened a while back. Today they just reminded us that we’re not all equal. @SunnySammyJ It’s beautiful! This is actually in a park in the middle of the city, it Wales is gorgeous. Plan a ro… @bonsaibabe1 South Wales @c0okie_cutter South Wales @Gryffonpuff South Wales @SunnySammyJ South WalesBloody wonderful 🌞 @CherryWallis Thank god he’s a cameraman and not a grip! @WeasleyRiddle Miss your unlikely face 😚 @JamiieRadcliffe The day after yesterday. Probably a weekend day. The milk man hasn’t been, which means it’s not Monday.I genuinely took a good twenty minutes to figure out what day it was this morning....
@IsabelNemitz @ItsVegard @PotterlessPod Right up Schubes ally. So to speak. @MrJamesPayton @charliejoew Unless his surname is Hooper..... @ItsVegard Expecto Patronum...... @MrJamesPayton You’re all stood 3 fridges apart. It’s like you knew.
@angeltxmlinson @NobleCollUK @teespring I’ll design something more subtle at some point xxBoo’s Snoozle’s back, she’s two teeth down, knackered and feeling sorry for herself, but home and well. 💓 @Gryffonpuff Shipping everywhere!I am overwhelmed by how many orders we’ve had already from the new online store! Thank you all so much for your or… @DawnLTrevor i'm so sorry to hear that Dawn. They're such a wonderful part of our families. <3Just back from dropping Boo at the vets. She likely needs a tooth out, poor old thing.
@marknfurter @NobleCollUK @teespring Thought my ears were burning...!This is a call to action. 🚨 Liz Truss MP has set out her priorities for the Government Equalities Office. Here is…
Retweeted by Chris Rankin @marknfurter @NobleCollUK @teespring The wands? They take up too much space in the suitcase when we fly to events, sadly! @Ames921 yeah! first order!! @SamHPTwi89 @NobleCollUK @teespring You need a card. Don’t know that it has to be credit card....? @WrittenByMe_C then save money :) it's absolutely not obligatory :) xx @KimsMom3 @NobleCollUK @teespring shipping worldwide! and it's $1.22 USD to £1 at the moment (which is terrifying)🛒The Store is Open! 🛒 Head to to see what there is on offer! We’ve got @NobleCollUK Percy… @Frankups I might need to work on that... Not something we have at the moment, but if there's demand for it, i'll definitely look into it! @artenfall @Frankups the house of ChrisNess pins will be there x @Frankups There’a signed photos and noble collection Percy wands. The things you’d be able to get if you can to see… Friedman's article in the Telegraph today is excellent and a rallying call.
Retweeted by Chris RankinI’ve been having some fun putting together an online store... I do NOT expect you all to spend all your money, it’s… @Rohan_Gotobed We already bought it from amazon prime after we saw it last year :)I promise you, this would be $8.99 VERY well spent.
@tessanetting Alllllll the love, Tessa, all of it ❤️ @KayeJFreeman @libpincher *weeps uncontrollably*
@DMBHealer Oh man, no, I totally get it and assumed that was the case. Whatever it is, just know there’s no wrong c… @DMBHealer Sleep on it for starters. That’s always a good thing. You may see clearer in the morning 🤷 either way, y… @DMBHealer Do the potential benefits outweigh the potential losses? That’s how I look at risk. Never an easy one though! @carlatheviking Who doesn’t love a mirrored desk?!I didn’t misread this, you did. me!!!! I don’t even want anything, I just want to wander around and stare at cushions I don’t need. @Dobby01931610 Stuck within walking distance of the house. @Scot_Serdaigle Yes. Just by my house, as that’s about as far as we’re allowed to go in lockdown.Blue Skies, Green Grass. Beautiful. @MartinSLewis 😂 Let’s assume it was a pre caffeine tweeting error. @MartinSLewis Thought I was going mad for a minute there and had made up our Welsh First Minister!
@angeltxmlinson 💓💓💓 @EmmaPocock96 💓House of #ChrisNess will always be here to welcome you home. We see you. We love you.This is the shooting where my Kimberly was murdered. She was shot a total of four times; twice with a sawed-off sho…
Retweeted by Chris Rankin @LordOfVillainy A pleasure my dear, hope you’re keeping wellThe other day we mentioned @chrisrankin was attached as part of our cast for @hypsteries . Here’s some concept art…
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surround yourself. with those who would flip your ear back for you. if it ever went inside out
Retweeted by Chris Rankin @KayeJFreeman How many watering cans is too many watering cans?
@ItsVegard Me and @nesstaann literally had this conversation two days ago when rewatching this for the first time in a million years. @itzdemiross @ItsVegard 😍Fred Willard was a joy to watch in literally everything. My favourites are the Christopher Guest films he was a par… @MrJamesPayton @20Convid Loved him in the Christopher Guest films @Lilyanne97 Me too!
@Anne08140697 @BrianAcunis It might be my nostalgia, but I think so. It’s quaint, sure, and the Disney version is l…