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Important style reference for today's all-THRONES ep of @thewatchpod. Jaime "Kingkiller" Lannister would have owned…
Retweeted by Chris Ryan @panderson2 I know in my heart that you’re right but I needed to walk around in it to find outOn the new @thewatchpod, @andygreenwald and I break down a truly great ep of #GameOfThrones:…
Retweeted by Chris RyanWE ARE ABOUT TO TALK SOME THRONES @netw3rk @MalloryRubin #talkthethrones
On a 🆕 episode of #TheRewatchables, @BillSimmons, @ChrisRyan77, and @MalloryRubin revisit the 1989 baseball classic…
Retweeted by Chris RyanNew @thewatchpod w/ @aherman2006 on Killing Eve, Game Of Thrones, The OA, Bless This Mess N… a new @thewatchpod @aherman2006 talk about whether you can develop a dependency with a streaming platform, plus… soon: the 'Hobbs and Shaw' office premiere with @BillSimmons, @SheaSerrano, @ChrisRyan77, and @netw3rk. We…
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all 6 episodes of WITH A PENCIL have been recorded — it came out so great — a billion thank yous to my guests…
Retweeted by Chris RyanLowe Post podcast: @YourManDevine in studio to hop around Thunder-Blazers, Westbrook's nightmare series so far, Dam…
Retweeted by Chris RyanWrote about Joel Embiid.
Retweeted by Chris RyanAt @ringer/@ringernba: I wrote about the Celtics, halfway to Round 2 and still very much in the eye of the beholder:
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Wherein I compare Brook Lopez's game to a mullet.
Retweeted by Chris RyanWrote about Giannis
Retweeted by Chris RyanAt @ringer/@ringernba: On Jamal Murray, who shrugged off seven quarters of suck in the nick of time, and who might…
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Look at God sure you guys follow @DavidShoemaker and @alyceaill too. The three of us are the ones making most of the image…
Retweeted by Chris Ryan#GroupChat listeners, help us update the 𝘉𝘢𝘴𝘬𝘦𝘵𝘣𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘐𝘴 𝘝𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘎𝘰𝘰𝘥 intro with some new #NBAPlayoffs related phrases!…
Retweeted by Chris RyanWrote about the Raptors, David Lynch, and “that feeling, you can only say what it is in French,” for @ringer
Retweeted by Chris RyanYou know who crushes the most tape before the NFL Draft? SATAN NOT take @ChrisRyan77 ‘s satanic monster truck rally voice or @DannyBKelly ‘s draft knowledge for granted, people
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New @thewatchpod w/ @andygreenwald on Sunday's #GameofThrones season premiere and the #StarWars Episode IX trailer's @dannychau and @JustinVerrier on the first weekend of the NBA playoffs
Retweeted by Chris RyanLETS TALK SOME THRONES @netw3rk @MalloryRubin
@J22Jordan @CamHKY @ringer @MalloryRubin @netw3rk @Twitter Twitter app on Apple TV should workRemember Today in Tabs?
Retweeted by Chris Ryan#GameOfThrones is here which means #TalkTheThrones is also finally here! We will be LIVE exclusively on @Twitter f…
Retweeted by Chris Ryantook a break from crying to blog about Tiger
Retweeted by Chris RyanPlayer ratings on @TheAnfieldWrap are one of my favorite things on the internet
New 'Dethroning The Warriors' w/ @JustinVerrier and @dannychau! These videos are the perfect crash course on the tr…
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Retweeted by Chris RyanNew @thewatchpod w/ @andygreenwald on Jeremy Renner's never ending Hawkeye story, and @RileyMcAtee on… a brand-new episode of @thewatchpod, @chrisryan77 and @andygreenwald are joined by @RileyMcAtee to recap their f…
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I ate pancakes with P.J. Tucker and we both had a great time!
Retweeted by Chris RyanI am shy about promoting our podcast and find it way more embarrassing than promoting writing. (Mostly bc I am just…
Retweeted by Chris RyanGoing through the big playoff storylines w/ @JustinVerrier and @PaoloUggetti on GROUP CHAT Durant Has Become the Ultimate Basketball Player, Like Him or Not via @ringer
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i wrote about the technological and cultural and forces that made game of thrones the last piece of monoculture ever
Retweeted by Chris RyanHere’s a pseudo Group Chat podcast on the Magic Johnson shocker with @HaleyOSomething, @ChrisRyan77 and…
Retweeted by Chris Ryanneed the Masters to start already so all these Jordan Spieth questions can finally stop flying around in my head:
Retweeted by Chris RyanIn Part 1 of #DethroningTheWarriors, @dannychau and @JustinVerrier examine how James Harden and the #Rockets would…
Retweeted by Chris RyanMagic Johnson shocked everyone—including his boss and employees—by stepping down. But relying less on Magic is actu…
Retweeted by Chris RyanNew @thewatchpod talking #KillingEve and #FosseVerdonFX w/ @julietlitman, plus a really fun convo with Fosse/Verdon…
This was a lot of fun. Big thanks to everyone at the @Ringer for making this happen.
Retweeted by Chris RyanThis is a super fun, super-sized, dead (love) letter to R.E.M.'s 35-year-old classic, RECKONING, from… you love Rodney Hood, you're not alone BACK @netw3rk @malloryrubin @ringer #ISTILLBELIEVEJAIMEANDCERSEICANMAKETHISWORK
#TalkTheThrones IS BACK. When #GameOfThrones ends, the conversation begins. Join @ChrisRyan77, @MalloryRubin and…
Retweeted by Chris Ryanmarvin bagley of the @SacramentoKings was one of my favorite players in the 2018 draft. in part four of our rookie…
Retweeted by Chris RyanThat feeling when you find out @thewatchpod is coming out tomorrow instead of today 😩😩😩
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We interviewed Colin Farrell at the 57-min mark of this pod and he’s really good. If you’re a movie nerd this one i…
Retweeted by Chris RyanFrom earlier in the week: a jam packed JAM SESSION w/ @akdobbins @julietlitman in which I am the Chloe Sevigny corr… is @BachPartyPod, the second leg of an unofficial home-and-home series w/ @julietlitman in which I am now appa… on The Watch to talk trailers and the trouble with rebooting THE TWILIGHT ZONE.
Retweeted by Chris RyanEpisode 2: @ChrisRyan77 and I on MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS — a titanic and titanically important achievement in relatio…
Retweeted by Chris RyanNew @thewatchpod w/ @SeanFennessey on that JOKER trailer, the highs and lows of CinemaCon, and Jordan Peele's TWIL…
.@rodger breaks down how Chris Beard built @TexasTechMBB into college basketball’s most unlikely juggernaut
Retweeted by Chris RyanAt @ringer/@ringernba: I wrote a little about Russell Westbrook bending basketball in a nearly unprecedented way to…
Retweeted by Chris RyanA pitch and putt match unlike any other: @BillSimmons x @HousefromDC x @BrotherMob x @ringer x @CallawayGolf ... Th… westbrook is so important
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I wrote about Ernie Grunfeld's tenure and, in a way, my entire adult life
Retweeted by Chris RyanWhat Was The McConaissance? an investigation featuring @SeanFennessey @harvilla and some complex emotions about How…
Retweeted by Chris RyanNew @thewatchpod! @andygreenwald explains the Writers Guild's issues with the Association of Talent Agents, then we…
Fresh off their Godzilla 2020 campaign, @chrisryan77 and @andygreenwald dive into Writers Guild negotiations before…
Retweeted by Chris Ryan30 years ago, Lloyd Dobler stood outside of Diane Court’s window and blasted “In Your Eyes.” The rest is movie hist…
Retweeted by Chris Ryan @M4HMOOD @drewodoherty @markwalker @gavinmccarthy73 @roni1133 YEAH I STILL GOT IT (FAINT MEMORIES OF THE 90s)
GET IN @M4HMOOD @drewodoherty I’m pretty sure it was Shyness Clinic! This was my first Karate show I think?
Episode 1: @akdobbins and I on CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER — a chaste period piece that reminds us of THE RO…
Retweeted by Chris RyanPlease join me in welcoming @ChrisRyan77 into the cult of Vanderpump
Retweeted by Chris RyanTwo excellent movie pieces on the Ringer today. 1) @alyssabereznak on "Blair Witch": 2)…
Retweeted by Chris RyanNew @thewatchpod w/ @alyssabereznak on Blair Witch Project's innovative viral marketing, 20 years later;…
.@netw3rk and @MalloryRubin examine the history of House Lannister and explain how they could win the Iron Throne a…
Retweeted by Chris Ryanwrote about bryce harper’s future children pronouncing it “wooder”
Retweeted by Chris Ryanthe blair witch walked so the momo challenge could run. for our 1999 movies week i wrote about how the blair witch…
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THE INSIDER makes phone calls, depositions, meetings, and waiting for faxes as exciting as any bank robbery in HEAT…‘The Insider’ has 100 percent less bank robberies and gunfights than ‘Heat,’ but Michael Mann’s tale of a whistlebl…
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Here are Sean's, Chris's, and Amanda's top 5 movies from 1999! Whose list is best? Listen to the full discussion h…
Retweeted by Chris Ryan @MitchGayns Newbury Comics on Newbury!Went on @TheBigPic w/ @SeanFennessey and @akdobbins to talk about our favorite movies of 1999, high school dating,… spoke with David Fincher, Edward Norton, Chuck Palahniuk, @wohojak, @andykevinwalker, and many more about the mak…
Retweeted by Chris RyanOn today's @thewatchpod @andygreenwald and I talk about the #AppleTVPlus event and whether your man Tim Cook just…
A documentary a year in the making.... THIS IS SHOWTYME
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at last i have written my opus: an ode to Bendall and their New Jersey shopping mall romance
Retweeted by Chris RyanOpen your books to page one
@catchdini BONE THUGS N HAIFAGODZILLA 2020 What an episode.
Retweeted by Chris RyanGTFO've been on a Built to Spill kick and came across this video '13 San Jose show where they are clearly the best ban…
wrote about beto o'rourke's IAN MACKAYE worship and what being a punk-rock politician even means
Retweeted by Chris RyanGreat @JustinVerrier piece on the Melo-ing of Anthony Davis spoke to @JordanPeele after the premiere of US about the weight of expectations after GET OUT, leaning into horro…
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On today’s @thewatchpod @andygreenwald and I discuss the rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming TV slate, break down… Ringer NFL Show! On the latest episode of the Sports Rewatchables, @bykevinclark and I went back and watched th…
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[extremely Ben Affleck voice] we've never missed a hard out, and we would never miss a TRIPLE FRONTIER exit survey
Retweeted by Chris Ryan @AgeofIrony @thewatchpod @netw3rk This is a great call, though I think he's a little old at this point