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drawing FIRE POWER for @skybound & @imagecomics and co-writing & drawing JONNA AND THE UNPOSSIBLE MONSTERS for @onipress ✍️👨🏻‍💻

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Finished Max Brooks’s DEVOLUTION last night and really wanted to warm up with a SASQUATCH today. ... but, being a h…
Mid-day BULLSEYE to shake the rust off 🎯✍️
I’m a little bias on that cover 😅 @ChrisSamnee
Retweeted by CHRIS SAMNEE @purrylantern @jkmoran @ElStrak ☺️ @AlbertoNavajo 😊 @pittsed_off Thanks, Lan! @CatMurdock_Art Thank you!! @childgolden @HoracioAltuna @gibsoncomics Thanks! @Dot2262 You DON’T?? @bobbyrda 😊Awesome little #SpiderMan sketch by the incomparable @ChrisSamnee arrived today. Just got off the phone setting up…
Retweeted by CHRIS SAMNEE @waddlyhobbins Glad that li’l nerd made it to ya in one piece. Thanks again, man. @ArqMMarttins @gibsoncomics Thanks, Marcelo!GHOST RIDER... or how my brains feel before coffee ☕️ @bryan_cee @gibsoncomics “Swell?” fun one 😊 🕷💃🏻🕺🏻🦾 @TannerTrue @MarvinIcard @Marvel @MarkWaid @JoeCaramagna @jakegthomas @writeneski @axelalonsomarv Thanks! One I can… @matthewdowsmith @KyleDHiggins @gibsoncomics Noice 😎 @KyleDHiggins @gibsoncomics Very cool, man. So jealous. And that cat statue atop your record player looks SO realistic ;P @BradSweet31 @gibsoncomics Much appreciated, Brad 😊Black Widow #4 @Marvel @ChrisSamnee @MarkWaid @JoeCaramagna #MatthewWilson @jakegthomas @writeneski @axelalonsomarv
Retweeted by CHRIS SAMNEE @Jhustoe @COLORnMATT Thanks, Justin! @el_steevo @EnglishmanSDCC @COLORnMATT I’m going as fast as I can! Fire Power is coming out monthly from Image/Skyb… @ThatsWhatUGets Credit where it’s due! It wouldn’t what it is without Matt’s work. :) @GonzaGMartinez @COLORnMATT Ah gosh, thanks a bunch! @elliotcomicart @gibsoncomics Thanks a bunch! @JoeCaramagna @MarkWaid @COLORnMATT Well.. maybe not this PAGE but the RUN 🤷🏻‍♂️ And we’re all good here. Hope you and yours are as well. @EvanBivins @COLORnMATT Much appreciated, Evan ☺️ @amazingjr87 @COLORnMATT Thanks so much, Jeff! :) @BatmanLeser @COLORnMATT And everything! 👨🏻‍🎨 @OliverOsuna @COLORnMATT No, BW pages won’t be for sale. @z4ck38 Thanks so much!! And hey, every day in Chris Samnee day in my office! 😅😎 @KyleDHiggins @gibsoncomics ...But I’m never leaving the house again, so it’ll have to be pictures 😷 @KyleDHiggins @gibsoncomics Please do!These flashbacks scenes in BLACK WIDOW were so much fun to do. And @COLORnMATT just CRUSHED it on every single craz… @MarkWaid @COLORnMATT @JoeCaramagna and me :D favorite movie of all time, squeezed into 6 panels. Colors by @gibsoncomics killer colors by @COLORnMATT :) with @COLORnMATT @JoeCaramagna & @MarkWaid @andykuhn @mccreaman @SmsNotorious @TravellingManUK @badmachinery @RobertKirkman @seanpphillips Aw you guys are too nice ☺️ @waddlyhobbins BRING. IT. ON. @pramsey342 Ah thanks, sir. It’s prolly my Midwestern roots 🌾😉🌽 @HaaveYouMetTim Thanks very much!! :D @monkey__marc Much appreciated, my friend. @CBCCPodcast @cuddlesandrage Glad it made it you safely. Thanks again :) @GGueperoux Thanks a bunch, George :) @angiearts Thanks very much! And hey, nice to meet ya :D @Arthurknight Thanks a bunch! @JennyNichole4 Hah, thanks! @NikLikesLamp Not as of yet, I’m afraid. @Joesmithforreal Thanks, Joe! @dustchick Thanks :)Apparently, it’s Supergirl’s birthday. Seems like a good time to show off my recently acquired @ChrisSamnee sketch.
Retweeted by CHRIS SAMNEE @DirkVanover Happy birthday, Kara. And thanks again, Dirk :)I love the Batman and Rocketeer sketches I got from @ChrisSamnee a while back, but this is what I always wanted 😍😍
Retweeted by CHRIS SAMNEE @frickhwa So glad it made it to you safe and sound. Thanks for the support, Rick :) @GaiderAbdul @CaptMarvelology @LetsTalkCM @MarkWaid @ringoawards @DocShaner Hey, no worries at all. No hard feelings here :) @mloehrer 😅Bruce Timm storyboard, Intro title sequence. The most exciting title sequence eval! I don't remember seeing the ori…
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Bit late in the day to be posting my warmup, but this WONDER WOMAN took forever to dry— and I still managed to smea…
SUPERMAN always puts me in my Happy Place. Been leaning on the Big Blue Boy Scout a lot of late— starting to becom… @AndrRisso1 Thanks! @carlos_escobosa @DDKeyD Thank you! @seanbeglycomedy @RobertKirkman @ImageComics @Skybound Thanks a bunch, Sean! @mccreaman @SmsNotorious @TravellingManUK @badmachinery @RobertKirkman @seanpphillips Thanks SO much!! ☺️ @ArtisticRick Not yet, I’m afraid. @JoeTipz Ah, thanks! @rjohnbernales @krusty027 Thank you both! @ConcordePatsy Thanks! @kyletwebster Dry brush mostly, and a tiny bit of China marker for that mid-tone in the hair and jacket. @LegendsUntold1 Thanks! @JasonCopland Thanks, Jason!! :) @mattApetras 🙂 @pichyaGames Ah, thanks! @GustaffoVargas 🙂 @rianbowart Thank you!!! @FaithErinHicks Sometimes 😅More process stuff (this time it’s a recent One Punch Man commission) before I jump into the night shift here ✍️✍️✍️
But of process on my recent LOBO doodle ✍️🙂
@lazaro_mate @readtochris 😊 @WyattLayne @SunbreakerEnter @LoreDeFelici Thanks, Wyatt! @monkey__marc @JoeMulv @MahmudAsrar @badmachinery @grass_parnassus @JHWilliamsIII @BarbarianLord @duncanfegredo @2PercentMulq @tonightatomic @SkyePatridge Ah, thanks so much 😊 @DDukeDraws Thanks!
Finally found the time to doodle “the main man” LOBO after watching @readtochris’s brilliant SUPERMAN: MAN OF TOMOR…
Here’s a recent commission of THE ROCKETEER! @pittsed_off @SarahAmundson Thanks, Lan! @verzwei_ Thank you! @p_neappletea Thanks so much! @NUQELEAR ☺️ @ElMigueberto Thanks ☺️ @DanOrgill1 Too kind, Dan. Thanksabunch ☺️ @nixhaus Thanks! @lazaro_mate Haha, thanks :P @AndanBriane Aw, thanks! @thehomiwomi Thanks!
Here’s a recent commission of Saitama/ONE PUNCH MAN 🤜 @madebymead Ah, thanks!